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What Triathlon Gear Do I Need?

What Triathlon Gear Do I Need?

When participating in a triathlon, it is so
essential to think about the gear that you have. Because there are three different events:
swimming, cycling, and running, you should have appropriate triathlon gear to fit your
competitive needs. It is required for participating athletes
to complete all three events beginning with the swimming. Cycling is second, followed
by running. The participant with the shortest time possible
wins. To get that amazing time, triathletes need to be in great physical shape. It takes physical stamina and speed to just
complete the race. Competing for the best time is a totally different level of fitness. Besides being in the best physical shape,
it is important for a triathlete to use the right triathlon gear. When the right gear
is used, time can be shaved off the results. If you are planning on succeeding in a triathlon,
or seriously competing, it is an important step to invest in triathlon gear. If you are new to buying triathlon gear, you
may be a little confused on what is the best to purchase. There are various brands available
and are often marketed as the “best.” However, you shouldn’t just look at the
brand to determine quality. Depending on what your specific needs are, you may want to go
with a different brand. Some types of gear fit better for certain
body types. You will want to take that into consideration as you decide to make a purchase. When purchasing triathlon gear, you will want
to have the three events in mind: swimming, biking, and running. You will need gear for
each of these sports. For swimming, you will need goggles, a swimming
suit, and a wetsuit. If you are a beginner, you may not want to invest in something like
a wetsuit, but if you are the competitive type, having the right equipment and gear
will shave off time. When you consider swimming gear that has minimal
resistance, it is no wonder why these items are purchased for better results. For cycling, you will need a bicycle, helmet,
clothing, cycling shoes, aero-bars, seat, and peddles. Try to find the best air resistant
or aerodynamic gear, if possible. This will knock off some crucial seconds.
Having a good quality bike is also important, but it is more important that you are trained
on the bicycle you are using, regardless what kind it is. For the running leg of the race, you will
need appropriate shoes and clothing. Having the right gear for this is essential, especially
the right running shoes. Make sure that you break your shoes in before the race. This
will prevent blisters, sores, and injuries. It is important for you to consider the proper
triathlon gear for each event, and to practice with it before the actual event to ensure
better time results, and also better comfort and safety.

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