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Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 17 Highlights: CROSSWIND CHAOS!!! | GCN Racing

Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 17 Highlights: CROSSWIND CHAOS!!! | GCN Racing

What on earth happened today?! Find out now in our highlights of stage 17
of La Vuelta a Espana, here on GCN Racing. First up, on Sunday, Jakob Fuglsang took what
was, surprisingly, his first ever stage win at a Grand Tour. He’d got himself in the early breakaway
and proved to be strongest on the final climb to the finish. Behind, Roglic finished safe and sound with
Pogacar and Lopez, whilst Valverde conceded almost half a minute. Putting this man into an even stronger position
on GC, almost three minutes clear of his closest challenger, a nice position to be on the final
rest day. Today, it was the longest stage of the race.. Just under 220kms to Gaudalajara. On rolling terrain, but with no categorised
climbs, so the profile didn’t look hard enough to have any bearing on the general
classification. However, it was EXTREMELY windy today, and
everyone was alert to the danger. So strong was the wind, in fact, that many
riders and teams had opted to use 54 or even 55 tooth big chainrings today. Amongst them, Deceuninck Quickstep, and it
was they who helped to force a split in the group almost from the gun. A whopping 47 riders going clear, the best
on GC, Nairo Quintana. Cue panic stations behind. By the time live television started, the gap
between the front group and the rest was over 5 and a half minutes, putting Quintana back
up to 2nd in the provisional general classification, and the worst thing for Jumbo Visma was that
the gap was still rising. There you can see the teams who had the most
representation at the front. Jumbo Visma could at least be happy that they
had some help, UAE Team Emirates riding for Pogacar, and Astana for Miguel Anhel Lopez. Despite their efforts, though, the gap had
crept up to over 6 minutes with 85kms to go. Well, you can never write this man off, can
you? He may have lost more time than we had been
expecting on his favoured terrain, but he was more than making up for it today. This race is far from over. Team Sunweb were also well represented in
the front group, including their man on GC, Wilco Kelderman, who stood to make some big
gains. As did this man, James Knox of Deceuninck
Quickstep, who started the day in 11th place on the GC. Deceuninck did lose 2 men on one of the uncategorised
climbs with just under 50kms to go, including their sprinter, Fabio Jakobsen. Meanwhile Sam Bennett was still in the lead
group, and licking his lips at the prospect of taking a third stage win. A couple of kilometres later and Movistar
were lighting it up in the Roglic group, which may seem strange given that they had Quintana
in front, but their tactic here was to shell the riders of UAE, Jumbo Visma and Astana
that had been working, to isolate the leaders, and then sit up. And to a degree, it worked, although they
had taken a big chunk of time out of the gap between the two groups. Here they are sitting up over the top. This is Luis Leon Sanchez, who’d been up
front but asked to drop back and aid the chase, something he hadn’t been particularly pleased
about hearing over the race radio. Things were looking a little less threatening,
though, for Roglic, by this point. The gap back down to under 5 minutes, whilst
Quintana had started the stage in excess of 7 minutes down. Up front, Movistar, Sunweb and Deceuninck
still had ever reason to keep the pace as high as they could all the way in towards
the finish, but they’d also have to start thinking about a potential stage win, something
that wouldn’t be easy with the presence of Bennett in the group. The speeds were incredibly high for the last
70kms of the stage, where the crosswind had turned into a pure tailwind. The average speed by this point nudging 50kph
for the first 200kms of the stage. With 10k to go, the gap had gone back over
the 5 minute mark, and there you can see the incredible average speeds, well over 60kph
for the previous 30 minutes of the stage, absolutely staggering. With 3kms to go, that front group was pretty
much still all together, but it wasn’t long before we had our first attack. Zdenek Stybar of Deceuninck launching on a
false flat and quickly getting a big gap. Behind, Ineos were helping the chase, though,
and he was brough back almost within sight of the line. At which point Sam Bennett decided to launch
his sprint early, almost half a kilometre before the line. Reacting immediately, though, was Gilbert,
and he was soon up to the Irishman’s back wheel. In fact he even had time to sit on and take
a quick breather before he, himself, launched his sprint, and there was nothing that Bennett
could do in reply. Gilbert, in the end, in a class of his own,
and there was nobody going to stop him taking his 2nd stage win of the race, and confirming
himself as a firm favourite for the world championships in Yorkshire in 3 weeks time. Hats off to Deceuninck Quickstep too, they
earnt that today. And, at 50.63kph, according to Cillian Kelly,
that is the fastest road race in history of over 200kms in length. In the end, it would be 5 minutes and 29 seconds
after Gilbert crossed the line that Roglic, Valverde, Pogacar and Lopez arrived, but more
importantly, 5 minutes and 19 second behind Quintana. So, a big old change in the overall top 10. Roglic still leading, but Quintana launches
himself back up to 2nd, now 2 minutes and 24 down. So, nowhere near as it could have been for
the Slovenian, although he’ll be thankful that he had the help of Astana for much of
the day. James Knox moves himself up to 8th, and Keldermann
to 7th. Tomorrow, we’re back into the mountains. Another really tough test of 177.5kms that
include 4 1st category climbs. No mountain top finish on this occasion, but
plenty of terrain for Movistar or Astana to make an ambush. Join us tomorrow to see if we had fireworks
– my prediction, again, is Pierre Latour. Bye for now.

