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What Kind Of Kneepad Is Best For Me?  | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

What Kind Of Kneepad Is Best For Me? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to this weeks ask
GMBN where me and Blake Bingbong here are gonna do our best
to answer your questions you’ve been sending in to
#askgmbn and to [email protected] so, Blake, are you ready? – I’m ready. – Right, I wanna start you off, – First question. – First question is from John M. Who says: Lads, can you do a video
all about roof racks and transporting bikes around to
trails using a normal cart. Now, you are the perfect
person to do that. – That is a good, we should
do a video like that! – We can do the video for sure, And you should do it because
you’ve got some experience. – I’ve got so much experience,
I’ve had bikes, roof, on the back, inside, I’ve even
had one on the back of a motor bike, but depending on what
car you’ve got, fuel wise, I would recommend putting it
on the back on a tow hitch, that would be my best- – Wait, wait, don’t give away
all the secrets just yet, we’re gonna do a whole video about this, – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – And Blake is gonna host
it, because, have you really? On the back of a motorbike? – I’ve had it on the back of a bike. – It can all be done, John
M, and we’re gonna send a video your way soon. – Next question, I’ve got
one for you, this one’s from MarioBP76, he wants to know
what knee pads he should wear for endurotype, he’s not
an aggressive rider, uh, propads or just a piece of mind
of what kind of pad he wants skinny, fat– – Right– – He wants to know what
kneepads are good for him. – Well, I’ve got, just
happen to have a pad here. This is a great example of
kind of middle-ish ground I know what you’re saying, do
you go with a bulky, plastic pad to start out with, or
something that’s going to be a bit more flexible while you’re riding enduro. Well, something like this
works really well because it’s D-30 material, and what that
means, inside there it’s got this orange material – That goes rock solid. – It’s soft, but when on an
impact it goes really hard. – Augh! – I could have done that harder, but I kind of chickened out. – I’ve got one, wait, let me– – So you can go more lightweight, I’m not sure what
Blake’s doing down there, – You can go super lightweight,
you’ve got this one here, the Recon, I guess this would
be for more of a long-distance ride, It’s more of an XC
pad, it’s a little bit more comfortable for the
long-distance, but, I’m thinking– – I would go with this one here. I would get something middle ground. Not too lightweight, if
it’s your first pads, but not something too, too hard. – Especially for your first
pad, you might crash, and that’s not gonna– – Next question is from Narendra Negi, he says: When I shift my
gear, my gear changes after pedalling two or three times,
oh that doesn’t sound good. But we can help you out
straight away by referring you to this video, it’ll help you
see how to set up your gears trailside. – Gears don’t always work
perfectly, unfortunately, either not shifting when you press
the lever, shifting too many gears when they do decide
to change, or just jumping under pressure when
you don’t want them to. But rather than let it ruin
your ride, it’s actually a really simple fix often that
you can do out on the trail. – Right, next question,
Blake, from Pyjamaturtle. – Nice name.
