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We Should All Ride Hardtails | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 140

– Oof. (choir singing) Aa-aa-aah! Hans Rey is a god, man. – While lucky old Blake and Neil are out in the woods riding bikes, me and Doddy are here in the shed, getting ready to do a show, Doddy, what are we going to talk about this week? – Martyn, this week we’re
going to be talking about the sorts of bikes you all
began riding with, the hardtail. – The hardtail.
– Oh, yeah. – Oh, it’s going to be amazing, eh, Doddy. (Doddy grunting in pain) It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (energetic rock music) So, we’re talking about
hardtails, we’ve got onto that this week because a
big friend of the show, and maybe the legend of
mountain biking, Hans Rey, is in the UK at the moment
doing a speaking tour, which we’re desperately trying
to go, you’ve got a ticket. – I have, on the 22nd I’m going. – And it got us talking
about those old bikes that we used to watch in the ’90s, Hans Rey videos–
– Ah, man, the classic video. – That’s what got us into
it, that’s what, guys, it’s different these
days, but do you remember those bikes, they were shockin’. – I don’t think the bikes were that bad, but the brakes didn’t work, at all. – Clearly, clearly from that clip, yeah. But these days, they’re better,
and we love ’em, don’t we? I love a hardtail, I
think you get an awful lot from it that you just can’t
get from another bike. – Do you know what, as
much as the suspension, and I’m a massive advocate
for advanced bike technology, but you can’t beat a hardtail sometimes, there’s something really
pure about riding them. – Yeah, and do you know what
I really love about them, when you’re out on the
trail on a hardtail, the feedback you get, really clean. – Yeah. – You like, yeah, you
know what you’re getting, all the time, your body’s
doing all of the stuff that it needs to do, and
you’re learning techniques that you maybe don’t know you’ve
learned on a full-size bike, ’cause them bikes do do
an awful lot for you. – They’re quite forgiving from
a suspension point, so yeah. – ‘Cause you were saying about grip earlier on, you said grip is a big part– – I think if you want to learn
proper traction on a bike, ride a hardtail, that teaches you everything about how
you don’t have traction, and how to get it on a
full-suspension bike. – Something I also love, simple lines. A hardtail can be beautiful, you know, just because it’s just like, you know, it’s the bike you draw when you’re a kid. It’s actually, I could never draw a full-size bike if I tried. (laughing) So why do we love hardtails so much, I mean, for me, I just think they’re the purest form of mountain bike, and it’s where it all started for me. What about you, Doddy,
what’s the one thing? – I think they keep things
exciting the whole time, you know, it’s borderline,
you’re kind of out of control, you’ve got to tame them to ride them, they’re very simplistic, of course, great winter bikes and
do-it-all bikes ’cause there’s barely anything
to go wrong with them. It’s down to you to make them ride well. – Yeah, in fact, Josh,
why do you like hardtails? – [Josh] They’re easy to clean. – They’re easy to clean.
– Easy to clean as well. – Really, youngsters,
oh my God, it’s crazy. – I’ll bet your hardtail’s
not clean now, is it? – No, he don’t clean his bike. – That isn’t answerin’ no one. (laughs) – Right, let’s do a poll
this week on hardtails, first option is, I’ve never
ridden one, but I’m going to, I’m gonna have to give it a go, second option is, I hate hardtails. (Doddy laughing)
That’s controversial. Third option is, I learn
everything on a hardtail, it’s where it all began for me, and the fourth option is gonna be, I like it hard, front and back. – Ooh, you sound so–
– Oh, saucy, saucy. That’s your poll this week, make sure you get involved with the comments down below, tell us why you love hardtails, why you don’t love hardtails, you know, give some stick, I don’t mind. – Do you still ride a hardtail? – Yeah, I mean, you still real? – Okay, so, poll from last
week was all about Freak Week, and which was your
favourite video of the week. And, well, looks like Blake’s appeared in two of these, so it was
Blake’s crazy tricks, a weird ride feature
that we all featured in, especially you, trying
to get us back in there. – (laughing) Yeah. – And, of course, your freakiest bikes. – Freakiest bikes, yeah.
