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What Is Your Favourite Cycling Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros

What Is Your Favourite Cycling Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros

– I’m in the middle of the
mayhem of the Giro D’Italia, but I’m asking the pros what is their favorite training session? (upbeat electronic music) Now what is your favorite
training session? – Um. – Um. – Um. – Um. – Favorite training session,
just a long, long ride with good mates, nice caf stop, out in the mountain somewhere
and just enjoy the ride, yeah. – Quite like long zone-free efforts with a little bit of variations on climbs, maybe like three times 30
minutes is a big one I do along those lines which
is hard but is enjoyable. – Keeping the chain tight. – Yeah, exactly, yeah. – Unfortunately I wouldn’t
be able to do it constantly but if I could choose, then I’d go back to the Wicklow
Mountains, where I grew up. – Yeah. – Sally Gap
– Oh nice. – Doesn’t beat it. – Yeah. – Favorite training
session is variability, just find a climb with
different gradients and go hard where it’s steepest
and recover so it’s not set to a clock really
but more to the climb. – When I’m back in Ireland
I have my Ardennes loop, I will call it, when I
was actually getting ready for the Ardennes this
year I used to cycle down, it’s like a 25k circuit, about
600 meters climbing each lap, I used go around and just
ride every climb flat out, not really to any
structure, just on feel and I kind of like those kind of sessions. – I don’t really have one, man. As I get older I like
training less and less. – For me personally it’s just
going out riding, exploring, you know, having a day when
you can just go out and do five, six hours, try
and find some new roads. Do some nice hills, no particular effort and anyway, no one enjoys that, do they? But it’s quite nice to get out and about. – My favorite training session is probably no intervals, no
structure, just exploring. – Rest day ride [Laughs] – Well, rest day rides
are nice but also doing six, seven hours in the
mountains, try some new climbs, get out the map and I mean,
that’s why we ride bikes, right? Go see new places, explore,
not that I do that a ton, you know after a grand tour like this, you’re not, at least I don’t normally do a ton of structured efforts and sometimes is nice just to go ride your bike. – Perfect. So as the buses start
to head off behind me, I better get on one now,
but if you did enjoy this video then make sure you give it a big thumbs up and for more Giro content, why don’t you click on, the UAE bus there as it goes by

33 comments on “What Is Your Favourite Cycling Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros

  1. I am surprised to hear so many responses about exploring something new, just going out for several hours AND coffee! I love exploring and coffee! Guess I'm like the pros. Thanks for sharing! Great idea.

  2. Without question, my favorite training session is Matt Stephen's GCN Sweet Spot Session on youtube!

  3. Favourite place is Southwestern Ontario Canada as you get bombed with 30+ km hr head winds with some nice 25 km hr cross winds, it's like climbing mountains but it's all flat lands lol. You don't see too many Pro's training out here with 35 Celsius and 90% humidity.

  4. So all mainly.. unstructured by others, explore, my lap my way…interested to know if a few of these riders could do a better job by feel rather than being hammered by a coach or DS?

  5. Great video, and awesome to hear so many pro's say that their favorite session is just riding their bikes!

  6. What’s a “calf stop”? Is that what they call cow tipping in the UK? Sounds like a fun ride with friends. 😉

  7. The fact that a lot of them said their favorite rides are just exploring speaks volumes on how structured and intense their training is normally. I don’t think it’s a favorite as much as it is a reaction to the schedule and demands of their “day jobs”.

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