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We Built A Hyper Bike – Just How Good Is It?

We Built A Hyper Bike – Just How Good Is It?

(electronic swoosh) – This bike is absolutely cutting edge. Released just this year,
it’s got disc brakes, electronic gears, it’s
super light, it’s super aero and yet it’s also still comfortable, thanks to the compliance
from its carbon fiber frame. I mean, it is absolutely a super bike. But how good is it really? I mean, I only ask the question, because this has been designed to be raced and therefore it has to comply by a really strict set of
rules that’s been laid down by cycling’s international governing body. Now, I haven’t done a
road race in six years, I suspect many of you have
never even been tempted. And yet, I can almost
guarantee that your bike will have been designed to at least allow you to take to the start line. So what would happen if
you ignored those rules? Threw off the shackles, you
know, got a little creative? (clicks fingers) Hah hah! Boom! (upbeat music) This rather funky little
number is a TriRig Omni. As the name suggests,
it is a triathlon bike, or more specifically, a
non-drafting triathlon bike. And as such, it’s been designed to be used with aero handlebars up front. But it does, as you can
see, have the versatility to allow it to fit drop
handlebars if you wished. Now I suspect that no-one has ever wished to before, but here you go. (upbeat music) Now first things first, other than the love it
or leave it aesthetics, this bike has been designed
purely around aerodynamics, ’cause seemingly the one
rule that Iron Men and Women are governed by with their bikes, is to balance straight line speed against crosswind stability. So in this case, what
they’ve done firstly, is to make the bike insanely narrow. The theory being that you’ll then keep that frontal area as low as possible. The second thing, is to remove
as many edges as possible, between the front and
the back of the bike. So in this case therefore, you can see I have no down tube and I also
have no seat stays either. That does mean that I’ve lost where I would normally
put my water bottle, so instead I’d have to
tuck it behind my seat. But what I get instead (knocks bike) from that giant carbon fiber beam is an integrated top tube bag. Yes, Iron Men and Women
love a storage solution, even more than Ikea do. And so right here, built
into the carbon fiber, is a little storage compartment. So what kind of things
can you put in there then? Well, I have quickly learnt,
anything long and thin. So in this case, I’ve got
a Ginsters sausage roll and also several wriggly worms, which have the added benefit of being able to be eaten almost entirely hands-free. (light music) I tell you what though, I
have got a really dry mouth. So what do our good friends at the UCI have to say about this then? There we go, right. Preamble, their words, not mine. Bicycles shall comply with the spirit and principle of cycling as a sport. The spirit presupposes
that cyclists will compete in competitions on an equal footing. The principle asserts the
primacy of man over machine. Principles definition, 1.3.007, the bicycle is a vehicle with. 1.3.010, the bicycle
shall be propelled solely through a chain set, by the legs, in theory a muscular
chain, moving in a circle. [Man] Excuse me, excuse
me sir, hello, hello? – Fairings, what? Sorry, sorry. Basically the tubes of a road bike need to fit within this outline. As you can see on the Trek Madone, some of them are a squeeze, but unsurprisingly,
they all fit perfectly. When we swapped to our TriRig Omni, ah, well not so much. And we haven’t even mentioned the fairings that makes the brakes more aero, they contravene rule 1.3.024, but I’ll spare you the
details of that one. Now, I suspect there are two
burning questions remaining. Firstly, does ripping up the rule book actually make a bike better? Well, shall we see? Now, it’s perhaps not fair
to compare them too closely, given that I’m not
remotely using this bike for its intended purpose, which is of course
time-trials within triathlons. And so it’s perhaps for that reason that the bike’s not particularly light, it comes in at about nine kilos. Which is kind of ironic I suppose, given that the UCI also have
their minimum weight rule and this doesn’t remotely trouble it. And of course because this is designed primarily for steady-state effort, it doesn’t have to be particularly stiff. And that’s part of the reason why they’ve managed to get it
quite as narrow as they have, given that most top-end,
modern, carbon road bikes are typically built with quite wide tubes, with more material placed at the edges, where it’s better placed to
brace against torsion or stress. But then it doesn’t really
matter in time-trials, indeed there’s a growing band of advocates for flexier frames for
just this kind of purpose. But it’s when you take
it out on the open road, where you might wanna
lay down a bit of power to go over a steep climb,
or throw in a little sprint, that you might actually want something a little bit on the stiffer side. You’ve gotta say, on fast roads, this thing in insanely quick and it feels pretty damn special. (dramatic music) Ooh, baby oil’s slippery stuff. So in this case then, it’s clear that our hyper bike is designed specifically to excel in one area, possibly two. And like most things that are designed to excel in one area, possibly two, you’re gonna have to make
compromises in others. A bit like a Formula 1 car I guess, which is amazing at
driving around a track, but you could imagine
would probably come unstuck if you were driving around
a multi-story car park. But what’s become clear from riding this bike
and that Trek Madone, is that although professional road racing is the pinnacle of cycle
sport, just like Formula 1, you can’t actually draw a
parallel between the two. Because an aero road bike is way, way, more versatile than a Formula 1 car, it’s more versatile that
a Bugatti Veyron in fact. I mean, it’s stiff, it’s light, it’s fast and it’s comfortable as well. The only thing missing really
is massive tire clearance so you could take it off road. But I think the fact is the
market for aero gravel bikes is relatively niche
and the one we know of, the 3T Exploro actually
doesn’t break any UCI rules. So the question then, is that actually could you build an all-rounder better by throwing off the
shackles of those UCI rules? I mean, certainly you can
make a super bike lighter, in order to make it into a hyper bike, you can go way lighter than 6.8 kilos, which is the current limit,
if you have the cash. But the fact is, that
super lightweight bike will not be aerodynamic, because in order to make
aerodynamic tube shapes, you have to add more material. So does that mean then, that the UCI rules are not stopping super bikes
from becoming hyper bikes? Well, we put that question
to a couple of our mates. Firstly, Director of Engineering
at Cervelo, Graham Shrive and also the Head of Education
at The Bicycle Academy, Tom Sturdy and both of them independently said that actually the 100 year old, double triangle frame design
ends up being pretty darn good. Now there are still some UCI rules that restrict the aerodynamics. So for example that 3:1 ratio, which controls the
width of the tube shape, compared to the depth of the tube shape, still exists on components like your handlebars and your seat posts. So I guess the answer to that question is both yes and also no, at least with the materials
that we have at the moment. Who knows, with graphene infused
resin in our carbon fiber or with the rise of metallic foam, maybe we will be able
to have the holy trinity of super aero, super light
and also super comfortable. Until that point though, I
guess we’re just gonna have to make do with having hyper bikes that are dedicated to
excelling in one specific area. A little bit like hyper cars then, the problem being that you’re
gonna need more than one.

