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Welcome To Silly Season! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 148

Welcome To Silly Season! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 148

– Can you do it multiple? (popping noises) That’s sick. – I have a tea bag in mine. – You’ve been tea baggin’. (fast breathing) Christmas is over. I’m feeling fat! – I’m fat. – It’s silly season in mountain biking! – We’ve got all the usual coming your way. – That’s right. – That’s it. – [Together] It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (energetic music) – Yes and like I said it’s
silly season in mountain biking. It’s all gone crazy. – Silly season? What is silly season all about Martin? – Well, silly season is that time of year everyone’s contract was up in December so people are either staying
with their new team– – Or scared – Or they’ve moved. – Mmm. – Or they’ve been fired. – Ooh. – It’s silly season. Everyone’s going this way and that and it’s a bit early in the
season as well because we don’t necessarily know
where people are going. – That’s correct. – We know where they’ve left but they’re not telling us just there. So we’ve now got all the news. It’s quite exciting. It got me thinking like, when
these riders make these moves to different brands, how does
it affect you guys out there? How’s it affect you if one of
your favourite riders moves? – Oof. Well, one of my favourite
riders has moved. – Oh yeah! – It’s got me thinking. It has got me thinking.
– Yes, yes. But there’s more about that in the news. – Let’s not give that away.
– Nope. We’ll keep that one. – If your favourite rider
out there changes brands, in either bike or their
clothing or whatever– – Helmet. – Does it influence you? Does it make you wanna try that brand? Has it got an affect at all? Who knows? We thought we’d do a poll. (both laugh) We’d do a poll. It’s an original idea. We’ve not done this before. – No, it’s 2018. – Oh no, every time. It’s a poll. It’s about what Blake said there. Duck Blake. Right. You’re first option on
the poll you’ve got is: I watch silly season for guidance. For guidance, there’s your first option. Second one: I support my rider,
if they change, I change. – Oh, hard call.
– That’d get expensive. – Hard call. Third option: when it’s time to buy, I go with the deals, not the trends. – Okay, yeah. – Yeah. And the last one is: nope, it has no bearing on my life at all. – [Blake] That’s a good one.
– [Martyn] Possible. It’s possible. So that is your poll. You can click on that for
which one suits you but also, what I love to see, is
your comments about it. – Ooh, we do love seeing comments. – Yeah. Tell us how you’re influenced by riders making a change in these brands. Whilst we’re talking about that, why don’t we get straight to the news. With Ni– Bla. How does it work? That Blake sat here. With Blake Sampson. Yeah, yeah. – Well, we’re gonna talk about all those people that have been moving. – Right. Let’s get on then. Let’s get onto the news. – My favourite rider has moved and he is big controversial one. – This one’s big. – This one’s massive because Sam Pilgrim, big slope style rider, big free rider, big name out there in that
sport has moved to an e-bike. – [Martyn] An e-bike? – [Blake] He’s gone to Haibike. – [Martyn] Now I didn’t see this– – [Blake] Which is interesting. – [Martyn] I didn’t see this coming. I heard a few rumours. – [Blake] I heard some rumours. – [Martyn] I know you– Blake
had dropped a few hints. – [Blake] Wasn’t giving away much but– – [Martyn] Sam Pilgrim,
he’ been FMB champion. – [Blake] That means a world
number one in free ride. He’s on an e-bike. I mean this is a big deal. – [Martyn] The comments–
– [Blake] Yeah, I mean– – [Martyn] It’s controversial. – [Blake] It’s controversial. But hey, I’m with it. I’m full for it. – [Martyn] I love it. I’ll tell you what I love about
it is typical Sam Pilgrim. He loves it. – [Blake] He loves it. – [Martyn] He loves it.
