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WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 44 | The Bike Special

WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 44 | The Bike Special

in this week’s rebuy class car – recent
the team to have a look for any motorcycle under 150 thousand rand
that’s right we have caravans trailers boats and of course bikes let’s find out
what hug the team picks up this episode for this week I’m gonna go with an
Agusta Brutale a an Italian design bike the style of this bike is better known
as the naked bike which comes in several different models just look at this
beautiful bike it’s got a stunning design the engine generates 92 kilowatt
if you’re looking for speed and great handling around the corners our choose
an Augusta so this week I was asked to choose a motorcycle under a hundred and
fifty thousand Rams I chose a 2017 too fatty scrambler
sixty2 this smaller version of the biggest
scrambler facts 41 horsepower the higher handlebars and the bigger mirrors make
it convenient to drive this motorcycle in suburbs so if you’re looking for
something to drive off-road and in the city this is definitely the motorcycle
you would want to look at for this week’s option I went with the 2016 BMW
or 9t buy it’s got all of the amazing features that we’ve come to expect from
a band like BMW and for myself was not really a bite guard vessel venture was
incredible just don’t tell my father of been riding bikes there you go if you
need a chopper or dirt bike looking for a scooter or moped taking on an enduro
the weekend or just cruising on the hog we got the wheels for you visit your
nearest branch and find your rides today leave a comment below and you could
decide the next car – special remember to click Subscribe and ring that Bell

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