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  4. Hyper Bike? What kind of BS is that? We have Low, middle, high end, and Super Bike classes now. Guess in 20 years we will have 65 classes of bikes because we need to have our bike feel special. BTW… "Hyper Bike", as you want to call this thing, I wouldn't image using crap Vision wheels that sucked ass in the wind tunnel and field testing..what were they? 7th place? HED beat them at half the price…anyway…good luck with your "Hyper Bike" and I cant wait for Quintana Roo to come out with a class up with their new "Mountain Dew and a bag of Chips" class bike….Cheers!

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    Does it make you ride fast enough that I'm not gonna get pissed off sat behind you in my van, and do a legally questionable overtake.

    And is it narrow enough that I can still overtake you and your lycra licking mates who ride side by side in the middle of the road?

    If it can't do either then this bike is still going to be just as shit as the rest of them.

  10. If you dont want to follow the rules of UCI why follow the ITU rules? If you want to go as fast as you can on pedalpower why not compare to a M5 CarbonHighracer or a Cruzbike Vendetta v20? The triathlon bike even got fairings and if you dont hold back from that why not get a velomobile? And if you want to ask a bikedesigner about what limits the rules puts on bike design ask a good one who actually have been breaking those rules for most of his life, like Bram Moens (designer of the 2 spoke wheel among other things).

  11. Or…No hyperbikes and no Superbikes…produced for profit and less of a workout. If they break UCI rules, they would be decently faster. They have proven that already. As a one time use bike, with millions upon millions backing you, you don't need a comfortable or durable bike. Every day is what you want to ride. Mostly it's about money followed by feel, looks and where/when/how you ride. 30 seconds faster over 30kms = Whooooopie. This show has always been based on ex Tour cyclists and integration with Tour athletes. It isn't for the every day cyclist or 99.9% of cyclists. You'd run out of ideas after 1 week if it was. How do you not have a time comparison here? Rhetorical

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    The stiffness or rigidity of the over sized carbon frame on both also look pretty unforgiving, but definitely aesthetically yum.
    Trek from memory had in an earlier model with built in elastomers in their fork offering shock absorption…. cyclocross model?
    Useful anywhere… my opinion.
    Throw in a seat that suits, lighter alloy wheels (min. 28 hole) and you should have an amazing road bike based on either bike.

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