– [Blake] No matter what. – He loves all the comments, all of the feedback he’s getting
and he’s going with it. Fair play to him! I can’t wait to see what he does with. But there’s been other moves
or there are people moving. – A lot. – We’ve got some really ones. I’ve got a bit of a list here. We’ve got Danny Hart, has left Mondraker but we don’t know where he’s going. – [Together] We do know where he’s going. – But we’re not allowed to say. – [Blake] We can’t say it just yet. We’ve got Brook Macdonald. – Brooke Macdonald, yeah. – He’s left GT. – Yeah, we’ve got lots of
riders off of Fox clothing. – [Blake] Oh yeah, that’s a big one. – [Martyn] Yeah, Tyler
McCaul, Josh Bryceland. They’re not on Fox anymore. That’s quite big news. Here’s one that I really like. She came in on our New Year’s show. – Ooh yes she did. – Annie Last. She has moved over to BH. The big deal. She’s got a great cross-country deal off the back of a
fabulous season last year. Is that gonna help her
make that step up now to be a consistent world cup winner. – That’s gonna fill you with confidence. – I really hope so. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I really hope so. Another one, Charlie
Hatton off of Intense. – [Blake] Ooh. – [Martyn] We think we
know where he’d going. – [Martyn] And I’m just gonna say that Lewis Buchanan’s off Trek. That’s all I’m saying. That’s all I’m saying. Is there a spot there? – [Blake] Don’t know. – [Martyn] Dunno. – We dunno. – The other bit of news
I wanted to touch on. Big news for us. – Ooh, yes. – Big news for us. We get a couple a days off a week. – We get two days off. – Two days off.
– Look at that. – You know what, GMBN
Tech is up and rolling. You can subscribe to it just there. – Click it.
– There’s a button there. – Click that button.
– Click on it. You can subscribe to it and
all of our tech videos, so Mondays and Saturdays, which
usually have a video out here. – Is it Saturday or Sunday? – Saturday or Sunday. Let’s ask the top man. – [Top Man] Saturday and Monday. – [Together] Saturday and Monday. – You were correct. – Saturday and Monday our tech videos are gonna be on GMBN Tech. So subscribe, you still get the same video but it’s on our sister channel. – So what’re you gonna do? – Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m probably just gonna go and lay on a beach or something like that. – I’m gonna go on holiday.
Yeah, every Monday. – Yeah.
We’ll go on holiday. We’ll do all sorts of things. – Monday and Saturday go on holiday. Take our bikes with us.
– Everything’ll be great. Another bit of news I wanted to mention. I think this is big. CRC, Chain Reaction, they’ve
pull out of downhill. – Of downhill. – And they are going solely enduro. – Wow. – On the back of Sam Hill’s
incredible season last year where he won the Enduro World Series. – Wow. – That’s a big move. – That is downhill’s death to them. – Silly season is nuts. I can’t take it. I know what’s gonna happen. There’s gonna be more on this because no one’s quite settled yet so we could be talking about this for
the next month or so. – Watch the next Dirt Shed Show. You’ll probably get the
results of whose moved where. – Keep posted. Shall we have a look at what people are saying on the channel this week? – Please. – Off the back of our
fabulous New Year’s show. We had all those guests. We had Rob Warner in of course. – Obviously we had to get him in. (sighs deeply) – He was– – A bit of a handful. – Any handful. It makes me nervous thinking about it. The boy can drink, I’m telling you. Right. We’ve got one really great bit of content sent in to us this week. I think this is gonna
blow your mind Blake. I don’t know if you’ve seen this. – What is it? – This is our Hacks and Bodges edit. Check this out. I think this is crazy. – Okay, yeah. (techno beat singing hacks and bodges) – That was like a techno version. (techno music) (laughing) – This is brilliant. Look at it! I’m a techno star! – You and Doddy. But it’s you. – I think it’s a Doddy mix. – That was like a techno song just now. (techno music) – That’s too good.
That’s too good. – That’s brilliant. Look at it’s still going. (pounding) – Wow. (laughs) – That is amazing. – That is from Zack Kuykendall. That is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sending that in. – Yeah, thank you. – That made my Christmas. Originally it tired me out. I’m tired now. – We should play it again
and get dancing again. – Oh yeah.