– Good name. Hi guys, I want to put 29er
rims on my Scott Genius 710 plus for longer rides. Do off the shelf 29er rims fit or do I need a bespoke wheel build, Neil, got any advice after doing yours? – No, I’m not Neil. – Oh, hello. – Hello, where you been? – Uh, just been riding my bike? – Sorry about that, cuz I
need to answer this question, ’cause you won’t tell what’s tonight. – The answer is yes,
29 inch rims will fit, what I did is get an extra
set of wheels, that’s a good way of doing it, it’s quite
an expensive way of doing it, I suppose, because you need
boost hubs so the wider hubs and I’ve got two sets of
wheels and swap em out. – There you go, answer
from the man himself, and while you’re here, Neil,
we’re gonna use your time, Tobin Reeder says My
headset and fork makes a sort of cracking sound, when I do endos or go down a technical rock garden, what do you think about that? Actually, he’s had it to a
bike shop, they didn’t know what it was. – First of all check the
headsets, make sure it’s greased and there’s no dirt in there because that can make that noise, the only other thing is,
occasionally, it doesn’t happen very often but the
stereo tube can sort of rattle loose in the crown
of the fork, and I would definitely get that checked
out, but check your headset first, that’s probably my first thing. – Yeah, yeah, there you go,
and the last thing Neil, Kumud Nakarmi says: Could
you suggest a way to check chain wear stretch without
any sort of specific tool? – I would say the best way
of doing this is grabbing your chain on the front of the chain ring, so going towards the fork and pulling it, and if it moves too
much off the chain ring, then it’s worn so if you
can see maybe half a tooth, that’s probably too worn,
and also side to side your chain will feel really
really sloppy and worn, – Right okay, actually
we’ve got a bit more there, on this video that you made,
Neil, all about chain wear. Check it out! – When your transmission starts
to wear, it’s going to start to give you problems, what
happens is that chain starts to stretch and the teeth start wearing out, you’ll start to notice
that the chain feels really like sloppy at starts
slapping around quite a lot, also it’s not gonna mesh as
nicely with that cassette. When it gets really bad you
actually find that chain starts slipping, so when you’re
pedalling hard, it’ll start slipping in some of those
gears on the cassette. – What am I doing in this,
why am I in the closet? – I’m sorry about that, we
needed Neil for a moment. Nevermind that, I’ve got– – Wait, wait, was he here? – He was here, he was here. – No way! – Yeah, yeah, you were uh, – How, uh, how did you? – You were substituted momentarily. But you’re back now
and I’ve got a question specifically for you. From Josh HD, he wants to
get into slopestyle and dirt jumping competitions, any good
websites or advice, Blake? – Ooh, advice? Hit up the local
contests, wherever you are good website: FMBworldtour,
that is a good one, freeride mountain biking world tour, they are the mecca of the whole
series in the whole world. So if you wanna know what
contests there are, hit them up. – Yeah, and they are
really inspiring, actually, all of the top riders on there. You can see the world ranking, which is really cool, um
and some, like I said, some massive events, but what about some specific advice to get
into it, how did you get competition ready, I mean,
is it only about sort of going along and checking
out a comp first, or? – Yeah, you could recon the contest first, before taking part, um, or
finding out what is in your local area if your country
has a local dirt jump series. It doesn’t necessarily have
to be slope-style, that’s kind of a next-step cause
that’s drops and stuff, if you’re not too keen on that. – And I would say, one of
the best places to get advice about those potential comps in your area is go down to the local jump
spot, people there are gonna know, and they’re always
much more friendly than maybe you would first think, because they would look like rough, tough dirt jumpers like this dude, here. Beefcake. Right, it is time for the quickfire round! (gunfire) Here we go, Joe Hanslow How long does it take you to
make a the Dirt Shed show? – (whistles) All week. – Yeah, a while. Longer than it should, we laugh too much. – Yeah, we do, we have too much fun. – Yeah, Zack De Beer:
Do you guys have Strava, if you do, how can I follow you? Well, some of us do have Strava, – I have Strave. – I know Scott is on Strava. – [Both] Neil is on Strava. – I think I’m on Strava. Hey, go on Strava and follow us. I think that’s the best way to do it. I can’t think of any other way. Next question, Leon Ruben,
why does Blake always pronounce Sram as Shram? – Because I thought it
was spelt with an A? No, I’m joking… Shram – It’s his funny lisp. – Spram, stram…
Because I’m from Zimbabwe – That’s why, you always
blame that on everything. – I blame everything on Zimbabwe. – The Broken Brain: I was
thinking about ordering a GMBN jersey but I don’t really
know what size I should have but I’m the same length and
weigh as much as Scotty. He knows a lot about Scotty,
what size should he get? – Well, Scotty is a medium. – Right, I’d say he’s a medium. – Yeah I say he’s medium,
I’m a large, so, hm, medium. Buy medium. – Go middle ground, you
could always change it. Unless you’re a beef cake like Blake here. – You need a large. – You need a large. – Guy’s made of donuts. – Right, Francesco 2000,
how do you guys, ope, sorry, how guys– – Hi, guys, do you… (laughing) – Go on, ask Matt. – Do you think that mountain biking is bad for the environment? No! – No!
