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What Is Carb Cycling? (And Why It’s Worth Trying Out)

What Is Carb Cycling? (And Why It’s Worth Trying Out)

all right everyone will top I’m hoping
you can hear me there’s a bit of wind and I don’t have my winds protector on
so hopefully you can still hear me but I’m sure you can if this video is up and
you’re watching it right now anyway so today we’re gonna be talking about
something called carb cycling so I’m going to talk about what carb cycling is
why people do it and whether there’s any point in doing it yourself
so carb cycling is basically changing the amount of carbohydrates that you’re
consuming based on a specific day for example a typical carb cycling diet
would include higher carbohydrate consumption and also more calories on
days when you’re working out while you consume less calories and less
carbohydrates on days err you’re resting and sometimes even little to no
carbohydrates perhaps on a day where you’re completely sedentary so that’s
the basic idea of what carb cycling involves so what’s the logic behind carb
cycling why not just do a low carb diet or a high carb diet and eat the same
amount of protein what’s the point of cycling on and off your carbs well first
of all we have to point out the obvious and the obvious is that this may just
work better for you you may simply just enjoy cycling on and off carbs for
whatever reason perhaps you just feel better your mind works better when you
do that you prefer it for whatever reason if that’s your personal
preference go ahead and do it but now I’m going to briefly explain the logic
behind it for most our fitness gurus which advocate doing carb cycling so
most carb cycling advocates are gonna tell you to do it so that you can lose
fat and minimize muscle loss and also gain muscle and minimize fat gain so the
basic idea is that because you’re consuming carbohydrates you’re able to
maximize your workout performance you’re able to prevent muscle loss which will
be increased typically on a low-carb diet and at the same time you’re able to
increase fat loss because you’re going to be consuming less carbs on rest days
that’s going to lower insulin and that’s going to increase fat loss but is this
logic really true does the science actually support this
so the truth is that carb cycling is going to allow you to lose weight faster
than the diet which is equal in calories but higher in carbohydrates and the
reason is because carbohydrates help you hold on to more water and more glycogen
and this causes greater weight gain when you’re consuming more carbs so if you
take away the carbs completely for example you’re going to lose weight
drastically because you shed water and you shed glycogen and if you’re doing
carbs cycling and you are periodically decrease your carbs you’re also going to
lose water weight and glycogen weight perhaps just not as much as a fully
ketogenic than low-carb diet but when it comes to fat loss it doesn’t really
matter as long as your calories and protein are controlled for like I’ve
said 1 million times you’re going to be able to lose the same amount of fat
regardless of the diet that you’re doing the ketogenic diet a low-carb diet a
high carb diet they all have little to no differences in terms of the metabolic
differences between the diets neither diet is going to increase your
metabolism drastically and the results from metabolic Ward studies have shown
time and time again that yes weight loss is faster on a ketogenic low-carb diet
and indeed a carb cycling diet as well but fat loss is gonna be equal so you
shouldn’t be doing a carb cycling diet directly for increased fat loss but the
reason why and may help you lose fat better is because dropping the carbs on
days that you’re resting and increasing that protein may help to increase your
satiate II help you feel more full and prevent you from overeating so that’s
one of the main reasons why carb cycling is gonna be good but at the same time
it’s gonna be better in many ways than a fully low-carb diet because I feel like
it’s gonna be more sustainable and also you’re going to minimize your chance of
losing muscle so if you’re on a low-carb diet maybe not a kid a genic diet but a
low-carb diet and you go to the gym and you don’t have enough um enough muscle
glycogen if you’re doing really intense workouts your body may need glucose at
some point and it may have to get that from protein and turn that protein your
own muscle tissue into glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis but if
you have carbohydrates on your workout days that means you have a
glycogen to utilize for your workouts and there’s a very low basically
impossible chance that your body is going to begin using its own muscle for
fuel because it has that cut the carbs um so it’s kind of like the best of both
worlds for people who want to eat carbs because that makes them feel good they
enjoy foods high in carbohydrates but at the same time they enjoy some of the
benefits of low carb dieting such as a decreased appetite so you get the best
of both worlds and you’re able to incorporate both into your dieting
program and for many this is why carb cycling tends to be a great option if
you’re trying to lose fat or if you’re trying to gain muscle but I just wanted
to establish that point that it’s not gonna matter whether you do carb cycling
high carb low carb if protein calories are controlled for your results are
gonna be the same the point is that certain types of diets whether it be
carb cycling or low carb or high carb and maybe easier for a specific
individual and that makes that diet the best for that person nearly just through
my phone off the edge of this apartment rooftop jesus-fucking-christ I just had
a heart attack so carbohydrates increase insulin and
insulin tends to help with muscle growth not in the sense that it’s anabolic like
something like testosterone it’s important to remember that you know
carbs are actually necessary in the human diet we can survive without them
muscle growth occurs effortlessly without them people on ketogenic diets
gain muscle because all you need is progressive overload and protein to
trigger protein synthesis um however insulin although it’s not anabolic like
testosterone it’s anti catabolic which means it may help to prevent muscle
catabolism so that’s one reason why there are some studies that show that
diets high in carbohydrates tend to be superior for building muscle and that
may be because of the increase in insulin it could be because of the
improved workouts because of increased muscle glycogen but generally
carbohydrates are important for muscle growth and the exception of course is
going to be a ketogenic diet that you sustained a long long term but for most
of you that’s not something you’re gonna be doing and if it is and it’s working
for you that’s awesome and I’m happy for you so that’s it for carb cycling if you
want to follow this routine this is what I recommend and
most routines you should be doing a strength day where you’re focusing on
heavy lifts and low reps you should be doing a hypertrophy day where you’re you
know following higher reps and you should be getting a mix of these three
to four times per week maybe five times per week well I recommend you do if
you’re doing carb cycling is having your higher carb days on your bodybuilding
style workout days when you’re lifting six to twelve reps because that’s a
glycolytic type exercise that requires a lot of muscle glycogen when you’re doing
your lower reps and you’re focusing on strength you can have a medium carb day
medium to low carb day and there on your rest days you can potentially have
little to no carbs because you’re not going to be working out at all and you
could focus these days on getting in less calories and focusing on staying in
that calorie deficit so that’s it for carb cycling cycling tell me if you’ve
done it before whether it’s something you’re considering trying I’ve
definitely done it in the past and I’ve experienced good results on it so it is
something you can do alright guys so that’s it I just want to let you know
that if you a sick of kind of looking around at different videos and you’re
sick of kind of putting together all these bits and pieces for different
articles and videos and kind of the prospect of transforming your body is a
bit overwhelming and it’s a bit confusing then I’ve created a program
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all the complex science simplify it into a program which teaches you how to die
in train in a simple way in an effective way that’s based on science and that
actually works there are so many people that are getting fantastic results on
these programs and I really want you to get the same results so I urge you to
enroll in the program and get started it’s risk-free so you have nothing to
lose by trying it out so I definitely recommend you head down below and try
out the program until next time guys I’ll see you later and have a great day