No. Well we can use it later on. We can use it later on. Right. Other comments we got
from you guys this week, other than great music edits. Shane Witter said “Manon
is finally in the shed, don’t let her go boys,
new GMBN presenter.” You know, it’s difficult. The girls got a lot going on in her life. She’s busy. – She’s very busy. – She’s busy. She’s got– actually,
she says she’s retired. She was telling me what
she was doing this year. She’s got a completely full season. She’s gonna be riding bikes. Which is great news,
that’s what we wanna see. Manon out on her bike riding. Hey and if we can get her
in some of our videos. – Ooh, that would be a bonus.
– Who knows? – That’s a bonus for us and you. – I’d like to do a game of
bike, Manon against you guys. ‘Cause I think she’d kill ya. I think she’d kill ya. – Mmm, maybe. – What about this one from K. Robinson. Sent us a great message but the
point I wanted to pick up is he got into the Dirt
Shed Show only recently. Alright. He saw it about just before
Christmas for the first time. – First time! That’s a good Christmas present. – And then he sat and watched
all of them, in one hit. – Wow. – Can you imagine how his brain must have been at the end of that? (laughs) – Wow. – He hit the playlist button on Dirt Shed Show and did the lot. – Wow. But he did notice that a few were missing and it ruined his perfect run so we gotta make sure we
drop a few in there though. – Okay. – Some of theme weren’t in the playlist. Sorry about that. Fair play for watching all the Dirt Sheds. I don’t think I could manage that. Would drive me slightly crazy. Andrei Trenea says “how come Rob Warner is wearing a YT t-shirt?” – Ooh! – Isn’t he on Commencal? Well actually–
– That’s some news. – Talking about silly season.
– Oh yeah. – Rob Warner has moved to YT.
– He has. – Big news.
– Yeah. – I was allowed to say that. I’m allowed to say that, right Mike? – [Mike] Yup.
– That’s allowed. Yup, yup.
We’re allowed to mention that. What about this one from
Sebastian Suppes who says “Did anyone try and go
for drink with Warner? If anyone did, I’m sorry for them that their liver will now never recover.” (laughs) – Yeah. – Actually, no, no. You know what, because you
remember after the show we finished filming in here and
everyone had been in the pub and then we all went to the pub. Where was Rob Warner? At the hotel, asleep on his bed. – Oh he was, wasn’t he. – Yes. – He was a bit late to the party. – Couldn’t hack it. – Yeah.
– Couldn’t hack it. I have to add I also couldn’t hack it ’cause after the show
I had to just go home. I had to get into bed. – I couldn’t hack it the next day. – You know when Annie Last was in– – Right. – And she gave us that really great bottle of beer that was out of date? – Yeah. – And I tried it and it was disgusting. – Yeah. – Yeah. Well apparently Michael
Zweiner says “By the way lads, that was a pretty amazing
bottle of rare craft beer. I hope you silly– drank
it after the show.” – No we didn’t. – We didn’t. We tipped it down the sink. It was disgusting! Apparently it was– – It probably costs a lot of money. – Apparently it was a good one. (laughs) – Sorry.
– Anyway. Just to show that our cup
stacking efforts were not really up to scratch, check out this
little link that we got sent. – It’s brilliant. – This girl absolutely nailing it just to put us in our place. – [Woman] Two, three, go. (slamming) .97. Woo! Go Laura! – Right, Progression Session. You guys have been busy. You’ve been sending in stuff. We got one here from Cameron Ravenhill. It’s him riding some super loamy stuff so check this out Martyn. It’s pretty cool progression ’cause it starts off like this right. – Great looking dirt. – Yeah. Aw so you can just cut a track into that. – [Martyn] And it’s so
good to ride that stuff. – Oh!
