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We Wheel Rock You ! TEASER

We Wheel Rock You ! TEASER

Song We will rock you, from Queen, sung in yogurt We wheel rock you! it’s us, two intrepid girls… One much more than the other. Yes, that we will see Who dream to go on a big road trip in South America and to take up challenges that you will tell us! Olivia speaks in her tuba She said that we’ll dive in
the underground caves of Yucatan in Mexico. I go back. hope that there will be no piranhas? Or we could simply make a selfie with
a lama on top of the Andes Mountains. I’m going to challenge you, okay? You will go to the Pyrenees and you will do a paragliding flight a beautiful descent! Go, go, go I’m scared I don’t see how… Youhou! There’s no wind, so I don’t understand how we will then not crashed. Go, We’re going to run AAAaaahh!! Actually, there’s one little thing that we forgot to tell you AAAAAAHHHH! Of course, I’m kind of hygiene maniac.
I don’t like little insects, this kind of stuff… as well as extreme sports. It depends. You were talking about your wheelchair? I was rather thinking about that. You’re right, there’s also that. But, anyway, I don’t like insects. That’s true. Insects are more important, though. Isn’t it? I’m not sure Laughs Ohlala, my sweetie Of course, we have our own little weaknesses which are quite different though. But, that’s the point of the project. We want to show you that
with willing and people help, nothing is impossible. Let’s recap the concept. We go to Latin America, You relax on your couch and you dare us to do something. Then, we do everything to take up your challenge. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Sound of owl

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