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What are Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids?

It’s very important for drivers who are
driving near children to be especially careful, and for children on the road, it’s always
critical. Make sure your child wears a helmet. Make sure your child knows the rules of the
road. If you’re letting a child go out and bicycle
without you, without adult supervision, be sure they understand that they have to stay
in their bike lane and to avoid vehicles. And despite the fact that they may think they
have the right of way, those cars are awfully big and they should be very careful. We have a special obligation. When we see a child, give them room. Make them space, and don’t predict that
they’re going to do the same thing that an adult would do. The roads are shared and we have to be careful. When accidents happen we’ll investigate
them and identify the full areas of responsibility and if there is a way to help, we’re happy
to help. If you let your kids ride their bikes in the
neighborhood, teach them always to yield to the car. Even though it’s the cars obligation, it’s
not the child or the bikers’ obligation, you have to be aware that a car may not do
the exact right thing. Sometimes a car in an area where they’re
very familiar, will roll through a stop sign, will sort of slow down rather than completely
stop, and you don’t want your child to be the victim of that. When accidents happen with children in their
home neighborhoods it’s especially tragic. Very often the driver knows the child. The driver is even more impacted. And in those cases they’re so hard to manage. One of the things that we’re very careful
to do is help children who are injured or bicyclists who are injured obtain their full
value of compensation. And that requires us to look at all the different
avenues of recovery. That could include the driver. It could include the vehicle. It could include the neighborhood or the road
design. But it’s so important for children to be
especially vigilant and to be taught to be especially vigilant. To reach an attorney at Colson Hicks Eidson,
please call us at 305-476-7400. Or you can find us on the web at

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