– Which I’ve really liked. – Not much action in that
one, it was all about– – I wanted to do that one with you, but you wouldn’t have it. – No, well, you’d have
got too geeky into it! We only got so long to do a video. – What are you trying to say? – You, you love them bikes,
you do love them bikes. So, yes, between weirdest rides– – [Doddy] 47% for Blake’s Crazy
Tricks, so he leads the way. – [Martyn] Whoa, I didn’t
think that it would be weirdest rides, but I’m pleased, ’cause I love the crazy tricks one. – And it was really good,
especially ET, he was my favourite. – Yeah, he did that well.
– It was really good. – He practised that one. – I know, and the guy in the red hoodie looked quite good as well. – Yeah, we also had a really
great topic last week, which you really got involved with, really appreciate that,
we’ve got great comments, and we got some brilliant emails, we had first one here
from Richard Woodward, said, love the channel and seeing this week’s Try Something New idea, why not combine an e-bike with a fat bike, he did, check it out, he liked it so much, went and bought one the next day. – [Doddy] Do you know what, I quite like the idea for an e-fat bike, that sounds like a lot of fun. – That one looks good, yeah, yeah, so good job, Richard,
that is getting involved. – Yeah, George Wood said,
so my Try Something New is, I’ve started taking my year-old Labrador, Oswald, good name, out
with me on the trails. We’re doing six miles singletrack XC first thing on a Saturday morning, there’s something amazing
about having a dog riding alongside you while you’re
hacking through the forest. – Oh, brilliant.
– Truly man’s best friend. – Trail dogs, excellent.
– Yeah, well into that. I will have a trail dog one day. – I’m kind of proud of
the Try Something New, just for those two emails,
that is great stuff. Right, now, Mr. Boring’s
in the wood on his bike, so we get to news and make it exciting. – (laughs) Can’t believe
you just said that. – Oh, I know, and we’ll be in big trouble. Yep, the news this week, basically, Remy Metailler is back, what a ride! He went out to Mexico, to the Taxco Urban Downhill event and
absolutely smashed it, he had it merde, that last
year, broke his back– – [Doddy] Doing a flip, innit? – [Martyn] Yeah, more of a turn, eh, and of course, this is off the back of, no pun intended, him not
being able to go to Rampage. – [Doddy] Yeah, so he hit this race with a vengeance, didn’t he. – [Martyn] Yeah, he did, he obviously got rid of a bit of
aggression for that mess-up. – [Doddy] But his bike had
been set up for a long time. – [Martyn] Yeah, well
he’s, he’s gone back there, and he’s absolutely,
this event looks nuts. – [Doddy] It does, yeah, it’s crazy. – [Martyn] I mean, look how fast they’re going down
those hills, it’s crazy! – Right, so, I don’t know if you saw it, but there’s a really cool preview video with Pilgrim and Brandon and Adolf riding down there, and you see them trying to slow down through the turns, and they’re literally skipping on top of the tarmac and stuff– – [Martyn] I think I found the event I want to ride next
year, I wanna go there. – [Doddy] You wanna go do Taxco? – [Martyn] That looks
nuts, that looks the nuts. – [Doddy] You’re more
insane than you sound– – [Martyn] So, you think
I could get down there, I could try, but it’s great,
it’s a great result for Remy, Sam Pilgrim looked like he had
a good time there, as well. – Yeah, guaranteed. – Great event, it’s
something, God, I want to do, do you fancy a bit of urban street riding? – Alright, yeah, I do actually. – I reckon your style would suit that. – I quite like that sort of stuff. – Yeah, you like ramming into a curb here and there, that’s the thing, innit, ping-pong off the curbs,
that’s the way to do it. – So, doin’ a few skids?
– Yeah. – Be a good laugh, wouldn’t it. – Right, now let’s get into the comments on the Dirt Shed Show last week, ’cause you guys really got involved, and we really appreciate that,
it’s great to hear from you, first one is from Patrick Flood, “One day, will we get
a live Dirt Shed Show?” – Yes, you will. – Yes! – We’ve been aiming to do this
for quite a while, actually. – Yes, it’s comin’, it’s comin’– – I got all the kit, but,
too busy launching GCN, and all the other channels, but– – Yeah, it’s chaos.
– It’s comin’. – Right, Steven Chabot says, “Bizet had a bad line with good tricks, “tricks don’t make a rampage run.” Ooh, controversial.
