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Volvo Wheel Loaders L60H, L70H, L90H: Discovering machine features in the walk around movie

Volvo Wheel Loaders L60H, L70H, L90H: Discovering machine features in the walk around movie

The updated L60 and L70 and L90H are the ultimate all
rounders ready to take on any applications, these high quality loaders
are purpose-built to be an asset in your business. Go ahead Susanne, tell us more about
these versatile machines. The new generation wheel loaders will meet the
demands of tough job sites. Renowned for the reliability the H series are
built on an industry-leading strong frame. Combined with an ideally matched
genuine Volvo drivetrain, this wheel loader will give you long-lasting
performance. Built by Volvo for your game. Improved cooling gives greater machine
utilization especially when using attachments that are demanding on the
hydraulics. It also gives you longer hydraulic component life. This plus the
external axial cooling option doubles the axle oil change intervals for higher
uptime and lower maintenance costs. To further reduce wear, the new delayed
engine shutdown feature shuts off the machine when the turbo has cooled down.
This function can also be scheduled. The H series loaders are equipped with an
electric engine hood because easy access to the main service points is important
for swift maintenance. Orange handrails and steps guide you where to put your hands and feet whether you’re an operator or a service technician. The new cooler slides out so cleaning of the hydraulic oil cooler, condenser and engine radiator is really easy. These upgraded loaders from Volvo will
fit in just about anywhere whatever the job we have the tools to
get it done. Offering a full range of optimized
purpose-built and durable Volvo attachments from buckets, sweepers,
grapples, material handling arms and snow plows, to custom-built Volvo attachments
to match your specific needs. These robust machines offer unshakable
stability thanks to the new optimized loading unit weight and redesigned
counterweight. Designed to do more the machines yield up to 3% higher tipping
load. To unlock the use of multiple attachments simply engage the third and
fourth hydraulic functions. The TP linkage will provide ultimate
versatility. Tools are changed in a matter of seconds with the Volvo
attachment practical not only does the TP linkage offer high breakout and
lifting forces it keeps the attachments parallel
throughout the lifting range. The TP linkage combined with Volvo heavy duty
forks make these loaders well-adapted for pallet work with great visibility
throughout the entire lifting range in operation the loaders can work
effortlessly around different work sites such as yards, warehouses and harbours. Another great feature is to activate the
optional Auto bucket tilt in tilt out function. It reduces operator fatigue and
increases operability. It will greatly improve cycle times especially if you
are using high tip buckets available when you select the optional
electro-hydraulic lever. The new smooth control function helps you achieve a
steady throttle position on uneven and bumpy ground. Smart control is designed to optimize
fuel efficiency and performance. It ensures the correct torque in all
situations for perfect harmony between the engine and hydraulics. This reduces
the risk of stalling machine when filling the bucket. Since more power is
distributed to the hydraulics the lifting time is reduced which shortens
the reversing distances in short cycle applications. This update is loaded with
smarter features. They will have an impact on your business. Thanks to
several advanced features you can actually achieve up to 20% greater fuel
efficiency. With features like the echo pedal and the optional lock up function
that will eliminate losses in the torque converter by creating a direct drive
between the engine, the transmission in harmony with the axis. Not only is the machine faster, it is also pleasant to operate, including drive response, performance when operating uphill.
Volvo offer a wide range of factory fitted tires suitable for any kind of
application from L2 to L5 to solid and agriculture tires. The rimpull control
function will let you save more money, now the operator can reduce tire wear
and prevent wheel spin for effective bucket filling. Machines operating in
soft or slippery ground conditions the operator can reduce maximum rimpull to
a suitable level. You can customize your machine and
hydraulic functions with the optional electro server controls. From the cab you
can adjust the D10 third function, boom kick out, returns to dig and bucket
leveling. There’s a choice of multi or single lever controls and there’s an
option to select from three hydraulic settings to tailor the lever control
according to your preferences. Active gets you quick leave a response for
applications which requires quick movements of the attachment. Soft is for
more precise and smooth handling of the attachment applications and normal is a
mix of them both. To enhance visibility these machines have optional LED lights
and new larger rear view mirrors. Add a radar detect system to get alerts of
unseen objects in the machine vicinity. A quiet and comfortable working
environment reduces fatigue and keep your operators productive throughout the
working shift. In this spacious Volvo cab you can focus on the job with your
choice of comfortable operator seat easily adjustable using agronomic
controls. Basic configurations are made using the keypad and the information
display helps you keep an eye on the machines parameters and operations. If
you need the truly versatile loader equipped with any attachment needed,
the 60, 70 and 90 H are the best choice in the market. No matter the

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