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What Does 2017 Have In Store For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 96

What Does 2017 Have In Store For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 96

– I’m a nervous Blake cause I’m near you. – Oh no. (laughs) – It’s cause I’m near you, I’m nervous. I think you’re sexy.
– You’re making me nervous. – Welcome to the Dirt Shed show where, this week, we’re gonna be meeting our new presenter. And we’re gonna be getting some tech from Scotty, in the workshop. – [Neil] Plus, we’ve got loads of 2017 team news. And all the usual bike vault, shout outs, (exhales loudly) it goes on, I don’t, (laughs) – It’s the Dirt Shed Show. (energetic music) – So, yes, you may have noticed, we’ve got a new presenter. This guy,
– I’ve noticed, yeah. – Blake Samson, isn’t he a lump? – He’s like this. – Isn’t he a lump?
– Like this. – So Blake, tell the viewers, tell the viewers of the Dirt Shed Show, something they won’t know. – I hate onions. (scream) – Is that right?
– You hate onions. – Yes. – Well, that’s good to know, I guess. – It is, yeah. And what are you looking forward to doing on the channel? – Oh, bringing air time, tricks, and getting to know you guys. – [Martyn] I can do that.
– [Neil] Yes, like it. – [Blake] Teach Neil
how to back flip, maybe. – Maybe,
– Ooh. – I’d love to see that. – Love to see it.
– Note to self. So, that’s some news from GMBN, but what’s happening in
mountain biking, Neil? – Well, there’s absolutely loads of team news at the moment, obviously it’s the New Year, so a big one is Radon releasing their downhill team and their cross country team. So, Manon Carpenter, friend of the show, – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Neil] And at Christmas,
is riding Radon. – [Martyn] And also on
Radon is Mathias Fluckiger, cross country top rider, really good to see him
making a change, as well. – Yeah, amazing. – And my buddy, Matt Jones, he’s moved from his Banshee to now, Marin. – Marin, if you’re from California. – Or Marin, sorry. – Yeah, cool too, good job Blake. All right, loads of team news, Yoann Barelli’s left Giant, he’s gone to Commencal and Dakine. And on Giant is Eliot
Jackson and Jacob Dickson, I’m having to look at my list, there’s so many. The Canyon Team, new Canyon downhill team, they’ve not announced the riders yet, but there’s a silhouette of the pictures of the riders. – [Blake] Yeah, I recognise, I recognise some of those riders. – [Neil] Uhm, I think maybe it’s Ruaridh Cunningham, Troy Brosnan, and Mark Wallace. – Oh, there you go.
– That’s an exiting team. – Pretty strong rumours, and Loris Vergier is on Santa Cruz. – Whoa.
– Ooh. – That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? – That’s big news, that’s big news, yeah. – I have noticed also, Neil, that now that some riders
are changing teams, some of your favourite
things are happening. The goodbye videos. – Oh, love these. (laughs) Hashtag roll my eyes. – [Martyn] What have you got against them? – Who cares? (laughs) I just wanna know where they’re going, – [Blake] Yeah, not where
they’ve, yeah, yeah. – [Martyn] Goodbye videos is a new trend. – [Neil] Old news. – Right, let’s look at some top comments. – Right, my favourite
comment of the week is Alex Claudiu. Says pull your pants up, Scott Laughland – Is he wearing his pants a bit low? – Bit low, a little way
– Yeah, I don’t want it. Pretty cool. – I’ve got a good one from Callum Spencer, he thinks the best way to
clean your drivetrain is to number one, wait for your
mum/wife/girlfriend to go out, two, strip your drivetrain off your bike, three, put it in the dishwasher. – Oh, yeah, that’s a good one. – Genius.
– I like that one. – Would that work? – I’m gonna say it actually worked. – Oh, it sounds destructive.
– Hack. – Someone try it and let us know, although we’re not
responsible for the results. Uhm, and my favourite
comment this week is from David Scott, he says, I think Neil needs to
revisit his how to wheelie or which mountain bike should I buy videos because, uh, you
definitely didn’t have the right bike for your game of bike, – That’s hard. – And your wheelies were not on top form. – You know what, it is
quite hard to wheelie, in my defence, with a
– Really? – with a plus bike. – Yeah, well maybe we
should put that to the test. What’s harder, wheelie-ing
a plus bike or a fat bike? Is that what you meant?