– Ooh! – Am I saying Bizet’s name wrong? Bizz-it, biz-ay, how would you say it? – Biz-ay. Yeah. – That’s what I thought,
eh, makes it sound French. – Tricks don’t make a
rampage run, true, but– – Yeah, I mean, I do,
he’s got a point there, I guess that’s the Cedric Gracia angle, it’s not all about the tricks– – Ced did a big trick, to me. – I think he’s A-1 myself,
that’s what I think. – They’re all doing tricks, to be fair. – Anyway, movin’ on, next one, let’s get away from that,
it’s too controversial. – I want to see you guys play a game of road B.I.K.E. to compare
with Martyn’s skills. – (laughs) Oh, man.
– Well if Blake, if Blake owes me a road bike,
he’s going to destroy it, when Neil rides road
bikes, he goes a bit quick. – Now, I think there’s a
great video there, you guys would do, you’d toast him–
– It’d be awful. – With your trial skills, you’d toast him. – Not a chance, it’d be awful. – Right, and that’s it.
– We’re doin’ it. – Dirt bike, road bike pie. – Check in our friends over at GCN would lend us a bike for the day. – They must have a couple we could borrow. Must have, must have.
– Would be, that one. – Bruce Williams says, “every week, I want to enter
my photo for the bike vault, “but I can never find the
email link to send it to you. “How do I get a photo to your show?” Are you kidding, it’s just there! It’s literally just there, every time I– – You’ve gotta make your
email stand out, though, because we get a lot of them every day. – [email protected], it’s really simple. – Send it in, and put it in
the subject line, bike vault. – Marcus Merry, is
this, ah, this is funny, Marcus Merry is basically saying, to everyone else in the comments, is this their weekly job? (laughs) – Yeah. (laughs)
– Yeah! (laughs) He’s watched our show
and been like, really? (laughs) Is that what you do? – It’s pretty good, isn’t it. – Progression sessions,
I feel like we’re doing Neil and Blake’s job a lot this week. – We are, actually, I think Blake’s going to be missing out on this. – Yes, he is, because there’s
a really good one today. First one is from Rene,
it’s of his nine-year-old, seven-year-old son, Luca
Patterson, learning to jump, you’re gonna like this,
Doddy, this takes me back, this really does, bit
of slow-mo at the start. – [Doddy] Kind of looks
like one of our local spots. – [Martyn] That’s a great little bike, what’s that, Kona Stinky, isn’t it? – [Doddy] Something like that, yeah, ooh. – [Martyn] Not quite far enough. – [Doddy] Hey, good shape there. – [Martyn] Yeah, bit more
speed, here he comes, go, go. – [Doddy] We’re up, oh, nearly. – [Martyn] Still caught the case, though– – [Doddy] That’s alright,
front wheel over. – [Martyn] Just move it on, come on. Go on, Luca, yes–
– [Doddy] Nice! Good work. – He was pumped at the end. – You know, practise makes
perfect, just goes to show. – Great, great bit of progression then, next one, got another one, is from John Playford, and he says, hey legends. (both laughing) – Think he was talking to you, not me. – Right, and here he is
riding his Trek Fuel, trying to learn some old-school
tricks, this is great. – [Doddy] Ooh, bit street, that’s good. – [Martyn] And he really will not give up, look at this, he’s not
making it easy for himself, trying to gap jump on a full-size bike. He’s got everything he needs, though, the beard, the shin pads. – [Doddy] Alright, not far off. – [Martyn] He’s coming back to his old-school trial skills– – [Doddy] Oh, if he’s got
back to go on there… – [Martyn] Dusting ’em off, getting them out of the cupboard, where are they? Come in, here we go, here
we go, yes, yes, yes! – Hey, that was pretty good. – That is it, you know
what, though, right, I feel like on that one, I feel like I could be a little bit harsh, which is– – Would you not have just done
a wheelie hop over that gap? – I would have wheelie
hopped it, left right. Or, if I was John, right,
I wouldn’t have been happy with that last one,
because the first few hops were a bit chaotic, I woulda liked to– – It was cleaner, the one
before, you’re right, yeah. – The first one was cleaner,
that’s just me being a trials purist, I can’t help
it, it just comes out of me, but good job, great progression. Doddy, I’ve only got one question for you, have we got a First Try Friday? – Oh, we have, and Blake’s gonna be gutted he’s gonna miss this one, so, Ryan Mailer, right, so, ten-year-old on
his own First Try Friday, he’s a massive fan of
the show, and it would mean the world to see him
do the First Try Friday. – Ah, I think I’ve seen
