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Was This The Best Moment Of 2017? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 145

– Neil, are you going to stand up the whole way through the show? Because we’re on (bleep) seats. – We’re all sat down, Neil. (laughing) – It’s all right. – Welcome to this week’s Dirt Shed Show. We’re going to try to work out what the hell happened in 2017. – Yeah, and I’ve got an
epic progression session from myself. – Plus all the usual stunts. – Yep, it’s the Dirt Shed Show! – Show, was I late then? – Neil. (exciting rock music) (gears cranking) – Okay, so 2017 has been an
incredible year for the channel. It’s been an amazing year for this channel and us individually, and
also for the sport, I think. We’ve had some amazing moments. So I just thought we’d
take this moment, lads, to touch on some of our favourite
moments of what’s gone on. So Neil, you’ve had a big year. Some ups and downs. – A few rounds and rounds. – Some rounds and rounds. What’s been your highlights or lowlights? – Well, for me, well I had a big crash on a road bike. – Yes. – But coming back from that very slowly. Got a dodgy ankle still. But other than that, I’ve
talked about it a lot, but Andes Pacifico was brilliant. Loved it, want to go back to Chilli. The riding was amazing, I
met some amazing people. So that’s my highlight. – [Martyn] It was a cool place. What about you, Blake? – I’ve got… Well, first off, me joining GMBN was a big highlight for me, for myself as a personal thing. – [Martyn] That was harder for us. – But Nine Knights, where I got to take part in it and I won the GoPro Award and all that. That was a pretty good one. – [Martyn] You were on it! You were on it that week! – [Neil] Do you like that? Was it more fun than riding a fatbike? – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Have you gone
fatbike mad recently? – I have, it’s winter. – You got the bug I got two years ago. – Two years ago. I’m late. – [Martyn] God I hope I don’t catch it. My highlight this year, I got
to go on an incredible trip. We’ve shown it on the channel loads, but I absolutely loved
my trip to Whistler– – [Blake] You’ve been to Whistler? – [Martyn] I did. It was amazing, it was
absolutely incredible and I don’t think I’m going
to top that in this year. – [Neil] We haven’t got long,
we only have a few days left. – [Martyn] There’s always time. What about the sport itself? It’s been a big year for
the sport, some big moments. I mean, look at cross country. We’ve got Nino Schurter doing
a perfect season, which was… Well I don’t know if that
will ever be done again. Maybe, but I never
imagined it would happen. That’s got to be one of the highlights of the year.
– [Blake] Definitely. And also, in cross country,
one of the things I thought was really incredible is Jolanda Neff coming back at the end of
the season, winning Worlds, when I had started to think,
halfway through this season, we’d sort of seen her career dive. And she’s come back so strong. So it’s been some big
moments in cross country. – [Neil] Annie Last had
great season as well. – [Martyn] She did, yeah. So I’m looking forward to seeing
what Annie does next year. (speaking over each other) – One of the highlights for me, Sam Hill wins the EWS when it was between him and Adrien Dailly for the win. And it’s funny, and everyone
wanted Samuel to win it. All the industry people and all the fans, and it was pretty crazy to see. I never thought Samuel would win. Although, you can’t bet
against him obviously. Good on him. – Yeah and he was a very,
very popular winner, certainly in this– – [Blake] Yeah, we’ve one,
Aaron Gwin, he definitely. He’s won 18 so far, World Cups and that. He’s in error at the moment, so he could be onto, been,
world’s best downhill racer ever. – [Neil] But, what a big
asterisk to be a world champ. Obviously he’s not won that yet. – [Martyn] He’s not that, that
could take him to the Greys, but I think you’re right, he’s secured himself in history,
as like a little time… It’s a timeline of the sport. We’re going to look at
that time when Gwin was doing what he’s doing right now. Yeah, absolutely. Hey, I know what we should do. (laughing) It’s just an idea. What about a poll? – Oh, great idea!
– What about a poll on this? What don’t we stick a
poll up above Neil’s head. Duck, dude.
– [Blake] It could hit you. – That was not even a very pretend duck. You put no effort into that. – [Neil] It doesn’t really
come down that much. It’s a trick with the camera. – Yeah, it’s that sometimes. Imagine he ducked and
imagine something hit him. So let’s look at the poll this week. You can choose from these options. You’ve got Nino’s perfect season. Is that what 2017 will be remembered for? What about Gwin? He’s a legend, he’s an era.