– Yes, let’s try it. – So 2016 is done, it’s
over, forget about it 2017, what are we looking forward to in mountain biking this year? – Whistler, Crankworx. – [Martyn] Yes, yes. – [Blake] I can’t wait to go back. – [Neil] It’s gonna be fun. In a couple of weeks, actually, is this really cool event going on in Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s called McGazza Fest. Three day event with loads of group rides, things like that, to celebrate the life of Kelly McGarry. – And parties.
– It looks brilliant. Everyone welcome at that one, it’s gonna be an epic festival. And there’s one thing, a movie coming up that we’re
all looking forward to, shall we say it on three, two, one, – [Together] Death Grip. – Oh, can’t wait. Cannot wait to see Death Grip. And that’s one big thing
to look forward to in 2017. And, of course, all the World Cup racing, and no Olympics to mess
it all up this year. It’s gonna be good. Progression Session, one
of our favourite bits when we get to see all of your riding and how you’re improving. And I’m dedicating this
week’s Progression Session to Leo MacDonald, he’s having a bit of a
tough time at the moment, so this one’s for you, bro. I hope you enjoy it. What have we got, Blake? – We’ve got Owen Mapleton,
he sent in this video. Or, actually, his friend Alexander. – Like that, his friend sent it in. – His friend sent it in. He sent us this clip in of
him doing a huge road gap. – Oh, let’s have a
look, let’s have a look. – [Blake] Ready, here he comes. – [Martyn] Comin in hot. – [Neil] Here he goes.
– [Martyn] It’s a good gap. – Where’s he coming
from, between them trees? – Absolutely nails it, as well. – Yeah, lands on the sweet spot. – Let’s have another look
at that, that was nice. Man, he’s coming in fast, as well. How far do you think that is? – 25 feet?
– Good job, Owen. – The next one comes from David Cherat and he’s doing his best imitation of Matt Hunter, it’s on that very same corner where Matt’s dragging his hand. – Oh, that is a good shot. – Actually he says,
David says, it took him ten attempts but he does actually do it, so check this out. – Have a look then, he
doesn’t get his hand down. – [Blake] Dragging his arm in the dirt. It still looks the same. – [Neil] Yes, that’s him too, isn’t it? – [Blake] Ooh. – [Martyn] It was down, wasn’t it? – [Neil] Yeah, slo mo. – [Martyn] Look at that.
– [Blake] Look at that. – [Neil] His forearm’s in the dirt. – [Blake] Don’t often
get to do that, do you? – [Neil] Awesome, wow. – That’s it for Progression Session. If you’re improving on your bike, then we wanna know about it. So send us in your videos
to [email protected] – But wait,
– What’s that? – I’ve got something that can help you, – Oh yeah?
– Take a look at this Right, my new thing. First Try Friday, this could be riding a trail, doing a
trick, doing a jump, anything. I’ve got a new bike, I’m gonna do some tricks on it. If you send us all your videos, to Facebook, you could be on the next Dirt Shed show. First Try Friday! – Instabangerz. I think we should all follow Canyon Bikes as that cryptic picture of
their new downhill team, but we all know them anyway. – What you got Blake? – I’ve got Reilly Horan,
he’s my good friend, I’ve ridden with him at Nine Knights, and he does tricks on downhill bikes, like front flips, he is so good. – [Martyn] Sounds like a good fellow, I’ve got a photo to post from someone I’ve shown a photo on Instbangerz
before, Ali Clarkson. Really interesting though, he’s testing out a
home-made tubeless system, which I think’s really cool. So it’s definitely worth a look. Just showing you some
posts of how that’s going. – Viewer edits, I love this bit. This is where we can see your creations. Time for you to become a movie star. – Yeah, first one comes from Thomas Heap he’s riding Esher Woods, do
y’know that’s one I like. – Let’s have a look. – [Martyn] Oh, there’s some big gaps. – [Neil] Yeah, yeah that’s cool. He’s only 14 years old, he’s made a film on his GoPro, – [Martyn] Fourteen? – [Neil] Yeah, big fan
of the channel and he’s hitting some cool jumps. – [Martyn] He’s got some skills. Right, I’m gonna show
you a video from Ollie, and his mate, Leo, over
the Christmas holidays made this riding video where they are and basically had a great time, in the leaves. – Let’s take a look at this one. And get a look, they’ve
worked out in the rains. – [Martyn] It looks pretty slippy. – [Neil] It’s pretty slippy day. – [Martyn] It is wet. I remember though, back in the day, going out
over the Christmas holidays and riding, used to be so much fun. – [Blake] I went for a
little mountain bike ride on Christmas Day.