– Why? – No! – I think as long as trows are maintained responsibly, and things
are recycled responsibly, which is happening more and
more, then no, I don’t think mountain biking is bad
for the environment– – And take your rubbish home. – Uh, and, we’ve got to think
about humanity, it is great for fitness and health,
so that is very important. – You live longer. – Right, here we go, Erik Pan: Can you put a larger
cassette on a downhill bike. – Yes you can but why do you
want to climb a downhill bike? – Yeah, that’s true, you don’t want to put too big a cassette on there. – Yeah, unless your trail
is a little bit flatter. – One of those massive donut shaped ones. – Imagine that, the big, the shrd- srl- the ‘Shram’ The ‘Shram’ – We think, we think, and we’re experts, that you could do it, but
we don’t think you should. – No. – Chandler Candy: Is it important that you warm up before every ride? – Uh, I would say yes, just
a little bit of a stretch. – It is important. – Get you a little bit more nimble. – You’re always doing a bit of a stretch. – Yeah after, again, you
know, driving long distance. Stretch a little bit. – Little bit, little bit. – Paul Owen: Can you put
gears on a dirt jump bike? That’s for you! – You can, but most dirt
jump bikes don’t have the pits to put gears on. – No. – It’s not the space there, – No. – But there are people
that do run gears, but, you can if you have the right guy. – We don’t think of it as a (mumbles). Thorwout Warntjes, that
is a hard name to say. Should I take a enduro or downhill bike in Whistler Bike Park? You could do both. – I’ve done both. I’ve taken downhill and enduro. Last year was enduro. I would recommend downhill bike. – Would ya? I’d say take an enduro because I think you’ve got more trails open
to you on an enduro bike. So I think we’ve disagreed,
but you’re going to have to make your own decision. (whispers) Go enduro. – (whispers) Downhill. – Connor Smith, is it bad to back pedal? – No.
– No. – Who doesn’t want to fake it? – And you know what, Blake? Thank goodness that is the
end of the quick fire round. – That was quite long. Right, correct me if I’m wrong– – Right, and let’s do it. First video is from Jacob Miller. We’re gonna check out
what he’s getting up to. – Let’s see what he’s getting up to, yep. Oh, I see a trick involved. Wait, there we go. Jacob, what have you got for us? He’s coming in hot. – [Blake] He’s coming in. – [Both] Oh, slow-mo. – [Martyn] Here we go. – [Blake] Boom, he’s tabling, yeah. – Not much– – I cannot, there’s no fault there. – It was nice. – Yeah, it was brilliant. I guess if you want to go flatter, bring it more into you, so push in that, which arm is that? Push in your left arm
down more and lifting up. When pulling in, drop
your shoulder into it. You’ll get more flatter tables. – I think it’s pretty good, Jacob. I’m jealous, I could never do tables. – [Blake] There’s nothing
wrong there, just keep going. – And lastly, for correct me if I’m wrong, we’ve got this one from Damon. Now I think we’re being had here, Blake, because Damon is saying
that he’d like some advice on this manual. That’s only 15 bike lengths long. – 15?
– Yeah. There’s not much wrong
with it, check this out. Look, watch him coming in. – [Blake] That’s a manual. – [Martyn] There’s something
he’s got really right about it. – He’s gone off the camera– and still going.
– He’s still going. The manual, Damon, cannot
be folded and you know it. He knew that. – You got us. – He was just showing off– – You’re correct. – Showing off that fancy manual. And he’s got a lovely GMBN jersey. So, he’s definitely got something right. – So that is it for us,
GMBN with Martyn and myself. If you got any more other questions, #askgmbn in the comments below. – Or you could send them to
us by email, [email protected] – Oh, and if you love this
video, don’t forget to click this little globe right here and you won’t miss another video. – And you can watch more
from GMBN by clicking just here, we’ll give you five tips to buying the correct
mountain bike just for you. – Good one. Click here for newbie mistakes. Oh and, don’t forget to
give us a thumbs up like. – That’s not thumbs up. – No, but that’s how I end it. (off camera mumbling) – This one, yeah!

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