this, it’s really good. – I haven’t even seen it myself. – I think this is great, good intro. – My name is Isaac Mailer,
I live in Australia, and this is my First Try Friday. – [Martyn] Yes, here we go. Wahoo! – [Doddy] (laughing) That’s so good. (Martyn imitates engine noise) Listen, what I thought he was going to do, he was pointing at another jump– – I thought he was going to
do the berm or something. Well, that was great, Ryan, sorry, Isaac, that is a great First Try Friday. – Well into that. – You need to get a badge, Doddy, go on. (exaggerated blowing) – Ooh, that was fun, then,
you’re sort of like Spiderman. – Oh, was I? No, Spiderman would do that. (imitates Spiderman shooting a web) – Ah, yeah, you’re right,
that was different. Right, let’s get into tech of the week, where Doddy was doing something not here. – Yeah, upstairs. Okay, so for Tech of the Week, I want to talk to you about
my brand-new hardtail, this is the Nukeproof Scout 290 Race. And, unlike Blake and Neil,
I’ve decided to opt for a hardtail for my winter bike this year, because I actually really
like riding a hardtail, ’cause they really do connect you with the terrain a bit more,
and a bit easier to look after, and they’re gonna give
me a whole bunch more exciting videos to make over the winter. As you can see, it’s a
pretty extreme hardtail, it’s really, really long
front centre on this, 65-degree head angle, with
a 130-mil fork, and out back is boost, so you’ve got
a lot more tyre clearance down here by the bottom bracket, and it’s a one-by specific setup. Really looking forward
to riding this bike, and if there’s anything in particular you want to see us do with hardtails, let us know in the comments below. – Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges. – [Together] Hacks and
bodges, hacks and bodges. ♫ Hacks and bodges, hacks
and bodges, hacks and bodges! – That was like a techno version. – That’s enough of that, now. – It was like a techno
version, I really enjoyed it. Got to turn this off,
’cause it’s dangerous. There we are, right, hacks
and bodges this week, we are going to start with Chris Richard, who has got this one, this has
got a bit of a story to it. He’s had to wire his cassette
onto his spokes to get it off, because the thing was absolutely
jammed on there, right? He snapped a chain width, trying to do it, just could not get this thing off. Eventually, wiring the
cassette to the spokes held it still, and he
got it loose by using an absolutely massive
extension on his spanner. (Doddy laughs) They were so chuffed at the
end, guess what they did? Hacks and bodges–
(Doddy mumbles) Let’s start singing it, you’re
supposed to go with me there. Left me hanging.
– Not this time, sorry. – Josh, hacks–
– We’ve had enough now. – Okay, fine, right, that’s
all I’ve got. Good one. – That was good, it’s not
as good as this one, though. Sorry, that’s a bodge, check this one out. Steve Keeley has built a workstand, but he’s got it hanging from
the roof of his workshop. – Ah, clean! – So that is real tidy. – Yeah, that is well done,
move around the bike, ahh. – No clutter, I mean, I’d have a bit of a problem with walking into that, myself. – Yeah, yeah, you would, but
it’s a really clever solution, I like that a lot, it’s very neat. – Have you noticed there, what happens if you turn the fan on? (both laughing) Does the fan work? – Does the fan work, if
the fan still works, hack. – If not, it’s a really bad bodge. – It’s a huge bodge. (both laughing) Good hacks and bodges this week, keep ’em coming, there’s
the email just there, it’s always there, there it is. – Okay, set off a caption contest, it was a crazy show of Bizet last week. – Yeah, looking angry,
laughing, not sure, confused. – Wacky, whatever, yeah, so straight in, Patrick Sheard, “Did you see my run? “No, sorry, I was too Bizet.” (Martyn laughs) That’s pretty good, yeah. Into that. – That is a strong contender for the win, right, next one here is from
Biking The East, contest, “I won, right?” – Ooh, hashtag Bizet was robbed. – You’d think, you’d
think, okay, what’s next? – Warrior Skull, “You really think People’s
Choice Award is good enough?” – Yeah, no, he wouldn’t
have been acting that way. – That doesn’t mean anything, does it. – It’s such a consolation prize, crazy. And Riley Howard, to finish up, says, “When you step on LEGO.” (both laughing) – Ah, everyone’s done that,
that is the worst thing. – I think the winner’s that
first one, the first one from– – It’s good, but the LEGO one’s pretty good as well, you know? – But I think Patrick Sheard. – Well been, been way too Bizet. – I’m very too Bizet.
