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What Level Of Mountain Bike Trail Should I Ride?

What Level Of Mountain Bike Trail Should I Ride?

– Quee.
(hands clapping) – Welcome back you beautiful people. Do you know what, when
you get to a bike path for the very first time, there’s usually some blue trails, some red ones and usually some blacks as well. Now, if you’re a bit unsure with your riding abilities, where do you start? The question is, do you take the blue pill or do you take the red pill? You know, that’s a famous
saying from “The Matrix.” If you haven’t watched it,
watch it, it’s pretty cool. Now that is the question, which
one are you going to take? Lets find out, blue, red, blue, red, blu– (splattering) (upbeat piano music) So what makes a blue
trail, well, blue trail really is a bit of a flow trail. Any rider can ride this
trail and any bike as well. You don’t have to have such a
big bike, just like this one. And also, there’s a lot of turns. They all link together really nicely. The trail itself is very smooth. Everything’s rollable,
and what I mean by this, is your jumps are rollable,
your drops are rollable. So there’s no gaps to try and jump. There’s nothing you going
to fall and crash on. Now, a trail is ridden by all
sorts of levels of riders. From really beginner all
the way up to advanced. Where, an advanced rider can
use it to warm up, as such, before going on to a
bigger, gnarlier trail. And when you are a beginner
you can gain a lot of skill from riding these trails because
you can learn how to pump. You can learn how to flow,
you can learn how to link, looking ahead and you
can also gain experience on how to progress your
jumping skills as well. So there’s a lot that
goes into a blue trail. Pretty much a family trail as such. So what does a blue rider want in a trail? Well, they’re looking
to maintain their speed. Learning how to ride with speed. Learning how to jump with
minimum consequences. Also, they want a flowy
trail and a smooth ride. Now that’s what a blue ride is all about. Smooth and learning, learning those key skills in mountain biking. I’m going to continue down here,
it’s got a little bit tacky. (upbeat music)
(tires rolling over ground) All right, that’s what a
blue trail consists of. A great one to learn your skills. To hone in those skills before
you jump in the deep end and go and hit a red or
even dare I say, a black. If you haven’t got the skills now or if you’re not a blue and you’re a red. Oh, a red trail, yes, now
what does a red trail consist of and what skills do you need to do are red, let’s find out. (tires running over ground) (upbeat music) (tires running over ground) Whoa, red trails, now what
does a red trail consist of? Well, for a start, you’re
going to need some skills. Jumping skills required, also you’re going to have to learn how
to maintain your speed. Because the obstacles are
getting a little bit bigger. And everything potentially
could be rollable on a red line but there is some where
you’re going to have to jump or you’re going to have to
gap over a certain thing to get to the next part
to link up the trail. There’s a small drops,
there’s some root gardens, there’s a little bit tacky. Plus you’re going fast
through all these sections. Where on this trail right here,
there’s some big table tops. All of it can be rollable
but there are big jumps So you want to be going quite fast to clear these jumps as well. Now also, when it comes to it. The bike choice, well you know, a cheaper, hardtail version would
struggle a little bit. But any bike can do it, you don’t need a bike like this caliber. A full suspension with
a 150mm of travel. A hardtail could do it, hey,
I’ve done this on a cross bike. So, it is capable, you
can do it on any bike. But the cheaper bike you know
might struggle a little bit. Another thing to take into
consideration when riding a red trail is potentially
walk the trail through before you go steaming in because they’re might be some obstacles on there that could catch you up by surprise. And you know, you don’t
want to have an accident on your first run on a red trail. When it comes to some of
those jumps on a red trail, they are a little bit steeper. They are a bigger so when you’re coming in with some speed, it’s super easy to get bucked over the bars. Plus, you need to go
faster to clear such gaps. Like these table tops, they’re big and you got to be confident
within your skills when you’re on a red trail as well. So you think you’re a red rider? You’re going to have to have
solid fundamental bike skills. Want to challenge yourself, are ready to take on gap jumps and drops. Want to build their technical
bike handling abilities. That’s what it takes