– Oh yeah, he’s an era. Is this his time? Does he get your vote? And then we’ve got Sam Hill. I mean, he wins EWS, he turns up at the Worlds Downhill Race on the EWS bike and he nearly won that. For a little while, I
thought he was gonna. Oh my God, can you imagine? And then what about
Jolanda Neff’s comeback? I mean, what about that? She’s an incredible
rider, such a young rider. She’s doing really well and it’s great to see her back winning. There’s your options, let
us know with the poll, but also in the comments down below, what you think. What made your year? – All right, talking about the poll, last week’s poll results have come through and it was where you guys challenged us, or sent us challenges actually. – Where are you going, Blake? – Okay, so, Blake’s holiday. 10%, I’m glad someone
voted for my holiday. – [Martyn] They’re all
holidays on your options. They’re all holidays. – [Blake] All right, Darkfest, 11%. The whole enchilada, 22%. But the one that came in is
fat biking in Finland, 55%. – [Martyn] You are off to Finland, man. That’s cool.
– [Blake] Look at that. What about Doddy? Where are we taking Doddy? – Right, Doddy, okay so… Bikepacking adventure, 12%. Is it the Inca avalanche, 12%? – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Blake] And cable
tie ban, 2%, which is– – [Martyn] It’s good because
if we ban Doddy from cable ties I think the shed would fall down. Because a lot of it is held
together by his wizardry with cable ties. – [Blake] Yeah, but the
one they all voted for is one that I’m so
happy they did vote for, and that is making a bike from scratch, 72%.
– [Neil] Really? Making the frame and everything? – [Blake] Everything. – [Martyn] And I know that was
something Doddy wanted to do, so he’s going to be well keen on that. Yeah, thanks for getting
involved on that one, that poll. You also got some comments on it. Abhi Das says my brother
started when he was two because I focused on him to, now he’s a legend and
nearly better than me. – [Neil] Two’s very young. – Yes, that is. – [Neil] 2 Guys Outdoors, my
son started mountain biking at nine, now he’s 16. He’s also a bike builder
at a local bike shop. He’s super proud dad. – Yeah, I know the feeling. I got Alfie riding when
he was about two and half. And now when we go out for
a roll around on our bikes, it is epic, love it. Yeah, thanks for telling
us your stories this week, and it’s good to hear how you got started. Lots of riders started very young, that’s what I got from the
comments when I skimmed through. Yeah, God, everybody was saying
I started when I was two, when I was three– – Dafty, I started getting
serious when I was 15, really. – Yeah, but that’s why
you’ve never caught up. Nothing to do with your height. Okay and then let’s take a look… (laughing) Let’s take a look at what
you guys have been saying on the channel this week. So have we had any good comments in, lads? – [Neil] Onno Dekker says why
is there a sign in background that says trials sucks? – Ah, I know, ask Doddy,
because the week before, we were talking about
trials a little bit and… He was getting me back. I don’t know what he’s got
against trials because he’s very good at it, he’s very good at trials. – Trials is boring though, isn’t it? – Neil, Neil. Don’t lower yourself. (sighing) You’re low enough. – We’ve got one here from
YTEE1001 coming through. It says, hey Martyn, if you
want to do an urban downhill, our club has been running in… What’s that, Albany–
– Albany, Australia! Oh my God. A street race in Australia. – Sam Hill rides first year, hell yeah. – Oh, I could race Sam Hill. Finally, finally, we’d meet. That would be incredible. What else have we had? We’ve got a great one here
from Luke Mathewson, who says, I don’t think these Gravity
riders will ever understand how tough the Cape Epic is. If Neil finishes the Cape Epic, sounds like a challenge, Neil, then it’s safe to say that
not all Gravity riders are soft heads. – Well, I might– – Take him up on it,
dude, take him up on it! – My back has gone up. You wouldn’t believe this
man, what’s his name? Luke Mathewson, you wouldn’t
believe how fit downhills are. I’m not talking about myself. all the pro downhillers are as
fit as cross country racers. Different fitness. It’ll be more about power–
– Very different. You’ve got a very old-fashioned
view about downhill and Gravity racers. – Well I think you’ve wound Neil up. You’re winding Neil up. And I think that means you should go to the Cape Epic and show him. – Go for a cross country race with Justin or something like that. You may be surprised. – And I have noticed, he is quite fit. – He is. – Yeah, I have noticed that. He’s got some energy. What else, we’ve got BLP Visuals says, I love it for some
reason people have voted to send Neil, the fatbike
enthusiast, to rampage and Blake, the freerider, fatbiking. – Whoa! – [Martyn] That is true–
– [Neil] He’s the fatbike enthusiast now. – Yeah, you have taken over. – I’ve been there and done that. – Yeah, well, I think you’re both– – I’ve got inspiration from you, you know. – I think you’re both
flippin’ fatbike nuts. Thanks for getting involved
this week on the comments. Make you sure you tell us
something down there below. That’s what all that space is for. We love hearing from you. – So we have some
competition winners tonight. So the Park Tool giveaway,
the chain cleaners and the brush set, five winners, on the screen now. – What have they won, Neil? – Well they’ve won brushes
and a chain cleaning– – It’s a perfect time for
it their parts are going to get all dirty and it’s winter. – Yeah, congratulations. (singing)
– Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges, hacks
and bodges, not you. (miming) Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges, Neil? – It’s great being back in the show. Wonderful.
