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What Would You Change About Professional Cycling? | GCN Ask The Pros

What Would You Change About Professional Cycling? | GCN Ask The Pros

– I’m at the Giro d’Italia
and I’m asking the pros if they could change
anything in pro cycling, what would that be? (uptempo music) If you could change
anything in pro cycling, what would it be? – The climbs. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Keep it flat? – Keep it flat. (laughs) – Think there needs to be more equality between men’s and women’s sport, for sure. I think the women’s still deserve
a lot better than they do. Yeah. – I’m not sure what
I’d do but it’d be nice to make some better ideas
on these TT bike regulations ’cause it seems a bit, it’s just awkward, it’s just dead awkward
having to do all this stuff to try and get in the
right parameters of– – Gisting the jig? – Yeah all that, it’s horrible. One time you go to a one race and you’ve got your bikes
legal when the jury tests it and then you go to another and
they set it up in their jig and then it’s not legal and you’re like, nothing’s changed. So it’s kind of painful. – The one things that
resonates most right now is the camera motorbikes leading us along. It’s one thing to hurt in a Grand Tour it’s another to do 65k an hour
on flat ground, single file, look up and see the lead
guy on the back of a moto. – Well first I’d add a
zero to all of our salaries ’cause that would be nice! But I dunno. It’s a quirky sport and there’s
a lot of odd things about it but I kind of like that,
it’s endearing in a way. – In this race maybe have a limit on how long the stages are. – Oh okay, that’s a good one, yeah. – Maybe limit it to longest, no stages over 200k or
something like that. There’s a lot of long stages
at the start this year. I think probably a lot of
people disagree with that. But it’s not changed in length
to the classics or anything. I think everyone agrees
that they should be long but I think in a stage race, people are liking to
see more shorter races and entertaining races. So I think having a limit
on the length of a stage in a stage race might work
but that’s just my preference. – If you could change
anything in pro cycling, what would it be? – That I would win all the races. – But like transfers, salaries? – Oh of course! – Salaries probably. – I’d up my own salary
and win a lot more races. But nah, it’s pretty
good, it’s pretty good. – Don’t know, I think
it’s quite good actually. I think it’s important
to keep the perspective that we’re pretty lucky. Everyone complains quite often but I don’t think we’re that bad. Maybe sometimes I think the organizers could do things a little bit better for the safety of the riders. So maybe that would be a good one. – That’s a good one yeah. Interesting answers, I
hope you would agree. If you did enjoy this video then make sure you give it a big thumbs up and why don’t you click over
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100 comments on “What Would You Change About Professional Cycling? | GCN Ask The Pros

  1. i would either make doping legal or actually test everyone. this weird status we have now were everybody does it and only some get caught seems stupid. and wahtever lance armstrong did he did win fair and square considering everybody else was doing the exact same thing.

  2. Equality for women’s racing. Make it more like tennis. Shorten stages in week or longer tours. Allow more innovation in bikes.

    Oh and live cameras on the bikes, and dummy weights for those not carrying cameras.

  3. Shorter races so it becomes a race. 120-150km. Instead of 2-3 hours of snoozefest and last 50 km someone is actually racing.

  4. How about share out the TV revenues amongst the Teams/Riders like pretty much every other professional sport works? 😱

  5. Honest revenue system.
    Power to an impartial governing body, including a 'constitution' that allows teams to take back control in case od corruption etc.
    Shorter stages during a grand tour.
    Max of 6 riders per team in all races (including grand tours)
    Something that will allow GC riders to stop stressing out so much during flat stages. Maybe extend the 3 km zone to 15 or 25 km?

  6. i think the sport would benefit from something like xco world cup, becasue theres too many races on the road
    if tdf is the the one everybody looks towards too it needs to be at the end of the season like they have it in every other sport, different narrative with a build up of sort i dont0 know my english inst good enough to put it into words but cyclingtips had a good podcast on the topic

  7. make everyone ride $500 bicycles so poor people can afford to race without having an equipment disadvantage

  8. Lifetime ban on first offense to any rider caught throwing a punch at another competitor. There is no acceptable excuse for such reckless, childish, and unprofessional behavior.

