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What’s In The Box? | Dirt Shed Show Ep.150

What’s In The Box? | Dirt Shed Show Ep.150

– Drink some coffee, Martyn! (laughing) Go on, drink some coffee! – Yeah, no, he just skids it! (squealing) Go on, little Dan Lloyd! (squealing) (theme song) (cogs grinding) Welcome to this week’s show, which is gonna be an absolute banger! I know that, because it
looks a bit like this! (groans) I’m sure I saw on your Instagram, you are on a, Blake, you ready for this? A roadie-type bike. I’ve got my horn ready– That’s why freestyle BMX has gotten it. – Yep.
– ‘Cause it’s convenient. And it’s great! – You’re wearing a hat in the Bike Vault. – See and non pa? And in French, that’d be “non” and “oui”! (singing) It’s the Dirt Shed show! Don’t leave me hangin’.
– Ah, I’ve finished mine. – Welcome to this week’s Dirt Shed Show, which is gonna be an absolute
banger, I can promise, because I’ve seen into the
future, and it looks great. It does look great. But first we’re gonna get
straight into the news, Mister Neil Donoghue. Neil, what’s been happening
in mountain biking this week? – Well there’s big racing news. The Enduro World Series has announced a Continental Enduro Series. So the EWS have been out of
the races for a couple of years so it’s had two qualifiers, now this gives a lot more
people the opportunity to race in their continent, they
don’t have to travel around. So North America, South American, African, Asia-Pacific and European. – Huge expansion!
– Also gives you the chance to become a Continental
Champion, which will be nice. – Wow, well I might try that.
– Yeah. – I mean, that’s a big change
for a rider’s season, now, if they’re looking at what
they’re gonna do this year, there’s an awful lot more to look at. And it’s got potential
for 2019, doesn’t it, because this is how
you’re gonna get into EWS. – Yeah, it’s also really
interesting, for me, to see, as we’ve seen the EWS move away, but not actually move
away at all, from these. They’ve not been affiliated
with the UCI from the start. Now, they’re expanding their
offers to a lot more riders, it all seems separate today,
now, where they stick the UCIs. S’very interesting.
– That is the biggest news, but lots has been happening,
so let’s get straight into a bit o’news tennis.
(guitar refrain) – So Charlie Hatton, the young UK ripper signed for Trek on the Atherton team. So moving Intense, he got a
top 10 last year at World Cups, really exciting seeing
him ride for a big team, but also some sponsor changes there. We’ve seen Shimano go, we’ve seen Hope and Renthal
come in on the Athertons. – Yeah, I bet Doddy’s
gonna be all over that in his tech show on Monday. Simon Godziek has moved to NS Bikes, moving over from Dartmore. He’s obviously replacing Sam Pilbin, who’s gone over to HIBIKE, and is doing this e-bike thing, which is all very exciting. But Simon Godziek,
you’ll remember, in 2017 had an incredible year, you probably remember
that roadbike backflip, which is incredible. Also, go third overall in FMB, and an amazing day at District Ride, got third there as well. D’you remember that
one-handed Superman flip? Magnificent. Great rider! Florian Nicolai and Seb
Claquin are off Rocky Mountain, I think Jesse Melamed’s
confirmed to stay on that, but we don’t know where those
guys are going just yet. – All cool. And we’ve got something to announce here, something to admit.
– Fake news! – Fake news, I got done last week. Yoann Barelli, I thought
he was going to Red Bull, saw this post on his Instagram, and I was like, Red
Bull helmet, oh my god, I’m so excited for him, he’s a great guy. He was tricking us. He’s not going to Red Bull, he’s gone to Red Butt. This guy’s gonna have a
lawsuit if he’s not careful. – He has a sense of humour.
– He has, he’s tricked us, it’s very good, check out his Instagram for how he done it, he’s
very proud of himself, making everybody feel like numptees. Thanks, Yoann! Okay, and in the news
here at GMBN this week it’s been exciting, because
Neil has been on holiday! – I have been off, actually, in the Riviera, riding with
some legends, actually. Hung out for the day
with Nicolas Vouilloz. Watch him ride a bike, still
as incredible as he was however long, 15 years ago. 10 World titles, that man,
downhill World titles. – Is that all?
– And then, I went out for dinner with Fabian Barel all evening, two World downhill titles! It was a good day.
– You went out and played, in one day, with 12 World titles. – Pretty proud.
– You’re a big name-dropper. – I am, two big names!
