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What Is The Global Triathlon Network? GTN Explained

What Is The Global Triathlon Network? GTN Explained

(water splashing) (uptempo techno music) – Welcome to the Global Triathlon Network. (uptempo piano music) – We’re gonna be bringing you pro tips and inside knowledge of
everything related to triathlon. (uptempo piano music) While sharing our passion for the sport. We also plan to help you reach
your personal goals in a fun and informative way. (uptempo piano music) – This is what you can look forward to on the Global Triathlon Network. Every week, we’re going
to be bringing you. – Monday maintenance. – Tuesday training videos. So we’re gonna have a look at
how a pro trains for running. (uptempo piano music) Wednesday, the GTN Show. – Hi Alistair and thanks
for joining us today. Thursday, how to’s. – We’ve got a few tips to
help you swim like a pro. – Friday, top 10. A pacing strategy or race plan
is crucial for you to achieve your perfect race. Getting too excited and going too hard will only end in tears. Saturday pro kit. We’re here with Kimberly
Morrison’s giant trinity advance. – Sunday features. Now we all know to the TT
bike is fast on the flat. But how much time are we
losing with it on the climb? So today I’m going to
be testing just that. – And coming soon, ask GTN anything. – I’m joined by the legendary
Chrissie Wellington, four times Ironman World Champion. (uptempo techno music) – Well it actually all
started at this pool in bath where I was a swimmer competing nationally from about the age of 11. – So I always had a short attention span that actually led me into the multi-sport of modern pentathlon which is
shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and running. – Well after years of getting roped into running races at school. I started to pick up some
cycling and then before I knew it I was playing all three
together and doing triathlon. And then after a few good
races in around 2006 or 2007. I was selected unto the world
class performance programme for Great Britain. – Once I retired from modern pentathlon, I wanted a new talent so
I took up road cycling and I already had swimming
and running under my belt so it was a natural progression
to move into triathlon. – My biggest result is
getting on the podium in Ironman 70.3 UK in my
first year as a professional. But probably my proudest achievement is switching from swimming to triathlon, and in my first year picking up a silver in the European Junior triathlon proving that I could run and cycling. – My proudest moment was winning
Olympic silver at Beijing in modern pentathlon, and finishing the year ranked
number one in the world. – I’m looking forward
to sharing my knowledge and passion for the triathlon
along side the many rookie mistakes I’ve made over the years. So hopefully, you don’t have
to make those same mistakes. – So earlier this year, I qualified for the age
group world championships in Kona for the first time, and I’m excited to say, we’re
gonna be making some videos of my journey to the race and I can’t wait to share them with you. (uptempo drumming music) – There you go. Hopefully, you know a
little bit more about us, the sport and what we’re
going to be bringing. Now we really fortunate
to have a great community in triathlon. So we’d like to invite you all to the Global Triathlon Network. – Yeah, we’d absolutely
loved for you to be involved so if you’ve got any ideas or
there’s anything you really want to see on the channel. Please share in the comment section below and if you haven’t done so already. You can subscribe to the
Global Triathlon Network by clicking on the globe. – And to see my ultimate
TT bike set up video, just click down here. – And to watch the CTN
promo video, click here.

100 comments on “What Is The Global Triathlon Network? GTN Explained

  1. Please do explain/elaborate more the swimming part since it can be the most daunting part of the sport. I'm a newbie in triathlon by the way. 🙂

  2. Hopefully you were allowed to film at the pools, at least in Australia it's illegal to film at a public pool unless permission is obtained

  3. Good luck. My first request is: how should a begginer tackles his first 70.3? To me specifically, i am almost chasing the cutoff trying my best to finish without getting injured or hitting the wall!

  4. Question:
    Hi GTN! Great work starting this channel 😀 I'm wondering if you got any tips for running after cycling? After km 10, I'm experiencing a sheer pain on top of my foot (where the bone of my big toe meets the ankle)…

  5. Another idea. Lets follow an amateur with the guidens of the pros over an entire season.
    Training sessions.
    which gear to buy
    and stuff like that.
    Think that would really fit with a lot of us who are just happy to complete an IM.

  6. Wow top draw presenters with pedigree just like the GCN dudes! Never done a triathlon myself yet but entered a virtual super sprint tri in Sept so I'll see how that goes. Swimming is the main area I need to work on with the technique.

    Wonder if you do a feature on Triathlon on a budget for us newbies?

  7. My mother and I have also come into Triathlon from Modern Pentathlon! Very cool to see other people having done the sport seeing how small it is in our country!

