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What Type of Riding Do You Find More Impressive? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 134

What Type of Riding Do You Find More Impressive? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 134

– Hey, Blake, have you seen Martin? – No, I haven’t, Blake. – Wow, look at the time. It’s time for the (together) Dirt Shed Show! – There’s a few things you
need to start a Dirt Shed Show. You need a BingBong, you need
a Neil, and you need a Doddie. – Don’t forget yourself. – Yes, we got nearly everything. – We’ve got news, we got
shout outs. What else you got? – Instant-bangers, we
got progression session, (rambles off excitedly) – Sounds like everything,
but have we got you? Are you in? Should we do it? (energetic rock music) Right, let’s start the show.
What a week we have had. We had hardline video from Blake, I put out my whistler video.
– [Blake] Your video came out. – [Martin] That went down pretty well. – [Blake] It did, yeah.
A lot of nice comments. – [Martin] Happy, yeah,
and very, very grateful for all the amazing
comments on that video. Man, what a trip. We had
a good time, didn’t we? – [Blake] Oh we did, didn’t we? We had fun. Your first time? – It was my first time in Whistler. – Your mind was blown.
(sighs) – Such a good place and
we had such a laugh. What was you favourite bit?
– The whole experience. – The whole experience. You
know what my favourite is? Is when I lifted my wheelchair up and you were trying to carry me. (Blake laughs)
I really enjoyed that bit. – [Blake] Oh I wouldn’t
doubt that. Didn’t you? – [Martin] That was good. No?
– [Blake] No. – No.
– Too heavy. – There was so much to
talk about on that trip. I tried to cram it all in that video, I hope I got enough in but
I think it went down well. The Hard Line video, that
went down pretty well too. – [Blake] That is doing well, yeah. (Martin exasperates)
Well, everyone did. – [Martin] What did you
think of that course? – [Blake] It was insane, Okay? So there’s one obstacle, the cannon, that thing is insanely huge. Are you gonna ride through a
dark pit, like a dark forest, and then flat out and off this thing. It’s crazy, 42 mile a hour you’re hitting the next obstacle and that’s that step up. (laughs) I think I would do what Sam Reynolds did. I would ride all those big obstacles but everything in between, no. – No?
– It’s too gnarly. No.
– Too gnarly, too gnarly. Well, it got me thinking, you see, I went to Whistler
because it was like, okay, one of those places
that I just had to ride and when I’m there I like being as close as I can to the edge
just before fallin’ off. I like getting a bit out of
shape. I like that, yeah. (laughing)
Yeah. But I was lookin’ for more than that. Like when we went to the North shore I really liked it when
it got super technical. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martin] That was really challenging. So, Hard Line, that’s a step too far? – [Blake] Oh, yeah, very far. Yeah. – [Martin] So where do you
want to be when you’re ridin’? – [Blake] Mmm, I would say a
little bit below where that is. – [Martin] Yeah, yeah? – [Blake] I like to push myself but not to the extent where I’m
definitely gonna die. I don’t want that.
– No, no. – So, I like to push my
limit but not that far. – Pretty sweet, isn’t it? We all get stuff out
of our ride in and from doing it in different
ways, different places. I mean, what’s the most
impressive type of ridin’? I mean Hard Line is pretty impressive, Whistler is a bike park place. – Yeah, that’s pretty good.
– Pretty impressive. But what about someone who does that K pick or something like that? – What about trials as well?
– Trials, yeah. – Like a big sign up
or a big drop to a log, like, this big from such a dizzy heignt. – Dizzying height, the Trial is. – Dizzying, now, yeah. – Now, what is the most
impressive type of riding? – Just time for a poll. – I think we can do a
poll on this. Shall we? – Yes.
– Right, poll above your head. – Whoa.
