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What Coffee Do Pro Cyclists Drink Before Racing? | GCN Asks The Pros At The 2017 Giro d’Italia

What Coffee Do Pro Cyclists Drink Before Racing? | GCN Asks The Pros At The 2017 Giro d’Italia

– Coffee is a big thing in pro cycling and in the wider cycling culture but what is the perfect
coffee to have before a race? We interviewed the Peloton
at the Giro d’Italia before stage two to find out. – It’s an Americano. Just a really good bean brewed well, stretched out a little
bit to enjoy the flavour. – Black or with milk? – Black. – I’m actually not drinking
coffee at the minute. I’m just saving it for
when I have my caffeine gel in the race, so a bit
more of a hit from it. – I like a good old filter coffee. Can’t find it here. – Whatever they serve me, yeah. I’m getting too old to care. As long as it’s got caffeine in it and it’s decent, then it’s fine for me. – Just an espresso, yeah. – To be honest, I was in
such a rush this morning I didn’t have time for a coffee. I was the last person to sign on and I’m here one minute before the start, so yeah, no coffee today but normally I always
have a double espresso, four sugars, I love sugar in my coffee. – Do you think you’re
gonna notice the difference in the first few km? – Oh for sure. But you know, it’s the Giro so just the Giro enough is enough to get your heart
rate going and I’ll be ready. – The best coffee, I take at
the Segafredo bus every time. – What coffee? Espresso, very Italian. Espresso okay, you can have
a cappuccino in breakfast, and it’s the only espresso. No cappuccino after noon, okay? – I drink, I rather do
espresso with Rocket espresso, and then I add water in it
and make it a bit longer. – In Italy the perfect cappuccino. It’s nothing better than that. – In the mornings I usually have about one or two coffees at breakfast. Whatever there is in the
hotel or the restaurant, and usually one or two on the bus. – So, Joe, what is your
favourite way to have a coffee? – In the morning at home
I like to make cappuccino, typically two, and then I’ll do an espresso
sometimes after my ride, it depends. – And skim milk or full fat? – Full fat for sure. And on the race I bring an aeropress, and a hand grinder and beans. – I’m gonna plug Rocket
espresso right now. At home, basically just a little cortado what we call it in Spain
or a caffè macchiato. – Okay, and do you have
to bring a setup with you when you’re on the road as
well just to control that? – No, no, we’re in Italy. So, it’s pretty easy
to get a good espresso, and they can do a little bit of froth, so it’s not too bad. – Full fat or skim milk? – Full fat.
– Always? – Always full fat. I always basically said that the skim milk is a waste of time. – So, there we have it. The Giro Pro Peloton opinion on the ultimate coffee to have
before you get on your bike, in this case before stage two of the Giro d’Italia in Sardinia. The headlines, probably you should have black coffee, and if you’re gonna have
milk, have full fat. I actually wasn’t expecting that, I was expecting them to go for skim milk. Let us know which coffee
you have before you ride down in the comments. If you’d like to subscribe to GCN there is a logo on screen right now, and there’s also a link
to our shop on screen too. To see a video where Matt Stephens asked the Pro Peloton how many coffees they have before they get
on their bike before a race, click right there, and to see all the other
videos from the 2017 Giro just click down there. Give this one a thumbs
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100 comments on “What Coffee Do Pro Cyclists Drink Before Racing? | GCN Asks The Pros At The 2017 Giro d’Italia

  1. I make a cappuccino at 4:30 everyday. I think my wife would prefer me drinking a black coffee instead

  2. Fat is the superior fuel. Fat Americano for me: 1/2 oz MCT oil & 2 tbsp grass fed butter with two double shots and coconut milk if I'm feeling fancy. Tip: enhance the flavor of your espresso with a pinch of salt in the espresso before you pull the shot.

  3. Surprised to see everyone is a Caffeine freak like me!… We same same different faces but same same…

  4. If I drink coffee it makes me bonk. Why? and am I alone here? I presume it's because it a diuretic and dehydrates me. #askgcn

  5. you cant foam skimmed milk either- but milk in coffee means you cant smell it, the proteins bind to the tannins or something like that

  6. They pros live on beetroot and celery juice. Cavandish smashes a litre or two of it immediately after every sprint, probably beforehand too. It's no secret that it's performance enhancing. Far more potent than coffee.

  7. The only thing I look forward to, waking up, is my espresso and glass of water. Simple lad in a simple village!

  8. Tend to avoid coffee pre-ride because don't want to encourage bathroom breaks mid ride. A caffeinated energy drink and maybe post ride coffee!

  9. so NONE of them pop a nice simple caffeine pill? i'd do that, and even carry a spare one or two to pop during a ride. far more efficient.

  10. i mix instant coffee with my protein shake tbh 😛 and i dont drink many protein shakes. or i will have a plain black coffee from where ever

  11. Before and after my ride .. a 3 cap caffettiera with illy dark roasted caffe on it .. you can bit that S…. m8 👌

  12. Great topic = happy interviewees 🙂 double espresso for me unless I've got bags of time then an americano.

  13. My club does a Sunday ride where we stop at a coffee shop and then ride back. Double espresso for me.

  14. May be a silly question. The one headphone on the riders is that a radio for comms or for listening to music?

  15. At my age, coming up on 62 this year, …..I burn A LOT of calories just to keep the pedals moving at a glacial pace, so I abuse coffee and it's always, ALWAYS…..Full Fat!!!

  16. We need a Cannondale bus tour immediately! Joe Drombrowski has to carry his own coffee kit??? Unbelievable! Get Matt over there NOW.

  17. My cousin and I once did a 54 mile ride, the route of which was cleverly designed to pass by every Peet's Coffee shop in Marin County, California.

    We stopped in at each location and had an espresso. I believe I had 10 espressos that day. That doesn't include the 2 double espressos I had before leaving the house that morning.

    I don't like coffee, I LOVE it!

  18. Did I really just (at 1:24) hear Manuel Quinzatiato – a native Italian – say "eXpresso" before explaining that a real Italian does not drink cappuccino in the afternoon? A world is falling apart for me!

  19. Letchi Letchi! you can only find it local in Grand Canaria (spanish island). Best to be taken middle of the ride at local coffee shop (sweet)

  20. Loved this!
    BTW for me it's espresso. Capuccino only on day off I don't want to have milk before training!

  21. I now live in Italy, coffee here is life, everyone drinks it , nearly. I have two or three Americanos every day and sometimes if I go into Gioia del Colle , my local town, I will have an expresso or maybe another Americano. All freshly brewed!

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