(laughing) – [Blake] Yeah, welcome back, Neil. – Honestly, you don’t want a seat? You don’t want a seat? All right, standing up
the whole way through. – He’s trying to get
the rings on his watch to close from standing. – Let’s go, what have we got, Neil? – Wesley Brinkman has bodged… Well it’s not really bodge,
it’s definitely hacker, he’s got one of those specialised things where you would have a
sandwich box down there, and he’s put a beer in his bottle cage. – [Martyn] A beer. It’s an alternative use. – Do you think he’s got
crisps in his socks? – All the important snacks. – Although, is Coors Light beer? – [Martyn] Other beers are available, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve got this one from Leo Johnson, right? With Christmas coming
up, I thought, you know, simple idea, like it. We could all make our other
halves a nice bracelet out of all that old knackered
chain we’ve got in the garage. – They would love that. – [Neil] You know what that screams to me? – [Both] What? – You fall off your bike
and get stuck on a branch and then you lose your arm. – Oh yeah, it skins it. You know when you have a ring– – Sunny side up and all that. This is a good idea though, Jack. Right. – I got from Mitchell, look at this. His poor dog got super
tired after 12 kilometres. I’m not surprised, after 12 kilometres. Looks like a puppy. So they put it in the
back of the backpack. That’s a hack. – I would have loved to have
seen the picture, though, when he was in the rucksack
and the dog was riding. That would have been cool. Wow, that was good. – [Blake] That nearly
went through the window. – If you’ve got an
amazing hack or a bodge, I think the level was
quite high this week, but if you’ve got one that
can compete with that, then send it in to us, [email protected] We’ll take a look and you
could feature in the show, and imagine how that would feel. Pretty flippin’ awesome
I would have thought. – So Tech Week this week is
the brand new Canyon Spectral, their trail bike with 140
mil travel on the rear, 150 up front. So it’s a brand new
frame design, you can see the shock now lays
horizontally across the frame. And actually the linkage chain
uses lessons they’ve learned from their stand-over bikes. It actually gives them
more stand-over height, but also rings for that 150
mil drop a c-post on there. It’s one degree slacker on the head, slightly longer on the rear end, and actually more roomy up front as well. If you want to see some images
of their ripper Joe Barnes riding the bike, check their site. – Neil and Blake, it’s time
for the caption contest. Why don’t we take a look. This is last week’s photo,
which wasn’t very inspiring, but you came through
with some great captions. Any good ones that you like? – It’s not brilliant, no. But Georgeorriss says,
when Neil finally sings hacks and bodges. – [Blake] That’s a good one, actually. – [Martyn] Do you not like that one? – Well we’ve got one from King Rat, Bing Bong caught using
personal lubrication. – That’s weird, that was weird. – What about Georgeorriss who says, when Neil finally sings… Oh that’s the one you read, sorry. What about Diluteduk, a
regular, thanks Diluteduk, when the results of you poll
mean you get a free holiday. Yes, that’s about right. – That one wins. – Did you choose the results for poll? Like, did you pick the options? – [Martyn] I think you did. Basically you just picked
things we picked things we like on holiday. – Who is winning the GMBN water bottle? – I think the winner should be… I think it should be your
incredibly dry delivery, Neil. I think it should be Georgeorriss, especially as we read it twice. You are our winner.