– Duck, Blake. First challenge passed. First option, how about let’s
go with downhill racing. – Ooh, yeah. – Is that the most
impressive type of riding? – The UCI one. – Second option we can
go with something like, what, the K Pick?
– Ooh, yep. – One of those big marathon rides. – Yep. – I think they’re pretty impressive. – I’ve got one. Rampage?
– Rampage. So, yeah, like a mega slope style event? Yeah, rampage.
– Yeah, Crank works. – Crank works or Trials.
– Or Trials. – Last one Trials.
– I can’t pick. Right, there are your options. Let us know what your
favourite type of riding is. Not favourite type, most impressive. What the most impressive type of riding is and we’ll see but make sure
you give us some comments as well because we want
to know your stories. – Right, last week’s poll
results are coming in hot and it was all about your
favourite way of riding. – Yes!
– Yes. But there’s a little bit of a
clean, whitewash on this one. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. You’re gonna start with one day only, 59%. – [Martin] Big win is one day only. – Kinda weekend warriors, probably. – Yeah, sort of. – Alright, next one was I’m either training or racing at 15%.
Wow. – [Martin] That’s a good
bunch of racers out there. – [Blake] That’s a lot of racing, yeah. – [Martin] I like that,
that’s a good result for that. – And the other one is bikepacking
for days. Five percent. – [Martin] We need to up for bikepacking. – [Blake] We need to up, yeah. – Come on. – I wanna be part of that
five percent, actually. I wanna do that with
Neil and Dottie, yeah. – I don’t particularly do, but, I’d like to up the ante anyway. – Right, the only other one is only ride to the bike shop, one percent. – That’s good! – I don’t have to make tea for them. – I mean, we do it but
it’s not what your riding should be about, so that’s a good thing. – Yeah. You gotta go fix your bike. – If that’s all your using your mountain bike for it isn’t enough. – You’re using it to get it fixed. For the weekend, so the one percent. – Oh, I thought you
meant to the chip shop! (laughs)
– [Blake] No. Trips away, for me, seventeen percent. – [Marti] Trips away? – [Blake] I thought that
would be a bit bigger. – Well, that’s good ’cause
that could be costly so that could be down to economy. – True, true.
– That’s not bad result. – No, that’s true. – And we got some good comments on it too. Yeah, KaliJamies says
my favourite way to ride is a good two to five
hour cross-country ride, nice hard style like
the old boys used to be, technical ridin’, some
really cool sections in it, a mix of everything, what good ol’ mountain biking is
supposed to be about. – Diehard XE guy, hey. Wow. – Yeah, sounds hard.
– Sounds hard. – Sounds hard.
– Yeah. We got one from Seth Reichert. He says I do love a day at the bike park, but my best days at
riding is when I’m clipped in at sunrise and washing
my bike at sunset. I love an epic long-distance trail ride where I get to climb and earn my descents. – Yeah, I like that. I think he summed it
all up in that sentence. Clipped in at sunrise,
washin’ the bike at sunset. (exasperates)
That’s what it’s all about. That’s really, really great.
I like that, I like that. – I got goosebumps thinking of it. – Now, we gotta get off
that, we got to get serious ’cause it’s time for the
Neil with News Donahue. So over to him. – So in some racing
news Red Bull Hard Line took place up in North Wales last weekend. Myself and Blake actually
went to have a look. It’s a crazy event with
some massive jumps. A lot of people there watchin’ it. It was really difficult
to get even a clean run. It started raining and we saw a lot of the top riders really struggling. It was a really hard course. Craig Evans took the win
with a pretty clean run, he must’ve had one big over-the-bars but last year’s winner
Bernhard Kurt did have a bit of a stumble on-course
and came in second. And the course designer and builder, Dan Aston, took third place. This weekend is the final round of the Enduro World Series
