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What Do You Like To Do? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

What Do You Like To Do? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

What do you like to do? I like dancing, but I don’t like dancing with a bear I like swimming, but I don’t like swimming in the air I like drawing, but I don’t like drawing with a spoon I like cooking, but I don’t like cooking on the moon I like riding a bike, but I don’t like riding a shark I like petting a soft furry dog, but I don’t like petting an aardvark I like running, but I don’t like running with a bee I like painting, but I don’t like painting in a tree I like reading, but I don’t like reading upside down I like skiing, but I don’t like skiing on a merry-go-round I like playing hide ‘n seek, but I don’t like playing hide ‘n sleep I like singing with all my friends, but I don’t like singing with a sheep Baaa What do you like to do? Baaa

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  2. Like si estás viendo esto para aprender inglés

    Y eres muy grande para ver esto pero no importa
    You can do it

  3. I’m not mother tongue, what’s the animal at 0:56 and how is it spelled? I like to sing this song to my baby but I really don’t get that part!
    Amazing videos Super Simple, I’ve learnt so many songs from your channel, thank you ❤️ graphics are really high quality, too! It’s not so obvious to have such pleasant animation

  4. This song is really amazing, i would watch it everyday!
    Its very active and Playful!
    Sincerely Amazing!
    Please make a part 2!

    I really like how the content is original, and the music makes you wanna sing and dance!

  5. does anyone know the guitar chord for all super simple song … please please share ,,, million thanks

  6. Thank youso much for sharing your songs and unfreezing activities!!! I can use these in my class!!! Thank you…

  7. Thanks so much for watching! You can find more great videos for young learners in the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

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