– [Blake] Oh my. – [Martyn] Oh no! – Oh he hits a tree. – Don’t ride into trees. – He hits a tree. – I know how he’s gonna
progress, by not hitting trees. – Yeah, so he sent in another one– – I think I’ve guessed it. Let’s see the second go. – Of him progressing. – Come on Cameron you’ve got this. – [Blake] So loamy that ground. – [Martyn] I love this dirt. – [Blake] Look at that. Cuttin’ in to them corners. (loud grumbling) Oh perfect. – The second run was absolutely bang on. – That was pretty good. – I bet that felt amazing. – Pretty good. – Those last corners where he kind of like (bike noises) and it grips. – You can progress and go even faster. – That is progression. Thanks Cameron for sending that in. Very cool.
– Yeah. Ooh, so, first try Friday. – Have we got one? – We have! – Yes! – This ones coming in from Michael White. He’s been riding his local spun. – Where’s that? – He introduces himself really good. He’s out in Australia. – Let’s have it. – I’ll let him introduce the whole thing. – Hi, I’m Michael from
Cairns, Australia and I’m attempting, this is
my first time Friday, I’m attempting the drop from the World Championship cross country race. That one behind me. – [Martyn] Here he comes. He’s gonna do it. – [Blake] It’s a pretty big drop. – [Martyn] Yes, no, it’s chucking mean. – [Blake] Wow.
– [Martyn] Yes. Yes. – Oh my. Look how dusty it is though–
– That’s so nice. – Compared to where we are.
– So nice. I’ll tell you what, that’s the
rodeo drop for the XC track at Cairns which they used
in the World Championships. – Pretty crazy. – Pretty cool that you can
ride the world champs course. – It is amazing that you can go and probably do the whole loop. – Think whose been off that
drop, Nino Shure, Annie Last. – Doing his whips over it. – Bloody brilliant.
– Wow. – Nice one. Thank you for sending that in Michael. You know what he gets? – Oh yeah! (popping) – Ooh, changed the noise up! – Changed it, 2018. – Okay, it’s time for tech of the week! – Uh uh uh uh uh. Wrong channel. – What?
– GMBN Tech. – Of course! – So off to Doddy.
– Of course. I’ve been going in deep.
– I know. – Yeah, let’s see what he’s been up to. (metal stamping) – It’s the ideal time to give
your bike a whole overhaul and refresh before hittin’ the
trails in the new year. So here’s our top ten tips to get your bike fresh for next year. (rhythmic music) Gear shifting on modern
bikes is pretty good once you’ve set it up unless
you manage to damage your rear mech or you’ve ingested
loads of mud and muck into your cable system,
it works pretty well. This is an ideal time of year
to take out your inner cable, flush out the outer housing
if it’s still usable, put a fresh new cable in,
and dial in those gears. – Aw Doddy’s he needs
the extra space I think. – He does. – ‘Cause his brain is so big. – His head is big as well. – He’s full of the tech
knowledge and his GMBN Tech show went live yesterday so make
sure you check that out. – It’s pretty good. – Definitely worth a look. He’s doing great, isn’t he? – Oh he, he’s been doing his homework. – He is, he knows his stuff. Right, let’s get onto competitions. We’ve got some winners to announce because we had the Topeak competition. – Oh my goodness. That’s a good one. – We’re gonna put two
names up on the screen. If you see your name
there you are a winner. Everyone get excited. Blake does a drumroll. (drumroll) Here it is. It’s Sam Kelly and Janko Tomac. (clapping) – Yes.
– Well done. – Winners, winners.
– Wow, I’m so jealous. – That’s what happens on this channel, we put comps up and you win stuff. – Yeah. – Can’t say fairer than that mate. Okay, so you know what
time it is now Blake. – No. (Martyn laughs) What is it? – It’s Hack and Bodges. (techno beat saying “Hacks, Bodges”) – That was like the techno version. (techno music) – That was like a techno version. – Nice, that’s enough. – Why not say we deserve this? I know you don’t think we deserve it. – Well Hacks and Bodges, come on. – (exhales) Right, let’s get serious. Let’s actually do Hacks and Bodges. – (exhales) Yeah.
