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Vu A Moto Dans Paris #2

Vu A Moto Dans Paris #2

Oh its an electric? The famous Zero’s GRAND MA IS PARKING Same dealership, same tagplates, same scooters, same accessories He basically is in a bike spot and using his mobile phone.. Hi agent, can I have a word? Can I park at the next turn please? Where? In the street to the left here and u wanna park? Yes please (him) but where? (me) to the left here Its a one way street sir you cannot go then I can go around Sorry you cant do that 🙁 There is a protest incoming and we have to stop trafic so what do I..erm..a … can I walk ? (me) I’ll push the bike (him) I cant be sure you’ll do that Its really just there, I’ll switch the engine off? I turn off the engine and I push the bike to the parking Its really close Please otherwise its a pain The officer lets me through (me) thanks (him) Hi, does it have gears? Nah its electric (him) yeah but does it have gears? (me) no most electric vehicles dont Tesla’s, Autolibs and such Its basically forward or backwards (well no reverse on this bike) (him) and whats the power? (me) it is considered a 125cc but it has the power of a 500/600 oh wow! he moved backwards on me .. Hi Ghislaine! The door is left open, is that normal? (her) yeah I wanted to bring in some fresh air it kills microbes (me) oh so you kill them with the cold? REMOVE THE MICROBES REMOVE THE MICROBES YOU SHALL NOT PASS (off) what are the rules when it comes to priority on the road when you get close to an intersection There are several situations […] hey rob whats up go ahead m’am I’m headed to lunch with friends (him) New bike? (me) it was lent to me! (him) aint electric this one right? (me) it actually is! its the same brand as mine! (him): but its bigger no? (me) yeah and higher (him) And you’re doing a video about it? yeah you’re living the life (him) do you know that Jeff lost 7 kilos? whaaat? yeah he dropped a lot he lost weight, stopped eating sugar Wow 7 kilos that’s huge see u later

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