– [Neil] Did you? – [Blake] Yeah.
– [Martyn] That’s keen. – [Blake] Nice, nice edit. – [Neil] I like the
leaves, colours are good. – Love seeing your viewer edits, you’re basically movie
stars when you’ve made it into this section of the show. And, obviously, the link
to your videos will be in the description and
you’re gonna get millions of viewers now.
– Millions. – Which is great, that’s great news. If you wanna be in viewer edits
and a movie star yourself, then send it to [email protected] – Now it’s time for tech of the week, and it comes from Scott in
our Park Tools workshop. – Okay, so welcome to
Tech of the Week and, now, keeping on that sort of rumours
mill seeing team change, I really spotted in social media. And whilst no announcement has been made, it looks like Specialized
Factory Racing are swapping to Ohlin suspension. Now this is quite a big move, we know that they’re
obviously well regarded in multi sport, they do motorcycle stuff, off road stuff, but this is a big jump
into mountain biking. And having a team like Specialized, can only be a good thing for them. So, I don’t really know
too much about this, so I actually went and did
a little bit of research, had a look at their suspension, what they had to offer. And the first one that
I want to talk about is the shocks. It’s TX22 shock, you’ve
got your high speed and your low speed compression adjustment, you’ve got your external rebound control, and it’s a coil sprung as well. It’s very similar to
that Float X2 from Flox. You might have seen it
or you might even have tried it, if you’re lucky enough to. In the sense that it’s
got so much adjustment, but it’s really subtle, and really smooth at
the start of the stroke before ramping up. And this comes up in a coil, or an air version. So let’s talk about that
fork for the Enduro races we’ll be running. Well, it’s a RFX fork. You’ve got your low speed and
your high speed compression, you’ve also got your rebound, it’s an air spun fork, 36 millimetre chassis. And now, this takes a
lot of the technology that Ohlins are using in their shock, the twin tubing, and just to make it really smooth in that start of the stroke before it can ramp up, being an air fork. But what is really interesting about this, is the fact that they
don’t actually manufacture a downhill fork yet. Yes, they do make cartridges that can go in your Fox 40 or even in your Boxxer, and we’ve seen them being
World Cup ridden already. But is this really their
chance to develop a fork alongside Loic Bruni? Well, we’ll have to wait
and see for the actual fact, but the evidence is, that Bruni is really
renowned for his testing. He is so vigorous, working with his mechanic, Jack Racing, to really get the suspension dialled in. And, maybe, this is just what Ohlins needs to actually break through. But we have actually
seen they’ve already done an inverted fork. Whether that worked, or not, or whether it will ever make production, well, we’re gonna have to wait and see. Okay, it’s time for Hack and Bodge. And the first one, this,
comes from Warner Stevens. He’s obviously got me in mind
when he sent this one in, because he knows how
much I like my 60 to 80 grammes of carbohydrates. And when you’re out on a ride, sometimes you just need a snack. He’s riding until he absolutely bonks, but he’s got a pork pie
right on top of his stem. Now, personally, I’m not a pork pie fan, but I have got this pasty right here. Chicken and bacon, and I think it’s gonna be delicious. I’m gonna have a bite
and then head back down to the Dirt Shed. – Right, nice tech Scott. Thanks mate. So how is that pork pie? – Good. – I’ve actually got
another Hack and Bodge here from Felix Grangerard. Don’t know if you can see, he’s used a little bit of tape to mount his GoPro, – [Scott] Just a little bit. – [Martyn] on his suspension angle. – [Blake] I think he may
have overtaped, there? – [Neil] Why do you wanna see that? – [Blake] What do you think, Scott? – [Scott] I don’t think he
wants to drink his water. – Water for Scott, water for Scott. To get us in the mood for Fails and Bails, I’ve got this photo of
Gary Riggs’s collarbone. It’s in a right state. He sent it in especially for you, Neil, to prove that he is now
a real mountain biker. – He’s more of a mountain
biker than me, I think, looking at that photo, so well done – He’s made a right mess of it. – That’s a lot of screws. – And this one right here,
is from Maxy Morrison, and he’s got a few stitches. – [Martyn] And blood in the Dirt Shed. – I’ve got one from
David Cordero, and he’s doing a huge road gap, and he’s 45 foot. – Let’s have a look. – [Neil] He’s coming in fast. – [Blake] He is, hay bales? – [Neil] He isn’t fast enough for 45 foot. – [Scott] B.S. on the 45 foot. (laughs) – [Martyn] Scott’s calling
you out on this one, he’s not sure. – [Neil] That is one big crash, though. – [Martyn] It is, he does
let it get away, at that. – [Blake] Again, another angle. – He kinda doesn’t get away with it. – No.
