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We have a new kit and you can win it! | Ollie Weekly #25 | Cycling Weekly

Hello and welcome to this week’s vlog! So
today is an exciting day because I’ve just had two big boxes arrived on my
desk at Cycling Weekly mega base HQ. And they contain our new custom kit which I
can announce, is being made in association with Le Col,
so I’m really excited about that. So I’m going to crack open the boxes, check out
what’s in there and and take a look at it and then try it out. And stay tuned to the end of the vlog because this week’s
prize is going to be a chance to win shorts and the jersey of the new kit.
I’ve just realised if I sit here like this and go that way, I can make it look
like the little helmet is on top of my head… Right, so let’s open the boxes… So this is our new kit by Le Col. it’s
a bit of a departure from the previous kit, the top now features this navy blue
and the normal Cycling Weekly red and a slightly darker red as well. So I’ve got
the matching shorts as well, which say Le Col and then have the Cycling Weekly logo
on there and I’ve got some leg warmers on. This jacket I’ve got on is the
Le Col Aqua Zero jacket, so it’s kind of a long-sleeve jersey with a water
repellent coating on it. Short sleeve jersey, I need a bit of a tan, look
how white my arms are. You see the sleeves here, they’re really cool because
they’ve got this aerodynamic fabric on the sleeves like that. So this
is the same spec jersey that’s gonna be worn by the Wiggins team as well. I’ve got
loads of socks, white ones and black ones depending on whether it’s raining. Never
have enough socks. Some toe covers, some shoe covers as well, some Le Col
gloves, arm warmers and leg warmers. They also sent through their insulated
thermal gilet. They haven’t done this branded as Cycling Weekly, it’s just the
standard black one. I kind of like that because it can is it’s kind of a bit pro.
When you see the weather turns bad in races and all the riders start putting on
the black jackets over their trade kit and they get in trouble and they
get fined by the race organisers. Hey! What do you think of the new kit? Looks really
good. Do you like it? Yeah! I’ve got a set for you upstairs. Have you? Yeah. Well we’re
gonna look so professional. So what does it remind you of?
So what, which… Which pro team? Oh yeah. Probably Bahrain Merida. I think it’s
pretty, yeah, I think it’s pretty Bahrain. We’ve taken some stylistic cues. I’m
gonna have to get that Merida Reacto out from the last aero test. You need
one of the Rudy gold helmets. Oh… We have one of them in, talk to Sy. You can do your best Nibali impression. And then I’ll win Milan-San Remo. Yeah. It’s all gonna come together. Can’t wait… First ride out in the new kit and first
impressions are really good, I really like it.
Fit’s good and there’s a thing when you’re wearing new kit and
you’re representing in your team colours or your club colours, just kinda nice. I’ve
reviewed a couple of Le Col items in the past like the HC Jacket which won our
Editor’s Choice Award and you know that’s just a really great item, it just sort of
ticks all the boxes for me, and what I want from a good all-round jacket. I
mean proofs in the pudding really you’ve probably seen me wearing it you may have
noticed me wearing it in quite a few videos and stuff and that’s not because
we were sponsored by Le Col that’s just because – at the time we weren’t – I just wore
it because I really liked that bit of kit and rated it so, It’ll be exciting to
try out more of their products and then get given them to wear really, so yeah,
pretty cool. Something else I need to tell you about is to also celebrate the
launch of our new kit we’re going to be doing a ride out in which anyone’s
invited. So it’s going to be myself and some of the other guys and girls from
the Cycling Weekly team and also Yanto Barker, the founder of Le Col, who is ex-professional and former GB rider. He’s going to come down and ride at this as
well. And details are yet to be finalised as to when and where it’s going to be
but rest assured it’s going to involve a banging cake stop. I’ll let you know the
details as and when, but I’m also gonna vlog it so, yeah, it’s the opportunity to
be in one of the vlogs if you want to come down as well so that’s pretty cool
I think I look forward to it. So to be in a chance to win the
Cycling Weekly Le Col kit then all you have to do is comment below and I want
to hear what your favourite jersey is of all time. What do you think is the best
jersey that has ever been? So there’s been loads of classic designs over the
years from the classic Molteni jerseys that Eddy Merckx used to wear, the
Banesto team jerseys, the Mapei jerseys, the Peugeot jerseys,
Raphael jerseys as worn by Tom Simpson. I mean there’s just too many to
name but of all these designs and things that have happened over the years, even
modern ones count as well. What do you think is the best design there’s been and
why? Simply comment with that and be in with a chance to win. But if you don’t win
the competition then fear not because, and this I think it’s pretty exciting,
you’re gonna be able to buy this kit on Le Col’s website. People
have often asked: ‘Where can I get the Cycling Weekly kit?’ and we haven’t had it for sale before, but now we’re gonna sell it so if you want it you can
buy it and it should be probably next to where they’re selling the Wiggins kit on
Le Col’s website, but don’t buy that. Why would you want to get? I that mean get
Cycling Weekly kit. If any of you do buy it, by all means, you know, take
pictures of yourself and let us see those. Send them in or post them on
Instagram. So aside from the announcement of our new kit, it’s a pretty short vlog
this week because I’m actually going on holiday, I’m gonna go skiing so if you’re
out in Val Thorens and you see me I’ll probably be on like the nursery slopes
falling over, I’m not very good skier. And then after so I’ve got to go
pack and do that and then the week after though I’m back riding and I’m going to
Spain with Yanto Barker from Le Col so we’re gonna go make some videos out
in Spain with a company called Velo Hols which would be really exciting I’m
looking for that’d be nice to get some sun I definitely, definitely need a tan,
I’m so pasty right now. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t announced the
winner of last week’s competition it’s because Paris-Roubaix hasn’t happened yet so
I can’t announce the winner until Paris-Roubaix happens. Feel free to go back and
watch the video and comment on who you think might win because a lot of people
have done the obvious choices but in the last 10 years,
you know, Vansummeren won and Mat Hayman. Both were massive
surprises, sort of two hundred to one odds so yeah there’s still chance for
you to win that competition if you comment with someone who’s a bit
left-field. So right, I’ll see you later. We’re gonna
do some skiing now – bit of a white-out, but still good..

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