– Yes, they are. Going out with Nico,
that’s pretty impressive. Right, getting into what you
guys’ve been saying this week on the comments below our videos. We’ve got one here from
Kent Nilsson, who says, on the Dirt Shed Show last week, “Don’t zoom in so much, we
want to see the whole shed!” Yeah, we were trying
something new last week, we did zoom in a little bit. – D’you want to see the whole shed? Do you want smell-o-vision,
that’s why, it stinks. – AJ Sacote says, “This Dirt Shed Show “is not 30 minutes
long, I’m disappointed.” – Yeah, I like it when it’s long. – Do ya?
– Yeah, I like being in the shed and having a bit of fun. Next one here is from Alex
Villanueva Guiza, and he says, “Could they add subtitles? “There are Latinos watching
who don’t know English.” Wow. If you’re a Latino watching this, listening to our funny
accents and fast talking, can you imagine! We need to write them subtitles. – Mitch Warren says, “Love
that,” or loves the show, “It’s had more puns than The Two Ronnies!” – Yeah, like I said, we were
trying something new last week, it was pretty cool, I
was pretty impressed. It was all my idea, I tried
really, really hard with it. So I was quite impressed,
I’m glad you liked it. – Jesse Buckland, “I’m
not liking the style “of this news segment, it feels like when “my desktop resolution is too low, “and all my icons are huge.” – Ah, that’s a shame, yeah,
’cause we did try something new last week, and you know,
Blake wanted to do it, I didn’t really feel like
it was for us, but pff, you know. – We’re listening to the comments. But you are an icon, Martyn? – That bit’s true, that bit’s true, yes. Joel DH says, “Number one, do not change the Dirt Shed format.” Alright! I won’t do it again, didn’t work out. “Number two, downhill racing
needs to be in the Olympics. “Like if you agree,” and
he got 42 likes on that. So I think they’re liking
downhill in the Olympics, not my new format idea.
– I hate to be sceptical, but we’ve always talked
about downhill Olympics, as long as I can remember, and I don’t think it’s ever happening. – No, it’s not, because
you need a mountain. It’s just logistically a
problem, they’re not gonna do it. That’s why Freestyle BMX’s gone in. ‘Cause it’s convenient. And it’s great.
– Yeah, it’s great. – But it’s also convenient.
– What about trials? Trials should be in there. Just need good pallets, get a curb… – Yes, Trials is the perfect
win for the Olympics. I think it’s maybe got the best argument. But this is for another day,
Neil, this is for another day. Mountain Biking Madness
says, “Doddy is amazing “when it comes to tech.” That’s why we gave him his own channel! The guy’s a genius when it
comes to mountain bike tech. Unreal!
– Elliot Hutton, he wants to see “more
bike vault live streams, “just every so often” so
Martyn gets to stream about an hour of the bike vault.”
– An hour of bike vault! Oh my god, I would be in heaven! Hey, we haven’t done a poll this week! Let’s stick a poll up above
Neil’s head, right there. Our long livestream
Bike Vaults, yea or nay? Yes or no? In Spanish that would be, Guy? Si or… No pas? And in French, that’d be “non” and “oui”! – Oui.
– Bon. Next up, last week’s poll! Oh, actually, no, we’ve got to admit something else we got wrong. – You always get these things wrong. – This is from FPVStuffs
and Suchlike, he says, “You put a picture of a DJI Maverick Pro “instead of the GoPro Karma” last week. We know, right, we know! We told Josh, the
editor, we told him that, he didn’t care!
– Hastag drone geeks. – Drone geeks!
(both laughing) Last week’s poll was all about EWS and FMB going into the Olympics. Fat chance, but we thought,
let’s think about it, would it be good? EWS was the clear winner, if
one was going in, it’d be EWS according to you guys. But clearly, this week, EWS has proved it don’t need no Olympics.
– Don’t need ECI, don’t need Olympics.
– Don’t need nothing. – I brought you this!
– Blake Samson! Neil’s out, Ding Dong’s in!
– I’m in! – Yes, man, we got this great
package from New Zealand from Harvey Norman, could be
Norman Harvey, we’re not sure. – Could be either or. – It’s a late Christmas
present, all the way from New Zealand!
– It’s ridiculous, musta cost so much money to send that! – Got cards, there’s a
card for you to read, aw, such good stuff. Merry Christmas, cashew
butter! (Blake gasping) – I love peanut butter,
but that’s cashew butter! – Um, dude, some jelly. Peanut butter and jelly,
that’s what we’re doing! Like it. Hey! Non-vegan chocolate!
