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What Wheels Fit Scion FRS/BRZ (2013 – 2017)

What Wheels Fit Scion FRS/BRZ (2013 – 2017)

– You asked and we delivered. We made a video a couple weeks ago talking about what fits
your 2008 to 2016 Subaru WRX and all of you in the comments were like “Whoa, you should do that
with the BRZ and the FR-S” And we said, “Sure, why not?” So we decided that we would talk to you about everything that fits the Subaru BRZ. Is that right, is it the BRZ? And the Scion, not the Toyota, FR-S. Now before we get into it
we have a ton of information so we’re going to put all
the links in the description in terms of what fits, what doesn’t fit, links to galleries, links
to wheels and tires, links to everything in between. So, this is more of a master list if you’re looking to figure out a first set of wheels, or maybe second, or a hundredth set of
wheels you’re looking to put on your BRZ or FR-S. And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe and then drop a comment below on what wheel, or brand, or car, or whatever you want to see come from Fitment Industries next. So let’s just get right into it. So before we get into anything our guaranteed fitment range
for the BRZ and for the FR-S is going to float right around a 17 to 20 inch diameter wheel, a seven inch to eight-and-a-half width and anything between a 35 to 48 offset. So if you want the guaranteed fitment, you want something that’s
absolutely going to work, we’ll put the little text right here, that is guaranteed to fit. No questions asked. No rubbing, no trimming,
no rolling, no fenders, no modifications, nothing at all. Slap them bad boys on and give
her a whirl and it’ll work. Now, does that mean that’s
the range that you should use? No, it’s Fitment Industries. We’re going to try to get
you that perfect fitment as much as possible. So we’re going to give you
a couple different options going on from 2013 to 2017, 2018 as to what can actually fit
on your BRZ or your FR-S. So let’s start off with just 2013. So 2013 sees 17-inch diameter wheels and 18-inch diameter wheels. And when you go into the
17 diameter inch wheels, you’re looking at something
from around a 35 to a 40 offset and that’s going to give
you just a nice, clean look. Now, when we get into the 40 offset you’re looking at more of a tuck setup versus the 35 is going to
get you nice and flush. If you’re looking at a 17 by nine we’ve noticed a lot of people are going with a 215 to 225/40 wheel and tire combo to get just a nice little setup. Now for the most part people
aren’t running a 17-inch wheel. We’re seeing a lot of people
run an 18 by nine-and-a-half. And you’re going to see that at a 22, a 30, a 35,
a 38, and a 42 offset. Now a lot of those are very
typical offset wheels out there. So if you’re looking at a 22 pretty much all the way up to a 32 to a 35 you’re going to have a poke issue if you’re just doing coilovers. So you do want to be a
little bit careful with that and if you go into a 32 or a 38 you’re going to have a nice flush set up. 38 to a 45 is gonna
give you a tuck set up. Now we do have to give you
a little bit of a disclaimer that if you’re running
a 17 by nine-and-a-half, and a plus-45 offset you are going to experience strut issues and rubbing into things on
stack suspension components. So you want to make sure that if you do plan on doing something with a nine-and-a-half, that you try to keep it
at a 35 offset or lower. And you’ll be able to see what looks at a 25 offset for that
car, a 40 offset, and a 38 as we bring up the images right here. The biggest thing to note is obviously the lower the offset,
the more it pokes out. Now you can make lower offset
wheels fit if you want to. Just remember that you
are going to have to work in terms of camber and
tow and different things that you’re going to have
to modify and change around to just get the appropriate
clearance needed the lower you go with your offset if you don’t want to
mess with your fenders. Now when we go through all
the numbers for these cars, we are already looking at wheels that at the very minimum you have to get your fenders rolled. So remember that as you’re
taking that into account. You do need to at least roll your fenders because everybody rolls
their fenders at this point. And for the most part,
you just kind of have to. Otherwise you’re going to be stuck with that fitment range
we talked about before and you’ll be running
17 by eight, plus 35’s and it’ll be boring, and you’ll get no clout on the Instagram, and it’s just going to be a tough time and you just won’t have any fun with it and you’re gonna be
stuck with everyone else with the lame wheels
and not the cool wheels, and I’m ranting so we’re gonna go on to the next year which
is the 2014 BRZ and FR-S. Now you’re gonna see
not a whole lot changes except for the fact that a lot more people own a 2014 versus a 13 so we’re going to have a lot more data. You’re going to see a
lot of people in the 14’s run a whole bunch of different wheels. Everything from the ESR
RF2 to the Gram Light 57’s, to even the Volk TE37’s. You’re gonna see people run Works. You’re going to see people
run Varrstoen ES2’s. You’re going to see people run Avids. You’re going to see people
run a lot of different stuff. So if you’re interested in seeing what wheels look like
on that specific year, we’ll actually drop some
links below as well. But when it comes down
to different sizing, you are going to see again that 18 by nine-and-a-half probably would be the
most common wheel setup with a 225/40 all the way up actually to a 255/35 if you really
want to get a meaty setup on your nine-and-a-half wide. We do see a couple people go staggered in the 2014 and 2015 BRZ and FR-S but predominantly it’s
not a very common thing for a lot of people. If you are wanting to
run a staggered setup we are seeing people
run a front 18 by nine or an 18 by nine-and-a-half, and then running an 18 by 10-and-a-half with a lower offset, probably
a plus 20 or a plus 30 but they do have fender modifications done to make sure that fits. You’re looking at probably
negative three degrees of camber and a couple extra things
that you have to get done if you want to run a