  8. I’m curious to see a video on what data pros use on the bike during a race, like do they use 10 sec avg power, IF, Normalized Power etc, I hope you can cover that one day 🙂

  9. As a beginner i'd love to see some basic stuff like how to train to get the most out of you, nutrition, raceday.. Cheers!

  10. Ahhhhh first triathlon is in less than 2 months! Need some tips ASAP 🙂 can we get a top tips for your first triathlon before the 8th of October???

  11. So amazing and exciting to see such channel come to life! Can't wait for your videos.
    Swimming swimming swimming!
    It is the biggest challenge and stoping point for me at the moment.
    Breathing, technique, training plan, drills, etc…Everybody knows how to run and ride bike. I feel that tipping point for triathlon popularity would be getting more people learning how to swim properly.

  12. Looking foward to this. Keen cyclist and runner always wanted to do a tri athlon.. Defiantly some videos on getting started, and swimming training for beginners!

  13. As far as your bike/maintenance videos go, PLEASE don't overlap GCN's videos. Thry already have a wealth of videos on this.

  14. I think for sure is in your agenda, but if it's not, a good how to tri (if possible, to noobs hahaha) would be my own recommendation, since I started as a challenge to me to train tri and it's part of my 2018 proposals to do my very first IM (70.3 Bariloche – Argentina). Hope to hear of you soon guys! you rock!

  15. Niiiice! Loved the presenters, loved the format! I'm a regular amateur cyclist that runs eventually and I have a background from swimming (despites many years off), there are some months I'm looking forward to get into triathlon. I'm excited and hoping this channel helps me with that, as much as GCN has been helping me a lot in cycling for the last two years (as I progressed and last weekend I finally got my first podium on my local federation :D)

  16. Looking forward to the running and cycling videos, but if theres more quality drum and bass in the production I also can't wait for the swimming ones too.

  17. love to see a set up for your road bike to an efficient aero bar set on regular road bike. For those of us that don't have the money for 2 bikes but still want to get as aero as possible.

  18. Great job, Heather!! Congratulations!! 😃🙌🏽🎉🎉 Looking forward to seeing your performance this October!!

  19. I swim much better at races when I'm afforded the opportunity to warm up in the water. However, some races don't allow us that opportunity. It's more like, get in the water, then 3-2-1 go! This can be especially brutal if it's a cold water swim. How about a video on what to do for a warm up if you're not permitted to enter the water before the race start.

  20. What is so fun about running? I'm a cyclist and I hate running so I'd never do a triathlon. Swimming is okay though.

  21. Very excited for this! I am most interested in how to train as a beginner. I road cycle a lot (100+ miles per week), but want to transition over to running and swimming more. It would be good to see a schedule of how most people start.

  22. Excited about this! Grab a camera and go where nobody has gone before…wherever that might be 🙂 Good luck!

  23. I'd love to see a serie of video such as those when lasty and si tried to get matt into cyclo-cross but this time with triathlon. what do you guys think about that ?

  24. I was looking for began the triathlon and suddently this channel open from nowhere.. Thks guy's, It does push to step up my game 😀

  25. I'd like to complete a triathlon summer 2018. Can pretty much run a half marathon and swim and cycle a decent bit on top but haven't done any measuring or even done more than one sport a day. Looking for help on that from this channel!

  26. 1. Open water swimming fears2. Tri bike, is it worth the investment for amateurs3. Transition ( mine looks like a jumble sale)

  27. Looks awesome already guys! Can you give some advice on how to do brick sessions? And what sort of training I would need to do for my first 70.3? Thanks!

  28. I'd like to see more tips on how to make a training plan per week or per month. How much each discipline needs my atention

  29. Triathlons are my favourite sport, i hope this channel is a good as it already looks. like if you agree that this channel is going to be amazing.

  30. I'd love to see some analysis on what is the optimal "mix" for both a triathlon race and for training. The current "dominant" distances all (sort of) flow from long course tri (4k swim, 112 mile bike, marathon). 70.3 is half of that, Olympic is halved again (except for the swim), sprints are all over the map. What would be the distances for swim/bike/run if you had, say, equal calorie expenditure across disciplines? Equal expected finishing time across swim/bike/run? Equal training stress? I think having a small set of alternative distances (Silverman in Nevada tried it some years ago with a 1k swim, 100k bike and a 20k run) would make it very interesting for single sport athletes to dip their collective toes into the triathlon pool. Great start and I look forward to watching more episodes!

  31. Hi ! As a French triathlete it could also be great to make a video on what not to buy (useless equipment that are just done for marketing etc) as we can find a lot of things in shops and sometimes be a bit lost. "To buy, or not tu buy"

  32. GTN will be on GCN, GCN will be in GTN,GMBN will be in GTN, GTN will be in GMBN, what else should we look up to

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