  9. Salary caps AND require that all salaries in a team differ by no more than one standard deviation from the mean – to even out the pays. Froomey is good, but would never win without 8 men pulling for him.

  10. Alex Tinkoff said the best- change the team set up. More like NFL structure. Put in a salary cap on riders and teams budgets. Bring up women's salaries. … And stop those idiotic UCI rules on bikes.

  11. Riders names on the legs of their shorts. A schedule that every one could follow. Replace the officials at The UCI. They have no clue how to promote their sport! Nothing has changed in the way it is promoted in 40 years in north America! Give away the broadcast rights to build fan base. Most teams are supported on a shoe string budget compared with professional sports world wide. This is 100% the UCI's fault. Major sponcers don't want to get involved with those self centered crooks that run the UCI You would never see Wimbledon and the US open running at the same time. Yet they sanctioned the world championships and the Tour of Britain at the same time. The hold the Giro and tour of California during the same time. Complete marketing insanity. You need more flat stages in the grand tours for the sprinters. More/bigger time bonuses in the races to motivate the riders to race the first 2 hours of a race.

  12. Spectators crouding the road, make it so they have to stay off the road, hate seeing the pros get swamped on climbs.

  13. YES!!! Add a zero to the end of these riders' salaries!! They totally deserve it!!! (Now how that money will be made is another discussion)

  14. I fully agree with Eddie Dunbar. Shorter entertaining races are better than long races that only have a payoff at the end of the race.

  15. Thanks, James, now, if you would, please move so a man with a microphone isn't blocking my view of the bike race. And I grin and O my, so many ways pro cycling could change and I think EF has it right by sending a few members of their team to a popular pro-am event in Kansas and who knows what'll happen, maybe they'll smoke everyone or get dusted by some surly locals who don't much like celebrity types showing up and showing off. It'll be great theater, roots racing, when it was the factory boys against the privateers. And more of pro cycling could be like that, put a few pros on a plane and send 'em to a city or venue near you for a big day of racing and celebrating. The whole racing deal just needs to be more nimble and I think about the Tour of America in '83, a stage race from Virginia Beach to Washington, DC. And Mr. Hinault showed up for the start and then bailed, and that was cool, at least he represented like a rock star. And at the finish in DC, fans could walk around and get photos with top Euro pros and aspiring Americans and it was a great day to make the scene.

  16. Chad haga had the best, the motor bikes really screw the race, you cant do epo but motor bikes can stay 5 meter before the riders, terrible

  17. A cop tried to write me a ticket today for riding my bicycle on the wrong side of the road. Because I didn't have my back to the traffic in the road where there was no space on the side of the road. I was very argumentative about this knowing that saying anything to the police is a bad idea. He let me go without a ticket. That is the problem criminalizing common sense safe bicycling tactics in a world where no safe roads exist for veteran bicyclists who do not share the road with cars but sometimes it might look that way.

  18. If there is one thing that could change in cycling, then I think no crashes. If you could not crash, then there is a lot more there will starting cycling, I think. I know crashes is a part of the sport, but it would be nice if you could not crash.

  19. Once a rider tests positive and is proven positive they are banned for life. Life, not a year or two. The team and the coaches are severely punished also. Owner of the team is heavily very heavily fined, over a million dollar fine.

  20. I think the motor bikes should stay a certain distance away from the bikers, and i think the audience should be cleared from the roads. Set up clear lines so they don't interfere with the riders. I If cars or motorcycles have to follow a breakaway this should be done in certain sections where it's safe to overtake, and the cycle track should be clearly outlined. I hate that there are stuff that intervenes with the race

  21. Only use one bike (or at least one type of bike) for the entire race!

    Crazy that you can smash a frame and just use a spare mid race.

  22. 1:31 I did 200k today. It only took me eight hours… I can only imagine what it's like to race it. Fuk ….