very aggressive setup. Now the question may be asked, can you run an 18 by 10-and-a-half, negative 17 and an 18 by
negative 12, negative 37, the answer is yes. You’re just going to
have to run over fenders and do all the modifications
you can possibly imagine for the most extensive setup possible. But for the most part if you’re looking at a 2014 BRZ or FR-S, you’re going to be floating
right around that 35 range. You can go down to 32 offset which is going to give you a
little bit more aggressive, but you will have to pull
back your tire a little bit. You’re probably looking at
something more along the lines of a 215/40 or a 225/35
if they still exist to get that thing to
fit underneath your car. A couple of other common setups are an 18 by eight-and-a-half plus 30 and a 17 by nine plus 30, both of which are going to
fit on the car just fine. So if you’re looking to stick around something like that it
is completely possible. You just want to keep
an eye on that offset. Now when it comes to 2015 it
seems like nobody owns one. We’re not entirely sure why so for the four people out there that own a 2015 FR-S
or BRZ this is for you. You’re gonna notice that a lot of people are going to be running an 18
by nine plus 30 or plus 35. It’s going to be a little bit more common and that has a lot to
do with the fact that a lot of people aren’t
trying to go more aggressive with the 2015’s just because there’s not as many people that own them. So that’s not to say that
a nine-and-a-half can’t fit it’s just to say that we aren’t seeing a lot of people doing the
nine-and-a-half versus the nine. But the 18 by nine plus 30 or plus 35 paired with a 225 or 235/40 tire you’re gonna get just a nice track setup. This is super common with the
ES RF2’s that we’re seeing and the Enkei RPF1’s and another one that I just can’t remember. I think it’s called the
Ry-jean or something like that. But it is an extremely common Enkei wheel. You’re going to see a lot of sport compact wheels coming out here. We also see a lot of Cosmis. The MR7’s and the MR2’s
are extremely common on the FR-S and the BRZ. 18 by nine-and-a-half plus 22
is also a wheel that will fit but remember we’re
talking about that poke. So you are going to see that
poke outside of the fender. If you do end up getting
a little bit of camber then you’re a-okay, you’re right as rain. But if you’re not looking to
do any sort of camber issues we usually recommend 30 to 35. If you’re looking to get
something more into tuck you’re looking at anywhere
from a 40 to a 45. But this year we do see
tires also stay the same. We’re looking at a
215/40 if you’re looking on the low end up to a 245/40. The biggest thing with
these sort of setups, especially with the nine-and-a-halves, is you’re gonna want to
keep that aspect ratio of your tire to 40 or less. So if you’re looking at a 255 we recommend doing a 255/40 or even if you want to be safer a 255/35, which is going to be
a little bit more expensive, but at the same time almost
every person out there is running a 35 series or a 40 series tire at the absolute maximum. And that’s just to make
sure that you don’t have any sort of clearance issues. Again with this one we’re
seeing a lot of common subs so the 18 by eight-and-a-half plus 35 and the 17 by nine plus 35 if you’re looking to go with
a smaller compact wheel. 17-inch wheels are super
common with the Enkei lineup. They’re also very common with a lot of the older wheel lineup. If you’re looking to
go retro or old school maybe you’re buying some used Works, or you’re buying some
used rotors, just kidding, or maybe you’re buying some used Volks or something like that, that is going to be a
little bit more common for you guys out there that are looking to buy a used set of wheels. Now obviously we’re not your parents. We don’t want you to do that but you can do whatever you want. So for the 2016 and 2017, 2016 just for the FR-S, and 2016, 2017 for the FR-S, BRZ, just pretty much, they’re like, it’s just I don’t know why they decided to make two of them but they did. And then it’s just very difficult for us. It’s fine. For the 2016, 2017, what you’re looking at is the same setup as the previous years. The generations change very minimally so you are going to see
the 18 by nine-and-a-half. You are going to see some
people running the plus 22’s for a little bit of that poke look. Some people actually prefer that. Plus 35 is just a clean look. 235’s on the 35’s. 18’s with that 18 by
nine-and-a-half plus 35 is just a solid setup. You’re going to have a
lot of options for it. And then of course if you want to go a little bit more conservative that plus 40 offset is also a thing. We do see a lot of people
running with the airlift setups, a lot of plus 20’s and zero offsets but when you start getting into that you are playing a lot with what
size the older fenders are. So if you’re interested in
learning about how to measure for your wide body for your FR-S or BRZ, drop a comment below and we’ll be sure to
help you out with that in a video in the future. So if you’re looking at
the setup on some wheels, whether it’s BRZ, FR-S, 80, 86, or whatever name that you guys have decided to name these cars besides what the manufacturers
seem to name them, let us know. We have a bunch of links below
that will help you figure out what fitment is right
for your BRZ or FR-S. And of course check out our
website, You could enter your year, make and model and we will tell you everything that fits. And the coolest thing about it is the fact that we’re
going to tell you what fits based on what you guys have
already added into the gallery. So you get to see wheels
that a lot of other places aren’t telling you will
fit will actually fit because you guys have gone
out there and done that. Now if you have a BRZ or FR-S and you want to add it to the gallery you can do so at
forward-slash add. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to check out
the descriptions below where we have tons of links and images and everything you would need to know to buy your first set of
wheels, second set of wheels, or hundredth set of wheels
for your FR-S or BRZ. And we’ll see you later, peace.

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