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What Wheels Are the Best For You!?

What Wheels Are the Best For You!?

– A long time ago in a land far far away the world, it was easy. Okay, when you bought your
car, it was very simple. You got your underglow, right? You got an aftermarket
(beep) knob, wait what? You got an aftermarket
shift knob, which was cool. You got some Konigs that had
the flat face on Craigslist and nowadays there’s like
nine million different options for wheels, canards, wheels,
spoilers, canards, wheels, tires, more wheels, and suspension okay? But we’re gonna try and
keep our sanity today. There’s just a lot of stuff
out there and we thought we’d kinda help out, I’m
Alex, on Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking
about what type of wheels you should actually buy because
even just in the wheel area there’s just a lot of stuff. There’s a lot of things
and if you don’t know how to organize the things into stuff, you’re gonna have a bad time. And if you’re just jumping into here, hi. Welcome to this adventure, okay? If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe so we can keep making
bangin’ videos like this and if you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, let me
just get that eyelash out of my eyeball. Be sure to check out because like that’s what
all the cool kids do and we still succumb to peer
pressure, let’s be honest. That’s just how it works. And if you’re looking to
win a free set of wheels, we partner with Kansei, oh it’s up here. God, it’s like I’m taking
off my clothes for a camera. (distressed moan) get
you automatically entered into winning a free set of Kansei wheels. Description link will be below, okay? Finding out what wheels you should buy is a bit like deciding
what type of steak to get when you walk into a supper club at 16 years old on prom night. You want to know what you’re
doing, but you just don’t and you don’t know the differences and you feel just plain silly, okay? So then you get a steak and
you order it medium well, and it looks like a burger. Finding out what type
of wheel you should buy boils down to really three
major categories, okay? Number one, the function of the wheel. Number two, uniqueness and
number three is price, okay? So we’re going to start with
just the function of the wheel and you pretty much have
your three categories. You have function, which
is the actual functioning of the wheel, is it lightweight
and stuff like that. Then you have form, which
is more about the lookskies and then you have a little bit of both and depending on how they’re
designed and actually made is essentially what’s
gonna decide which wheel falls into which category. So are you ready for a Bill
Nye science lesson, class in 60 seconds or less? ♪ Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill. ♪ ♪ Bill Nye the Science Guy. ♪ ♪ Science rules. ♪ – Sweet because it’s probably gonna take a little bit longer. There are wheels that are gravity cast, which are pretty much trash,
okay? (garbage can bangs) There are low pressure cast wheels as well which are not as popular, but still okay. Then you got rotary forged,
which is pretty decent as long as it’s legit. You’ve got fully forged
which is like heck yeah bud, if you can find them in your size. And then multi-piece,
either two or three piece which is pretty baller, but not really the best for function. Starting off with the gravity
cast, which is where the alloy is literally poured into a wheel mold that is formed by the gravity of the alloy that makes the shape. This is the beefiest boy of them all and usually the most affordable. Now remember, we’ve got
our gravity cast down here. Now most brands don’t do this anymore. We would recommend staying
away from them if you’re trying to get a set of wheels for
function as these tend to be a little bit heavier,
it’s just more metal. If you can’t find out if
they’re gravity cast or not a lot of times you can
just look at the weight or the very, very low price, like sub 350 and assume that it’s
gonna be gravity cast. There’s very few wheels out
there that still do this, but a lot of old wheels on Craigslist are gonna be gravity cast. Low pressure cast adds an
element of pressurizing the cast to make the alloy more
solid, use less material and is generally just
a little bit stronger. Low pressure cast is the common type of wheel manufacturing now and they aren’t inherently that bad. XXRs use a lot of low
pressure casts, for example and it allows them to get
the thin spokes as well. However, because there’s a million ways to low pressure casts,
not all are created equal. You can get sharper
spokes and more designs with this style versus
a typical gravity cast mostly just because gravity
cast doesn’t allow you to make the sharp fancy
little spokey designed wheels. After that, one step up is rotary forged, which is the next step. It’s lighter, they’re usually stronger, there’s more diversity
with the wheel design and with rotary forging
they usually take the barrel of the wheel and apply a
(beep) ton of heat to it, okay? Then they start spinning
the wheel while applying some big old rollers to
the metals in the middle, then they roll it out, right? That’s pretty much what ends up happening to the barrel of the wheel,
you get a forged barrel with a cast wheel and if you’re looking for a great budget/function
wheel, rotary forge are usually the ones to go for,
everyone has their own name for it whether that’s cold forged, flow formed, rotary forged, ETC whatever. ESR’s got their RF1s and RF2s, Rohana has a rotary forged lineup. Konig has their freeform lineup. They have the Dekagram, the Hypergram and these things are
super popular, in fact TSW really coined rotary forged and
they actually owned the term rotary forged, which is why you see so many people use different terms. Fully forged wheels are
wheels that are made usually out of a single
block of T6061 aluminum. This used to be super
expensive and meant solely for professional racing. However, now you can do it with, you know, a pretty decent price, it’s
slightly less than buying a set of multi-piece wheels. RSR Forged was one of
the first bigger names to start offering these
wheels to the normal market. Most notably, the 901,
the 902, and the 903 being fitment-specific
wheels that were fully forged for the Honda Type-R, the
Mustang, and the Corvette. Now these wheels are the
ultimate function wheels and a lot of times you’ll be
able to tell just by looking at them, they’ve got a lot of cutouts, a lot of weight savings. The usually are gray,
that’s just how they are. But because not many
people make these wheels and even less people find
them for specific applications you’re not gonna usually
find them for your car. They usually end up being
around $2,500 a set, as well which can make it a little bit weird. Multi-piece wheels are