– Okay. First one here is from Lucas Bergsma. Now look at this, this is neat. – [Blake] Wow. – [Martyn] Because look,
it’s quite often we get lots of pea gravel in Australia. – [Blake] Pea gravel. – [Martyn] It all gets in all of the working parts of the
suspension system on this bike. – So look, it’s come with
a really neat shock guard. – Oh wow, look at that. – He done it lovely. Very, very stylish. – It matches the colour of the bike. – Same colour of the bike. Very neat. – That’s a hack. – Yeah, protects the
shock from pea gravel. An Australian problem apparently. – Pea gravel. – I wanna Google that for sure. – You can buy that down the
garden centre where I live. – Oh is it that little round things? – Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. – Oh, you get out then.
– Yeah, it’s good job. I think that’s a very fine hack. – That is a very fine hack, yes. – Very nice, very nice, like that one. What one you got Blake? – I’ve got one from Ronan. Look at this. – Wow! – His dad made this. Do you know what this is? A big cotton reel– – [Martyn] A big old cotton reel. – [Blake] For big cables. – [Martyn] Yeah.
– [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Blake] He’s got,
look at these bits here. – [Martyn] Oh they’re bike frames! – [Blake] These are bike frames. – [Martyn] Oh that’s neat. – [Blake] You know, that’s
one thing I was gonna do. – [Martyn] Oh look, there’s
like a full sus bike back there. Look, they’re all different. That is really cool. – I’m gonna do that, that’s a hack. – Yeah, that looks like
something Blake would do. – I would build this. – Very nice Ronan. – It’s giving me some
ideas so thanks Ronan. Ronan’s dad. – To finish up this week I’ve
got this one from Dane Botter. Now this one is very tech. – [Blake] Bottom. – [Martyn] Oh, Bottom. I think Doddy would really enjoy this one. This is very tech. If you see that look, to protect his bike from crank rock strikes– – Oh, okay. – He’s 3D printed little protection arms. They slide over the top there. – We’re seeing a lot of
3D printed stuff now. – It’s very nice.
Very neat. – That is very nice.
– Quite pro. – That’s a hack again.
– Hack. – I think calling that a hack
is sort of unfair really. Very good hacks and bodges. If you’ve got a piece of
ingenuity you’d like to share with us please send
it in to [email protected] We love seeing them. You’ll make it into this very
enjoyable part of the show. – It doesn’t need to be a
hack, it can be a bodge. We do like a good bodge
– We like a bodge. Just to show you the level
we can sink to, right, check this out which was spotted by Scotty Boothby in Notingham. Look at this thing. What even is that? – [Blake] I haven’t got a clue. It looks like it’s an
e-bike up front though. – [Martyn] That’s a moped front, it’s got Meccano chain stays. – [Blake] That is definitely a bodge. – It makes me feel a little
bit sick, if I’m honest. There you go.
That’s the level. Surely you can beat that. Send us your hack and bodge
and we will enjoy it next week. Viewer edits. This week, pretty special. – Is it? – I think we’ve discovered, well, he’s been discovered but this kid is hot. It’s been sent in by Paul Schofield. We think that’s a very
famous BMX rider himself. – Yeah. – This is his son Harry
Schofield, he’s seven. – Seven? – He’s seven.
