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Vòng quanh Sài Gòn về đêm – Roaming by cycling with Tara Nguyen at Sai Gon Night Life

Vòng quanh Sài Gòn về đêm – Roaming by cycling with Tara Nguyen at Sai Gon Night Life

Hi everyone, Today, I’m going to continue making new Vlog for your sightseeing about Sai Gon night life by cycling with me. Communication by Vietnamese to people instead of English in this video. English subs will be uploaded here. At this place, I’m staying here in front of Bach Dang River park where was combined between river travel and Vietnamese cuisine . Is there anybody recognize that a boat with colourful lights overthere? I will make new Vlog review for that restaurant for you guys later. Now, we start to discover Nguyen Hue walking street with my Scott bike, this place is opposite to Bach Dang river park. Many restaurants among this street including street food and high quality ones, those depend on how much you want to spend for. They want to enjoy milktea or street food with each other in order to release many stresses at night. Especially, there is waterfall from underground which will be active at Saturday & Sunday each week. Opening time will be from 9:00 – 12:00 am , 13:00 – 16:00pm – 15 minutes for each time, it must be 2 hours in distance between each time. At night, opening time is 19:00 – 23:00 pm – 15 minutes each time and 1 hour in distance. Inside this walking street, everyone can find Ho Chi Minh President statue. At present, this statue was under construction by government law. What a pity! I couldn’t able to film for you guys about this due to on the bike wheel. Okay, is there anybody notice that stunning buiding far far away from there? People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City is a famous architecture in Ho Chi Minh city which was built from 1898 to 1909 by Femand Fardes architect, this construction was designed based on belfry of France. This construction was noticed by French colonial empire from 1871 untill 1898 which was official to build by Gardes artist. Initial project was intending to release for Ruffier artist. However, it was handover to Bonnet. 1909, the buiding was launched. In the history, the name was put as Hotel de veille. Republic of Viet Nam regime called this building to be “ Toa do chanh Sai Gon” where is government department. After Viet Nam independence, the building became People’s committee of Ho Chi Minh City. The address is now 86 Le Thanh Ton street, Ben Nghe ward, Dist 1, place at Nguyen Hue. This construction was designed as belfry of France, North Viet Nam. On the top of building, people can find out a woman and a little kid who are both controlling cruel animal as typical French symbol. Both belfry on the left and right side were mixed between Italian and French decoration. it was amended more statue in order to demonstrate the power of French colonial empire symbol . People’s committee of Ho Chi Minh city is a unforgettable history place for many Vietnamese meetings asking for their ethical labour law in 1937. There was many meetings on Janurary 09, 1950 in front of this buiding following the biggest holidays in 1975. Especially, a lot of flower were put where place Ho Chi Minh President statue with kids which was decorated by Diep Minh Chau artist. Now, we’re on Thu Thiem brigde. As you can see, people could enjoy the beautfy of Sai Gon on the other side from far away. I’m a little exhausted after racing my bike 😀 … Okay please subscribe my channel to motivate me making more Vlog for you guys. Thank you

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