– Non-vegan, that’s mine! – That means this must be… Vegan chocolate, yes!
– It’s bigger than mine. – Yeah, as it should be, look at that! Dude, thank you so much
for sending this in, that is amazing! All the way from Wellington, New Zealand. – We got a Christmas present!
– Harvey Norman, Norman Harvey you are a superstar in our minds. I’ve never received
anything from New Zealand. – How did he know I like chocolate? – Look at the size of my chocolate bar! This is like that bar
you have in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
– Is there a gold ticket in it?
– Oh, I dunno, I don’t wanna open it
and waste the moment. Thanks very much.
(guitar refrain) – Progression Session! And I’ve got one for you, Mister Ashton, it’s been sent in by Archie from a local spot, Windhill Bike Park. He’s been riding Ark at E trail, and he’s made a little edit for us. – Let’s have a look.
– Progression Session. Oh yeah, Hatdog 11. – Do you know this trail?
– I do, I do ride there a lot.
– It’s nice when we look at a local trail, we don’t
get to do that very often. – [Blake] He’s been riding on a muddy day, he hasn’t cleaned his GoPro or something. – Oh, he crashed!
– Oh! No he didn’t! You know, that section is
quite tricky, in my opinion. – [Martyn] I’m hoping
that we’re gonna see him do it perfectly in one moment. C’mon Archie.
– He’s done it! He dropped in, look at that! – He smashed it!
– He’s gonna do the drop, he does the drop! And he does the other, oh
he stopped right there. It’s quite tricky, it’s quite tight. – [Martyn] So can he get
all the way through that? Oh look at that, he’s got through, yeah! Here we go… Aw it’s a muddy day!
– That is a switchback turn, they’re real good.
– Aw, super muddy. – [Blake] It’s about as
tricky as it could be, by the look of things.
– That is definitely progressing, he’s literally getting faster as we’re watching. It’s one of those days, inn’t it, where you get used to the grip. At the start of the day,
you’re not sure about the grip. You’re a bit tense. Then as you relax, you start–
– You got your tyres, yeah… – Yeah, love that, when the whole front starts peeling away, just like, oh no! Aw there it is. (sighing dramatically) Yeah, love it. Nice one, Archie, good
Progression Session! Now, Blake, after Progression Session, I’ve only got one question.
– What’s that? – Have we got a First Try Friday? Oh please, oh please say yes.
– Yes we have. Coming from Noah, he’s 12 years old, and he’s all the way
from Western Australia! – This better be good, if
it’s coming all the way from Australia, I’ve had
peanut butter from New Zealand! – He introduces himself… – Hi, my name’s Noah and
this is my First Try Friday. – You’re obsessed with trails.
– Well, y’know, it needs to be ’cause, you know, you can’t
just go and send in any old– oh!
– Boner gap! – Look at that!
– Boner gap, no problem! Enough wrangle on the boner gap. Yeah!
– Aw well done, Arch. I mean, Noah, sorry.
– Noah, you are a genius. You’ve made it into First Try Friday, it’s quite an exclusive club, I think there’s about 36
members at the moment. You’re our new one, Blake?
(clicks tongue) There it is. It’s not good as a (blows
raspberry), I’m telling you. (clicks tongue) Okay, 18 sound effects,
not what I expected. Right, now! It’s time to throw you out, dude. Would you get me a cup of coffee, ’cause I’ve gotta have
a chat with old Doddy about some tech.
– Oh yeah, I’ll go get that. – Thanks mate.
(guitar refrain) Doddy! Cheers, Bingers, thanks very much mate. – Been awhile, mate, how’s it going! – Yes, yes, right, so tech this week! It’s been a busy time for you,
because the GMBN Tech Show has taken off, the
channel itself, as well, so you can subscribe to that.
– Yes, please do. – You’ve been a busy boy!
– I have! Just filming this morning, in fact. – Yeah, and you did your
first ask for GMBN Tech just the other day?
– Yeah, it was really good, done another one of those,
that’s going out later, so that’s exciting times!
– What’s the questions like in GMBN Tech, what’s it all about? – Pretty in-depth, to be honest! I’m really impressed
with the level of stuff that’s coming in, did a bit
of research for some of them, letting it roll with
others, it’s good stuff. But actually, as far as
this bit of the show goes, the tech we’ll be talking
about is Industry Standards. – Oh, no!
– It’s a bit of a joke from some people’s point
of view, it’s just, every time another standard comes out, it’s not really standard
if there’s loads of them. – Now how’d you make something
a standard when it’s new? I don’t understand that. – Whatever it is, I’m only
interested in what’s good. – Yes.