– Alright, okay. – You gotta take that in
before I let you see anything. – Alright, seven years od. – He seven years old. He’s a very talented rider. He’s winning lots of
races in BMX, motocross. He’s turned his hand to
a bit of mountain biking. He’s been signed by Spawn Bikes. He’s put this little video
together and sent it in. It is outrageous. Ready? – Ready. – Seven. – [Blake] Harry Schofield age seven. – [Martyn] Here he goes. That’s a pretty good manual. – [Blake] Oh that’s a good manual. – [Martyn] Whoa, he just sevened up. – [Blake] 720. Backflip. – [Martyn] Flips. – [Blake] He’s got all the tricks but look at the style this boys got. – [Martyn] Clipped in 360s. – [Blake] Oh so good. – [Martyn] Oh that’s, I know that place. – [Blake] Trails. Have you ridden those trails? – [Martyn] Yeah, that’s four P. – [Blake] Look at that. I mean they’re not
small jumps are they and he’s making them look so fun. – [Martyn] Oh wow! – [Blake] Bike looks amazing. He’s got some serious style. Motocross influence is
showing through there.. – [Martyn] Yeah. No way, he’s a showman as well. – [Martyn] Oh, vert riding as well. – [Blake] Look at that tiny bike. Wow, 540 tap. – [Martyn] Talent on display. I mean if this doesn’t
inspire to ride, well I dunno. – [Blake] Well then
there’s something wrong. – [Martyn] I mean look at this kid. Amazing. – [Blake] There’s too many good bangers. – [Martyn] I mean look,
it’s a great looking pump track race, you should go there. – [Blake] That is an amazing pump track. – [Martyn] We are being shamed
away by young Harry here. Bit of motocross action at the end. – [Blake] Whoa. – [Martyn] Scanty whip,
scanty flick in that turn. I’ve gotta say, that level of
riding is incredible to see. It’s a brilliant edit. It just becomes more and more
inspiring all the way through. Can you compete with that? What are you doing on your bike if you’re a little kid out there and your riding? Put it on video, send
it in to viewer edits. We’ve just shown Harry there. He’s probably gonna get
around 4.6 million views. – Probably not, but yeah we’ll see. – That’s probably what he
won’t get so imagine what you wouldn’t get if you
send your video into us. You could not get ten million views. – Two million. – Send your video into [email protected] We wanna see it. We want your viewer edits. – Please. – Harry that was rad! – Caption contest last
week was Mr. Warner himself with two baubles in his beard. – Yes. I think it’s gonna be hard to
win this week because I think Steve Pete with this comment
took the win straight away. – Not the first time I’ve had
balls hanging off my chin. (laughing) – That that was good.
– It’s pretty good. Pretty good.
They’ve been busy. – Come on.
We’ve got them. – They’ve been sending in stuff. – Chance to win a bottle. – We’ve got one here from Bike MTB, “When you are so good at riding. You need another pair of balls
’cause two ain’t enough.” – That’s true of Rob Warner. He’s brave. – He is very brave, yeah. – He will go for it on a bike. Lloyd Coffey, he’s a regular, he’s put in some comments before, “He just loves licking
his baubles does Rob.” Risque. Risque that.
– That’s close that. – Close to the knuckles. I’m not sure we can give a
prize to something so rude. – Alright, we’ve got one from Martin M. He says “That moment your
dropper post misfires.” That’s quite uncomfortable. (laughing) Imagine that. There’s certain ones
out there that do fire. – Go on Blake, who are you giving it to? It’s a GMBN bottle. It can’t go to Steve Pete
because he’s loaded with swag. – I think number one. – Number one, Bike MTB. You are a winner. You’ve got a GMBN bottle coming your way. Send us your details, but you
don’t get the horn. (honking) – Sorry. – That’s special. That’s just for the dirt shed. Great stuff. Right. Here’s this weeks photo. Oh, how do they come up with this stuff? – I don’t know where
they get all this stuff. – Where do they get these things from? – There must be–
– Yeah there’s a– – There’s a vault. – There’s a vault of them photos. – They just dig in and pick them out. – Right, so what ya gonna say about that. Put it in the comments section down below. You could win yourself a GMBN bottle. Do your worst. – Or your best. – It is time for fails and bails. That moment when we show
things that have gone wrong. A bit like Neil Donahue’s voice. He’s not here with us
’cause he is just there. Give us a hello Neil. – Hello Neil. (laughing) – Someone’s got a cold. We can’t even understand a
word he’s saying, it’s so deep. It’s not audible. Only Chewbacca can understand him. – I don’t even know what he said. – Yeah, yeah. It was something like hello. So we’re gonna get into
fails and bails and I’m gonna get you in the mood with it. – Go on.