taking place in Italy. And the Men’s Overall Title
is still up for grabs, it’s a very close race between Sam Hill, who is currently leading,
and Adrian Dalily, a young French guy in second place. So that will be interesting to see. I guess that is fairly local knowledge for Adrian racing there in finale. The women’s all wrapped up already. Cecile Ravanel has virtually
dominated the whole season but I’m sure she’ll be looking to finish the season on a high as well. – Pretty cool, right, let’s
have a look at what you guys have been saying on the channel
this week in the comments. Got anything interesting, Blake? – Oh, yes, we got from Charles Wong Game of Bike idea: Slow-speen wheelie, the one who wheelies the slowest wins. – Ooh, yeah!
– I think it’s a good idea. – I think that Game of Bike
definitely has to be on there. – The Game of Bikers coming
up, we’re gonna be filming one soon and I’ve got a little
bit of a plan, actually. And, yes, slow wheelie,
that is a good idea. We could do that. I quite
like seeing how it goes. Seeing you guys battling
out for slowest wheelie. – Tn MTBER is asking for
a totally Bucked shirt, as is Tony Chambers.
– (together) Yes! Yes, I like the idea of totally Bucked. You know, it’s a nice
way of making something that has gone awfully wrong
seem a little bit better. – Craig Adams could’ve got
one of those, actually. – Could he?
– Went to C grade. – Down to C grade, yes.
– Yeah. – Oh my goodness, me. That last jump, wow. – Well, we will consider
the totally Bucked T-shirt. We’ll have a look at that
one, see if we can’t. (short guitar riff) Progression sessions!
Blake, what’ve we got? – We got one here sent in
by Andy Long of his son, who’s ten, Benjamin, they
built his little skills park in their garden and it’s skinny. – Look at that. – [Blake] It took him six attempts, so obviously, he probably
crashed or something. Look at how skinny that is.
(all exclaim) – He’s off.
– A little start for show. But look at this he does
nail it, look at this. The progression is real, look
how skinny that is though. – [Martin] A great little bit of footage. Gosh that is great
progression. Very, very good. – Progression is real, right?
– Loved it, nice job. – But, we do have a First Try Friday. – What, what?
– What is it? – Sent in by Morgan Lily, wanna see it? Right, here ya go. – Hi, my name is Morgan and
this is my First Try Friday. – [Martin] Okay, a bit more speed needed. – [Blake] Commitment.
You need commitment here. (all exclaim)
– [Martin] What? – A little Casey McGuire here, isn’t he? – [Neil] Quite a steep landing. – [Blake] Yeah. I think he does
it a third time, watch this. – [Martin] Come on, come on!
– [Blake] Nice little racer. – [Martin] Come on!
– [Blake] Where is he? – [Neil] He’s keeping us waiting. – [Blake] He is.
– [Neil] There he comes. – [Blake] Yes! Whoa.
– [Martin] Yes. Well, that’s pretty good. Pretty good. (all exclaiming)
Morgan deserves something. – He does.
(blows raspberry) – [Martin] Nice job. Keep your first try Fridays and
your progressions coming in. You can send them in to that
email address just there. Quick secret, if you wanna
get into First Try Friday do an intro because Blake loves it. – I love it, I do. I pick
that over anything else. – Right. Next up we are gonna
go into Tech of the Week. Doddie, do you know where he is? – No, I don’t. Do you know where he is? – No.
– He must be here. Doddie? – Cheers, guys. Okay, we’re gonna be doing
a feature on geometry and the affects it has on your riding but to directly answer a
question from last week recently people are hearing the term long, low, and slack use by manufacturers, but what does it actually mean? Firstly, we’re gonna talk about long. So that’s the wheel base of your bike, that means the distance
between your rear axle and your front axle, that simple. So this particular bike is a size XL and really for a bike to
be considered long in an XL it should be over 1,220 millimetres, this is nearly 1280