– And there is some awful stuff that’s happened in the past. – Right!
– So one of the things I was talking about on the show was original threaded bike brackets with the square, tapered
axles, remember those things? Your crank could come
loose and just fall off! – Yeah, and it would just
kind of wear off the edges of the square taper, and
you’re just kinda wobbly. – Yeah, have a bit of a wobbly. Yeah, and look where we are
now, I mean, so much better. There’s so many different types, there’s press fit, BB30s, you know, bearings direct into the
frame, into the composite cups, there’s a lot of different stuff. – Isn’t there a new 30?
– There is, yeah. Well, it’s not quite 30. So SRAM have released, bear with me, SRAM have released a thing called DUB, so this is their new thing. And they explain, you’ve got to see this on the Tech Show for the full low-down, ’cause it’s quite in-depth, but essentially, it’s a new
system with a 30-mil axle that’s not quite 30,
it’s 28.99 millimetres, and it’s got out-board bearings. The bearings, whatever
your bottom bracket are on the bike, they’re in the same place, so it gives you good support.
– Okay, that’s good. – But the fundamental thing
is it’s all about the sealing. So we know the ball bearings are fine, but as soon as you get muck and grit in ’em, that’s when they fail. So SRAM have gone to town on this. I reckon that’s a winner.
– Right, you like that one? – I haven’t got one
yet, but I think it is– – Of all the new
standards, this one feels– – Well, the thing is, you
can fit this to any bike. It’s not like a new standard
where you have to have a bottom bracket ready
to handle this BB30. This will fit in BB30,
it will fit on threaded, it will fit on any system.
– Oh, I like that. – So that’s pretty smart.
– Alright, ’cause I’m not the first person to be in a shop, looking at lots of different
bottom brackets going, which one am I?
– Exactly. No, you’ll be like, I
want a SRAM DUB setup, and you buy the crank, you get
the bottom bracket with it. – I mean, and like Doddy
said, you can see lots more about that tech in more
detail, and boy does this guy know the detail, on GMBN Tech Show, that’s on Mondays. Now before you go,
’cause I know you’ve got lots of filming to do, I wanted to just pick
something up with you. I’m sure I saw on your Instagram, you are on a, Blake, you ready for this? A roadie-type bike.
– A gravel bike! – Gravel bike.
– Yes, thank you Blake! – Is that right?
– It’s not a road bike like you used to ride. So a gravel bike, just
setting you straight on this, it’s got 650B wheels, so it’s technically still a mountain bike, with 42 tyres. (Martyn scoffing)
No, no, hear me out on this! So Rob from Nukeproof
actually gave me a call, he’s like, “I’d like you to try it, “might not be your cup o’tea,
have a go on this bike.” So I took it out for a ride, and it took me straight back to 1991, I found it hilarious!
– Good, wow! – [Doddy] No, I loved it because,
I mean, this time of year around here it’s so muddy, that whatever you ride, you’re
kind of out of control anyway so you may as well make it even more fun. And even the most basic off-road sections just became hilarious.
– And how did you find the drop-bars?
– Um, I preferred it on the hoods, but I had an immense hand-ache. I mean, the thing, I went
from mountain bike riding, it wasn’t a gravel road, as such. So perhaps need to
adjust the way I ride it. – Maybe went a bit too far.
– Yeah. I’m sold on it. It’s not a mountain bike,
it’s not a replacement for a mountain bike, but, it’s a buzz to work on and
get in some easy miles, different times of the week, it’s a really cool thing to ride. – Wow, can we expect to
see you moving to drop-bars any time soon on your mountain bike? – No.
– Could be a video there! – No, but you know what, the greatest rider who’s ever
lived as far as I’m concerned, John Tomac–
– Yes, I’d agree. – He used to ride drop-bars
when he used to be back-to-back with Team 7-11, the road racing team. And the thing that’s, I was
always impressed by that. – Yeah, I was.
– But didn’t think anything of it, but now I spent some time on drops, I have no idea, no idea how he– And he didn’t used to just ride them, he used to smoke people on ’em, on drops! – Yeah, I mean, you’re talking
about a different breed of guy there, maybe only ever
gonna be one Tomac, really. I hope! Because then we can always talk about him. – Cross country, downhill,
slalom, trials, does ’em all. – But drop-bars, could be
for Doddy in the future? Not sure, but make sure you
catch him on some more tech later this week!
– Don’t forget to subscribe to that channel as well!
