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Vitus’ $2,000 Mythique 29 VRX Review: The Value Trail Bike Defined | 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip

Vitus’ $2,000 Mythique 29 VRX Review: The Value Trail Bike Defined | 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip

(Rocks falling) – [Man] Levy. – Yep. – [Man] Status update on yourself? – Uh… pizza. That’s my status update. (smooth music) Hey everybody, I’m Mike Levy. We’re here in Sedona, Arizona testing value bikes on our Field Trip. Right now, we’re looking
at Vitus’ Mythique 29 VRX. It’s a $2000, 140 millimeter travel bike that’s sold directly to consumers. I’m five foot 10 and that
puts me on large Mythique with a 462 millimeter reach. Head angle, 66 degrees. Seat angle, reasonably steep, 75 degrees. Chain stays, 445 millimeters. So, $2000 direct to consumer doesn’t necessarily mean questionable geometry. The numbers on this thing, pretty normal. $2000 also doesn’t have to
mean low end suspension. On this one, it’s using
a horst link system. It’s driving a RockShox Monarch R shock with a rebound adjustment to deliver 140 millimeters of travel. Now, there’s no pedal-assist switch on this one, but we’re going to talk about that later. On the other end of the bike, we have a Marzocchi Z2 and
that’s using their Rail damper. With this low speed sweep adjuster, here. Now, the Rail damper that’s similar to Fox’s original GRIP damper,
so we have high hopes for this fork, it should work pretty well. As we’ve seen before, SRAM runs this town when
it comes to value bikes. Again, SX drivetrain, you’ve
got 11 tooth small cog, you’ve got a 50 tooth big cog. You should be able to climb
up absolutely anything. Breaking is Shimano, it’s
there sexy sounding M2501. Two-piston brakes, 180 mill
rotors, front and back. The bike comes with a dropper post, it’s a Brand-X Dropper Post. It’s been working very, very well. Last component choice to point out is Schwalbe Tires. You’ve got a Hans Dampf on the back, and you got a full sized
Magic Mary on the front. No need to change the rubbers, they’re ready for you,
tubeless, right away. Now, all that adds up to 32.7 pounds. Enough with the component
and weight talk, though. Let’s talk about how
it feels on the trail. (upbeat music) – All right, we’ve got this
$2000 Vitus Mythique VRX. 140 millimeter travel up
front, 29 inch wheels. What did it take to get setup? – Not a whole lot, to be honest with you. It’s pretty straight forward. For the rear, we’re
running 25 percent sag. Upfront, we can go with the
recommended air pressure. It has a much more
effective damper, in there. The rail damper, with adjustable
low-speed compression. So, we didn’t need to
overpressure the fork. Schwalbe’s Tires, ready to
tubeless, right out of the gate. Zero issues. – [Kazimer] As it is, right out of the box,
this bike’s ready to roll. Easy to set up. Easy to get you on the trails
and no need to fuss around, swapping out components
or anything like that. (relaxing music) – Like a lot of the trail bikes here, the Vitus climbs pretty dang well. It doesn’t have a pedal-assist lever on the shock and it doesn’t really need one. You, know we’re running 25 percent sag, that thing pedals just fine. – Pedalling-wise, no complaints there. Get into more technical stuff, handles pretty well there, too. Maneuvers easily, if you look on paper, the chainstay length, I think is 445. That’s a little bit longer
than some of the other bikes. I didn’t notice that at all. I wouldn’t have thought that
it had the chainstay length. – No, on the trail the
bike doesn’t feel that long and in those sections where
it’s kind of like traversing, rolling with like tight little corners and you’re kind of like
picky little nosy sections, the bike feels like it
just fits in those sections really well and carries a lot of speed and it’s definitely for
someone who’s paying attention to their line choice, you know. Rewards that kind of riding. It’s not a bike where you
just ride into the things. – Yeah, it’s kind of
you classic trail bike. It feels a little bit lighter, a little bit more nimble, it’s not that light on paper, again. But, it does have that more
nimble, classic trail bike feel. – Very much so. (relaxing music) – Once you get this thing
to the top of the hill, obviously, it’s time to descend. It’s the best part of the ride, how’d it handle? – Very much like the
trail bike that it is. You know, with some of
these modern trail bikes, their sort of bordering on all mountain, almost enduro bike capability. This, it feels more like a trail bike, and that’s not a slight
against Vitus, at all, is it? It’s a bike that rewards
smart line choices, technical terrain, it’s
really at home at mid-speed and slower-speed sections
of technical trail. – Yeah, it doesn’t feel as
quite as suave and planted as that Commencal that we have. That bike just kind of
feels like a mini tank. This one just has a little
bit lightness to it. Little more agile, pretty rewarding. – Yeah, it’s interesting
too, that Kazimer, you noted those chainsstays earlier, I would have guessed that they
