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Uphill cycling race through Athens – Red Bull Hill Chasers

Uphill cycling race through Athens – Red Bull Hill Chasers

Five, four, three, two, one, go! This event seems to be very different
compared to what I am used to. And the fact that so many bike categories
have joined, is what really makes it that interesting. Competing with different types of bikes
is something new to me, but what matters,
is the athlete’s strength and not the different bike. At the startup you must give everything,
for the beginning, so 300 meters are a bit difficult. In each meter,
you have different emotions. I really liked
that I was competing next to course racers, fix racers
and mountain racers. The race was very good, very strong
and in general all the athletes
run correctly, very strongly and I could say that
it was demanding in some points. From a smooth slope
it was becoming something like a wall. I liked that everybody fit each other
and they were like family to run our race. The route was difficult,
it was more for bmx racers, but it was cool for course racers, too. So, let’s say, we had to find the balance
for which athlete will be the best, meaning as an athlete
and as a material, too. Very strong race, very strong
participation and many races. At the end,
the winner was not the fastest one. At first I was in favor of the race,
in this race. For sure, I liked the atmosphere
and the originality from the whole event. All Bmx, Downhill, and Mountain bikes
that participated, had a disadvantage against course race. Race bike ascends more easily
and is lighter, so we had an advantage. I did not believe
that I would make it to reach the final, as I have competed again with the athletes
from finals and semifinals, I believed
that I would reach to further phases, but I could not believe
that I would reach the final and win.

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