(guitar refrain) – (both singing) Hacks and Bodges! Hacks and Bodges! – And we lost it there, but
it doesn’t really matter, let’s get into Hack and
Bodges straight away. First one up, here, is from Joe Reid. It’s not really a hack or a bodge. I tell you what, if all you’ve
got is a cup and a view, that’s a pretty good picture.
– That’s a very good picture. – Just wanted to show it.
– I love those mugs. – But, not as good as this, look at that. This is from Stewart Bowen. Now that is a clock.
– That’s a bit of ingenuity. – Made out of his front brake disc rotor. – That must be his favourite colour. – I really like that,
I’d like one of those in my house, definitely not a bodge. – No, that’s a hack.
– That’s a hack. – Love it, thanks man. Wow, it’s heavy, too. What else have you got, Blake?
– Well, I’ve got this from John.
– Aw look at that, that’s tidy cable guarding!
– Can you see it? – Yeah.
– Is that leather? – I don’t know what that material is, it is Kydex plastic! It’s clever.
– That is very clever. – You know what, though,
tying up your cables makes such a difference
to your bike, doesn’t it. – Stops the noise…
Once they’re all out of the way, it’s a good idea.
– Stops that rattling… – It’s worth going down to these details! – It is, that is definitely a hack! – Any more, any more?
– Yes, we have one more, look at this, from Will.
– Whoa. – [Blake] He’s made a bracket
out of that jubilee clip. – Look at that, yeah. That is, I’ve gotta say, right, Will, that is grotesque. That is the most ugly, if I had a bike, you must hate your bike to
put them jubilee clips on it. – Definitely a bodge.
– I don’t care if it works. It’s just too damn ugly.
– Sorry about that, Will. – Will, it’s no from me.
– That’s going to the bin. – We’re saying a bodge, and I’m appreciative that you sent it in, but slightly, uh, slightly insulted by the ugliness of it.
– Bodge. – Bodgerama, that one. If you want to send your
hack or bodge into us and maybe get it
absolutely murdered by us, which we just did to Will, I feel bad now. – Don’t be.
– Yeah, then send it to the address just there, and
we will take a look at it next week, awww!
– Looking forward to it! – And we get to sing
the song and all that. Right, Blake, let’s keep going, caption contest this week. Now, do you remember, the pic
last week, I think it was you doing a bit of a crash, bit of a stumble! – No, that was Neil.
– It was Neil, was it? – Yeah it was.
– Look at him. – Looks all out of shape.
– You know Neil crashes a lot. – He does, doesn’t he. – It’s because he likes to go so fast. – He goes too fast. Yeah, bit out of control, he is, yeah. – Captions this week to go with that. – Fire away.
– First one I’ve got is from Trail Master. “Guys, I think I found a sick bush!” (both laughing) That’s just an excuse, you’re falling off. I quite like that one, though!
– It was a good one, yeah. – Hey, sick bush!
– Cool, trim that! – Sam Lang says, “I never
knew Neil was a vegetarian”. – Neither did I! Actually, he is actually trying it! – He’s trying.
– Maybe because of that moment he’s trying–
– Trying a bit of leaf! Leaf-based riding. That’s from me, that one. Not sure on that one.
– Nope. – Lopon12 says, “Blake
finally got his leg over.” It’s not Blake!
– It’s not me! Neil finally got his leg over.
– It works, though, it works. I’m still thinking “sick
bush” at the moment. William Vardy, “I said scrub
the jump, not shrub it!” (both laughing) – That’s a good one, I like that one. Scrub a jump, not shrub it. – That’s winning.
– That is winning. – Our last one, Tommy Estrada, “When the techno hacks and
bodges ringtone goes off “and Neil didn’t even
know it was on his phone.” (bad techno music) – Oh, we do love that song!
– That is good. – It worked really well.
– Well who’re you thinking of for a winner, Techno Edit or–
– Yes, no, I’m gonna go for the “scrub it not shrub it”. – That is William Vardy, you are a winner, this is your GMBN bottle,
basically I’m sending this to you now, catch, Guy!
– Into the post. – Guy didn’t even move.
– Didn’t even flinch, did he. – No, didn’t even try.
– He’s a tall man. – If you think you
could win a GMBN bottle, then you’re gonna have to put
a caption below this picture! – Ugh!
– Where do they get this, these creators!
– We still don’t know! We don’t know!
– I dunno, how do they come up with this stuff! So creative, so creative.
– Candy mountain, maybe? – Maybe. You guys send your captions
into the comments section down below, and we’ll
pick a winner next week, and you could win a GMBN
bottle, which is great news! – Stay hydrated.