6 comments on “What Is Carb Cycling? (And Why It’s Worth Trying Out)

  1. So I can turn a cheat day (fall off the wagon day) into a carb cycling day if I do weights.. Within the bounds of good taste of course. Good info

  2. Philip, if I work out before I eat (fasted State) would it be smart to carb load the day before? Or simply work out after eating extra carbs

  3. I KNOW that IF (16/8) works better for me than strict keto… strict keto made me so sensitive to carbs that when I do eat carbs my thighs swell like a hippo and if I did CKD then I would lose control completely lol

  4. Dr. Mauro di Pasquale would agree with your video Philip 🙂 I tried CKD 5 days on 2 days off but I had a hard time to stay in ketosis, my brain was in Carbland for most of the week. But for gaining muscle and keeping body fat to a minimum it worked. A better approach for me was TKD, 45 min before a weight training session i had around 20-25g of fast digesting carbs (Dextrose or other stuff) and I had great results with this, gave me a great pump in the gym, a great workout, returning in ketosis, the same day.

  5. I had watched how carbohydrate food were connected to weight gain and generally to steer clear of carbohydrates, even so had by no means viewed using them to lose excess weight. The main idea behind the four cycle fat loss solution is to train your body to burn fat for fuel and not just carbs. It’s founded on the latest scientific principles into the very high carb dietary habits of the Japanese coupled with their incredible long life expectancy. The investigation would suggest that it’s their increased carb-cycling diet means which helps to continue to be in good health into old age with a reduced body mass index (decreased incidence of excess weight).Read more here

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