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Benefits of cycling

Weight Loss Tips : Biking to Lose Weight

I’m Kristy at Curves in western Utah, and
we are talking about weight loss tips. We were talking earlier about keeping in mind
about doing other cardiovascular, trying to keep yourself moving everyday. One good way
to do it is if you can’t go to the gym every day, or come to curves every day, we recommend
like biking is a really good way to burn a lot of calories, get your heart rate up there
and sustain it without putting a lot of impact on your joints. It’s really good if you have
arthritis if you have hip problems, you can ride a bike and it doesn’t impact the joint
near as bad as other, we even recommend it above walking. Biking is really good for you
it does get your heart rate up, it burns a lot of calories without a lot of pain. It’s
a good way to just you know run to the store or run an errand. Try to use your bike, try
to stay more active, focus more on getting, if you have somewhere short distance to go,
use a bike or something so you can burn those calories instead of in your car.

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