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What is it Like Wearing Google Glass on a Motorcycle? – JerryRigEverything

What is it Like Wearing Google Glass on a Motorcycle? – JerryRigEverything

Google Glass works by projecting the light
from the black housing onto the angled part of a cubed lens. You can see that’s how
Google got its cute logo from the angle that that lens makes. Shining a camera into the
lens doesn’t do us a whole lot of good. I ended up using a screen cast to my Samsung
Note 3 and a few extra cameras in order to make this simulation work. My name is Zack
and I run the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. I will be your unofficial Glass host on this
adventure. This video is rendered in 1080 so feel free to bump up your quality to get
the full effect. My first thought when I saw that Google was going to be making the Glass
was instantly about how the navigation would look and work while riding on a motorcycle.
I’ve thrown together a few clips from my travels to give you the most realistic experience
possible without actually having to buy the glass yourself. This is almost exactly how
the Glass would look without the sunglasses lens in place. I tried to make the capacity
of the navigation window as realistic as possible. You can see that it does take up a rather
large chunk of your vision, but it is see-through. When you are focusing beyond the window it
doesn’t come across as that much of a legitimate obstacle. Is it distracting? Yes. Even though
it is see-through, having a lit screen over your shoulder every time you check your blind
spot gets a little too exciting for my taste. I’ve been riding bikes for about 10 years
and even I found myself having major lapses in awareness when switching my focus from
the navigation window to real life. When you’re on a motorcycle those lapses can be dangerous.
I’m going to switch screens now so you can see exactly what’s on the navigation window.
You can see how many feet it is till you turn, what the street name is that you’re going
to turn onto, as well as the amount of time it will take you to reach your destination.
It also shows you a basic map of the streets in your immediate area. Just like with the
Google navigation map on your smart phone, there is a human voice giving turn by turn
directions on a bone conductive speaker. The bone conduction speaker basically transmits
sound directly through your temple by vibrations. But with the noise my motorcycle makes it
was still a bit difficult to make out exactly what she was saying. The little dings that
the Glass makes come through loud and clear though. It’s like a sound is playing from
inside your head instead of through your ears. It gets a little weird. It does take a second
to get used to. The Glass does come with an ear bud that you can plug in. I’m sure that
would help out a little with the audio thing. I just haven’t tried it yet. Would I recommend
one of these specifically for motorcycle riding? Probably not; at least until the price drops.
I put a link in the video description below for current Amazon pricing for those who are
interested. Right now the Explorer editions are upward of 1500 bucks. Hopefully that price
will drop drastically when they are officially released. Overall this was a fun little project.
I enjoyed making this video. If there’s enough interest I can do a night version and
show you what it looks like driving around at night with the Google glasses on. If you
have any questions, just leave them in the comments below. If there is anything else
you would like to see me do with Google Glass just ask and I’ll see if I can make it happen.
And don’t forget to share this video with a motorcyclist in your life. Everyone’s
got their own 2 wheeled fanatic somewhere. And thank you for watching. And thank you
for subscribing to my future videos. I put up new videos about every week or so. Thanks
for watching.

59 comments on “What is it Like Wearing Google Glass on a Motorcycle? – JerryRigEverything

  1. Soooooooo scary…. Riding takes 100% of your concentration, sometimes more.  Things like peripheral vision are already compromised by most full-face helmets.  When something goes wrong and you're on a bike, it happens faster than you could ever imagine, and the difference between life or death gets distilled down to milliseconds and millimeters. If a car is going to pull out and cut you off (like 80% of all motorcycle accidents), it's going to come from right where that navigation pane is blocking your view.  Having a giant floating computer screen blocking the most important part of my field of vision while riding not only sounds extremely unpleasant (I ride to get away from it all.  Even if it's my morning commute, when I'm on my bike, I'm free from the bullshit wired world we all live in these days.), but ridiculously, mind-numbingly dangerous.  

    Fellow humans!  You don't need GPS!  We lived and drove for generations without it.  Figure out where you're going before you get on your bike.  If you can't remember a few turns and street names, please call a cab… you're drunk.


  2. so you can't adjust brightness or size of the screen?  what about turning it off and just using glass to record video?  

