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What Shoes Should You wear? | Winter Vs. Summer Shoes For Mountain Biking

What Shoes Should You wear? | Winter Vs. Summer Shoes For Mountain Biking

– One of the coolest
things about mountain bikes is you can ride them pretty much anywhere and in any conditions, although to enjoy them best sometimes the gear you wear really
enhances that enjoyment. – Yeah, waterproof clothing,
base layers, all that stuff, everyone’s familiar
with all that in the out door environment, but your feet are often forgotten about, so what can you do to keep your feet warm and dry in those
cold, wet winter rides? (electric piano music) – Now there’s two main
options really when things get cold and wet. Either you stay with your
regular shoes that do you pride through summer and
you know you’re just getting cold and wet feet although you could add some marina Smart Wool socks and or some water proof socks that mix. – Or the other option is
to commit to those winter months, get out there and
get some proper winter riding shoes. It can make a massive
difference, so to find out we got on the phone to Fi’zi:k and
I ordered in a set of their full on winter shoes, and a regular pair of their trail shoes, and we’re going to put
them head to head out on the trails and more
importantly, out in the muck. (music) – Just like choosing the
right bike to suit the type of riding you do, getting
the right kit is going to affect your on-bike performance, if that’s important to you, but what is important to
most people is comfort. So most of the type of riding I do is sort of less than two hours long and quite high-paced enduro style rides. So a good tempo up to the top
of hill, a couple of rests, then drop in. So I choose kits that suit
that’s fairly light weight but protective, keeps me
warm, but also moving, but not too hot. – [Andrew] Unlike Neil who
clearly wants to go faster and wants to hit as many
downer runs as possible in a short furious riding sessions, I actually want to do the
opposite in winder because weirdly, and I might be
alone in this, but I get more time to ride my bike in winter. And when you’re talking
about bikes all day long you actually need to get out
and get away from all this stuff because you got to be mad really. And to get out in winter
you need proper riding gear so I can justify for four
months of the year of having an expensive riding kit I’m
going to use for that time of year because it’s going
to last me four or five seasons at least. Totally worth the money. So the kit I tend to use will
be full waterproof clothing, fully breathable, we
proof all the rest of it, and more importantly I use
the full insulated shoes. See, these are Terra Artica,
now a little bit different than Neil’s one. Although, fundamentally they
have the same sole on them. So they’re great off the
bike as well in the saddle. But a cool thing about them,
is they are fully waterproof and they’re insulated. That is the key to keeping
your feet properly comfortable on big rides out in the hills. (electric guitar music) – [Neil] So what about shoes? Well, I tend to go for
trail style exped shoes like these Terra Artica X2 by Fi’zi:k. They’re light weight, they’re comfortable, understated style. Now you often hear about kit
zones you can wear this in the park, or off the bike. I don’t intend to do but
I do like the style, if you get what I mean, so
if a skating style shoe really suits the type of riding I do. A simple lace up, secure
but unfussy, with tough rip stop uppers that aren’t bulky. Stiff soles for the
ultimate power transfer, I’m not that bothered. A comfy shoe for riding and
for the occasional hike, that suits me much better. (music) – [Neil] I use the out-bush
technique while riding in winter and get it done and out before my hands and feet have a chance to get cold. – [Andrew] So unlike Neil, a sort of preplanned an attack for riding, I actually kind of go with the flow of it. Sometimes I might choose
do the same sort of riding as Neil, other times I want
to stay out a bit longer. That’s why it’s key for
me to have something a bit warmer that’s going to keep me comfortable all day long. I love winter riding boots. I love the correct tool for
the job, that sort of thing, and until you’ve tried
something like a winter boot you actually think freezing
feet is just an honorable part of riding mountain bike, that’s nonsense. – Always the back foot, it is
absolutely soaking wet now. I think my maneuvering skills
get much better in the winter in the UK. I’m just trying to keep my
feet dry through puddles but eventually they’ll
just get jet-washed. – Well, I don’t know
what the fuss is about, if you’re dressed for
the occasion, you ready. – More puddles. (laughs) So both of these shoes
are aimed at the trail the all maintenance style of things so they’re definitely not stiff carbon’s across country
shoe, but they are quite a specific tool, aren’t they? – I mean like you say, you’re