were way shorter than that ’cause on the trail, the
bike feels like that. It’s not the most stable
thing when speeds are fast and it’s rough, but
definitely it’s a great bike when it’s not fast and rough. – [Kazimer] Yeah, exactly and
also worth noting that the short stem, nice rise on the handle bars, just give you a nice comfortable
descending positions. So, you can be aggressive,
you’ve just gotta be smart with those line choices. – [Levy] Exactly. (relaxing music) $2000 bike, this Marzocchi
Z2 with the Rail damper, impressive. – [Kazimer] Yeah, we
have eight bikes here. There’s one other fork that I would say is a little bit better, but that is also on a bike
that costs a lot more. – Marginally better, even. – Yeah, exactly. That’s the Lyrik, there’s
like the, you know, top of the line Lyrik on
that Norco that we have. But this one, for a 2000
dollar bike, the Z2, excellent. Definitely out performs
all the other forks. – Okay so, enough of all the fork though. Let’s talk about the rear suspension. You’ve got a little tiny shock on there. – [Kazimer] Yeah, it does well. I mean, again, I’d say, running
at 25 percent sag helps. If you go to 30 percent, it
kind of sits a little too deep. You might use the travel too
much, but didn’t have any harsh bottoms out or any unexpected
surprises out there. Even though there are plenty
of sharp square edge hits here. – Yeah, you don’t need to fill the space with volumes spacers. You don’t need to over-pressurize it. It just works well, doesn’t it? – [Kazimer] Yep. – All right, so that little
rear shock works quite well. Let’s talk about some other
components on this thing. Kazimer. – Yeah, the drivetrain,
again, SRAM SX Drivetrain, same one that’s found on pretty much all the bikes we have here, 12 speeds. Shifts well, that shifter ergonomics, we complained about that before, but I’m going to mention it again. It just doesn’t play that
well with the brake levers so you might need to get
creative with you positioning of the brake and the shifter. But, as far as shifting performance goes, it’s all the gears, no issues. – Yeah, the shifting
works surprisingly well, as do the brakes. They’re just two-piston trail bike brakes. They’re appropriate for the bike, but they have a nice
amount of initial bite, enough power. Great stuff. 180 mill routers front
and back, works just fine. – Yep, also cool to
note, the bike has 3-axle without a quick release
on the front and the rear, which is kinda nice. I’m personally not a fan
of the quick release. I’d rather keep everything
tight and compact so it doesn’t grab any rocks or anything when you’re
going by, cool little touch. The dropper post works well, the ergonomics of the
thumb lever aren’t amazing. Definitely something you
could upgrade in the future. Probably low on the upgrade priority list, but it is a little bit
awkward to push it, sometimes. – Yeah, the lever sits
out from the handlebars, so you just have to unwrap
your thumb a little more than is ideal. So, we’re seeing other remote levers now, that are much closer. Ergonomically way better. Another thing that you
won’t have to upgrade, the tires. It’s a Magic Mary front tire from Schwalbe and the added soft compound,
that’s a baller tire. There’s no reason to change that. (relaxing music) So, I was actually fastest on
the whole loop on this bike, out of all eight bikes
and looking at the times, I made most of that up in
the traversing section. Again, just like we were talking about, this bike just like weaves in and out and it just covers ground
really, really fast when it’s that kind of terrain. Climb time, it was
fourth out of eight bikes and downhill time, tied for third fastest. – Yeah, my climbing time, I
was also fourth out of eighth and then downhill time,
fourth out of eighth again. I think I actually lost my time
on that traversing section, somehow, which who knows. – It’s cause you went slower than me. – I went slower, that’s
how I lost the time. – Is lack of fitness
or is it lack of skill? Where’d you want to put it on? – We’ll go with, I probably
took a nap part way through. – Okay, yeah. Whatever you want to call it.
(laughs) (relaxing music) – Overall, yeah, I mean they’ve
made a solid trail bike, get you into the game. It doesn’t need a lot of
components to be upgraded, really. I can’t think of a thing I
would change, right off the bat. That’s what’s kind of
nice about these bikes. The last thing you want
to do is spend more money when you’ve already budgeted
just to get a bike like this. – Yeah, so for $2000,
this is a bike that isn’t going to hold any trail rider back. Especially if you’re the kind of rider, you’ve been riding for a few years, you want something to grow with you. 29er, 140 mills of
travel, great suspension, pretty sharp geometry, not much to complain about here, Vitus. – [Kazimer] Yeah, they
did a good job here. – All right, so that’s our take on the Vitus Mythique VRX 29. Overall, pretty impressive
little trail bike. Stay tuned for more value bike reviews from our Field Trip here in a
very chilly Sedona, Arizona. (relaxing music)