82 comments on “Vuelta a España 2019 Stage 17 Highlights: CROSSWIND CHAOS!!! | GCN Racing

  1. Why exactly did Bennett attack? He is the fastest sprinter in the entire field so surely he would have won a normal bunch sprint 300m away from the finish line.

  2. Top work by Gilbert once again! Yes we hear all day long, the new generation is taking over. Yet the older riders aren't surrendering. No doubt DQT is the Team of the Year.

  3. Lopez was given a 10 second penalty for something, I was hoping Dan would cover it. Anyone have any idea why? Poor domestiques will have another tough stage tomorrow.

  4. Hard fought but in the end Roglic lost only 24 seconds on the nr. 2.
    The only damage could be that tomorrow Jumbo Visma will be exhausted in comparison with Movistar.

  5. Why?!?! Why?!?! Why does Movistar suck so much!!!!! Jesus, they had a GREAT plan.
    Nairo takes the lead, Valverde in 3rd, and then BOOM!!!! Someone decides to send the peloton to catch the breakaway.

  6. If Quintana never wins the Tour, which I'd love to see, or another Grand Tour, he has no one to fault but himself… Movistar men closing the gap, partly, today? Quintana ought have left Movistar long ago. Two-drafts and Troikas only work with horses. (Thanks to the GCN team for a phenomenal job covering the cycling scene.)

  7. Wow… even if it is explained in the video itself why Movistar shortly rode behind Quintana, people are still ridiculing Movistar's tactics… I know that there's a lot that can be said about what that team does and doesn't do, but trying to drop some riders who are chasing a man up the road doesn't really seem such a bad idea… and if Valverde had been able to drop Rogliç himself, people probably would have applauded Movistar's tactics and said that they were geniuses…

    The only real mistake, at least in my eyes, is that Valverde wasn't part of the 47-men group… if he had been there the results of today could've been much better for Movistar…

  8. Bennett such a strong sprinter, but doesn't seem very aerodynamic! Many of his finishes, he's up on the hoods just cranking it out. Wonder how much energy and therefore time could be saved by getting down a bit lower

  9. Fastest race ever over 200km? That's what bread and water clean cycling does for you! Winner on the stage is 37 years old? Just more good bread and water with great training methods!

  10. Nice touch in your coverage showing landmarks and beautiful scenes at the end…now you should give a bit of commentary as a tip of the hat to Paul Sherwen.

  11. Can we make of this a subscription based service, and you guys get rights for all world tour events? These highlights are much better than anything anyone has ever done (bar Cosmo Catalano)

  12. Ouch! Decided not to watch, because it was a flat stage, for the sprinters, boring. Only wanted to watch the last 10k, but the stage had already finished. My bad, what a stage!

  13. Still it is nice that no definitive conclusions can be drawn regarding the Vuelta and so hopefully remains exciting until the last day … 🙂 ^^

  14. Don't you love it how exciting these stages races are getting when Ineos doesn't have the strength to completely suffocate the action?

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