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WFP Logger Sports: Family, Friends & Motorbike Chainsaws

WFP Logger Sports: Family, Friends & Motorbike Chainsaws

– Being a logger is not an easy job. It is a very skilled trade. And this is an excellent opportunity for people to see that. It’s an excellent opportunity for people to have fun
showing off their skills. – Throughout the summer we
get to meet up on the weekends and compete against each other. Laugh, cry. – When we pull out the big hot saws sometimes it gets a little noisy. (chainsaw roaring) – You gotta be quick with your mind. You gotta know where you’re
gonna cut and be fast. (chainsaw roaring) – Don’t worry what the person beside you is choppin’ or sawin’. Focus on what you’re doing. – In this sport it is
pretty well a big family. Dad did it. So, we grew up around here. So, just natural to kind
of jump in, and do it? (upbeat music) – If I didn’t grow up around it I probably never would have
gotten into it. – The support is awesome
here and the people love it. So, it’s nice. – There’s competitions most
weekends in the summer. And then of course there’s a whole bunch of competitions down in New Zealand and
Australia, and stuff like that, in the States. – Displaying our community pride towards this, our North island. And the way we work, it intertwines with us
being out in the bush, in the office, interacting with the people that run the businesses day-to-day. It’s part of our work, right? So, we’re all part of this. (chainsaw roaring) (upbeat music) – It’s something that I can say,
that not many people do. So, it’s interesting to most people. (upbeat music) – It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy it and
the people that do it, it’s like another family. – Just watching our families
grow and the sport grow. – There is always the
opportunity to encourage people and educate people about what forestry is. How forestry actually are built and continues to build our province.

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