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What Do You Eat For Breakfast? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

What Do You Eat For Breakfast? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

– This is GCN at the Giro d’Italia 2018, and we thought we would ask the riders what they had for breakfast. (crowd cheering) (soft upbeat music) Ryan, I would like to know, what did you have for breakfast today? – I had an omelette and I
had some oats and a banana. – How many eggs in the omelette? – Two. – Porridge and an omelette
and some bread with honey. – Oats, porridge. – What did you have for breakfast? (laughs) – It’s porridge with some omelette. – Weetabix, every day. – Awesome. Think carefully before you
answer, because it is a big deal. What did you eat for breakfast? – I had some white rice, very exciting. I had some raspberries, a
little bit more exciting. – How many raspberries? – A good spoonful, a good
big spoonful, and some oats, two scrambled eggs, and
three little rice cakes. – Pasta. – Really? – I started off with a bread
roll and then came back for a pre-race meal of
pasta and an omelette. – Anything on your pasta, or just plain? – Just cheese and olive oil. – Omelette and some porridge. – How many eggs in your omelette? – Three. – I had a crepe with some
quark cheese along the bottom, spread out, then almond butter
circled around the edge, with homemade granola from the chef, all lined up, pomegranate, blackberries, strawberries, and then honey on top. – That is a breakfast, that is amazing. What was the– – It’s nice. – I have to say, I would be
trying to steal that breakfast. What was the crepe made of? Was it a wheat crepe or was
it special, gluten-free? – It could be buckwheat, I’m
not really sure on that one. – You don’t care. – I don’t really care, the
flour doesn’t really matter. It just has to be a crepe. – As a good Spanish guy,
I had bread with tomato, some omelette, and then some oats, and of course a coffee. – How many eggs in your omelette? – Three, today three. Because it’s a hard stage,
so I have to be ready. – For breakfast, an
omelette and some oatmeal. – How many eggs? – Three. – Okay, Alex, what did
you have for breakfast? – Bircher, bircher muesli and an omelette. – I honestly thought
you said bird (bleep). (laughs) – But our Chef here, Paolo cooked some, cooked, you don’t cook bircher, but makes a really good
bircher, and for me it’s it’s a lot nicer than
the usual pasta or rice. – It is an important question, most important meal of the day. You know, I kept it pretty boring today, just because I wanted to be light, so our nutritionist has this low-res diet that he has us on
occasionally for key stages, and it was rice, yogurt, a bun, and eggs. Very uninteresting. – No, that’s very interesting. You’re the most scientific
answer I’ve had all day. How many eggs? – Two. – I can tell you exactly what I had for breakfast this morning. I had two slices of, like,
semi-high-fiber spelt bread, plain two-egg omelette with mashed
banana, honey on top of it. – In the omelette? – On top of it. – On top of the omelette, you had banana? – Yeah, yeah, I only do sweet breakfasts. – Some porridge, some
pasta, with a little bit of avocado, prosciutto, and omelette. – All mixed together or separate? – No, no, separate. – What did you eat for breakfast today? – An omelette, a bit of porridge,
and a toast with marmalade. – All mixed together or separately? – Oh no, separately, come on. – We just had someone who
put banana in his omelette. – Yeah, that’s weird. – Yeah, how many eggs in your omelette? – Two. – Well, that was fascinating. A lot of very exciting breakfasts, but a common theme, I think, of eggs. If you’d like to see some
more videos like this, why not check out this one from Abu Dhabi, where Dan asked the pros
how many bikes they own.

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  1. You'd all be surprised at what little you need to eat to perform. One meal a day is the way forward, no need to eat 3 times and snack all day. Even as a professional cyclist.

  2. Chris Hamilton of Team Sunweb with the mash banana and honey on top of his eggs; "I only do sweet breakfasts!" Absolutely golden!

  3. Pro tip: two eggs some oatmeal and a cup of rice topped with a shot of espresso mix in a blender. Puts the fast in your breakfast

  4. To put this all into context, I’d be curious to know what time of day and how much time before the start they eat breakfast? Also what stage this was before (climbing, sprint, rolling)? Dora’s what they eat change based on the stage profile?

  5. I'm having cookies, coffee and a banana for breakfast while I'm watching this. Let's say my breakfast ain't eggcellent. BTW, awesome job, team!

  6. eggs hast best protein and healthy fats, i eat 8- 10Yolk for one meal, yolk are best because has mostly protein fats and Vitamins is yolk, read about this and yolk is Alkali

  7. coffee, multigrain oats and a half cup of blueberries. Sunday morning post ride is always a big waffle with blueberries and syrup.