not going to get as much power transfer as an XC shoe
but then an XC shoe, you’re not going to wear them all
day long and be comfortable on and off the bike, that’s
really what these are for. – [Neil] They don’t not feel stiff. So the biggest difference
really, or one of them, is the ankle coverage. – [Andrew] Gee, I really
like the protection and I’ve always found actually after using a pair
of these and then stepping in someone else’s boot,
a little bit naked. – I’ve always just ride in
my normal shoes, I’ve never actually owned a saddle
riding boot, because there’s still a bit of a racer in me. These are light weight. They are 329 grams. – Pretty nice. – Although, probably weight
a little bit more than that now that they’re full of
mud and water to be fair. But yeah, boots are a heavier thing. – [Andre] Yeah, these are about 500 grams but it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. You’re wearing more clothes,
you’re carrying more in kit, your bike weighs more in winter,
these are fit and forget, get out there in the elements. (music) – [Neil] The soles on our shoes
are actually the same, that vibrant rubber, so they should
be the same for hike-a-bike. But I’ve definitely seen, you
know, the experience of some skate-style shoes in the
winter when you start walking on wet, slippery ground. Well, by the boots, that’s
got to help a little bit. – [Andrew] Well potentially,
I think a little bit more ankle stability. It kind of suits me to be honest. – [Neil] Although, you know,
I don’t do a huge amount of hike-a-bike so it’s not a massive consideration for me. The most I’ve done recently
has been on these cliffs going through 35 degree heat
so, I’m not sure I’d want the boot for that. – [Andrew] I wouldn’t know. I might not tend to ride on days like this and these are perfect for it. (music) So I do quite like laces,
even my road shoes have got some of those hipster ones and
I know people always ask me if I can get them tight enough. – Yeah. – And I definitely can, like you can get your shoes nice and secure and they don’t rub for off road hiking. These shoes are low so not
as much as protection as high top, but I have reinforced
toe compartments, which is common of like a trail type of shoe. – Yeah. It’s interesting what
you say about the laces because normal winter
boots I’ve seen in the past has laces and have had
like a flap over the top. – Yeah, right. – And you can never really
adjust them while you ride because you’re covered in mud and that. Quite cool having a boa on these. Because who would have
thought the boa would lend itself well to the a winter
shoe, but it’s actually perfect and so easy to
adjust with gloves on. – You can get a spares
for those kits as well. – Absolutely. – So, see if those appeal to you as well. – Yeah. (music) – The great thing about these
style of shoes is you can use them all year round. You’ve got a warm pair of
shoes and in the conditions like today in the UK in
winter, it’s only just above freezing, it’s cold. – Yeah. – You will start getting cold
and wet, I’ve got wet feet. – Yeah for sure. – But you can use them all year round. – Yeah, so these are very specific. They do cost a lot of
money, but they are the best thing for riding in these conditions. In fact, there’s nothing better. – [Neil] I mean, I’ve done a
lot of standing around in cold woods when I used to do a lot of coaching. – Yeah. – I’ve tried everything, two
sets of socks, I’ve found if you’re going to run, you
know, a summer set of shoes we call them, all year round,
you’ve got to get a good set of merino wool socks. – Yeah. – You need to be aware to
circulate otherwise you’re going to get cold feet. But with merino socks, you
can get wet feet and hopefully they’ll stay warm. – Yeah, it’s not too bad is it? It’s a compromise, ain’t it?. – Yeah. (music) – Well I don’t know about
you but I’m warm and I’m dry and I’m pretty much just
got to take off the water proofs and I can get out of here. – Straight to the night club. – Absolutely, yeah. – Ah, I’ve sort of fluctuated,
but I’m not cold now. I’m definitely wet on my ass
and my right foot is very wet, but not cold yet, but
they could get cold soon. – I’ve got a confession to make. – Yeah, go on. – Ah, at the beginning of the
video I said I ran on Fi’zi:k, well I said we ran on Fi’zi:k,
and a good couple of shoes. – Go ahead, get in the phone booth please. – I’ve got a couple pair of shoes, there’s actually a third pair, I didn’t tell you about, and these are kind of somewhere in the middle so basically like
those with a boa and they’re waterproof, but they’re not winter. – You’ve got a waterproof boot as well. – Yeah. – Hm, now you’re talking. – I mean, I’m sold on the
winter gear but potentially there’s another option for you. – They’re my size. I might need some fresh socks. Don’t forget to hit that bell button and subscribe of course and for winter riding skills video just click down there on the phone. – If you feel like getting
muddy, give us thumbs up. – Catch you later.