92 comments on “Vitus’ $2,000 Mythique 29 VRX Review: The Value Trail Bike Defined | 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip

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  6. Got my wife a Vitus Escarpe. Excellent value bike. After researching entry level hardtails for my buddy I recommended to him the Vitus Nucleus with the Deore drivetrain for $750. Pretty impressed with Vitus right now- these guys hit the nail on the head- good geo, good quality, ridable components out of the box. Nice to see some good mountain bikes available at more affordable ranges.

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    I know you both are the same size and weight, but anyone wearing pants with a 34 inch inseam is going to have a vastly different experience on this bike. Please, please Pinkbike consider the taller riders. The taller you are the actual seapost angle makes more of a contribution than the effective angle. I know plenty of shorter dudes that can ride anything. Please be considerate of your taller (and likely heavier) mountain bike brethren.

  9. Honestly the ultimate bike in this test would have been the $2,100 Giant Trance alloy. It comes with the Z2 fork, Fox Evol shock, Minion DHR/DHF, and legit Maestro suspension unlike the knock off shit the Giant Stance has. Idk why this wouldn't be in the test

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    Just decided to build a Dartmoor Hornet and recently ordered a frame tho


    Actual Seatpost angle 67.5 degrees!!!
    Don't excuse sloppy frame geometry.

    BTW I love Vitus. Have a great Sentier 29 HT. Best hardtail I've ever built up. Great company and a good try on this bike, but they are way behind the curve on the actual vs effective seat tube angle. I ditched Santacruz, yup Santacruz when they fell behind. They have been doing better with a lower difference between real (actual) and effective angles. But this doesn't excuse reviewers who gloss over this aspect. Please as reviewers do not gloss over this aspect. Just because you as a small or medium sized person don't have an issue with this, does not mean this alright for a taller rider.

  13. I'd change brakes and drivetrain, because I have experience with NX eagle and its very bad. Also two piston brakes dont have enough power.

  14. I love my Mythique VRX 29er … just a note on sizing. I'm 5'10 with a 30 inch inseam. bought a large and returned if for a medium and it's perfect. The large seemed huge and I had negative standover space.

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    Btw, the editing on the videos is on point.. 🙂

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