(horn honking) You have won yourself a GMBN
water bottle with Sam’s horn. But yeah, it’s on it’s way to
you in the post, well done. Okay, this is it. For one very special viewer,
we’re going to take a look at your viewer edit,
and you’re about to get 1 million views, that
won’t happen, on YouTube. So, good luck. Yes, we are looking at your
video now, hit the lights. Let’s take a look, Neil. – [Neil] That’s magic.
– [Martyn] And Blake. Neil, make your play. – [Neil] This is in Hungary. – [Martyn] Anyone ever ridden in Hungary? – [Neil] Yes.
– [Blake] Show pony. – [Martyn] I like that. You get this bit of
digging in this one, Blake. You’re going to get excited about this. Look at this spade action. – [Blake] That dirt is
perfect for digging. – [Martyn] Look at Blake
getting excited about the dirt. – [Neil] It’s amazing, isn’t it? – [Martyn] Here we go. So I really it, they’ve made
themselves a really cool trail, and then they do–
(exclaiming) A bit of a buck. – [Blake] His mate saw that. – [Neil] He’s got a lovely set
of corduroy trousers as well. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Yeah, well-spotted Neil. All the important stuff. – [Blake] What do you think of the trail? – [Neil] Trail actually is really good. – [Blake] I like how
they’ve dug it in because I bet those corners are
actually going to last. – [Martyn] Is he going to ride that log? – [Blake] That’s a nice edit. – [Neil] It is a good one. – [Blake] You know, it’s a good example of a bit of winter riding
and what you can do. You can still make a
trail this kind of year. – [Martyn] The ground looks
perfect for it actually– (exclaiming) – [Neil] Buckaroo that was, man. – [Martyn] Big ole buckaroo right there. He’s all right, though, he’s back up. What I like about that vid… I like that one, thanks for sending it in because it shows that, I’m not being cruel, it’s not the most pro edit, but it’s still really
inspiring to look at. It’s a great ride, great
trail that you’re building, and I’ve got got the vibe of it. I really liked it. – [Neil] Looks like a lot of fun. – That’s exactly it, so
thanks for sending it in. Get ready for all them views. Your notification centre on your phone is about to go nuts any time now, so good luck with handling that. If you would like to
get your viewer edit in, then send it to us and we could feature it
in the Dirt Shed Show here and you could be a star. There’s the ole email address
just there, go for it. Look who’s joined us, it’s Doddy! What’re you up to? – [Blake] He’s brought
some weird things in. – Last week, we were out on a shoot– – Yes, I saw it. – And Blake ordered one
of these for his dessert. And the waiter was like,
do you want a spoon, or are you a (slurping)? So obviously he was like, yep
let’s get a round of these in. So for your progression session, I figured you could
probably up the ante a bit. – [Martyn] So you’ve done one. – You’ve done one. You’ve seen it on Instagram,
it’s pretty funny. – You’re always asking for
everyone else’s progress. Let’s see it. – Don’t forget to introduce yourself. – Oh yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. No, but this is a First Try Friday. – I’d like an introduction
anyway, it’d be nice. – All right, my name is Blake Sampson, and this is my Progression
Session slash First Try on a Friday, this, sucking… What are these?
– Creme caramel. – There you go.
(whimpers) – Good luck, mate. (slurping) (laughing) – Where did that go? I (coughs) don’t know. – Go on, keep going. Keep going, keep going. (slurping) (laughing) – Another one? – Yeah, man, come on, gotta break records. – Hang on. I have like ingestion or something. – That’s all right, that’s, um… That’s just your lungs, that’s fine. – Oh yeah, you don’t want to
get it down the wrong hole. – You’ve got a little
bit on your mouth anyway. Go on. – [Doddy] In you go. (burping) – Go on, go on, mate, you can do it. – I might go vegan after this. – It’s nice and clean. (laughing) – [Blake] Wait a minute. (slurping) (coughing) (laughing) – Next one. – No, no. (laughing) Two is enough. No, my chest. – Come on.
