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Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 13 Highlights: Bilbao – Los Machucos, A 27% Climb! | GCN Racing

Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 13 Highlights: Bilbao – Los Machucos, A 27% Climb! | GCN Racing

Welcome to highlights of another very tough
stage of La Vuelta a Espana, right here on GCN Racing. Today, was stage 13. Yesterday, we had yet another winner from
a breakaway. Phil Gil showing everyone how it was done
on the super steep slopes of the Basque Country, soloing into Bilbao to take his 10th career
Grand Tour stage win. The GC riders all came in together, 3 minutes
down, and so there was no change on the GC – Primoz Roglic still in red. Today, It was a 166km route from Bilbao to
Los Machucos, home of the rampas inhumanas. There are a total of 7 categorised climbs,
but really it’s all about the last one – it might only be 6.8kms long, but it’s been
given especial status courtesy of it’s incredibly steep gradients, up to 25%. Yet again, it was a very fast start to the
stage, but the break did go a little quicker than yesterday, around 40kms. And it was an extremely strong group of 30. Poels, Bouchard, Latour, Brambilla, yesterday’s
winner Gilbert, De La Cruz, De Gendt, Howsen, Atapuma, Meintjes, and then the best placed
on GC, Sergio Higuita of EF Education First, 10 minutes and 7 seconds behind Roglic. A big opportunity for the young Colombian
to move up on the GC, but also to take a stage win. Could he save EF’s Vuelta today? 100kms in and we were already seeing attacks
from the breakaway group. There were a lot of points in the KOM’s
competition through today’s stage, but despite the presence of current leader Angel Madrazo,
he wasn’t able to extend his lead. Jumbo Visma did almost all of the riding on
the front of the bunch on today’s stage, but with a little over 60kms to go, the gap
to the front was up to almost 8 minutes, and Higuita was hastily moving up the virtual
GC. Another man in the breakaway was stage winner
Jesus Herrada of Cofidis, he’d take the maximum 5 points on the Puerto de Alisas. It’s been a Vuelta to forget to so far for
Ineos, but with De La Cruz and Poels, here, they had a big opportunity to take a stage
win. On the other hand, it’s been a Vuelta to
remember forever for Euskadi Basque Country Murias, who won the stage 2 days ago, and
they were up there again today, with the 25 year old Hector Saez. And he launched an attack very early indeed,
on a descent, finding himself off the front solo with still over 50kms of the stage remaining. And he carved out a decent advantage, over
a minute and a half in the space of 15kms, the guys behind would have to be not to let
it creep up too much further. That gap was up to almost 2 minutes by the
time Saez crested the Puerto de Fuente Las Varas. Coming towards the last 20kms and Bruno Armirail
of Groupama FDJ decided to set off in pursuit of Saez. The Frenchman is riding his first Grand Tour
at age of 25. 10kms further on Astana had hit the front,
setting a fearsome pace that took minutes out of the breakaway, by this point it was
under 4, and the stage hung in the balance – would it be from the break or the bunch? As Saez began the mega steep gradients of
Los Machucos, his lead quickly plummeted. Higuita leading the rest of the group behind. Just a few hundred metres up the climb and
Armirail had caught and passed a tiring Saez, the gradients already over 20%, his advantage
1 minute and 12 seconds over the next group on the road. Wow, check out that gradient. When you see a pro rider going that slow,
you know it’s steep! In the GC group, Quintana had launched an
early attack, looking to make some of the time back that he’d lost in the time trial
in Pau a few days ago. Up front, it was all change again, one Frenchman
overtaking another as Pierre Latour set out to take his 2nd career Vuelta stage win. He’d quickly distance Armirail and was looking
very strong indeed. It was a move that hadn’t worked for Quintana,
though. He was quickly caught by the group behind
being lead by Rafal Majka but containing all the GC favourites. With 3kms to go, Latour had hit the concrete
slabs which mark the steepest part of the climb. His advantage was a slender one, by this point,
though, just 35 seconds. The pure climbers were closing in fast, but
Quintana wasn’t amongst them. Having been caught, he was soon out the back
as the Slovenian pairing of Roglic and Pogacar accelerated. And it wasn’t just Quintana in trouble,
Lopez too was on the ropes, and watching his key rivals sail into the distance. Pogacar and Roglic shattered the hopes of
Latour with just 1.5kms to go, they were absolutely flying, with a big gap to the group behind. There was nothing Valverde or anyone else
could do about it, except do their best to limit their losses. Into the closing kilometre and the gradients
had finally relented, Pogacar sprinting towards the line to gain as much time as he possibly
could, and it was enough, too, to take his 2nd stage win of the race, in front of Roglic. It was another 27 seconds before Valverde
and Quintana came across the line, just after Latour. Another huge blow to the hopes of Movistar
in the GC, but not as big a blow as the one to my tip, Miguel Angel Lopez, who lost a
whopping 1 minute and 1 second. Is the Vuelta now over? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
if you don’t want to miss out on the top races, and also to hit the bell notification
button so that you are notified each time we upload a video. Tomorrow, believe it or not, we’ve got what
looks like a stage for the sprinters. 188kms to Oviedo. They’re not making it easy for them though
– there is a hurdle to overcome in the form of a 3rd category climb, which comes 23kms
before the finish. My prediction, Fabio Jakobsen.