77 comments on “What Shoes Should You wear? | Winter Vs. Summer Shoes For Mountain Biking

  1. #askgmbn In the recent video Doddy did regarding Shimano shoes i was wondering if you guys were going to do another one comparing different manufacturers

  2. Guys, I can appreciate fi'zi:k are sponsoring you but how about giving a review compared to the likes of Shimano MW7's or Northwave Raptor GTX, not all winter/summer shoes from varying manufacturers perform equally or offer the same features. All you are really doing is providing your subscribers with a biased advertisement and passing it off as the latest MTB advice. Some of your content is exceptional but not in this case. Poor show. 😞

  3. I bought the north wave ones you did a video on last year and those things are super warm and gore so they are super weather proof

  4. For longer rides, extra pair of wool socks is must have for sure. Just because of the sweat, which will lead eventually to cold feet.

  5. 3:32 the stiff sole does not matter for me, cus I have Pedalling Innovations Catalyst pedals, and use mid foot position, so I get best of both worlds, pedallign efficiency, grip, lightweight shoes. I wear Five Ten Freerider EPS I did a review of them on my site. I can use 2 pairs of wool socks, and I can use summer socks in same shoes, no problem, just tighten up the laces, great room for the toes, I haven't tried other shoes, but I need shoes that are as wide as size 44 Five ten or Adidas.
    4:33 wrap plastic bags around your ankle area all the way to the top above the ankle.
    I've ridden trough puddles deeper than this, also in deep snow, no way to not get wet then, plastic bags or gaiters is a must. I haven't bought gaiters yet, but it's on the wish list, so until then I will use bags.

  6. Those shoes Doddy is wearing, but no falt version. also I would like a high top version for more protection against scraping my ankles or what else.

  7. Send Blake and Neil to Crankworx Speed and style this year it would be awesome to see what background works better. Racing or Freeride. And I love watching all your guys do competitions of any kind.

  8. I just bought my second pair of Global Vasion heated socks off Amazon. Love em! Almost 6 hours on low setting for those above freezing temperatures. About 2 hours on high for the -15 C and below. Warm and dry feet make every ride more enjoyable. Cheers 🙂

  9. Are there any options out there that don't require being clipped-in?? Something along the lines of FiveTen shoe, but for cold winter riding? I recently switched from using clipless pedals to flats and I love it. I can't find winter riding shoes for flat pedals. Any suggestions??

  10. I wore crocs last week at llangollen lol. I drove all the way there with my dad from derbyshire and when we got there I realised I had forgotten to bring my riding shoes. It was crocs or no riding, an easy decision.

