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USO Bike Ride Hawaii 2014

USO Bike RIde tips about riding from Waikaloa to Kona with Jemma Lawton and Talalelei Taufale Expect hot weather Drink plenty of fluids and eat, eg pineapples, fruit, health bars etc Road surfaces are nice and smooth Watch for the rumble lines on the inside of the lane Traffic is steady throughout the day Enjoy the lava fields that surround you There are plenty of long steady inclines Nice wide shoulders on the road ensure a safe ride Communicate with other cyclists-Mahalo! Watch out for pieces of old car and truck tyres- the steel wires will cause punctures No sheep or cows to count just cars When a cyclist come’s past, be courteous. Ride up next to them and have a conversation-Mahalo! But do a quick check with Shadow first! Settle into a rhythm and enjoy the scenery As well as the heat, the head wind was a nuisance as well Vast views and to the left of us in the distance is the 3rd most active Volcano- Hualālai (not that you can see it) Thanks to Go Pro for the support in helping us to capture these moments! Great work Jemma- Malo le onosa’i You’re a legend. Mahalo!

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