millimetre so this will definitely be cast as a long bike. But why would you want a long bike? So, baring in mind it
is combined with other geometry things, we’re going
to go into more detail later, a longer bike simply is more stable, shorter bike more twitchy so it depends on the characteristics you’re looking for. The next think we’ll look at is the low, and that refers to how low
your bottom bracket is. So, some bikes can be as
low as 330 millimetres, so how high your fulcrum
is from the ground. Of course this varies between 29 and a 27 and a half inch
wheel, visible for how it looks on a bike, but the effect is the same. So the lower you are the more
stable the bike is gonna be and the better it’s gonna go around turns but as a downside, the lower
the cranks are to the ground the more likely you are
to clip your pedals, so there’s a fine ground there. Finally, the last thing is the slack and that is referring to
the head angle of the bike, that is your steering angle. So on a cross-country bike where you need a bit more agility and the
terrain is a bit flatter you’re looking at about 68 degrees but anything lower than that
and you’re gonna start looking at trail bikes and
endurance bikes like this. This particular bike has
a 65 degree head angle so that’s quite aggressive,
it’s quite slack, it’s by no means the slackest
but what this has done mean is when you tip the bike
down steeper terrain your angle becomes relative again and your bike becomes an
bit better at handling, it doesn’t become so
twitchy or scary to ride. But you don’t just want slack
head angles for all riding so, granted, they’re
really good in a demanding, technical terrain but in slower terrain, or flatter terrain they may actually make the bike feel a bit lethargic. So, again, it’s all
down to your preference and the type of riding you do. (guitar riff) – Alright, okay. Alright, ready? Three, two, one!
(all yell) – I budged it, shut up.
– Right. What you got, Doddie?
(laugh) – Well, as you know,
I’m a Boomerang freak. Got a dropper handle lever you can make it work the way you want it to. He’s actually 3D printed
that himself, actually. It looks just like a KS one, doesn’t it? – Oh, yes, it does, doesn’t it? – You can actually see the
clamps and the cable at the top. – Yes.
– [Blake] Yeah. – That’s actually pretty cool, isn’t it? – That’s a pro hack, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– A pro hack. – Yeah, it’s so good you don’t even know. – Yeah.
– What have we got here? – This is death grip mod,
Griff Burn’s valve core on his shock has been damaged. I don’t know how that’s been damaged. So he’s just threaded the
shock on to keep the pressure. – I like how he’s taped
it all to the valve. – [Doddie] He’s out on the
trail he must’ve done that. – [Neil] Just awful. – I actually think that’s
a really clever solution. I put that one in there,
Neil, because I thought you were gonna like it but never mind. Now, this one is classic,
it’s a classic hack and budge. I think you might say it’s a budge. It’s from Jack Green.
(all exclaim) He needed to get a new
angle on his Go Pro. It’s getting the nod of approval from Alex behind the camera there,
the cameraman likes it. – It’s a bit crazy. – It looks like someone
stuck an axe in his head. (laughing)
– Yeah. – Doesn’t it?
– Yeah. – Yes.
– [Blake] Halloween’s not yet. – [Neil] By the way, he’s
taken the bark off this bit. With the edges.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Well, it’s definitely a budge. Well done, Jack, but it would be nice to see what the footage looked like. Thanks for a second time there. (crashes)
– Didn’t even try to catch it. (guitar riff) – Okay, to start off the caption contest, this one is a really weird,
random old shot I found. Insert your own captions, I’d love to hear what you come up with for this one. (laughing) – [Neil] Now, that’s Bob
Warner and, is that Rach? – [Doddie] Yes, Rachel
Upton. That’s right. – [Neil] That is a very good picture. – I think that’s at the World Champs. – Yeah.
– Like 2004. – Huh.