  11. There is (NO)! proper wet winter MTB shoes. My wife and I run Flat pedals and both wear boots from the "light hiking" discipline.
    I wear a pain of Hi-tech Norse gortex boots and she wears a pair of Viking Spark GTX boots both are 8" tall, fully waterproof and insulated. They feel great on the pedals and with the 8" top are fully covered by trouser legs so no egress of water. WTF can't a bike shoe company get there shit together and make a good proper shoe. Both of our shoes have been discontinued. We ride in Scotland where for 5 months of the year it is freezing and knee deep in mud.

  12. Just as I'm in the market to get some new shoes and on Black Friday 😂
    I'm looking at getting some full winter shoes as my rides go from 2—3hours depending how I'm feeling whilst out and have had to come back earlier due to getting cold feet.
    Although the last few rides I've used my kayaking socks (basically wet suit material socks) and thats worked but in colder conditions I'd imagine cold feet.
    Great video Doddy and Neil
    Awesome stuff #GMBN 🤘 👊

  13. Once again, it matters what temperature we are talking about. Anything in the near zero and minus range, and we should be looking at Doddy's kit. Wet feet in that kind of temperature means a very short ride. I live in New England, and my Wolvhammer's are the best investment I have ever made. Mid-winter rides are in the 0 to -5 range; I even use them on my road bike. If you are out over 2 hours, they are a must. And given winter conditions, I find I usually have to push the bike on some part of the trail due to hazards. Those boot are key.

  14. I only wish to own 1 pair. With size 14 (euro 49/50) feet, it’s a struggle unless I pay through the nose which I can’t do. If anyone has any suggestions for a budget pair, I’d be very thankful.

  15. I can’t find

    Waterproof trousers that ⬇️

    Cycling Fit
    Long enough to go over cycling boots
    Long enough they don’t ride over cycling boots when on the bike

    Not managed to find any that achieve these


  16. Are there any brands that make an extra extra wide waterproof winter shoe. In US sizes I need a 3E or 4E width. Never been able to find anything that is properly wide. Some of the European brands of wide shoes I've tried I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe.
    Stupid wide feet. Had the same issue with ice hockey skates.

  17. What's the best waterproof flat peddle full winter shoe
    ? I live in North yorkshire so it's often wet, at the moment I wear 5 Tens with sealskin socks ! Can you help !

  18. I have 31,5cm long feets and it actually makes me sad to watch all the new smarter and smarter shoes. 85% of shoes are not available in my size, ones that are, are limited availability-importing from then returning to abroad can be very expensive if they won't fit. And during sales, because largest sizes are manufactured in smallest batches, it's near impossible to get a large pair for less money.
    I also don't like stiff and racey shoes, feets just hurt from plastic ribbed sole with thin insole. Even swapping for thicker insole just won't help for long.

  19. Shame no give away… but those mid level pair seem good…all the waterproofing without the insulation, great for wet summer rides, and sock-up for winter

  20. I really like this channel but sometimes they absolutely excel at making me feel extremely poor. I know proper mountain biking is not exactly a cheap hobby and good equipment can be crucial but still….. recommending shoes for riding that cost half as much as my entire bike?? Some people will probably just bash me for whining or something but I believe this channel should think a bit more about riders that are on a budget. I mean heck they are calling themselves GLOBAL Mountain Bike Network and even though they are British in many many countries the average salary is much much less than in one of the most developed country.

    My neighbor thought I was stupid for buying a bike for around 750 USD saying I could have bought a car for that money lol 😀

  21. I wear sealskinz socks and waterproof hiking boots with flat pedals ride all winter never had cold feet and cost a fraction of specific riding boots lol and good for when you have to push 👍👍

  22. I wear 45NRTH Wolvehammer boots in winter. Kept my feet warm on a ride where the daytime high was -21 C. Bought 1 size larger, so I can use very warm socks too. The G in GMBM is Global, right? I live in Canada's capital, Ottawa. Last winter we had snowcover for 5 full months. I have 3 different pairs of winter riding gloves. For -15 C and colder rides, I also install my 45NRTH pogies on the bars.

