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What NOT To Wear Cycling In Winter

– [Host] Braving winter
weather can be tough, but it’s always better when
you have appropriate clothing. (action themed music) – Chris what on earth have you done, bringing me out in the torrential rain? – Look, don’t worry. I’ve ridden my bike for 22 years and I picked up on some brilliant ideas, which I think you’re
genuinely going to love. It’s going to transform
your bad weather riding. – Really?
– Yeah, trust me. (action themed music) – Now, my inspiration
for James’s first outfit came from when I went to watch
a New Year’s Day time trial, a popular event here in the UK, in around 2003 or 2004. And the guy wearing
this attire looked to be particularly comfortable,
particularly warm, and he seemed to be
going quite fast as well. So I think it’s the perfect
outfit for Hank to try. What do you reckon, mate? – Chris! I’m not convinced! I’m already start getting chafing. It’s too tight! Can’t move in it. And this is definitely something you should not be wearing on the bike. – [Chris] But you’re warm, right? – No. – No, right. Well in that case, I’ve
got another idea for you. Again, it’s kind of a
one piece type of outfit and it’s thermal. I reckon you should get that a go. So my next great idea, was
inspired by an item of clothing that I’ve seen designed by
manufacturers over the years and also, by some of the
material which I’ve seen used in cycling kits. Certainly back when I started. And I don’t remember ever getting cold when I wore these sorts of things. So, hopefully he’s quite happy. What do you reckon James? – Chris. – Yeah. – Not convinced on this one. – [Chris] Why not? – It’s not aero. Blimey! – [Chris] Well, I dunno. – I’m sopping wet. – [Chris] Yeah. – And cold. – [Chris] Okay. – And I can hardly ride in it. – Well, I’ve never been
cold when I wore that because that is my onesie. And the hood looks like
it’s doing its job. It’s keeping your head warm, surely. Maybe not anymore as it’s falling off. – No. – [Chris] And I guess it
doesn’t have a shammy. – No. – Right. Back to the drawing board then. I’ve got another idea for you. – Back to base? – Yep. So my next idea takes inspiration from a few adventure documentaries
I’ve been watching recently. These guys never seem to suffer
with the cold or the wet. Even in the worst
conditions I’ve ever seen. How do you reckon you’re
getting on over there James? – I’m already wet. But I get your logic. It would work on the top of mountains. – [Chris] Yeah? – But I’ve got to say, they
don’t work on the bike. – [Chris] Why not? – There’s no stretchiness so I can’t, and it’s quite uncomfortable to sit in the drops or in the on the hoods. – Yeah. – And once I’m warm, where do I put it? It don’t fit in my jersey pocket. – No, okay. – And once it’s wet, it’s wet. – Alright, well no need
to get too down about it. – Well, I am. – I’ve got a few more ideas for you. – What now? – You’ll see.
– You’ll see! – Come on, let’s get back there! Now inspiration seems to be a word I’ve used a little bit too much today, but this next idea came
to me on a commute one day last winter when I was inspired by seeing a commuter wearing exactly what I’ve now suggested James’ got on. So let’s find out how he’s doing. How you doing there, James? – These are not the most aerodynamic
waterproof trousers in the world. – [Chris] No, granted. – My legs are getting fairly sweaty even though it’s sopping wet. – [Chris] Well, at least you’re warm then! – They’re not much give. – [Chris] No. – So, they feel quite uncomfortable. – Guess it’s not a
stretchy material is it? – There’s no shammy, so chafing’s a bit of an issue. And all the water’s
coming off my trousers, and going straight into my socks, and into my shoes. So my feet are freezing! – Well, if your feet are cold and wet I have just the idea for you right now. – What now? – Come on, let’s get back to base. I have another change. All right, this next idea, once again, takes inspiration from the
local time trial scene. But this is back in Cornwall, alright? Back in the late 90’s. And what they’ve done, well they’d use welly
boots not for the rain. – This is the worst idea ever! – Let me finish. The guy used the welly
boots as aero shoe covers, so he did still have his
normal shoes on underneath. He’d cut the sole off the boot. So, I figured it’d work
well as a waterproof shoe. What do you reckon? – I mean, Chris. I can’t clip-in. They’re waterproof but all the
water’s gone inside my boot. – You look like you’re
sloshing around a bit there. – This is horrendous. I don’t want to do it! Change!
– Oh, come on. – Change! Chris! This is the worst (water splashing) idea I’ve ever heard you say. (sploshing) I want you to come up with
a better idea than this. – I reckon next time, you could maybe take the cuff of the boot to your leg, stop the water getting down your foot. – No, boots are a bad idea. – Well, try one out. Come on.
– Not in boots. – Many more ideas where that came from. Now, James I’m not going to lie. I’m a little bit disappointed
you’ve given my last few ideas the boot. – Well, that idea needed the boot. But I’ll tell you what Chris, though I’m always getting stuff in my eyes. When it’s rainy, it’s snowing. It’s just horrendous. – Now, I’m not sure about this one myself. I’ve never tried it. But I’ve often seen Segan,
wearing a pair of these and I reckon there must
be something in it. You want to give them a go? – A pair of these? – A pair, yeah. – Here we go. Oh, yeah! – Now, that is a good look on you. – Right. Now, I’m wearing these. I mean, I genuinely mean
these are not a bad thing to be wearing during the winter. – I think they suit you as well. I mean, they cover half your face. – I mean, they’re slightly uncomfortable with a cycling helmet. And if they don’t steam up. I mean, I don’t they they’re a bad idea. – Can you see where you’re going though? – Yeah, I can see where I’m going. – Right. Well there we go, finally. Something you should try at home. Ski goggles! (laughs) – Do you reckon these will take off? – Why not? They haven’t got wings. – No, okay, next one of these, I’m always getting a cold head. I need something that is fully faired, so that my head doesn’t get cold and wet. And I won’t have to wear a hat underneath it.
– You know what? Stop right there. I have just the thing for you.
– What? – Come on. So, James seemed quite
a fan of the goggles so I figured I can come out with something that had no vents, no way for
water to get inside of it, and it will cover his entire face as well. The only this is, he doesn’t seem to be talking anymore. James? James? James? How are you finding it? What’s it like there? Is it easy to breath? James, come on. Well, from the outside he looks happy anyway. But no idea what’s going on on the inside. James? Maybe it’s not James. I don’t know who it is. – All that explains, I think Cycling Kit is definitely designed for the job. But I do have to make Chris
try one more thing out. How you doing Chris? After all, skin’s waterproof. – It might be waterproof,
but it’s not that warm. – Make sure you like and
subscribe to this video, after all I think you deserve it mate. – I think I do. – Now, go! Gets some clothes on you horrible thing! (groans in disgust)

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