  3. It's an interesting video, would be nice having the glass info at the lower right of the screen, that way its not interfering with periphery viewing, and also not in direct view of the road ahead.  Just my thoughts, not sure how adjustable the viewing height could be or could be made to be.  Somewhat smaller perhaps after that , but down lower would definitely be a great start.

  4. Will the Google Glass display your speed if it's not giving you directions, or can it show your speed along with the directions?

  5. Im confused. You always drive around with navigation? If it causes a lapse in judgement why would use navigation?

  6. Thanks for putting that video together, been riding 30+ years myself, and have been wondering how good/bad Google Glass would be for navigation.  I ended up pre-ordering the Recon Jet since that is for bicyclists which I figure would translate well for motorcycles.  From what I can see of Glass, that Nav window would be way to distracting for riding

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing! This isn't navigation related, but I was wondering how distracting are things like messaging or missed call notifications are with Glass? Can you start up a sort of "do not disturb" mode when riding?

  8. there should be a command or gesture or like for you to bump the glasses for the navigation to go away/come back

  9. @JerryRigEverything I'm a Glass Explorer as well, working on Glassware for driving (DriveSafe for Glass) – I want to create a video like you did above to showcase our app. How did you go about doing it?

  10. Can you just hide it and show it(the navigation box that is being shown on the glass) whenever you want?

  11. Thanks for this review! I have been riding a motorcycle for the past 15 years and am very curious about actionable navigation solutions. I still have a few questions about how Google Glass would work:
    1) interface: you mention below that the Glass can auto-turn off. Can you turn the display off with a voice command? Also, what happens if you change your destination on the go? Can Google Glass take a new destination and understand it while you are driving? An extra video on this question would be very enlightening.
    2) ergonomy: I wear regular glasses with when I drive, which is sometimes a bit cumbersome when you wear a full-face helmet. Google Glass seems to be a bit larger. How easy is it to put it on and off?
    3) phone calls: how easy it is to make and answer phone calls and have a conversation with Google Glass while riding a motorcycle? Another video would be very welcome. 

    Many thanks!!

  12. should be voice activated. Turn the glass on and then say "map off" or " map on" ect, that would make them like normal glasses when you don't want the distraction.

  13. 🙁 I wish I could get google glass but I've got a bad left eye so I probably wouldn't be  able to see much

  14. Is the wearing of Google Glasses legal whilst driving? It looks highly distracting and also (from the mocked up images shown) greatly reducing peripheral vision. How do you spot the stray dog running across the road? And if you hit it how might the glass shatter causing very serious injury?
    Looks to me this is something that should be avoided at all costs!  

  15. I was like hey that looks great, whats the prize for that thing. So i checked amazon and it is like
    2400€ without the transport fees. I was all like, NOPE.

  16. My experiences with Glass tell me that the position of the picture is much more out of the center field of view. This clears the field of view for driving compared to your video. On the other hand looking at the screen makes you refocus and relocate your eyes much more –>Distraction.
    Furthermore the transparency is much higher than you simulated it.
    Google Glass is not usefull for this application, but in my opinion you video is not realistic either.

  17. The only things missing from the hud are a health bar, my wanted level and how much ammunition I have left in my Uzi.

  18. this was very very cool. but like you said you've been riding motorcycles for about 10 years and even You had issues with concentration and awareness." which seemed fun to me at first but then quickly realized it might be nearly impossible for me being adhd and not a good idea. so watching someone else try it and simulate it was definitely the next best thing and really well done.

  19. Hey Jerry, have you ever conducted a live stream from the Google Glasses while riding your motorcycle? Also was there a any at all or a lot of wind noise coming through Google Glass? I'm exploring if this is the perfect tool for video blogging while on a motorcycle?

  20. Is there a way to turn off the glass while you are driving the bike? It would be nice to just push a button when I want to see the GPS, then push it again to have a clear view of the road … thanks for the video I was thinking about obtaining glass for my bike.

  21. It's really hard watching these older videos of yours. You're way too calm and silent, to the point of serious annoyance. Not that you're not calm nowdays but you emphesis more and are much more clear.

  22. That's a good way to get smashed by a car pulling out. Happens all the time, and that little distraction could be deadly.

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