– The good ol’ days. (laughing)
– Yeah. (laughing) – That was your nearly
there, Neil, wasn’t it? – I raced that one and
I crashed, obviously. World Champs, always
crash at world champs. (laughing)
– Is that what ya did? – Yeah.
– It’s the darn thing. Get your captions down below.
(guitar riff) Alex, hit those lights because
it’s time for Viewer Edits. This one is great, it’s
from Louis Johnston. I think you guys are gonna like this. Cord going forthright, ’cause the idea is he’s somewhere in Scotland. I’m not sure where he
starts but he makes it to the fourth bridge, it’s amazing. (all exclaim) So here we go, nice little bit of riding on the sand, on the beach to start with. – [Doddie] That is true shock there. – [Martin] He sets this up and
it’s very Danny Mack-esque. – [Doddie] He’s got some kits, doesn’t he? – [Neil] He’s got a ‘copter.
– [Martin] Yes. Yeah, he’s got the helicopter bit. (laughing) – [Blake] Yeah, good
weather up in Scotland. – [Martin] He’s got the
drop off bit of the street. – [Doddie] It’s uncommon in
Scotland, weather like this. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] Must’ve been the one dry day. – [Blake] Yeah. Over to the beach. – [Doddie] To the skate park.
– [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] Is he going
to the skate park? Yes. – [Blake] Ooh.
– [Doddie] Droppin’ in. – [Neil] Nice.
– [Blake] Look at that. – [Martin] Quite a flip-down,
that, but it’s pretty good. – [Doddie] Loads of different angles. – [Neil] A lot of work has gone into this. – [Martin] Wait for it.
Look, the skateboard. – [Doddie] Ooh, seen that before. – [Neil] Nice.
(all exclaim) – [Doddie] Ah, lost it on that one. – [Neil] Yeah.
(all exclaim) – [Blake] Ah, look at
that terrain in the field! – [Neil] He’s gettin’ the
weather is quite nice. – [Blake] I think he is, yeah. – [Neil] Look at that! And
actually flat along there. – [Doddie] Oh, that’s nice.
– [Martin] Classic shot, that. – [Neil] He’s covered
some miles to get that! (all exclaim)
– [Martin] Look at that! A lot going on here.
– [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] Fourth bridge. Fourth bridge. A bit more street. – [Blake] Where’s the first one? – [Doddie] Cool. – [Martin] A bit of song change, isn’t it? One we can’t play because
of licencing, right? – [Blake] It’s a very good song. – [Martin] I like it, it’s nice. – [Doddie] I liked the first one better. First one really sold it for me. (claps hands)
– [Martin] Great edit! Louis, thank you for sending it in. Amazing film, I mean, if
you’ve made a viewer edit and it’s got along the lines
of what Louis has done here, lots of shots, lots of different angles, really try to get your ride
across to us the best way you can and the most exciting way possible and we will see if we can send you one point six million
viewers, it’ll do that, over to your youtube channel.
(laughing) So, yeah, keep ’em
coming in. Viewer edits. Love it, love it. Still going, that. – Love it.
– Amazing, amazing. (guitar riff)
– Fails and bails! The part where we get to see
where it all went wrong for you which is a bit of a shame
but if you send it in to us, right, this
sounds bad to begin with, but if you send it in
to us you could see it here on the show, you could maybe get into our monthly fails and bails round up where you could win
Six Six One Protection. (others exclaiming) Or, if you send us some scary POV headcams you might make it into
our freak week special. – Ooh, yeah. Right.
– Yeah! – So there’s a lot going on
for you in fails and bails. So it’s worth sending in your crash and I’m gonna wet your appetite, lads. You are gonna love this
first one to get you going is from Jay MacDowell and this is probably the narrowest jump line
I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at this, here he comes
and he’s not got much space. – [Blake] No he doesn’t, doe he? – [Doddie] Must’ve built it quick. (laughing) – [Martin] Yeah, those narrow
jumps often are built fast. Here he comes, a bit of slow-mo. (all exclaiming)