  23. For me winter shoes = going with flats and thicker socks. So far this season the only issues I’ve had is with my hands, everything else has been as warm as I need it.

  24. I am puzzled Neil, you have many bikes for different reasons, but promote the idea of one set of shoes for year round use, I have as many pairs of shoes as bikes, ie lightweight, all day comfort, or winter use all different and used in different conditions and times of year

  25. I used to have winter clipless shoes and even covers to go over them and my feet still became numb after about an hour on frozen trails.

  26. hmm ja właśnie zrezygnowałem z spd przesiadłem się na platformy zbliża się zima wiec czuje się bezpieczniej na platformach a co do botów to normalne adiki gruba skarpeta i jazda fajne rowery ale mój bitłin lepszy. pozdrawiam

  27. FYI, my fully waterproof 45Nrth Wulfgar boots are good to -20°F(-30°C) … a bit heavy, but in sub zero temps, I'll take some extra weight over frost-bit toes

  28. Just please tell us about a waterproof pair of shoes for flats, please, no clipless or spd stuff thx cos there's loads of them, but waterproof flats shoes 🤷‍♂️I haven't found any

  29. At 6:30–6:40 when he steps and they zoom on boot…on right of screen is that an ancient artifact? Looks like a tool or arrow head. Do they have those where you live? #askgmbn

  30. I've tried loads of footwear and different socks and my toes still go numb. The main problem is with cycling, you simply are not moving your feet or toes, so they always get cold no matter what fancy shoes and socks you buy.

  31. I watch videos of you guys riding through the mud and wet and I think of all the people that would be raging here in Tennessee. The community around here HATE people riding wet/muddy trails. :/

  32. Love you guys I even went out and bought the fi'zi:k ARTICA X2 size 42 USA(9) they look cool but they are IMPOSSIBLE to get on and take off !!! you should have mentioned this because other reviews I've read after the fact most definitely do. I trusted your review. I am wearing a thin sock and that was next to impossible to get the shoe on. The ankle support fabric is too tight unzipped, and also when zipped up and I'm lean with skinny ankles. I feel they are running small I might return for 42.5 so I have a chance of getting winter socks into the boot. All in all I want them to work but beware people they are a bi%ch to get on. I will exchange for another size up. Keep up the good work GMBN you make the best informative and entertaining videos that really help me improve my riding skills !

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  34. We don't ride in slop. Trails are closed. Our problem is it can be 30 degrees c at 9am in the Australian summer. Ride early or die on the trail. I can't ride for shit in the wet.

  35. Thanks for the video. I’m with Doddy (although as a bikepacker/camper I’m of necessity a kit gram counter). For me, at any time of the year, its a day (days, weeks, months) in the saddle I am looking to do… so I can have an adventure! I have the kit for just about 3 season, now looking to be able to do multi-month bike-packing/adventure touring/camping routes that will most likely involve some 4 season conditions far far away from civilisation. 

    Researching and selecting kit to cover the whole range of seasons possible on a multi 1000 mile trip is taking some time! Regarding SPD shoes/boots I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and carry my 2.5 season SCOTT SPD shoes and also some 4 season shoes or boots to allow me to cycle all day in at least minus 5 degrees C if not lower temperatures.

    My shortlist so far includes 45nrth Wolvehammer and Ragnarok.  Will add the two styles of Terra Artica boots to my short list, though as I have EE wide duck feet, the fit will be key. Would they keep my feet not-cold (‘warm’ is too much to hope for?) in temperatures between minus 5 and 5 degrees C ?

    Also considering the warmest socks provided by Darn Tough and Smartwool.

    My first, and so far my only, hike-a-bike was pushing my Surly Ogre from the hostel on Hoy to the (awesome, awesome, awesome) Rackwick beach. Only 3 or 4 miles, but a baptism of fire, or rather soggy ground) for me.

  36. my local mtb organization would be having a fit, if we road our trails in the muddy conditions as in this video….

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