– Yeah, that was good, you can have that one, definitely. – We’re going to send you a GMBN bottle, haven’t got one right here right now, but we will send one in the
post to you, you’re our winner. Right, this week’s photo is this, do your best in the
comment section down below and see if you can win yourself
a GMBN bottle, good luck. Now, before we start viewer edits, I want to say a special
thank you to Norbert, who sent us this postcard,
which I absolutely love. I mean, it’s not often these
days you receive postcards. – No, who writes something these days? – And beautiful writing,
really nice message to all the team here at GMBN,
really appreciated that, if anyone else wants
to send us a postcard– – Nice bike in the shot as well. – Yeah, I’d be more than chuffed, actually, yeah it is a really great bike, it’s a Bold Linkin Trail Classic 29er. – That’s that one’s got a
hidden shock inside the frame. – Very cool, but Norbert, thank you very much, it’s going up in the shed. – If you want to send in a postcard, please do, love to see ’em, yes. – Right, time for viewer
edits, now I’m gonna break your heart with this first
one, it’s absolutely awesome. This is, now, I’ve got to
get these names right, now, Ma-see-edge has sent in a
video of his son riding, I think his son is called
cash-toe, I’m not sure. Not sure on the names, it’s vague– – [Doddy] All I can see is a little– – [Martyn] But, this little kid is great, in fact, I’m sure I’ve
said their names wrong, I really apologise,
but I’m trying my best, but look, he’s just got
a little push-along, really fast, he loves going fast, love how he’s just
dragging his legs there– – [Doddy] He’s going really quick! – [Martyn] Let’s just do it! So good. – [Doddy] Push-along bikes
is the coolest invention. – [Martyn] Ah, they’re amazing. – [Doddy] They changed
everything for kids, didn’t they. – [Martyn] Well, I mean,
look, getting logs set up, trying something new,
off he goes, love it. – [Doddy] Has it got a
real suspension on it? – [Marvyn] I thought it had, but I don’t know if it has or not. – [Doddy] It looks like it has. – [Marvyn] It’s a great little bike, and he’s having a great time with it. – [Doddy] Amazing. – [Marvyn] But I love this
little shot right at the end, just comes walking on, he’s
been having a great day. Oi, mate.
– Hey, dude. (both laughing) – That was a great video,
it’s an unconventional viewer edit, but I really enjoyed it, it’ll probably get 1.8 million views now. – Hereabouts, yeah. (Martyn whispering) – Right, next up is– – It’s what I think it is, isn’t it. – Just stop this rally crash
video playing on my computer, I don’t know why that’s on there. Right, next up, it is, no! – Fails and Bails, isn’t it? – No, it’s not already. – It is. – Next up, it is Fails and Bails, and we are going to get in the mood with this one, Doddy, (laughs) it’s pretty funny, check this out. Nice rocky drop, sand all, how’s he do, getting a bit out of shape, oh no. – [Doddy] Out the front door. – [Marvyn] Now, he’s gone, he’s goin’ over the bars at the wrong place there. – [Doddy] Oh, he’s covering his
balls really slowly, is all. – [Marvyn] And he’s going a long way. – [Doddy] Oh dear.