– Not really. – I mean, in the fact that he survived. Well, if that wasn’t enough
to get you in the mood, here’s some more, Fails and Bails action. Run VT. (lighthearted music) – I’m gonna throw to this
video from Bas Van Steenbergen, the Steenbergen brothers,
Thomas Vanderham, Brett Rheeder, Ryan
Howard is absolutely sick. It’s guaranteed to get
you amped for riding, so you should definitely,
100 percent, check it out. – I’m gonna throw to
Chris Akrigg, at it live, where he’s riding his trial bike. Almost looks like the
most technical downhill track you’ve ever seen,
the way he rides it. And I think he has wet
feet at the end of it. – Yeah, I wanna get you
guys doing a game of bike next to him. – Ooh.
– Uhh. – Just take the bike now, okay? – What’ve you got Blake? – Well, I’ve got my friend, Ben Deakin, is his show reel from the whole 2016. There’s a lot of funny
things that go on there. And he travels the world. – [Neil] Great video, that one. – And I’m gonna throw to
this vid from Tom Cardy, who is dirt jump rider from the UK. He’s got some really cool street skills, takes some ramps out on the street and does some pretty rad stuff, definitely worth having a look. – Okay, we’ve been
looking forward to this, it’s time for the Blake quiz. Because you’re a new presenter, and we wanna get to know what you’re like. But we also wanna know, what do you know about the
presenters that are already here? So, I’ve designed this quiz,
and you’re gonna like this, because if you get questions right, you get to have a bite,
you’re a bit of a fruit buff, of a lovely apple.
– Ohh. Oh that’s nice, Pink Ladies. – [Martyn] Yes, you like them don’t you? – Oh I do, yes. – Now, if you get a
question wrong, (laughs) you get to have a bite of a lovely onion. – You just said how much you liked onions. – I hate onions. – I know. So, without further ado, let’s uh, ado, ado, let’s get into the quiz, so, first question, Blake, how many times has Neil won
the UK Gravity Enduro Series? – Oh my (beep), uhm, Three. – Ooh, almost.
– Oh, gosh. – (laughs) Two. – Oh, you, no.
– Just two. – Just have a bite of an onion – Is that onion?
– No, come on. Just have a bite. Bite that onion. – Has he got to swallow it all, as well? – He’s gotta eat it, yeah. (laughing together) – Next question, right, true or false, Scott has a verified Tinder account. – Oh, I dunno. True. – You won’t get this right, it’s – False. (buzzer rings) Some more onion. (laughing together) – Next question. – That stinks. – What year did Neil
win the Junior Downhill National Championships? – Oh, it’s a long time ago. – 1972. – I want you to get it right, but it’s not (buzzer sounds). It’s,
– 99 – 1999
– It’s burning my throat. – That’s what it should do (laughs) Next question, what was Scott’s first
ever trials mountain bike? – Scott?
– No. – I was pointing to Scott. – Okay, so let’s hear you answer. – Monty. – Ooh, wrong. (buzzer sounds) It was a Megamo. – A what?
– Megamo. – Megamo, everyone likes Megamos. – I’m gonna start crying,
now, I want apples. – I’m already crying. – I’m crying with laughter. – He’s really doing it, it’s really cruel. Next question, what brand
of bikes did Neil road race before starting at GMBN? – A what? The onions are taking over my senses. – Say a bike brand. – Uhm, I don’t wanna eat another bite. – Go for it. (laughs) – Shall we give him a clue?
– Yes. – It’s also the name of a place. – That’s a good clue. – Road bike? – No, a mountain bike, this
is a mountain bike show. – It’s horrible. – [Director] What brand
is the name a place? – Rocky Mountain. (laughing together) (buzzer sounds) – Bite the onion. – Come on, chop, chop. – This game is horrible. – It’s the best game, the best game. – I don’t want to. – Next question, true or false, Neil has
appeared on the children’s TV programme, Blue Peter? – True.
– Yes (bell rings) (laughing together) – Can I take another one? – That’s enough, that’s enough. – Right, next question, What was Scott’s race bike
for 2014, 2015 race season in the EWS?
