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92 comments on “WATCH: Cyclist crashes into deer on Mt. Lemmon

  1. There's plenty of suicidal deer in Central Texas too They try that same trick on Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, but they don't run away from those encounters because they become 2 dimensional and motionless almost immediately afterwards.

  2. Deers are the stupidest beings on earth. In 99%, the roads are empty, but they wait for that 1% to jump to the road….

  3. Insane how the bike bounces off and doesnt seem to be broken afterwards (maybe it is anayways)

    Hope the rider is fine, he seems to have crashed pretty advantageously.

  4. I had the same thing happen, only at night. Head hit first. Helmet cracked. Brain more or less okay. Road rash. Plenty. Kept sticking to sheets at night. Another time it was a bear with two cubs. Black. Blended in with asphalt. Didn't see until last second. Very near miss. Mother bear would have been pissed if I had hit her or cubs. Stopped riding at night after that. A friend told me about two guys he knew who hit animals while riding motorcycles locally in the Sierra foothills. Both landed wrong. Paralyzed. Wheelchairs.

  5. If you freeze it at 0:17 – 0:18 you can see how the top tube and the down tube are both completely severed, broken in two. Carbon. Only the cables are preventing the two halves from totally going their separate ways.
    If the rider had landed differently, he could have had very serious injuries, injuries like a broken neck. I know of some guys who are permanently paralyzed after similar falls.

  6. sue me i be looking for a tribe lawyer and prove your the invasive outsider..and your destoring our culture we had here for 20,000,000 years

  7. P.s.that mount Lemmon sacred to us..HoHoKam and that Tue feral karma..I buried two hawk on the top in a sacred ceremony….so that mountain sacred to us .it the home to our brother bear. And his friend

    the mountian lion..that mountain sacred to us..

  8. You guys don't get it..a 20 year old native ran one over on. A mountain you a I evasive to their lifestyle of 20,000,000

  9. We live at the base you like flies on cow poop here at mount Lemmon highway..buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on cow poop

  10. Lol Deer got yah..should stay should of use that 125 mile of bike loop we tax payer paid for and get out of our way

  11. What so stupid about you guy tour of Tucson..never goes up mountian Lemmon why you training on a road way where it not the be lime me training on rolling skates on dry when I need to be on ice instead for( ice speed racing).just pointing out facts..of training..that why you can't win you not training on the 125 mile loop

  12. There HoHoKam lam dwelling all scattered around this island of forest where brother bear And loin lives..we lived around it for…20,000,000 year and married into great Ute and Hopi nation..that how big the tribe is .all the war to Alaska to South America..that the are on scarce land. You disrespect us in Tucson then you ride up. And down you get hit with the deernof the Yaqui that what so funny..I frommedicen people..they the dancer.hello

  13. Lol another thing why Your deer karma hit fail to understand it not about cyclists training..there a observatory on the top.r
    They can't go all the way up..the rest of climb is restricted ..must being car only if gate open..that where the two hawk are..outside the gate to observatory owned by university

  14. pull up the loop on your google i terruption complete loop without light bit there are rules..horses have right of way…people second..joggers..then skate board bike must give way..your 15 to 25..miles a hour miles a hoirs

  15. usally horses are using it to decend into the sandy river called a wash because it i active flow

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