– This one right now. I’m really sorry ’cause I think I’m gonna get your name wrong Simon
Skienklapor, something like that. I’m sorry Simon. Here it is, it’s pretty scary. It’s a back flip attempt and
when they don’t go right. – They are definitely,
they do indeed go wrong. – Brace yourself Blake,
this’ll get you in the mood. Here we come. Simon coming in. (both cringe) – If he didn’t like– – He only just got away with that. – He would have landed
on that head of his. – I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again. I’m evidence that being upside-down on a bike is never a good thing. Never a good thing, no. Head close to the ground and
the wheels, you’re in trouble. (laughing) It’s got me in the mood though Simon. Run VT. (cheerful jazz music) (laughing) – They are nasty. – Some horrible crashes there. – I’ll tell you what though,
it’s got me in the mood. I’ve got one more. – One more? Okay. – I’m addicted to it this week. James in Cornwall built a
jump in his back garden. – [Blake] Let’s see – [Martyn] Brace yourself
Blake, here he comes. – [Blake] It looks like a drop. Oh my! – [Martyn] Oh James. – [Blake] He is totally scorpion. Oh look, dad knocking it down. – Oh James, I hope you’re alright. Dad’s taking the jump down. Just as he should. You know what, that was a nasty crash but thanks for sending it in. We enjoyed it. Please send your fails and bails in the e-mail is just there. – Instabangers and shoutouts. (laughs) – Yes! – Right, go on for you
to kick off Instabangers. – Go for it. – [Blake] Dan Milner, he’s a photographer. He’s a UK guy but he lives out in Spain and Italy and all that
and he travels the world. He comes out with some
epic mountain bike shots. It’s just amazing. You should go follow him. – Very inspiring follow,
I’m gonna do that. I’ve got a shoutout for ya. I’m gonna throw you to Sam Pilgrim. You gotta go and check out, I love that he’s moved over to Haibike. I think it’s very exciting. I think it’s a game changer. I think it’s gonna make people look at this stuff differently. Obviously we’ve got a great channel now, EMBN, we’re really excited about. There’s a lot of energy for me there. I’m sending over Sam
Pilgrim, check him out. – Yeah, I’ve got one for you. It’s Nukeproof. Their new ad has come out,
it’s all about their new mega. It’s the carbon, it’s orange, it’s shot out in some burnt up woods. – [Martyn] Yeah, fantastic. – [Blake] It’s amazing. Shot by Lawrence Crossman ends another shoutout there for you as well. – That location looks insane. Right, time for the bike vault. Let’s get a horn. – There might be some ones from Christmas. – Let’s get some bikes. I’m sure there will be. Let’s get in there. First bike up, ready. – Steady. – Go. (horn) We’re in the bike vault. First bike is from Colin
Alpferd in Cape Town. – It’s black and white. – Oh look at that lovely
black and white shot. Rocky Mountain. Got some nice, controversial
bar ends on their. Whatcha think Blake? – Probably works (speaking
together) they all have them. – I think it looks like
a cross country weapon. – I think it’s a super nice. – Super nice. (horn honks) Thanks Colin, well done. Next one is from Glen Person. – That looks like a cold day. – Santa Cruz Heckler in North Carolina. Look at that ice! – Look at that. – Oh my god. I like it. – That’s another, don’t you think? – I think it’s another. – It’s a super nice. (horn honks) – Super nice. Lovely shot. – Oh! – A fattie. Little fattie in there from John Bennett. – That well on John Bennett. – I know Blake’s gonna do it. – That to me is gonna be a super nice. – Well … (horn honks)
– Yes! – That is an automatic
Supernatural brake lever. It’s a very cool looking bike. I can’t deny the old fat bikes look nice. A Knolly Warden from Tom Balben. – You don’t get to see much
of these in the bike vault. – Yeah, no. Tom is a British rider. He’s out in Squamish, British Colombia. Knolly. – That’s very nice bike. I do like it. – It’s hard not to go SC on that one. I think we’re going SC. – I think I think it is a
nice, super nice. (horn honks) – [Together] Super nice! – Next one here, Mark
Soon in the Philippines. – I was gonna say that’s
quite derelict like. – Photo’s a bit washed out. – Yeah. It’s a nice bike, it’s a
hard tail aggressive one. – You know what that needs? I think a filter on that and we would have made it a super nice. – That’s nice.
