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What to do when your Electric Motorbike break down in China?

Actually In Many Chinese cities, two wheels & three wheels vehicles are very popular among the common people. And nowadays, because of the development of the electric-vehicle technology, we have a lot of electric motorbikes & scooters. Even the famous Tesla Model S is in China! Just like many other people, we have a beloved electric motorbike, which we name it ‘Cocky’ However today it breaks down on the road And what are we going to do? Swiss man lost in China Get lost in China with us OK, guys. When you are driving an electric motorblike, What happen if you have a problem or you are stuck on the road because there is something broken So you just called the after-sale service In half an hour, you have a guy of the company that come To check your scooter So except this bad luck today I think it is interesting to see what happen And, it is quite a on-the-road type of repair. If we can say that. So what is very scary is to see the construction & the protection against the elements. Which is no protection Which is no protection. Now we are changing the controller to see if it is going to do an effect. There is 72 volt of tension. He is touching it like it is OK. Remember our landlord? When our landlord do the… When he fixed the charger NO. What is the one? Change the cable cover on the wall We asked him, ” Do we need to cut the electricity first?” “No, no, no. No need” Just take out the cover, and plug the electric cable. 220 volt ! Just do it by hand, you know. ” I am OK. I will survive this.” Oh yes, I have ruber (caoutchouc in french) shoes. No problem. ” it is a pure waste of time to try to shut down the electricity, you know.” “Just let’s get the job done.” ” Don’t take safety measure.” ” Don’t bibiblabla about my work.” It is a little bit Kamikaze in China. OK. Tell me. Tell me I think, uhmmm, why our cocky (motorbike) have more problem And it is a better quality, and it is a more expensive than other scooters But it has more problems than other scooters. It is because we washed it. We washed it. So, if you have an electric scooter in China, don’t wash it! NO.NO.NO. You did’t understand the point. When you go outside in the city, when you see other scooters They have waterproof The waterproof is made of hundreds of shades of the dust. It is natural waterproof that they never get rid of. Yes. Yes. That’s why our scooter has problem & other scooters don’t have. We have our Cocky (motorbike) back. The controller was broken. We don’t know why. I can still go to local market to buy oysters & do all of the stuff in Spring Festival. What a relieve. Hello everyone, if you like our video, please subscribe & share. And you can also give us a few dollars through our Patreon page each month To support us make more fantastic videos. Support us & get lost in China with us.

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