– Yes, right! Viewer edits!
– Yes! – Aw I love Viewer Edits,
I’ve got a great one for you this week. It’s a bit, I’d say it’s a bit weird. – Okay, it’s got me going.
– It’s a bit weird. I want to get you prepared for it, but yeah, it is strange, right. So, let me just put you in the picture. Ditcham, now let me get this right, I want to get the name
of the school right. It’s Ditcham School, Ditcham Park School, and this is their bike park.
– They have a bike park at school?
– No. (laughs) They don’t, but if they did
this is what it would look like. – Okay…
– Get ready for this, Blake, because it gets weird. Off we go, doo-doo-doo! Got a little bit of trail.
– Oh, race blades! – I like a bit of trail,
yeah, race blades on. Few rollers, I like it. That’s all they’ve got,
basically, so it’s time to go in the school…
– Right. – And ride round the classrooms. (Blake laughing) I love this. I’m presuming that’s their
rugby tops they’re wearing, but they just start
bashing down the stairs… – Wow!
– How much had you wanted to do this in your school
when you were younger? – Oh, yeah.
– Look, the teachers have just let them roll around.
– Or, have they broken in and they’re doing it?
– Look at this. That’s great.
– This is where he does his mathematics…
– I would, this is like– – English classroom?
– This woulda been one of my dreams when I was younger. Wheelie in the maths room!
– Imagine, headmaster’s office please, all over his desk.
– Oh, yeah. Ditcham CC, so that
might be the cycle club! It might be their own race tops. – [Blake] That is pretty cool,
I would’ve loved to do that! – Brilliant.
– Aw, music room! Down the main stairs!
– Don’t scratch th’bannisters. – Main stairs!
– Main stairs, sir. – I mean, I thought I’d
show it because it’s a really weird one, it was sent in by Ann, and Ann, I think, might be
one of the teachers herself. – Okay!
– So thanks for sending it in, loved it, it was different!
– Definitely different. – But as we proved with the
intro to last week’s show, doesn’t have to be different. – Not exactly. We tried!
– We tried, we tried. We tried our best. Yeah, Viewer Edits, if
you’ve got anything good that we could show,
basically this Ditcham School are gonna be inundated with people trying to enter their bike park now,
and trying to get uplift days. – Or go to that school.
– To ride the main staircase. So they’re gonna get a lot
of views on that video. It could be you next, you
could be a movie star, sponsorship and stardom
would follow, I presume. – All of it.
– Maybe not in that order. Viewers, sponsorship, stardom. – In that order, potentially, maybe. – Yeah, good luck. Send it in at [email protected] and we’ll take a look,
can’t wait to see it! (guitar refrain) Fails and Bails time! Now have you ever heard of Cole Chapman? Be honest!
– No. – Nor had I until I saw this clip. But I’ll remember him
for the rest of my life. – Right, okay, is this a warmup
or is this something else? – This is gonna get you
in the mood, I hope, but if it doesn’t, I might have
something slightly different to tease your taste on Fails and Bails. Here comes Cole.
– It’s snowing. (both groaning)
Cole! You gotta clear it!
– Let’s see that one more time with audio.
(Blake gasping) – Oh my goodness me! His bike’s definitely broken or something. – Cole, you just came up short there. – Just this much.
– Just come up short. You just, just come up short. – That’s not 50-50, that’s like that. That’s a full bike.
– I might just have to see it one more time just
for fun, here he comes. (both groaning) – Run VT. (cheerful happy music) (guitar refrain) – Bangers!
– Shoutouts! – Yeah, I’m getting
straight into it this week. My InstaBanger this
week is LapomaBikePark. – Beautiful place.
– Now you know why I’ve been looking at this? Because Manon was in at Christmas, she promised me, when we went
out for a drink afterwards, she was gonna start doing suicides. And I saw on her Instagram,
she’s doing suicides at Lapoma Bike Park with Toni Seagrave. They were absolutely
ripping, and the place looks, have you ridden there? It looks amazing.
– It’s amazing. It’s a paradise, really. – Well, follow their
Instagram, ’cause you can see so much great riding.
– There’s a lot of cool building fellows.