– [Blake] That a table? – [Martin] You can’t fit a table in there! – [Blake] Not that way ya do.
– [Neil] You can’t. (laughing) Whoa, look at the face.
Look at the face there. (all exclaiming)
(laughing) – [Martin] Totally bucked!
– [Neil] That was good. – [Martin] Good video.
– [Neil] Good video. – [Blake] Imagine that entire way. – [Doddie] That is a long way to crash. – [Blake] It was, wasn’t it?
– [Martin] Still going! Next one, and I know you’re
into it, is from Damien Brown. This one is gold. This one’s good. Coming in fun, yeah. This one’s good. I like this one. The slow-mo
starts early, I’ll be honest. We could have got you in a bit quicker. (groaning)
Breathe it in. We have all been here. Oh no!
No! No! Sorta lost contact with the pedals. Totally bucked! – [Neil] A flying W that scored. – [Martin] Flying W!
(laughing) (all exclaiming)
– [Blake] Scorpion! – [Martin] Now, rest
assured Damien was alright. His dad has told us that he was fine. Oh, it was Reese, Damien was in here. Reese who was twelve
year old, he was fine. – You’re sure?
– Yes, it says so. It says, yeah, he had a
sore chest but he’s okay. – So not a vegetable, yeah?
Could be with that crash. – Yeah, he’s doing fine but great crashes. Got us in the mood so who
wants to throw us to it? Go on Doddie.
– Everyone looking at me? – Run VT! (light melody)
(biker exclaims) (laughing) (wheels whirring)
(scraping) (crashing)
(yelps) (chains whir)
(scraping) (grunts) (chains whir)
(crashes) (laughing)
– [Man] Oh my god. (muffled wind)
(chains whir) – [Biker] Whoa!
(grunts) (groans softly)
(moans) (gasping) (gravel scrapes) – Right, there aint no party
like a bike vault party. – Oh yeah.
– Oh yeah. (honks horn)
(mugs clank) – Let’s do it!
– Ding. (laughs)
– Ding, ding. – Round one. – Round one of the bike vault party. – Can you move your horn?
– Why’s that? – Slow up this week.
– Yeah, you know why? – Why’s that? – It’s ’cause you’re
wearing your cap again. (censored)
– It’s open now. – What?
(gears clank) – [Doddie] I love guessing. Yes. – That’s super nice, isn’t it? – Super nice?
(horn honks) (all commenting)
Ooh! – That looks like Wales. – No, it’s Dublin.
– It’s Dublin. – I see it. Antony is
been before in Dublin. – Very nice.
– Super Nice. – Oh.
– Ben Stein, Milwaukee. – Florence.
– Nice. – Pretty cool shot, that.
– Nice tyres. – Pretty good. Where’s the trail? – It looks like a bench
bike to me. I like it. – Very nice.
– I like that. – He’s actually using
it for ridin’ to work so that’s quite a ride to
work he’s got there, isn’t it? – That’s a bit of a commute, isn’t it? – Nice.
– Very well, nice. Kris Ball in Northern Germany. – I like your pedal colour, man. – I’d like some of those, yeah. – Those are nice.
– Very well matched. – Very. Super nice?
(laughs) – It’s very well matched.
– Yes, give him super nice. (honks horn)
– Super nice from Doddie. – Yeah.
– Yeah, Doddie called it. – Whoa!
– Ah! (hisses)
Now, this. – That is a cool shot. – This is really, really cool, right? ‘Cause this is the shot.
– That’s the shot! – That’s that shot that that guy took, Sarah Bateman’s boyfriend.
– No way! – His name is, uh. – Matt Shavers. – Matt Shavers.
– Wow. – Matt.
– That’s a cool view. – Wish it was better.
– Ah. – Come on, they put in some serious work! – Yeah.
(honks horn) – That is super nice.
– Super nice. I like it.
– Super nice. – Ah, look at that waterfall!
– Who’s in the background? – That looks like Honduras. – Me and Doddie have discussed this. Now, this photo from
Leonardo Pasqual, right, is not good enough.
(laughs) – It’s not a nice or a
super nice at this stage. – But, no, we’re not giving you either. – He put his bike down
on the ground. Come on. – But it’s from Honduras!
– At least it’s not drive side – No, no, we’re gonna
give him a second chance. – Because I like the idea of
gettin’ a bike from Honduras. – That’s way cool.
– So we don’t wanna miss out. – Where is Honduras?
– South America, isn’t it? – Yeah. – So we want to see this
bike again from Honduras but with a shot worthy
