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Velo Domestique I Stories from Bournemouth

Velo Domestique I Stories from Bournemouth

It Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a £5000
or a £50 bike, if it’s important to you then we want to get it rolling properly. A Domestique is someone who’s part of a
cycling team, who looks after the team leader the their main riders, what they’re trying
to do is keep people who are riding, keep them going. Thats what we’re trying to do really, whether
you’re stopping for something to eat or if your bike needs a little tune up, we’re
just trying to keep people going. My name is Dan and this place is Velo Domestique. What I wanted was to do my own balance of
the two between a cafe and the bike side of things, to make somewhere, where you could
literally sit, drink a coffee and at the same time have your bike fixed or watch someone
else bike get fixed, as opposed to a bike themed cafe, so a more immersive environment. The community aspect of this place has grown
even faster than we anticipated, we set the place up partly because we’d started to
build a community of cyclists in Bournemouth. We’re based in Southbourne, which is a really
nice area just outside of Bournemouth. It’s got a really nice community vibe, everyone
wants to support their high street, it’s just a really great interesting place right
now. We get a lot of people who are just keen on
what we’re trying to do here, who want to help us out, come and be a part of it, get
involved and then whats nice is we can get those people involved in cycling as a result,
which is a really nice aspect.

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