– Place looks like a dream! – It is, yeah, yeah. I’ve got one, Scott Secco, he’s a videographer, he does a lot of work,
he did a lot of stuff, and he’s cool, his Instagram shows it all. So definitely check him out. – [Martyn] Sometimes the
videographers and photographers are the best people to
follow, ’cause they’re getting all the content, they’re
shooting all that radness. It’s happening for them, isn’t it. – [Blake] He’s making that rider look rad. – I got a shoutout for you as well. Pat Smage, U.S.A. trials rider, fantastic motorcycle trials rider, great pushbike trials rider, but when he did this video, crossing all that onto a fat bike, he has come alive. I think, Pat, just start
doing these videos, right, go nuts, ’cause this guy can ride. He can do anything. And you can see it. He makes this fat bike,
right, I like fat bikes. But he makes this fat bike look so good. – [Blake] I’m gonna have to watch that. – Oh it’s the best
trials video, I love it, I can’t wait to see Pat do more of this, so go and check this video
out, ’cause it’s epic. He makes it look so good, so good! So we’ve thrown you some
of that stuff this week, the links are in the
description down below if you want to check ’em
out, make sure you do! It’s why we’re doing it! Should we jump straight
into the bike vault? – Please, I got shouted at, actually, I got a postal message
come through saying, you were wearing a hat in the Bike Vault. – Oh, thank you for warning
me, thank you for warning me. – I got told off.
– I get so much hassle, let me just move little Dan
Lloyd here, put him over there. Don’t want to knock him
out, I want you to be able to see the Bike Vault this week. I’ve got my horn ready, which
is something I don’t say often enough, and we’re
gonna get straight into it! (cogs grinding) We’re in, yes!
(honking horn) We’re in the Bike Vault. – Is that a super Maserati?
– Move there, Dan Lloyd. No, not yet! Phew, I was gonna say!
– Them bars! – Okay, first bike is from
Andre Pascoe in the Philippines! – Wow!
– Wow. – What is that, I don’t
know what frame that is. – I dunno, but those
bars are putting me off. – Aw, no, there’s an XC weapon, I like it. It’s 29er, inn’t it?
– Yeah. – I like that. I like that, I wanna hit the
horn but maybe it’s too early. It’s too early, I don’t want
to set a standard on that. – Yeah, I like the colour of the grips. – Alright, it’s nice.
– It’s nice. – Thanks Andre for sending that in, in the Philippines, love that. (both gasping) – Ben Sheffell in Ontario. – He’s just bought that
bike, because look, or he’s just taken it out of the shop, ’cause it’s still got a tag on it! – Still got the tag on!
– He’s cheating! Nice, though!
– It’s really nice. – But I don’t think it
can get a super-nice ’cause it’s not a proven weapon yet. – Yeah, it hasn’t even got pedals on it! He’s literally taken it out of the shop! – Come on Ben, prove it! So good, prove it! Sorry Ben, that’s nice.
– That’s nice! – Okay, next.
– Oh my, a fat bike and a dog! Who’s maybe bigger than the bike! – Chris Burkes, yeah, but it’s an On One. I don’t love On Ones, I gotta be honest. – But that’s, is that a kid’s?
– I just think, double chop tube, no, I’m sorry, I don’t wanna hit the horn.
– That’s nice. – It’s a nice dog!
– Really nice dog. – Well I’m sorry, a trail dog
don’t get you a super nice. It’s not a guaranteed
super nice these days. Oh blast, I’ve still got my hat on! (Blake gasps)
You told to take it off, I forgot!
– I did, yeah. – Okay, keep going.
– Ooh! – Derek Karalouski!
– Now that is an XC weapon. – I don’t think I’ve seen a better picture in the Bike Vault than that.
– No, that is– Look at the depth of field on this photo, he could have have
brought the colours out, but it is a super nice from me. (Martyn honks horn) That is super nice.
– That’s the first super nice. That is really nice.
– It just looks full of potential, doesn’t it. – Very nice, Derek.
– Okay, Fred Teal, from Kentucky, or no–
– The rock’s putting me off, look at that rock!
– Kentucky Lucky Chicken, St. George, Utah.
– Whoa! – Look at how high up they are! – Yeah!
– I think it’s a super nice! (honking horn) – Yeah!
– Love it! – Ooh…
– Plus-size bike. – In the Philippines!
– That’s his knee pads, I thought that was a bike bag! – From Wycliff Gomez, with
some knee pads on the top tube. Why would you leave the
knee pads on the top tube for your Bike Vault photo?
– Maybe he’s showing off his nice knee pads.
– I don’t understand. But, it’s called the Bike Vault. Nice, nice.
– It’s nice. – Coulda been more, but
the knee pads are weird. – It’s quite a dreamy photo.
– Yeah, weird. – Nice.