of a nice or super nice. – Yeah, send it in. Let’s see it. – So Leonardo or Pasqual,
Pasqual Leonardo, we want a better shot. Okay, Max. (exclaiming)
Max VanHoven from Luxembourg. – That is a very nice sun flare, and I like how he’s propped his bike up. On the trail.
(gasping) – If only his pedals were
at the three o’clock mark. – Oh, I’d give him that.
I’d say that’s a nice. – Oh, that’s definitely a nice. – I like the wood and the light. – It’s definitely nice.
– Its nice. It’s nice, sorry, mate.
– Come on. – Ooh, wow.
– Hanging it by a chain. – That’s a brave shot. – Philip Schmidt from the landslide edge. – That’s where the canyon is, that walk. – Is that right?
– Yeah. – I think so.
– Huh. – Well, what are ya givin’ it, Neal? – I think that’s nice.
– Nice. – Yeah, he’s matched his
pedals to his top too. – That’s nice.
– That’s nice. – Nice?
– Nice. – I think it’s nice.
– Nice. (all exclaiming)
(cooing) – I’m going super nice with the SS. – And the white dog. White.
– Nice. – Hang on, have you all seen the dog? There’s a dog.
– There’s a dog. – A dog. – But we don’t want to
stick it with super nice just ’cause there’s a
dog in the shot, okay? – What?
– Let’s look at the bike. – I’m looking at the car.
– Look at the bike. – I was stuck on the car.
– The car’s an SS, that. – That’s super nice.
(honks horn) (laughing and exclaiming)
– Oh, super nice! Super nice! It’s got a dog in it! (laughing)
Thanks. – Next one is from Van Saylor
in Queensland, Australia. – Nice. – I’d say that’s more than nice. – That’s nice. That’s a Scot, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– A trailhead. (all talking over) – Looks like he changed the wheels a lot. – Nice, yeah.
– Two fours? – I’m giving this one to
Neil, what you gonna do? – I don’t really like it that much. – It’s the last bike in the bike vault this week, Neil, what you gonna give it? – It’s nice.
(Doddie groans) (gears clanking)
(laughing) – Wow, I really thought you would up that. – It’s not really strong in my opinion. – Not stronger than his.
– No, never mind. Thank you for watching this week’s show. We’ve had an absolute blast and as always make sure you keep giving us your comments and send us your content, your videos, your photos, we love seeing ’em. – Yeah
– Been an absolute (honks horn)
hoot. (guitar riff) Right, coming up on the channel for you chaps and chappettes to feast your eyes on on Saturday is the iconic explorer and then on Sunday some
endurance downhill. – [Neil] Plus we got boxes.
– [Doddie] Ooh. – We’re gonna be giving
away two full grip sets. So you should win ’em.
– Wow, cool. – Cool prizes.
– Yeah. – On Monday we got the top ten tools to make your life easier
when working on your bike, and on Tuesday the best cable tie hacks. – [Neil] Oh, useful cable ties! – [Doddie] Useful video, that one. – [Martin] You’re very proud of that one. – I am.
– Very proud of it. – Definitely budges.
– And in the afternoon. – Eh, some budges in there.
(laughing) – We’ll see on Wednesday. Sorry. – Actually, a double
whammy in the afternoon. – A double whammy!
– Yes. Yeah, we got how to
recover from an injury. – Ah.
– A very useful video, that. – Double day, double day,
didn’t see that coming. Wednesday we got how to
set up a downhill bike, and, of course, on Thursday
Ask GMBN, the regular show. – Friday we’re back in the
shed for the Dirt Shed Show. (all exclaim)
– Yes! – If you want to see another video, click over here cor Martin’s
Whistler adventures. I loved it, I wasn’t there
but it really felt like I was. – It was amazing.
– Pretty cool video. – Okay, great.
– What’s that there? – That over here is
nine nights of numbers. Pretty cool if you haven’t seen
it click there. Pretty cool. – Also make sure you click
the logo in the middle there to subscribe and thanks for watching The Dirt Shed Show, see you next week. And give us a thumbs-up like!
– Thumbs. – Mine’s a high nine, do thumbs up. (snickering)
– High nine in there. Laughing at ya.
– That is the tape! That one!