– [Marvyn] Long way. Still goin’, oh no, we’ve all been there, when you get tied up in the bike and your legs are through the frame– – [Doddy] Long crashes,
they suck, don’t they. – [Marvyn] And he tries his best to walk it off, and falls
over. (both laughing) Yeah, it’s not a great crash, but it is, it’s got me in that light and breezy mood, I’m probably gonna need to
be in to see this load– – Come on, come, we’re waiting for it– – [Together] Run VT. (cheerful jazzy music) – So I’m going to throw
it out to Jasper Penton, so, he’s a Wind Hill Bike Park local, and he’s an absolute
ripper, so you’ve got to check this clip out, these
real cool things he does, cheeky transfer from table to table with a tree in the middle there. – [Marvyn] Oh yeah, big old gap! – [Doddy] That’s real nice, yeah, and he does this real cool sort of nose bump scrub thing,
so cool, that’s a ripper. – Serious style, serious style, nice one. I’ve also got a great shout out this week, so a brilliant video by Tom Cardy, who is a great dirt jump rider, and he’s done kind of a, it’s a bit early, but he’s got his year review video out, I love this time of year, everybody starts bringing out,
like, hey, 2017 was great, I think he’s got the first one out, really great review, I tell you what, it does show the level of Tom’s riding, it’s absolutely brilliant,
definitely worth a watch and there’s some street tricks in there that you’ll be watching twice, thinking, what did he just do there? One way that you can get involved and support the channel is
take a look at our shop, and we have got some
great stuff, just gone in, we’ve got some new hats, you may have noticed this one on my very head. – And here as well. – The bobble’s detachable.
– Detachable bobble. – Just mental.
– Revolutionary. – It’s crazy, it’s crazy,
and then there’s these two more, sort of more standard beanies, very nice, I like that one a lot. – We’ve also got a short
sleeve jerseys now as well, which me and Blake have
been wearing this year, and in the red as well, obviously the long sleeve that Martyn’s wearing there. – Yeah, I’ve just ordered
the red one of those, and we’ve got these
exposure joystick lights with GMBN light branding on them. – That is super cool. – There’s not many of these that you can trust.
– I’ve got my eye on that one. – Yeah, and they’re bright. – Told you I had my eye on it. – Oh, did it to myself! It’s time for the Bike Vault
with Doddy and his horn, give us a blast, how’s it going to sound if you get super–
(loud honking) – Ooh, we’re going all-out today. – Right, ready? – Oh, no, hold on. – Oh yeah, save me, oh my God. – You will get lynched for that. – Especially with a bobble on it. – Right, we’re getting into
the Bike Vault this week, and– – That’s a special one. – Amazingly special, it’s
hardtails all the way. – We love hardtails. – I’ve gone in the vault,
I’ve found some hardtails, and I’ve got some good ones for you. Ready, first one is– – That’s a Wight. – Ooh, Andrew Woodall. – That’s a Wight, Wight into that, is that A telling you something? – Ah, but their angle’s frustrating! I’m frustrated by the angle, Andrew. It’s a great bike, I’m sure– – It is a great bike. – No, it’s nice. – You could have done better
on the picture, I’m afraid. – The next one up is– – Ah, look at that! – Craig Munroe, Woodhill Forest. – Yes, well, I’m going straight into the super nice on that there. (horn honking excitedly) Yeah, that is really nice. – Auckland, New Zealand,
that one, yeah, great bike. Okay, next one is from Dusan Dobfrika– – That’s an unusual back end on that. – Yeah, I dunno what that bike is. – Is it a high bike or something? – High bike, yeah, wow. – It’s nice, um, hmm? – It’s nice, it’s not
familiar, that one, it’s nice. – I like his rear tyre though, Rapid Rob. – Yeah, it’s nice. Trail looks good, yep. No, I liked it, Slovakia, that was. Hamish Johnson– – Nice, dirty Trek. – Yeah, well-worked Trek, nice. – Having just been ridden. – Yeah, nice, been out
on a good ride, that one. Oh yeah, 26.
– Another Trek. – Jerry Makonnen in
Finland, 26-inch wheel, 26-inch wheels look
funny, though, don’t they. – They do, but that’s keeping it real to the Nth degree.