– No. (coughing) – Anyone, anyone? That is a disgusting game. (coughing) – [Martyn] Oh dear, you are nuts. – Onions and these
things, what is going on? Wow, there you go. – Well, while Blake tries to
get oxygen back into his lungs, pass me a computer there, Doddy. Let’s take a look at these
week’s Action First Try Friday, because this is a Dirt
Shed Show after all, not some sort of eating show. So we have got a fantastic
First Try Friday from… Reece Spencer. Reece Spencer, it’s your turn. He tried this gap many times, but he finally nailed it. Are you all right, are you all right? I feel sort of feel bad for you. – [Blake] The first one was the best one. – [Martyn] I’m finding it hard to look at. If you just try to get that one
down while we’re doing this. First Try Friday from Reece. Here he comes, nice big gap. It’s huge! – [Blake] Oh, it’s an actual big road gap. – [Martyn] It’s a proper road gap. – [Neil] Like it. – [Martyn] That’s smooth. – [Blake] If he lands,
can you do one of them? – [Martyn] I sort of feel like Reece’s First Try Friday–
– [Blake] Is way better. has got lost because it’s very good in what has just happened. But I feel if ever there was a moment you could do a (retching) to
Reece right now, it’s now. – What, you want to do the (retching)? – Well do you think maybe you should– (retching) (laughing) – Right, so after my
fail on the third attempt of them sucking things–
– Good effort though. It’s time for Fails and Bails. – Well let’s kick it off with a cracker. Actually it’s a nutcracker. This is mate Kevin trying
to clear this jump. Holy smokes. – [Martyn] Yeah, it crazy. – [Blake] Take a look at this. – I could watch this a million times. – [Blake] He’s off all ready. – [Neil] His feet, but he’s going for it. – [Martyn] Oh, flip it. He’s saves it, though. – [Neil] To be fair, that was not a crash. – Well he does right at the end. He does slide off, but
that could have been so bad. – [Neil] So bad it was good. – [Martyn] It was good. And I’ll tell you what, if
ever there was Fail or Bail that would get us in the
mood, that was it for me. So, let’s run VT. (light jazz music) – It’s the bangers and
I’m going to start us off with a cracking photo by Stu Thomson posted on Pete Scullion’s account. Just felt really wintry and
lovely, I liked it a lot. So I thought it’d get us in the mood. – [Neil] A good enough reason I suppose. – [Both] Yeah. – Well I’ve got one. Paul Serra, he’s an EWS rider, and he’s pretty steezy and rad. He’s a youngster on the Yeti team, so go check his account out. – Mine is not related to bikes at all, but you should definitely
follow him anyways, called jerryoftheday. I’m sure some of you follow
this account already, but I love it, it’s so funny. People sending on skis and snowboards. – [Martyn] Neil’s just had us in stitches for about 25 minutes
looking at that very one. What about some shout outs. Got a great one here,
Sam Reynolds, the quarry. Must watch, very very good. Any other shout outs from you guys? – [Blake] No, that’s it. – [Martyn] No, that’s all? – [Blake] I’m going with that one. – [Martyn] Probably should
check before I asked you. Time for the Bike Vault. This is my person favourite
video of the week. What do you guys think? – [Blake] I like Bike Vault. (grinding gears) – [Martyn] First bike coming up is Ben Caruthers in the Forest of Dean. There’s snow in the UK! – There’s mega snow at my house– – Nice high-tail, that. I’d give it a nice. – [Blake] That’s nice. – [Neil] I think it’s really nice but… – [Martyn] It’s nice, it’s nice. – [Neil] You need some fatter tyres. – [Martyn] Oh, look at that shot. Look at that shot. Brian Hooch. I’m not sure where it is but
it’s somewhere very nice. – Definitely super nice. So there’s sun flare on his handlebars– – He’s saying a definite super nice. – [Neil] The bike’s cool. Processing it, kind of process. – [Blake] Go on Neil, what do you think? – [Blake] Super nice. (horn honking) – [Martyn] Wow, well done. Okay, Cole Smith,
(Blake gasps) fatty out in the woods, bit of snow, got everything Blake likes. You probably even like
that tree, don’t you? – Yes. – What are you giving it? – [Neil] It’s really cool.
– That’s super nice, that. – Super nice.
