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What Would You Do If You Weren’t A Pro Cyclist..? | Ask The Pros At The Ovo Women’s Tour

– So if pro cyclists weren’t pro cyclists well, what would they be doing now? Let’s find out. (upbeat music) – If you weren’t a pro cyclist or hadn’t been for your long career, what to you think you’d be doing instead? – I always wanted to be a doctor so I don’t know if I
would’ve managed that but yeah that was as a kid my future dream. But yeah I’m living the
dream now being a pro cyclist so I’m not complaining. – Yes. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] So Kasia, if you weren’t a professional cyclist what do
you think you’d be doing now? – That’s a good question. I think I would have more time
to think about that then now. Perhaps I dream about
having my own coffee shop. I like to spend a lot of time with people and just meet new people. Get inspired and motivated by them. So perhaps I would try to
open my place and just like yeah try to develop it and grow it. – [Interviewer] Nice. Where in the world would
you open your coffee shop? Definitely I see myself living in Spain or I also like being in the United States. If winter was nicer in
Poland definitely I would say that I would live there
but when it’s like this I just can’t picture myself being there. – Thanks. – Brodie, so if you weren’t a pro cyclist what do you think you
would be doing right now? – I would like to be a fire
fighter actually, yeah. – Wicked, nice. What’s your reason behind that one? – Seems like a pretty dynamic fun job and contributes to society. Unlike pro cycling probably. (laughing) – Studying or working
in an office I think. – Then I think I would be
racing more on the road. I would be still a cyclist. – Okay. So Alice if you weren’t a pro cyclist what do you think you would be doing now? – I dunno actually. If I had nothing to do with cycling. That’s really difficult. I don’t know. – So if you weren’t a pro cyclist what do you think you’d be doing now? – Probably studying I think. That’s yeah what my normal
friends are doing at the moment. Yeah I know I want to be
a police after my career so maybe studying to be
a common police, yeah. – I enjoy cooking and baking so. – [Interviewer] What’s your
favorite thing to cook? – Green chicken curry. Well, that’s my favorite thing to eat. I dunno. I kind of like making a pie or something. – So if you weren’t a pro cyclist what do you think you’d be doing now? – I think I’d maybe have my own bakery. A little coffee shop actually. I love baking like muffins
and treats so maybe my own smoothie and coffee
shop or something like that. – [Interviewer] That sounds great. What’s your favorite thing to bake? – Strawberry white chocolate muffins. – [Interviewer] Okay
that sounds very good. (laughing) – Well I for one would
certainly love to try one of those strawberry and
white chocolate muffins. Don’t know about you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this
video and found it insightful. Give us a big thumbs up if you have. And for another great
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