– Nice bike job! Julian Zwengel in Germany. – That’s a Canyon.
– Canyon Torque, inn’t it? – No…
– Something like that. It’s very nice.
– It’s nice. Photo’s making me have a sore neck. – Yeah, it’s sorta turning me a bit, yeah. – Nice.
– Nice, nice. – [Together] Ooh! – Jaunty!
– Look at that! – Jaunty position!
– It looks like a road bike but it’s a cross-country weapon! – Blake, I love it.
– You love it? – I love it. It’s in the Tayak Hills Rizal Laguna, it’s Kent Quimpkey’s bike.
– Wow, that’s quite unique, I never heard the Cole. – It reminds me of the Bow bikes. – That’s unique, yeah?
– That’s never good, Guy. Unique, someone says unique,
you gotta be worried. – It’s a bit XC, but it’s got flat pedals. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice! – Yeah, the flat pedals are–
– It’s got us talking though. It’s nice.
– Nice, but a bit confused. – Yeah, where’s this going, road bike, XC? – Len Coutra.
– Whoa, are those gloves! Are they his gloves? – They are the biggest mitts! – Are those the ones
motorbikes have on their bikes? – Yeah, well look how cold
it is, it’s snowing, man! – I don’t blame him,
he needs those things! White bike, yeah, where’s the bike? – He’s in Canada, Prince George in Canada, Len Coutra, he’s on the
Winter Snoeshoe trails. – Whoa! Okay, he’s gone up, that’s super nice. – They’re the biggest
gloves I’ve ever seen. – I think if we hit
the super nice for that we’re setting a very
weird standard though. – Yeah, that’s nice.
– It’s nice. But we do–
– But that! – If this was the Glove
Vault, you’re a winner! – They’re super-warm gloves. Why is it a small photo? – Martin Cooper in Netherlands, doesn’t like to show
his bike off too much! Very, very modest!
– Yeah, it’s nice! – It’s nice!
– Nice. – Orange bottle’s nice.
– Yeah, nice. Ooh, wow, look at that! I love it when the trail’s
going off in the distance! – Yes!
– It makes me so happy! – Yep.
– Oh, that… Peter Segere, Kristiansand.
– Is that morning? Or night?
– Denmark, I think. – That’s an evening ride, isn’t it. That’s super nice, isn’t it. Yes.
(honking horn) Super nice!
– That is super nice. Well done, Peter, I like it. – [Together] Aww! – Okay!
– This is Lila, this is Sarah Collins’
daughter and she said, “Lila, my gnarly little shredder.” Two months next month.
– She’s got Vans! – Two, next month.
– Wow! – Vans on, little pushbike. Well, I’m just grateful
for the opportunity to give Lila a super nice!
(honking horn) – Super nice!
– Love it, love seeing the young riders out there. – Oh wow, look at that. Now he’s using that plus-sized bike, could say it’s a fat
bike because of the snow all over his wheels?
– Is that a plus? – It’s a Santa Cruz. – It’s in Delaware, U.S.A.
– That is pretty super. – Terry Dawdin.
– Black beauty in the snow. Super nice.
(horn honking) – Brilliant Bike Vault
this week, brilliant. (cogs grinding) – Brilliant, brilliant.
– So good. – Got us chatting, didn’t it.
– I love the Bike Vault! Little Dan Lloyd, you go over there. (guitar refrain) Great show, loved it!
– Always good, always good! – So much fun in the Dirt Shed. This week we’ve got some great
stuff coming up too, though. What are you looking forward to most? – Oh, the worst thing about
being a mountain biker. – That sounds negative!
– But there’s a few things in there like punctures,
who wants a puncture! It’s gonna ruin your ride, isn’t it! It’s the worst thing!
– I’ve seen some clips of it and it looks pretty funny, pretty funny! But to put you back into it, I got a good one on how to pump! – Oh yeah!
– How to pump! – Oh yeah, whoa!
– How to get stoked! – How to pump your bike to get more speed! – Yes, I’m looking forward to that one. Obviously, you can watch other
videos that we already made, we got some great ones out recently, I’ve got one here, how to Instagram.
– Ooh, yeah! How to get the perfect shot!
– Yes, like that one! You can hit the ol’
button there to subscribe, but what about another video, Blake? – Ooh, click over here to
lose all that winter weight you gained over the winter season. – Come on, now, that wasn’t nice. – There’s a few good tips in there. – Yeah, love it, make sure
you give us a thumbs up like, we’ll see you next week
on the Dirt Shed Show for more chaos and antics and fun! – Yes!

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