to become a red rider. (upbeat music) So that’s a red trail, now
it consists of lots of jumps that you are going to have
to clear at some point and you’re going a little bit faster so you need all of that
but, we can’t rule out, (fingers snapping) yes, the black trail, we
can’t rule this one out. Now, this one’s for the
most advanced rider. Because the trail is super
tacky, it’s rough, it’s steep. There could be some big,
big, jumps on this thing. Now, you got to bring out all those skills you have in your box out and onto your bike to ride a
trail just like this one. Plus, even the names get gnarly and black. Look at that, Feed ‘Em To The Lions, that’s three dots, with a black arrow. (upbeat music) Okay, straight away you
can see the first obstacle you get to on a bike
you can’t even roll it. It’s a little drop, now,
challenge, can you roll it? I don’t think so, I think you can just hit and somehow, probably do
some damage to your bike. You’re going to have to jump
it, drop skills come into play. Oh, oh my no, it’s a hot
no, not even rolling. Okay, I’ve ridden this trail
before and to be honest, I did walk the trail just
before I rode it the first time. Just to see what’s there
so I’m not surprised with any crazy little
drops, just like that one. That can literally put you on edge, put you in a horrible predicament. So the best thing is to walk a
trail before you get into it. Especially a black trail, because they are a little bit more gnarlier. Now, look at this, this
is the black route now. I call these the black
roots of the black root because these are horrible. When these get slippery,
I call them sniper roots, they’re horrible and all these
little potholes right here can suck up your front
wheel and put in a bit of a predicament and
spit you over the bars. Now, you need some skill
to ride all of this and this is just the
beginning of the trail. The further you go down,
the steeper it gets, the rougher it gets and it becomes manic. If you’re not up for, I wouldn’t recommend dropping into a black. (upbeat music) Oof, whoa, now this, you
do not, oh my goodness me. You do not want to roll this thing. This is the black, nah, this is where you’re going to need your drop skills. And you’re breaking skills,
and you got to be confident with your speed because no way out of it. You’re in, you’re in, you’re
in for a treat of a ride. (breathing heavy) A black run, there is something about black that just puts you on edge. Nerves kick in but that’s
where you need to get all your skills that you’ve learned throughout your bikin’ is bring ’em all together to get
yourself down a black route. Because it can be gnarly, it
can be steep, it could be fast, rough, big drops, big jumps,
anything that’s on that black route you’re going to make sure you know what’s coming up. Because it could bite you in the bum. But like I said, some bike
parks don’t really put a black route on something
that’s gnarly like this. It could be a very long one, so it’s going to take you pretty much all day. And it’s going to be a
few heavy climbs in it. That could be a black run, just remember, wherever you are, just walk that trail. It could be gnarly, and
if you’re a blue rider, you don’t want to be dropping in that. (upbeat synthesized music) Woo, a blue, a red or a black trail. All different trails that you know, you need different skills
to ride each individual one. But, we’re going to start with the blue. The blue anyone can ride it, but it’s a great platform to build up your skills. Now those skills are easily
transferrable onto the red. It’s just you got to jump
further, you’re going a little bit faster, plus
you can gain more confidence whilst riding a red to
build up to a black one. And when you’re riding a black, that’s when you’re at your peak. I feel like if you can get
down a black comfortably and safe, I think you’re
a really good rider. Now, hopefully this video’s helped you understand what skill
level you would be at. If you went to a bike
park such like this one. If you’re a blue or red or a black. Let us know in the
common section down below what trail you like to
be, like to work up to or what trail do you actually love riding? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to hit the globe, subscribe, ’cause you’re missing
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you’re struggling with. Click over here, some jumping mistakes because they’re a few out there. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, like and I’ll see you at the next one, see ya! Ah, I’m going for lunch, it
was a bit too much riding. (tires rolling over ground)
Bye, see ya.

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