straight fire, fire. But they’re mostly for looks, style, and to get tight fitment. Multi-piece wheels come in
every color under the sun and they are supa-sweet, okay? But you’re paying for most of them and they are pretty dang heavy,
due to the added hardware the fact that they generally
have bigger lip sizes and all that sort of just stuff, okay? In short, gravity cast
is usually at the bottom of the list and it’s
usually a no-no unless you just want the cheapest wheels possible and you don’t care about wheel weight. Low pressure casts will be
your stuff like your XXRs and they’re not shabby,
they get the job done and they’re usually not original designs, but you can thrash on these
sets and never feel bad when you end up breaking one. Once you move up from low pressure casts, you get to the rotary forged
which is the most value on the function side of things per dollar and there’s lots of sizes and designs. And it’s probably the
biggest pool in 2020. It’s gonna be the one where you see the most companies going towards. Once you move up, you’ve got the forged, which is badass and awesome,
but it’s usually limited and a little bit expensive
and it’s usually not even made for your car yet. Forged wheels for the consumer
is probably gonna take like five years, but if
you want to make them fit for your car, go nuts. And then on top of the whole thing, you’ve got your multi-piece wheels which is flashy flash,
pretty much all lookey lookey and very little function
okay, they’re expensive. That’s just how it goes. Once you’ve decided on how
you’re going to use the wheel. You’ll know which one to buy. Is it low pressure cast and rotary forged? They’re like the number one
most popular for most people because they want wheels that
can be used occasionally, but not every single day. Then you have your stuff
like your multi-piece wheels which is gonna be something
that’s way more popular for actually form, it’s
for the car show people. It’s for the people that just
want to have a fancy style. But after that, you’ve gotta decide on what type or style of
wheel or uniqueness you want and this is how we break it down there because a lot of times
the number one question that we get asked is what
type of wheel should I buy? If your car is busy, go
with a sleek, simple design with some concavity. If your car is sleek and
simple both with body lines and mods, go with a
little busier wheel design and mix it up with some lip. The biggest thing to do is that you need to cross your wheels to your
vehicle and a lot of times that’s what’s gonna make something pop. Wheels are always up to what you want, but the amount of people
that ask us what they think we should buy is too damn high. The best way to decide
if you’ll like a wheel is deciding if your car is busy or not and just do the opposite
thing with your wheels. Just remember, the more
creative you want your wheels, the most expensive
usually everything becomes until eventually the only option left are the $3,500 multi-piece wheels. However, there’s companies
like Cosmis Racing that have been pushing
that as far as possible by offering three colorish designed wheels within one wheel that has a machine lip. Usually it has a different
painted window and then a different painted face, which give you that crazier design without
the massive price point. All of the gravity cast, low pressure, rotary forged, forged,
and multi-piece wheels can have both simple and busy design, but usually on the lower
end of the spectrum is where it’s a little
bit more restricted, okay? You’ll be limited in
options in terms of color and things like that in
the fully forged route and the gravity cast route, but
you’ll have the most freedom in the rotary forged and multi-piece. So once you decide that you
want a certain type of wheel and you know what type of design wheel, it’s usually gonna end up
going in to the last thing, which would end up being price. Now price is ultimately
what everyone looks at when they’re buying stuff and that’s okay. What happens with price
is that a lot of times people think more expensive
is gonna give them the best wheel ever, and
that’s not entirely true. Price is low when you’re
looking at wheels without color. Without lots of crazy
designs and couldn’t be probably gravity cast
or low pressure cast. But if you climb that ladder,
usually price does climb with it a little bit. If you’re looking for
1,000 to 1,500 bucks, rotary forged is gonna
have pretty much anything that you need and if you’re looking for a crazy color wheel with a gnarly width and a custom setup, (coins ringing) you’re gonna want to save
those pennies, buddy. Or go get a firm, because
multi-piece wheels are just gonna be the option,
because you’re left with things like Work, or Rotiform,
or things like that. But if you’re looking for
something that just gets the job done without breaking the bank, go snag some low pressure cast wheels and get some decent tires. Not many people will crack a joke on you if you run good tires on
some affordable wheels and sometimes that’s okay. Not everybody needs a fancy set of wheels, but there’s pros and cons to everything. Especially as you go up
the ladder of wheels, quality, weight, price, color
options, and customization all play a role and deciding
on what type of wheel you should buy comes down to
truly what you’re looking for. Function style wheels look
good on function style cars, like the WRX or EVO,
Kansei, Cosmis, or Konig. Thin spoke wheels look good on cars with massive wheel arches and big brakes like Camaros, Ferraris, Mustangs. For that, you have Rohana. Wide wheel wells deserve
a crazy wheel design like the 350 and the
370, the G35 and the G37, even the Infiniti Q cars. They need to see those multi-piece wheels because they give the car
exactly what it’s needed. And a full on race car should
have fully forged wheels if you spend less of
your time at car shows and most of your time at the track. A lot of times you’ll be able
to find fully forged options through companies like RSR
because they specialize in making wheels like that. But hey, if you still don’t
know what you’re looking to get after watching it, that’s okay. We don’t judge, I’m an equal
opportunity wheel guy, okay? But what you can do to
save yourself some time is go check out the gallery
at where there’s about 30,000
cars with aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, and you
can go find out what you like without having to ask a
hundred of your friends. If you don’t have a
hundred friends, I’m sorry. And if you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, be sure to
check out and let us know what you’d
like to see us cover next. Wheels, they’re a tricky gal, guy. Whatever you want them to be, okay? But they don’t have to be. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries,
and we’ll see you later. Peace.

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