– Giant. – No. (buzzer rings) It was a Cube. – Everyone knows that, his
race stuff is just up there. Come on, why don’t you try
one of those other ones? – No, I’m at the skin
on this one. (sniffs) (laughing together) – Takes such massive bites. How is that?
– Horrible. – Right, next question. Which Sprung video was
Neil on the cover of? – That’s a hard question. One, two, three, four, or five? Correct. – Next question, how did
Scott break his collarbone in 2014, probably on Tinder. – Flip it, I don’t know? Riding a bike? – Yes. – We need more. – In a race? – Yes. (bell rings) I’m gonna let you have
a bite of the apple, cause I feel a little bit sorry for you. So you go on, you enjoy, you
enjoy that bite of the apple. – Last question. – [Director] What was the
detail you were looking for? – It was on a tree. Straight into a tree.. – Aww, nasty. All right, last question. Last question is this
one, I’m gonna go with, What was Scott’s most
viewed video on GMBN? – Oh, all of them. – No, that’s not good enough,
we need the name of the video. Cause you’ve watched ’em all, right? – All the Dirt Sheds. – I’m not very hopeful at this moment. – There’s a few more videos than that. – There’s a few other vids we’ve put out. – Oh, uhm,
– Like, – Carpark one? – Ooh (exhales loudly)
– Is that right? That’s sort of right. – The rock one.
– Close, uh, – Stop talking. – Not the rock one, but
it was in a car park. – It’s not the rock one, got
it wrong, eat some more onion. (buzzer rings) – You finish that onion,
really enjoy the core. – Welcome to the channel, Blake. Okay, let’s get serious, it’s time for the Bike
Vault, let’s get in there. Right, first one here from
Jacob Park in Colorado. That’s nice. – I really like that.
– I like it, nice. – Stealthy looking bike.
– It’s nice. – It’s all right.
– It’s all right, it’s nice. – It’s a nice. – Is that the same bike? – It’s another nice, I think. – 3,250 metres high. – I think Scott’s right, it’s a nice. – Yeah, it’s nice.
– That’s quite harsh. – Well, two bikes in the vault. Liam and Rob, in the snow, there. (all talking at once) – It’s still just a nice, from me. – Favouritism, local favouritism. It’s still a nice. – Ooh, Simon Chan. – Go on a wild burn then. – I’m gonna give the
first super nice of 2017, Simon Chan gets it. – Nice, very good.
– Agreed, super nice. – Well the angle’s a
bit wrong, for a start. – I think he tried to
get the steeple thingy. – Richard Bagshot, you’ve
confused us with the angle. – You going uphill? – That’s nice.
– It’s a nice. – (laughs) How did he it in there? – Hanging in the tree,
hanging in the tree. – How’d he hit that jump? – I hope Nicholas Kerkoff
isn’t up in that tree, as well. – It’s a Grand Canyon. – It’s a nice.
– Nice. – Well now, see I don’t agree with this. Just parking a bike outside
your house and taking a photo. – Did he get it for Christmas? – Oh, it could be a Christmas present. – Could be a Christmas
present, that’s why it’s out. – Oh, it’s pretty cool. He’s just been watching
my 30 minute bike wash. – It’s a nice Christmas present. – It’s a nice, yeah, he’s done
a nice job of washing it too. – Sam Butler Woodhouse – At Laguna Beach, in California. – I’ve ridden there.
– Love it. – That trail is amazing. – Tell you what.
– Super nice for the location. – I’m gonna give that super
nice cause I love that place. – Super nice location. – Ooh, that’s a track,
an old school track. – That is a really big bike. – That’s a proper. – They must be 26 inch wheels,
nine speed gears from XTR I’m gonna go for just a nice on that one. Framing’s good but,
it’s just a nice for me. – I’ve, that’s San Francisco. – Marin headlands.
– Yes. – [Blake] Well, that’s my
first ever, Dirt Shed show. Hopefully, not my last. But there’s one thing that
I wanna see on the Shed, and that’s Pin The Trail
cause I haven’t seen a pin in Zimbabwe.
– Yes. Send one to [email protected]
if you’ve got a good one. Click down there, they’ll
take you through to the latest GMBN bloopers. – And perhaps as one of
your resolutions for 2017 you want to climb 1,000 metres. Well, Blake and I have
got some tips for that, so click just down there to watch that one. – And click on the logo to subscribe, you’ll get a brand new video from GMBN every day of the week. – Obviously, if you like
Dirt, give us a thumbs up. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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