  8. No joke…. A breakfast of Combination Pizza seams to give me the right blend of Carbs and Proten for a long days ride =)

  9. Just a note to chime in and say Emma is a fantastic addition to the team. She is a perfect choice and it's nice to see her in the mix.

  10. Funny how a guy shared some scientific research regarding eggs consumption and cancer risk and GCN eradicated all of his comments. GCN, can't you stand the truth? The whole video was cherry picked, so that each and every rider said that he had eggs for breakfast. We all know that there are riders who were interviewed and did not say they ate eggs, but they were not included in the video. GCN is becoming a sensored media just like TV.

  11. If anyone wants tips on burning fat, take note of what they’re all eating for breakfast as a start. Eggs and porridge 👌🏾

  12. Good video Emma – it would be interesting to hear what quantities they have of oats in the morning and how long before racing. Also what they add to them so we can see a rough calorie count pre race…

  13. Nice to know, with zero sports science behind me, I've been getting it right all these years – porridge, eggs and randomly scattered honey and banana… now if only I was burning 3 thousand calories every day everything would be okay…

  14. Fairly immaterial what you have for breakfast. New research says that carb loading the day before or a couple of hours before an event doesn't have that much effect. However a carb rich diet during the 4 to 5 days prior does. So I'm sure those guys have an extremely well balanced diet throughout the entire season, not just porridge breakfasts. 😉

  15. Learn about the egg industry and why elite athlete that know about nutrition are choosing not to eat them for both health and ethical reasons. I recommend typing in why vegans don't eat eggs. These athletes gain no performance from eating eggs in fact they are detrimental to their performance.

  16. Really interesting to see where the pros are at in term of pre-ride nutrition (for a f*#king mental day of cycling, admittedly!). Seems that 2 or 3 egg omelette and porridge is the current state of the art!

  17. Lots of carbs for breakfast……..but eggs 🍳 in America government funding for advertising of eggs is allowed as long as it is truthful and doesn’t break the law but it’s unlawful to advertise them as healthy or nutritious because it wouldn’t be true of stand up scrutiny in a court of law. So have the nutritionists got it right or is there room for improvement? 😉🌶🌶

  18. A tip for Emma to slowdown when she speaks. I have been binge watching GCN videos and I find her videos annoying simply because she speaks a bit too fast. I thought its only when she is cycling that she is out of breath but no I think that is just how she speaks in general.

  19. So there we have it from the other video Breakfast 2 to 3 cups of Espresso and 2 to 3 Egg Omlette followed on by oats? Really in that order?

  20. Never thought I would have enjoyed a breakfast report video. Emma's reactions to banana covered omelette definitely helped.

  21. I just wish one of these guys would say, "So I had Snickers and a Coke and a box of something by Hostess."

  22. For guys worried about cardiovascular function there's a lot of eggs there…

  23. Would of been epic if one of them said something like " Some E.P.O, HGH, and omelate topped with cocaine" ..nobody has a sense of humor anymore

  24. Riders in very old times, say, before Fausto Coppi used to eat all these proteins for breakfast! But it was meat…
    I thought pasta and rice were dominating as a breakfast food, but I realize they consume hundreds of eggs a year 😨

  25. Ha i loved this one. Emma totally gets the best answers. the guys have done these and she trumped them for sure. Everyone likes talking to a great girl!

  26. David de la Cruz as a good spanish guy… speaks a good English!!! jajaj un campechano!! ànim crack!!!

  27. I love it! When I was growing up my Mom usually made me eggs and oatmeal (porridge) before an all day track meet. Mother knows best!

  28. Nice how everyone interviewed said the same thing. Eggs. Wasn't the way you cut/screened the answers for sure 😀

  29. Great video Alex Dowsett rules.
    It could be interesting one video about the rest of the day after one stage, what they eat, what they do and all about the preparation of the next stage.
    Greetings from Colombia

  30. 3 bananas mashed up mix with 2 eggs to make pancakes cooked in coconut oil or butter ( don’t cook with olive oil )

  31. Before a race I eat banana some shitty oat bar or something like that (Cliff) peanut butter and if I can find some chocolate and I'm set. But I never have time almost to eat with being married and kids.

  32. I didn’t have any milk for my bran flakes so I had vanilla yoghurt and bran flakes. The yoghurt was so thick it could be sculpted 😂

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