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WES Winner Nico Quere’s Giant Reign E+ Pro | EMBN Pro Bikes

WES Winner Nico Quere’s Giant Reign E+ Pro | EMBN Pro Bikes

– Nico Quere is the
winner of the first-ever WS International Enduro Series. I’m here with his giant Reign E bike. Let’s have a look at some of the details. (electronic beeping) Okay, first and foremost, this bike is the 2020 Giant Reign E bike. It’s 160mm travel, front and rear. Although I think Nico has got a sneaky 180mm
travel fork up front. The frame both front and swinging arm is a aluminum unit. 27.5 wheels and as you can see, Nico has got some Michelin tires in there. He’s got an E-bike-specific rear tire and downhill tire up front. Some Formula Cura4 brakes, there’re 200mm rotors on there. Really powerful brakes. The suspension on the bike is Suntour both front and back. Obviously being a pro-rider, that’s going to be
specifically tuned for him and is a little bit
special, I have no doubt. Now looking at the gears on this bike, now Nico’s gone for a 11-speed set-up. It’s a Sram GX, probably
not the most expensive gear system in the planet, so it’ll be interesting to talk to Nico about his reasons for choosing that. Obviously the motor and the
battery are key to the bike. It’s a Giant SyncDrive system. That’s made in the Yamaha factory. It’s got five modes
plus an automatic mode, which means you don’t have to go up and down the dials all day long. As you can see, it’s a really
neat, integrated system there. 500 Watt-hour battery plus, you can actually get an
extended 250 Watt-hour add-on on the top there. In terms of wheels, Nico has got the DT Swiss
Hybrid E-bike wheels in there. 30 millimeters on the back and actually 30 millimeter
width up front too. And actually, here he
comes now for a chat. Right, because my French is so terrible, I’ve actually got Nico and Nico, from Giant, to translate here. (whoosh) (bell chimes)
(upbeat music) Now, Nico Quere, first of all, why have you chosen the 11-speed
on the back of the bike, rather than a, maybe expensive Eagle? (Nico speaks in a foreign language) (voice squeaking rapidly) – Nico says he breaks the 12-speed chains so he prefer to run with a 11-speeds and it’s more reliable
with a thicker chain so he prefer to run with that set-up. – So I guess with 11-speed, there’s actually a wider chain in there, it’s a more durable system. When you’re looking at the
suspension front and rear, why’ve you gone for 180
mil travel fork up front? (Nico speaks in a foreign language) (voice squeaking rapidly) – Nico says he prefer
to run with bigger fork, bigger travel fork on the front. It allows him to open the angle. – Go faster. – Okay (laughs) and he prefers to have
more stability too though, on the bike. – Hey, congratulations on being
WS International Champion. Was it a good series? – Yes, a good series. I have five race this year. – Hey, so big news recently was that there’s going to
be a EWS E-series next year. It seems Nico Vouilloz is pretty
keyed up to race that race. There’s going to be some amazing racers in the series next year. (voice squeaking rapidly) – Yeah, Nico is kind of a legends so it will be hard for
Nico Quere to beat him but he will fight with, so. – Now, a few more details on Nico’s bike. He’s actually got a reverse component, 770mm bar on here, with a 50 millimeter stem. It’s Giant’s own seat
post and seat on there. Now apparently, he keeps his chain link and a patch for a broken
tire underneath there. Some nice touches in terms of
protection on the chainstay. He’s got some Time
Speciale 8 pedals on there. (phone rings)
So, pretty much, apart from the phone, an all-out E-Enduro bike. Nico, one more question. Do you think that maybe
in the future in years, all the riders in EWS like
Sam Hill, Martin Maes, all those guys will
move to E-Enduro series? (Nico translator speaks
in foreign language) (Nico speaks in foreign language) (voice squeaks rapidly) – Nico says yeah, he thinks lot of guys will
move to the E-world series, so it will be a nice battle. – Cool, okay thanks Nico, thanks Nico, thanks very much. And sorry for my pitiful French but I need to learn it. (whoosh) So you got a pretty
special E-mountain bike, a winning E-mountain bike. A few things I didn’t actually mention were 160mm cranks on this bike and the wheels are alloy because obviously he goes
into some big battles on this bike. Let’s know your thoughts on Nico Quere’s very special Reign E-bike. If you want to see some more e-bikes, some more competition e-bikes, check out the one I did
with Adam Brayton down here and also the one with
Martin Maes on the new GT E-Force down here. Don’t forget to on the
globe to subscribe to EMBN.

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  1. a grown up french guy who doesn't speak a single word english but competes in international events. that says a lot ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I second the 11 speed explanation, actually I want a 9 speed with a beefier chain. You forgot to introduce the cameraman, Nico.

  3. look nice ,,,have bought few Gaints over the years try get gaint e bike told me they didnt have any so got a levo in shop ever other day ,,,or for few months waiting for part ddint get ride it more than 2 days this summer ,,so next e bike if i get one be gaint ,,,

  4. This video so much better than the who really cares what Henry thinks about ebikes video. Keep up the great work Steve and Chris. PS. Keep Henry off your show lol

  5. can you guys at embn do a review on the giant reign ? would like to hear your own opinions riding it , rarely see giant on your channel

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