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Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip – Value Bike Edition

Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip – Value Bike Edition

(upbeat electronic music) – Hey everybody, I’m Mike Levy, this is Mike Kazimer. We’re here in Sedona, Arizona for Pinkbike’s first annual Field Trip. (upbeat music) Now if you caught our Field
Test series last year, you already know what this is all about. Reviewing the latest
and most relevant bikes. This time around though,
it’s a little bit different. We’re focusing on value bikes. The most expensive of which costs $3,000 and the least expensive, $1,400. – That’s right and while the Field Test we had three different categories of bike, this time around, just
focused on trail bikes. We’ve got travel amounts ranging from 120 millimeters
to 140 millimeters, and there’s two hardtails thrown in the mix for good measure. Don’t worry though. We took all these bikes, hucked them to flat in front
of the Phantom camera, so there’s plenty of super, super slow-mo hucking glory coming your way. – Now you gotta do your climbing before you do your hucking though. We still include the impossible climb, lots of cactus, and possibly
some heat stroke included. Testing also included a
short, repeatable timed lap. Because the clock never lies. But we also rode these
bikes all over Sedona including Hangover, Hiline and all sorts of lesser known gems. – We’d like to extend a special thanks to Smith, 7Mesh and especially
Over The Edge bike shop for puttin’ up with us
for the last few weeks. – Stay tuned for all the
value bike review videos as well as round table discussions where Kazimer and I argue about what we like and didn’t like. We had a lot of fun making these videos and we hope you guys enjoy them. I think we’re gonna drop in. Kazimer, let’s hit it. – Let’s go for it. (upbeat electronic music)

29 comments on “Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip – Value Bike Edition

  1. With this home isolation thing It will be great time to release Mike's frankenbike part 2 footage……….. Just saying

  2. Can you make another 5 downhill bikes review video? The last one was a huge success and many people are asking for more

  3. I see Kaz in a Giant Stance. Oooh kinda can’t wait to hear his feelings. Another site gave it great reviews. Let’s see if it holds true. What I find amazing is how great of a bike you can get for like $2k

  4. Dang I read it wrong at first I read it like value mtb trip lol that might be a cool series even using old footage maybe to help people prioritize the ole bucket list!?

  5. This is great! Seeing a lot more "value bike" coverage, and I hope it's a trend in the industry. Innovation is great, but we are starting to price people out of the sport, and that is not an acceptable end to me. This is going to be good; can't wait!

  6. Throwing a hardtail into a budget trail bike comparison instead of a RiftZone2/GTsensor/AbajoPeak/PolygonD7/FluidFS3/StumpJumperST? That's a paddlin'…

  7. Hey guys, I realy enjoy watching this reviews/ tests. I´m looking forward to buy the Jeffsy CF Pro, but I want wo wait until your video is online and hear what you have to say about the bike. Maybe you would be so nice and tell me when the video gets online so I don´t have to check like 10 times a day.. xD
    Anyways, thank you for this nice episode.
    Btw, the editing on the videos is on point.. 🙂

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