58 comments on “Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 13 Highlights: Bilbao – Los Machucos, A 27% Climb! | GCN Racing

  1. I'm Slovenian. I don't know why I suck so much, everyone else in my country seems to be a top athlete in either cycling, basketball, climbing, rowing, football, hockey, skiing and ski jumping, judo, etc.

  2. Oh my, the comments roughly a week ago … “Quintana is winning” …
    He hasn’t been a top GC rider for a while now.

  3. Dan's rider to win predictions are just him reading the riders list. You gotta start somewhere. This race is not over yet. Thank GCN !

  4. Poor Sean Kelly….he was under such a stress to get "Primoz Roglic" right at least for one whole broadcast….that he totally collapsed on the other Slovenian dude: "Pogakkar"….Pogatchkar"…and that in the very same sentence…..Oh I was bleeding…got me reward at the end, tho 😉

  5. Roglic's son's crib is going to be packed with all those red and green stuffed animals Roglic keeps winning from each stage!

  6. Fuck this is done, a boring last week and a half left, Roglic has 3 minutes and nobody has been capable of taking him out of their wheel, sad to see superman lopez loose so much time in such an important stage

  7. There were ignorant predictions that Roglic would not attack the rivals
    in the hill and Pogacar would bee well versed by the end of Vuelta… GCN Racing goood job …

  8. Stage 15 and 16 are back to back hard mountain finishes, the Vuelta will be decided here. 3rd week is relatively easy. Both Roglic and Pogacar are working well together, cannot see anyone challenging them or even taking out a big chunk of time.

  9. Quintana's wimpy body language has got "failed again" written all over it, what a contrast to Merckx and Kelly's "cannibal" style..:)

  10. Roglic and Pogacar teaming up, who would have thought. Just think about the total fiasco Movistar got themselves into with the infighting of Soler, Valverde and Quintana. Valverde has to keep Pogacar in check before he can attack Roglic as Pogacar will be fighting for second place. Quintana would like nothing better than for Valverde to falter and will not help him.

  11. thanks guys for the hardwork! but can i suggest on stages like this can you choose a "more random" thumbnail because i know you dont put the stage winner on the thumbnail so i know quintana wont win it

  12. Thx God; I was getting already afraid of your yesterday prediction when you put the Superman for winning favorite for the stage 13, but today the reality reveals itself… and it looks something like this; SLOVENIA is becoming next Cycling superpower! 💪🚴‍♂️
    Best regards from Slovenia! 😘😎

  13. Great hilight coverage by GCN …… i have given up on all the others with too much non related chat and ads etc. Great to just get the brief story and some finish footage.

  14. So did you seen Slovenian riders ?New super power form Slovenia. This is season the best to all the time for Slovenian cycling.

  15. I think Roglič is gonna make it this time and he deserves it .Quintana fuck it up again, no way he's ever gonna win a grand tour again.

  16. These were proper spectacular performances by Roglic, Pagacar and Latour, but none of it came close to Geoffrey Bouchard's attempt at a free kick. I mean, what a save by Shane Archbold !
    What.A.Save !!

  17. literally LMAO when you said “and then they hit the slabs which marked the steepest point of the climb” like everything before wouldn’t put me into cardiac arrest

  18. I was kind of prepared for Roglič to be defensive today, but this was insane. Instead of minimizing the losses he gained more time. Hats off!

  19. On Pogačar pronounciation; Po (as in Po-kemon but pronounce the o as you would in top) ga (as in Ga-tsby) čar (as in Char-coal). Thats close enough

  20. Who would have thought a tiny country like Slovenia put a stop to the Colombian train. At this rate it will be the two of them and Valverde for a no Colombian podium.

  21. It's ain't over till the fat lady sinks 😜, they got to reach Marid then it counts, remember how Froome won the GIRO last year?

  22. When riding the Giro with maglia rosa, Roglic was very conservative to maintain your jersey and, at the end, he actually lost your first position. In this Vuelta, your behaviour and tatics are more agressive than that. He is forced attacks and seem to understand very well the Movistar lack os tatics. In my opinion, he is the strengh rider and will keep this jersey. Congratulations from Brazil.

  23. The race is not toast yet. However it is a healthy gap for Roglic. He still needs to ride to win rather than play it safe. Two more hard mountain stages to pass ?

  24. Rode it on the Thursday in freezing wet conditions, watched it the next day from roadside in good conditions – even helped Jose Rojas back on his way after the Astana car hit him….
    It really is an insane bit of road.

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