– They worked all that time, it can’t be that wrong, no, nice. – Can I, no, do you know what? – No, it’s got a white seat, dude. – Ah, okay, alright. It’s
got a white stem, actually. – Leonardo Inclan– – That is nice. – He’s on an inactive volcano in Mexico. – Looks like it! – Oh, that looks like an amazing place. – Hey, is this a nice bike, what is it? I don’t know what it is. – I’m not sure about that sort of gusset tube across from the top– – Looks like an old Iron Horse. – Yeah, ah, so nice for me. – It’s nice, yep. – Incredible place, though,
really like the place. – Brian Harris, KTM– – Oh, 29er, speaking my language. – I’ve got a real soft spot for KTM. – I’m going straight in with super nice. – I completely– (horn honking enthusiastically) I can literally feel your
enthusiasm hitting me, it’s amazing, yeah, it
is a super nice bike. – That is really nice,
good colour lines on that. Ah, look at that, it’s another Wight. Do you know what, I really like Wights. – Mitch Powell in Essex, in the UK! – That is super nice, all the way. (horn honking) – Super nice. Oh, look at this. Ghetto, ghetto! – Almost looks like a jump
bike with the saddle up. – Uh, Nuts About Mints
has sent this one in. – That’s a pretty creepy
location, isn’t that? – Yeah, nice. – That’s nice. – It’s nice. – Oh, hello. – That’s a nice little topping shot. – Is it Conor or Cora, Coba,
I don’t know what that one is. Samuel Swin, Swindinner in Lichtenstein. – It’s really autumnal, I am a sucker for leaves and orangey hues. – Guys, end on a high note, it’s super– (horn honking loudly) We’re out of the Bike
Vault, great hardtail week. I liked the focus that gave us. – Yeah, it was good. – It made me really luxuriate
into it, I enjoyed it. Bike Vault, can your bike get in it, Doddy, do you think your
bike could get in it? – Definitely. – (laughs) Oh, he’s confident. – Just have to change the handlebar grips. – It ain’t, it’s not easy. It’s not easy. I put my bike in there, it took a while for it to surface.
– I’m gonna take a picture of my new bike, I showed you earlier. – Yeah, alright, ah, yes. – And then you’ll see, you can
make your own decision on it. I’ll put it on Instagram,
and then let me know if you think it should be in Bike Vault. – Try and get involved
with the Bike Vault, I’m sure your bike could
do very well in there, we love seeing ’em all, send ’em in, and yeah, could be right here. Right, before I tell you what’s coming up on the channel this week, I just want to do a special
shout out to Ollie Cinden, who’s 10 years old, and at
school he was asked to do a version of the poem,
the Jabberwocky poem, and he did a mountain bike version. – No way. – And it’s amazing, I really love it, so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put it as a comment below the video,
as a GMBN official comment, and then you can read it,
’cause it’s such a cool poem, well done, Ollie, I loved it. – Aw, and thanks for sending
it in, that’s really cool! I didn’t know that was coming. – So, coming up on the channel this week, we are first, up on Saturday, we’ve got What is a Trials Bike, I have got– – What indeed. – One of those super top-end
competition trials bikes– – You were gonna say something
else there, weren’t ya. – Yeah, they’re crazy bikes that have got the weirdest geometry,
but they’re so effective and you can do incredible
things with them, so I’ve done a video on one of those, telling you all about
it, so check that out. And then, on Sunday, we have
got Retro Versus Modern– – That’s gonna be a good one, that. I haven’t seen it, but I know what’s been used for it, that is really cool. Yeah, on Monday’s Cleaning Disc
Brakes and Disc Brake Pads, so it’s telling you how to
get rid of the squeal on them, which is pretty horrible
when it does happen, and on Tuesday’s 10 Things to
Bring Night Riding with You. – Oh, nice. On Wednesday, we’ve got the perfect video that everyone needs to
watch, How to Go Faster. – Ah, obviously. – Easy, and then there’s
plus, there’s another video, it’s How to Set Up an Enduro Bike, so a doubleheader on Wednesday, not bad. Thursday, we will be back with a regular– – Ask. – Ask GMBN. – Get those questions in. – Yeah, absolutely, and then, next week, it’s Friday’s Dirt Shed Show,
we’ll all be back in here, having a laugh, see if we can get them other two boys to do some work. Thanks for watching again, please keep watching the GMBN videos. I’m gonna send you over to this one here, I’ve seen this, it’s an interesting video, Day Versus Night, Which is Faster? – Ah, yeah. – Surely it’s day, isn’t it? – You know what, it’s not quite what you expect, so go figure on that. – Definitely worth a watch, with Mr., he’s not really boring at all, Donoghue. – And another one with Neil Donoghue right down here is him cornering his favourite bike on
earth, it’s a fat bike, showing you how well they corner and how it compares to
cornering a enduro bike. – Yeah, and you just see how
good one of those hardtails is. Hit the old globe there to subscribe, and don’t forget to give
us a thumbs up like, ’cause it looks great on the vid!

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