  23. 1) Make the last hour of all pro races viewable/accessible to anyone who wants to see them.. don't make it difficult or expensive for millions of fans to be fans.
    2) Shorten stages in Grand tours for more exciting racing and, perhaps, less temptation to dope. That said, shorten the Grand tours.
    3) fewer team cars or none at all. A small number of neutral service vehicles instead. The massive draft parade behind the peleton is disruptive to natural race tactics.
    4) More hilly stages for less predictable racing. (As opposed to sprinter and big climbing stages)
    5) more gravel/dirt roads
    6) Safer run ins for sprinters. We want to see a good sprint, not crashes.
    7) race commentators who tell us about riders in greater detail, not just results, so we feel like we know them more personally & can differientate between riders better.
    8) commentators who discuss tactics thoroughly…who explain in depth tactics of riders and teams beyond obvious tactics.

  24. I would keep fans off the road, especially on climbs. It's embarrassing to see how some chuckleheads behave just to be seen.

  25. 1:20 Left in the background you can see your typical GCN viewer on his light weight aerobike with all the newest useless tech.

  26. I would allow motors in bikes and allow performance enhancement drugs most importantly allow the riders to ride naked.

  27. UCI Commissaires – The extreme variability of how the Rules are interpretated and applied needs to change. Some examples:
    2015 ToB – Alex Dowsett penalized for drafting after a double puncture but a GB rider in the breakaway the day before not affected.
    Rafael Majka penalized for momentarily holding the antenna on a motorbike, but N Quintana not penalized for a tow up Ventoux by holding the antenna on a M.B., nor Rogla for his considerably long push by a spectator on Stage 20 Giro.
    Around 2012 there was a French-Canadian Official on the Track scene who killed the sporting competition by penalizing every minor infringement he could detect. If I recall correctly, the Womens Team Sprint final was a travesty because the 2 fastest nations had been DQd on minor infringements.

  28. Lots of good answers but I would also like to see the organizers somehow keep idiot fans away from the riders on mountain stages.

  29. More safety ,keep fans at bay ,less motorbikes ,less team cars ,smaller teams, shorter stages (making races more entertaining at the ends etc) and finally make skid proof lycra mandatory.

  30. Shorter races with live stats! (Power heartbeat, speed, cadence) all live stream, with the option to choose your riders to watch 👌

  31. Can’t say it would be the biggest, but I’d love to see less of the glasses and helmets (for final climbs). Gives so much more human aspect and more relatable. I actually really like the style of most kit out there but there’s nothing like seeing a guy like Tiesj Benoot riding tough and seeing the expression on his face. So awesome. There are many other more important things but this is a wish more than anything, it just won’t happen.

  32. I grew up when legends like Simpson,Anquetil,Poulidor,Merckx raced. Look at them now,same hats,all wearing dark glasses,all look the same! Motorbike and F1 have gone the same,boring boring!

  33. What would I change about professional cycling???. 1. Shorter stages in stage races 2. Make a weight rule the no bike can weigh less than 20 LB's ( 9.07 KG's) and must be made of steel. 3.Bring back funny bikes for time trialing.

  34. I find the answers a bit crap except from Connor. Why arent drones used on TV? Not for all stages, not for all stages BUT I feel that only motorbikes and helicopters are used as 20 years ago…

  35. The grand tours are so bad for the environment. Maybe more electric cars or less. Or maybe the organisers should encourage the teams to be more careful and try to limit the amount of packaging they are using

  36. Keep fans a safe distance from riders on the course. Nobody should be within touching distance ever (at least not unless they're behind barriers to begin with) while the riders are racing.

  37. 1. Shorter Stages (ex: Milan-San Remo a few years back after the snow neutralized area was absolutely amazing to watch)
    2. CutoutTeam Radio earpieces (make the riders have to police the peloton rather than some analyst guy in a car telling the team when to begin the catch
    3. Revenue sharing with the teams. (This is one of the worst run sports, financially speaking, in all the world.
    4. More women's races on tv
    This is just the beginning

  38. Zero design constraints on bikes other then safety constraints. Allow aero fairings, different frame shapes. More safety measures for the riders. Want to see less crashing. More clothing protection, elbow pads, shoulder pads.

  39. Ef eduaction first always underpays riders. Look how thin my friend Joe has become not even enough food duh..

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