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waterless motorcycle wash – shinykings premium waterless-  motorcycle wash –   technology

waterless motorcycle wash – shinykings premium waterless- motorcycle wash – technology

Is there any better feeling than rolling out
on the road on a bike — clean and shiny? Getting that showroom level shine with traditional
products takes time. And uses a lot of water too.
Wash&Shine66 is a waterless bike wash, formulated specifically to clean ALL surfaces of your
bike. It can be used anywhere and doesn’t need
a single drop of water. Achieve a spotless shine on the go, and keep
your bike clean at all times with Wash&Shine66 from Shinykings California Hi, let me show you how easy it is to keep
your bike shining like new with Wash&Shine66 from ShinyKings California.
Here’s all you need: A combined high fiber and short fibre microfiber cloth for removing
dirt and grime, and effective polishing, and wash and shine 66 waterless bike wash.
You won’t need any water or buffing tools at all. So you can do this anytime and anywhere
— On the road or at home. All you need, you can easily carry on your bike at all times.
So you simply start by spraying the product from top to bottom on the surface you need
to clean. Glass, Wheels, Leather, Chrome and even Painted Surfaces — Wash&Shine66 is
specially formulated to work on all surfaces of your bike, also on flat paint.
It doesn’t contain any corrosive substances, so don’t be afraid to use it all over.
Now you take the highfiber side of the cloth and remove all dirt, grime and excess product.
And for the last step, you use the short fiber cloth side to polish to a perfect, award wining
shine. As you can see you get results right away.
You don’t need any water, preparation, special technique or additional products.
It’s super easy to get a scratchfree spotless shine — now it takes just one product and
only a couple of minutes to Clean and Protect your bike from the weather and elements on
the road. Wash&Shine66 is an eco-friendly alternative
using a non-toxic and fully biodegradable formulation and saves hundreds of gallons
of water. As you don`t need any water and it contains
no ammonia, alcohol or harsh chemicals, you don’t have to worry about harmful wastewater
or toxic solutions harming your bike’s finish. Once you try Wash&Shine66, I guarantee that
you will get addicted to how much faster and more convenient it is to clean and detail
your bike, when you’re not tied to a water source.
That’s why we confidently offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Make sure your bike get`s the shine it deserves! New Wash&Shine 66, waterless bike wash with ultra shine order now:

6 comments on “waterless motorcycle wash – shinykings premium waterless- motorcycle wash – technology

  1. When i saw the ads on FB i though, o my god another shinearmor rip off product, but they proofed me wrong, this one is awesome. What i really like is that it is so fast and easy and it`s different when it`s sprayed on. It really crawls and loose the dirt. 5 stars!!

  2. It is the best motorcycle cleaner i tried so far. Had Klockwerks and Aero for years but Washandshine is much better as it really cleans deep.

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