– It’s nice. Very nice.
– For being quaint, it’s nice. – Michael Eisner. I don’t know where it is. It looks UK to me, but dunno. – No. – Dunno.
– No. – I like not knowing where
in the world that is. Someone let us know in the
comment section down below. – Nice bike. – It’s a very nice Scott Spark. I’d say nice. – It’s nice. – Very nice.
– Nice. – Nicholas Oason. – That is a Christmas present maybe? ‘Cause it’s in a loft. – Yeah. I think that is sort of retro. – It’s nice. – Well I was gonna go more
but if you think nice. I think, ’cause it’s in the bedroom, he could have got the pedal level. – Yeah. – I know I’m being picky
but, he’s indoors, no rush. – It’s a mountain bike. – It’s nearly three o’clock It’s nice. – Nice.
– Nice. Yeah, mountains, get it outside. That Trek bad boy. It’s Ty in North Vancouver. It’s nice but I do like the older power cables dropping away
in the background there. He’s put some effort into that photo. – Yeah, it’s nice. – It’s nice. We can’t go more than that. – Oh wow. – Theo Lupo. His Mega is looking– – Mega? – Sorry Mega?
Meta? – Yeah Mega.
– Mega. – That’s a Nukeproof Mega. – Yeah, it’s very nice. – That is very nice. – I’d say … – What are you calling it? – Have you got one of those? – Yes, I have got one of those. I got the brightly coloured
orange and blue one. – I’m a little bit jealous,
I haven’t got one of them. – It’s nice. That’s just nice. You would say it’s nice, super nice? – [Together] (horn honking) Super nice! – Calm yourself Blake, calm yourself. – It’s braking on being a jump bike. – It’s not though. It’s a little dude riding it. He’s got all the gears
on there, two brakes. – Okay. (speaking at once) You would say that’s a 27.5 up front. – I think that’s because of the photo. I think that’s being used for dirt jumps. – Yeah.
I think so. – Don’t you reckon?
– I think so. It’s nice, it’s good. – I think just because of that it’s a (horn honking) super nice to end. We are out of the bike vault this week. – That was a really good one. – Love the bike vault. Oh punch the sky. So good ain’t it? – Yeah. – We love seeing your bikes. We need a bike vault song. Someone write up a bike vault song. – [Together] Please.
– Please someone do that. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish. – Should we start it off like (honking) – Good fairy make a bike vault song. – Bike vault. (honking) Bike vault. (honking) Bike vault. (honking) – Coming up on the channel this week we have got some bangers. I think the one I’m
looking forward to most is this epic ride from Alicante. That looks awesome. – It was good fun, it was good fun. We got one, another top five for you. Stay in your comfort zone and then another one is how to
lose a bit of weight. From all that festive food. – Handy after Christmas. – [Together] Yup. – Well, there’s some
great stuff coming up. Thank you for watching the show this week. It has been, maybe too much fun at times. – I think it’s been the best one of 2018. – At least.
– At least. – At least. – I’ve really enjoyed it. Let me send you to some more great content from us guys here. Why don’t you click just here where you can see EMBN’s first weekly show. With Steve Jones and Neil Donahue in there given his knowledge. Talking about e-bikes. Check that out. – Check that out. Also go over here for GMBN Tech with Doddy and his massive brain. Get all that techy stuff going on. Click that one. – Yeah, check it out. Some great new stuff from
us here on EMBN and GMBN. Make sure you click the button
here to subscribe of course. You’ll be catching all our videos and please don’t leave without
giving us a thumby. Go on, give us one of them.

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