100 comments on “What Type of Riding Do You Find More Impressive? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 134

  1. Does it bug anyone else that the voice over never matches up to the viewer edits, first try fridays and progression session? They always seem to say stuff after it happens

  2. Martyn, I loved your Whistler Video.  Very inspiring.  I'm fascinated by your custom helmet.  Perhaps a video showing what's involved in producing such a wicked lid.

  3. of you're doing a video about how to set up a downhill bike , when will you be making the video on how to set down an uphill bike ?

  4. I find that the tracks and riding for EWS would have to be my most impressive type of riding, good fast tracks and having to do them all day.

  5. Did you know that in Australia Ask GMBN comes out on a Friday and the Dirt Shed Show comes out on a Saturday…How mind blowing!!!

  6. Hi, i have a 27.5 inch voodoo hoodoo mountain bike for halfords, i have had it for a year and I'm wanting to upgrade some parts, somebody please suggest whats parts would be good to upgrade for a budget of under £150, Thanks.

  7. @AskGMBN I am thinking about getting a new trail bike I want a hardtail to keep the price down, do you have any recommendations? I am 13 so it needs to come in smaller sizes. Also can I ride a downhill park on a hardtail trail bike or will that not work?

  8. I think slopestyle is the most impressive just because it seems so foreign to me, I could never even get close to ANYTHING they are doing, While the other disciplines
    seem possible to me.

  9. You guys probably won't read this but I'm looking to get a trials bike and can't decide between streetrials and purebred trials bike with no saddle.

  10. Caption "Say it Robert, tell mommy who's the fastest down the hill or I'll twist them some more."
    ps is that Helen Gaskell with Dan in the background? Where did she disappear to?

  11. Long is not overall wheelbase, it's the front centre length. Short front with long chainstays doesn't conform to the LLS formula. Sorry Doddy.

  12. would be great if gmbn did some kind of how-to's on trials tricks and moves with Martin explaining and Neil and Blake trying/showing

  13. Caption competition: when your girl wants to ride blue trails with you for the day but you have already said yo will go out and shred with the lads.

  14. I think people will find impressive whatever they cannot do. I ride endurance and so I don't find that particularly impressive, but freeriders and trials riders are amazing.

  15. I have recently baught a specialized demo with a bos idylle rare air fork and i have a probleme on it
    I rode it since 3 days without any problems and now the fork is at 20% of the 200 mm and it works nice but when i pull/extend it the fork get back to the 20%
    I looked on internet and it was talking about the positive and negative chamber but i dont want to disassemble it

    What to do /have you got any answer

  16. I'd love to see a video on the Calibre Bossnut. Even a video on the best bikes sub £1000. Great channel guys, love the content

  17. I really wonder who is picking the bike vault photos because I sent I a picture that is very nice out on s trail with my trail dog Watson and I DIDNT even get in the show!

  18. Looks like you've all been caught in the same crosswind on the way to work looking at your hair direction in Bike Vault 🙂

  19. the most impressive riding is someone that has never ridden, finally buying a bike and enjoying such an amazing sport

  20. Thanks, Martyn, for sharing your big adventure at Whistler with us–a beautiful ride by you and a beautiful day for all with fanfare at the finish. And most impressive riding is a win after a lengthy solo break on the road or in the dirt, nothing more audacious and glorious. But a close second, for me, are the jumpers who are flipping and spinning and wheeling and dealing in the big air way up there.

  21. For the xc riders the stamina is impressive,but I'm impressed with how strong the minds of the pro xc riders are. They go into levels of pain that some people haven't even gotten close to yet.

  22. This is the best channel ever.  I love you guys, you make me want to ride more. I love the woodland singletrack after a previous days rain when the dirt is firm and grippy and the flow is fast and smooth with loads of trail jumps and berms and all you mates wooping and laughing and lyin about how awesome we ride and how we nearly died on that last corner etc

  23. #askgmbn hey guys just got a Scott genius 700 plus tuned. I'm thinking because of my small body I'll need to upgrade to a shorter stem (possibly a 0mm) could you guys shed 😉 any light on what brands and what length would suit me well? I got a small size and I'm 167cm tall. Thanks! Bunce

  24. #CaptionContest. That look u give your wife when she gets a perfect season first try and your 50 and been riding since 5

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  26. Da dirty kind! Woooof!
    Wit dirty girls! Dirty trail doggies!
    Dirty Bro,s! And dirty dirt!
    Allllllllllllllllll day long!
    Hardtails rule!

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