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Weird & Cool Triathlon Pro Bike Tech From The Championship

Weird & Cool Triathlon Pro Bike Tech From The Championship

– We’re in transition
area with the pro bikes. We’re gonna have a little
wander down through the bikes, and see if there’s anything weird, interesting, or different. (rock music) (metallic noise) We just stumbled across Richard Murray’s Specialized S Works Shiv, and check out the paintwork on this. This is the Torch paintwork, so it goes from a deep red to a yellow as the temperature increases. Pretty cool. So, I’ve also noticed on
Richard Murray’s TT bike, he’s on an unbranded disc, so Specialized come with Roval wheels. You can see he’s got a Roval front wheel. But the fact that he’s got
an unbranded disc might suggest that Roval are
trying out doing a disc. Very interesting. Here, we have Lionel
Sanders’ Louis Garneau bike, and take a look at this. It’s a pretty striking paintwork. Think that says it all, really. Right, so I’ve just stumbled across this. I thought it was a bit of
rubbish, just left here, but if you look in here. He’s shoved a little bit of
tissue in the Garmin mount. So, I can only suspect
that that is to stop any rattling of the Garmin in mount, just keeps it nice and solid in there. Good idea. So, we’ve noticed Michael
Raelert’s CUBE bike here. So, Micheael’s been with
CUBE for a few years now, but what I have noticed is he’s on a fairly new looking bike, and I can’t actually tell
you a whole lot about this, because it was only released as a prototype the end of last year. It’s called the CUBE Aerium C68, and, as you can see,
it’s got quite oversized parts on its frame, some really special aerodynamics, too. He has a partnership
with Swiss Side Wheels, which has some formula one background. So, they’ve gone to
absolute full extent on the aerodynamics on this bike, as you can see. (rock music) Here, we have Sebastian Kienle’s bike. (music stops) I don’t know what it is. (rock music) Interestingly, we’re seeing a lot of the CeramicSpeed product across the pro field. So, here, again, we’ve
got the CeramicSpeed oversized pulley wheel system, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, and, as you can see, he’s got
the CeramicSpeed chain with the very messy gunk all over it. But, low friction. Okay, we’ve got Terenzo
Bozzone’s Argon 18 here, but check out these pedals. So, these are the Keywin Pedals. I’ve not actually come
across these before. I believe it’s an American brand. They’ve got the largest
pedal platform around, and that’s meant to provide
better power transfer. We stumbled across Laura
Siddall’s pro bike here, and she’s riding a Ceepo with
quite a cool paintwork on it. She’s also got some really
cool things going on. She’s got a quote on her helmet saying don’t die trying, and then when she’s down
on the aerobars here, she’s got a few quotes on her bottle, all in, jump, risk, yes, can, now, faster. Pretty cool. And then on her bottle
reservoir straw part, she’s got a little pin in the straw. So, she noticed when
the wind hits the straw, it should stop the
straw from folding over. So, she’s got it continually
pointing up towards her mouth, so she doesn’t have to
move from her position, she can just quickly sip away. Also, another little fun thing, she’s got her top cap here, not quite sure what it does, but it’s almost like
a English rose design. Really cool. (rock music) There you go. A cross section of some
of the pro bikes here. If you like the video,
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51 comments on “Weird & Cool Triathlon Pro Bike Tech From The Championship

  1. I think the channel is great atm with some great content. However, as much as I love the bikes and the cycling content I think it would be good to have more of the other too. Mainly because I feel that GCN is for the bikes and this channel should give more advice on running and swimming as well as the tech for those sports 👍🏼

  2. I don't think that's the 'real' torch paintwork, just a fade between orange and yellow to make it look like the heat sensitive paint. My LBS have a few frames in that color.

    What was going on with the stem on the Cube? Looked very large and flat, and it had a Pioneer sticker. But I suspect that was just a sticker, and nothing more?

  3. Knowing that this is your first ever video from your first ever presenting job I think this is ruddy awesome. You rock this Mr. T. And it can only get better and better!

  4. I suggest not only to look at the pro bikes.
    There are always lots of verry neat built bikes in the age group area as well.
    Maybe you can do a "show your bike video" as well, I'd send you some pictures of my own bike 😉

  5. And which race were you actually at/when was it? Early days but it would be good to know these things. Clearly a 70.3 transition area will look different to ITU races

  6. so many parts of this video I wanted to scream., "STOP! Go back and look at that!" Great video. What I love about the pro bikes is their hydration, nutrition, 'extras' setups. This is where us AG really loose it and do some crazy things. I like knowing what the pros do, and you rarely see that is a professional photo advertising the bike…all clean and stripped down for a photo op.

  7. starting to love your episodes more and more… keep up the good work

    ps. the voice was going up and down during this episode btw 😉

  8. Ha! I like how she put motivational quotes on her bike, I definetly will do the same. Great video thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Love this type of stuff but would like to see more of what the pros use for hydration systems – pros have lots of cool hacks and I still have not found a system that works. So, more detailed pics of the hydration systems please………and loving the videos and the content. Keep it rolling……..Cheers, J

  10. Old News!! Keywin pedals are from New Zealand and have been around for ages. The Cube bike was ridden at Kona last October.

  11. Sorry, tried not falling asleep, but it was a struggle, especially listening to you drone on, without any knowledge of the bikes you were presenting…

  12. I'm a cyclist so not really familiar with Tri practices but I do love all things TT. I noticed a few disc wheels don't have the valve cutouts covered either by tape or a fitted cover. Is there any specific reason why they don't do that?

  13. Might be worth asking for approval to unrack the bikes. Could hardly see them.Have a one or 2 questions with athletes would be s great addition. Ask them their favourite bit of tech

  14. Hi GTN, what do you think about Ceepo bikes (road and TT)? We hear that they are the transition between road and TT, but never came across thorough reviews of these bikes. Are any pros using them? Thanks!

  15. Have a serious question; Bike is the most important equipment for the triathletes…Why do so many then drive Specialized/Sworks…Sponsors money over quality/speed? Or is it something else?

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