(horn honking) Rocky mountain. – [Blake] Oh my goodness me. – [Neil] Is this a snow-themed Bike Vault? – [Martyn] We’re in a fat-bike heaven. Chad Kinsey in Wayfield Park, in Kent County, Michigan. – Super nice for me, guys. – Well, it’s two bikes,
that’s a downer for me, but they’re both super nice. (horn honking) – Go on, give it another one.
(horn honking) Two super nices. – [Blake] It’s actually a fat bike. – [Martyn] It’s another wintry shot. – What’s on the bars? Is that a light? – [Blake] That’s nice.
– [Martyn] That’s a strange, strange, light. I think that one’s super nice. For me, that’s super nice. – They’re not biggies, though. – [Martyn] Yeah, but
that’s why I like them. They’re bigger than plus, but not fat. – [Blake] Um, nice. – All right, it’s a nice. Sorry, Danny, I tried. Okay, Carl Barnes.
– [Blake] It is an epic photo. Look, he’s put the stick there– – [Neil] That’s a really cool picture. – The really yellow pops. That’s a super nice.
– I think there’s not much more you can do than that. That’s what we’re look for. Super nice.
(horn honking) It’s perfect.
– [Blake] Yes. – Latchey Leeds. – Australia. – [Blake] He’s gotten the clone gear, he’s got it in the full gear. – It’s nice for me.
– It’s nice for me. – Yeah, it’s nice. – [Martyn] Lewis Hedges.
– [Blake] Nice sunset, look at that. – Now we always got our Giants
wrong, what is that, Neil? – I can’t remember the Giants very well. – [Blake] That’s nice. – [Martyn] But it’s not, I
get them wrong every week. It’s Lewis Hedges, nice. Lucas Martin Kowski. – [Neil] Tumble tyres, hard tail. – [Blake] Yep, super nice, that. – [Neil] What is is, NS Bikes, is it? But I really think that’s really cool. – [Blake] That’s a super nice bike. (horn honking) – [All] Super nice. – [Martyn] Pete Albrecht. – [Blake] The terrain there, look at that. – [Martyn] What is that
US somewhere do you think? – That mountain. – I think it’s nice.
– That’s nice. – [Neil] I’m somewhere in the middle. – [Martyn] Somewhere in
the middle of the two. And we’re ending. We have Rob Buchaude, formerly of the Isle of Wight, Blake. – [Blake] That’s a super nice… There’s no snow on the Isle of Wight. – I mean, I think that is a super nice. – Super nice, yeah. (horn honking) Super nice. (gears grinding) – And we are out of the Bike Vault. Did you see what I did with
the Bike Vault this week? Did you see? – You put loads of fat-bikes in it. – Lots of fat-bikes and snow. Because it’s like
Christmassy time, isn’t it? Now have you got a bike? Yes, you’re watching the Dirt Shed Show. Do you love it? Yes, then send it to
us, we want to see it. We try and look at all of
the bikes in the Bike Vault. But send them in. You could get it in
there and then basically your bike’s worth about 250 pound more. That was a fabrication. That was a fabrication, but
you should send it in anyway, [email protected], and you
might get it in the Bike Vault. Thank you so much for watching
the Dirt Shed Show this week. We have had a ball actually this week. We maybe enjoyed it a bit too much, but I hope that didn’t confuse everybody. We was just having a nice time. Blake threw up once, that’s all right. It’s not too many times. That’s standard– – Better than three times. – Yes, which you could have done. But you didn’t do that, well done. Thanks for watching, we’re
going to see you next week. Before you go, let us tell you about what we’re looking forward to on the channel. I’m definitely looking to
the skills with clips video, that’s going to be good. What about you guys? – Sunday, coming out is a
video where I ride my old downhill bike from the year 2000. – [Martyn] Wow.
– [Blake] That’s a good one. – And it’s actually a
question I’ve wanted to know, because I think our modern
endurance bikes are so good, but are they better down a
hill than an old downhill bike. – [Martyn] Oh that’s interesting. – So I race the two against each other. It was quite scary because
there’s a big crack on my old downhill bike. – Wow, I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to seeing
that, that sounds good. – Well I’ve got one
coming on Wednesday, is what not to wear on the trail. Pretty interesting one. – Great stuff. Make sure you click
the globe to subscribe, and can we throw these guys anywhere? – Yeah, click down here
if you want to know how to film a rad edit of yourself. – I’ve some Christmas gifts for the mountain biker in your
life, click over there. – Yeah, and give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you next week.

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