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What’s Inside A Pro Cyclist’s Suitcase? With Team BMC’s Manuel Quinziato

What’s Inside A Pro Cyclist’s Suitcase? With Team BMC’s Manuel Quinziato

– Have you ever wondered, what riders carry with them on the
long, gruelling three weeks of a grand tour? Well, we’re here in Sardinia, at the Giro d’Italia, to
ask that very question to Italian time trial champion, Manuel Quinziato, of Team BMC. And his little villa is just up here. Let’s go have a look. (knocks on door loudly) Hope he’s in. He’s in.
– Hello! – Hey Manuel
– Hey! Good to see you.
– What a surprise! (musical ping) – Big surprise. Not setting us up or anything… Anyway, can we come up and look at what you’re takin’
– Sure! (relaxed, laid-back music) For me, like one of the
priorities is music. – Okay. – So, like for example
I have my speakers here, and that’s for the room, and these are for the bus. Here I have like all the things I need in the first TT, so like starting with TT, I’m pretty proud to show you
– Look at this! – my Italian champion TT suit. – Wow!
– Yeah, that’s fast. – It looks remarkably
small but we do know, I mean that is, that’s
pretty cool, isn’t it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You were so proud to
get this, weren’t you? – Yeah, I was. I was pursuing this, this jersey for like, all my career so it’s cool that I got it. – Skin suit in there in the tricolour, okay, so what else do we have? – Yeah, then we have, so we have a jersey, this is like a standard jersey for like, use it in the classic. So I have like, the three jerseys. – The three jerseys, – Then I have, I have heavier underwear because maybe, hopefully
we won’t get any rain, but after maybe a cold day, it’s nice to stay in the bus and put something warmer after the stage. – How basic, got the, – Yeah, I hope yeah. – So what else do we have?
– So this is a light, light underwear, yeah. This is the heavy jersey. – Okay. – That you can put when
it’s also a bit chilly. Then I have my laptop. Pulse meter. – It’s a nice laptop bag isn’t it? Like an envelope. – Bib shorts. Okay. So how many pairs of these will you actually be wearing in the
– I have – Giro D’Italia?
– I have four. But should be like, think that two or three is enough. Three pair of gloves. I think these are light socks. – Now, this is the big question. Are you a black socks
man or a white socks man, or do you only get black socks with BMC? – Yeah, we got only black
socks but I have white shoes and black shoes
so the point is, I like white shoes, white socks, black shoes, black socks. – Fair enough. – That’s like the belt and white shoes, white belt, black shoes,
– Fashion tips from Manuel Quinziato, absolutely fantastic – You can be kicked in
the street in Italy if you have different belt and shoes, – Okay. – That’s the people get kicked in the ass. – Wow, it’s serious! – Then actually, my weak point, if there’s one guy that has that on
this year, it’s me, so. I have it also, my Assos. Have that in case. Because if it rains, I
put it on, otherwise not. You put it reverse, but. – I look good. – You look like Mister Laurent. – Blue steel. – Yeah, blue steel. (laughs) – So what else do we have? Some more gloves, more socks, and lots of spare pairs of socks. – Shaving cream, Probiotics, and these are heavy
socks that we would never use in the Giro, hopefully. It like really like a,
– that’s if things get really, that, maybe these are the
Stelvio socks perhaps. – Ooofff. – Let’s not go there, let’s not go there. Okay! – Now we have, oh wow,
look at here, we have, just received this, this super – All right, pink! – Yeah, pink. Yeah, these are special
Oakley, yeah, yeah. Yeah my wife is gonna love it. – Are you gonna wear
them or just save ’em? You better wear them, hadnt’t you really? Ah, looking good. – Even with the sticker,
(mumbles) even better. Earplugs! My earplugs, I like silence. – Does he snore? – Yeah a little bit. (laughs) – Good idea, good idea. – Definitely is the lucky charm. – A little Japanese lucky, I love lookin’ into the suitcases. Oh, this is a little buff? – Yeah, this is the shell of Santiago. I got married in Santiago. So Santiago is a city
that is very important for me, so this is like a lucky charm, and if it’s really cold also,
– That’s pretty. I love the kind of personal touches you’ve got in there. And I say we’ve gotta, I think it’s worth havin’ a quick look, this is your backup bag or kit, isn’t it? So you’ve got plenty of other actual stuff in here. – Yeah, yeah, I put some things there. It’s more socks, more
jersey, what is this, this light one? – It looks like it might
be the lighter one. – Yeah it’s the lighter one. Here we go, here we go. Light jersey. And here we have like new shoes. Not sure gonna use, this is brand new. – You haven’t worn these yet? – Nah, because I have
two shoes, one pair new, and old ones, so this is
just in case a disaster happens so I have a third pair of shoes. This is my pyjama pants. And then I always have a
like rock band’s t-shirt for like, as pyjama t-shirt, this is from the Hives, actually Chris, maybe, the drummer may come to the Giro. – He’s a keen cyclist isn’t he, – Yeah, yeah, yeah! He came to see me in the 2014 Giro for the last three stages he saw it. – Fantastic. – Then! – New watch!
– Ding! Got the new watch yesterday. – He’s a sponsor’s dream, this lad. – Yeah, yeah actually. – You got a new watch for the especially for the Giro? – Yeah, that’s it. This is the , this is the new Connected Tag Heuer 45. This is actually a book that one of my best friends gave me. I don’t know, it’s Patrick McGrath, it’s Follia, it’s madness. Sometimes you are so tired that you cannot really sleep. If you read just a few
pages then you like, it gets easier to, – It does relax you, doesn’t it? – Yeah, yeah. – So you got some casual
wear here, as well, so you got all your BMC casual, – Yeah, this is like
the jacket, BMC jacket, hopefully I won’t really need it, but maybe when I get to the mountain, to go to restaurant, if go to walk around. – I’ll tell you what I am intrigued about, is the Giro d’Italia Panini sticker book, collected sticker albums
for football and stuff. So the Giro has one so, you’ve got your own sticker, haven’t you? Have you found it yet? Yeah, I don’t know, they gave me, they provided me a lot of packets. – Your lucky dip stickers from the Giro D’Italia. Will it be, it’s a one in 200, well, one in like 50 chance, I can’t do the math, but anyway. – Or more. (laughs) – Let’s have a look. Oh no, we have Jan Hirt from CCC-Sprandi-Polkowice, Christian Knees, Nicola
Ruffoni of Bardiani-CSF, – I honestly, if there’s
one thing that I saved form every Grand Tour I did, this is my 19th Grand Tour, I have all the Garabaldis and books from Tour de France, Vuelta. I mean they’re there, I kept them. – Well, Manuel, thank you very much for showing us around your suitcase. Once again, and good luck for the Giro. And if you have any more
– Hey, one moment, you don’t think that you’re gonna leave me with all that, you need to put all this (beep) back because, it took me forever to set this. – Right, well. I will help you put it back, never had that happen before. Well if you haven’t already subscribed to the Global Cycling Network, you can do so by clicking on the globe surround here, and for another couple of, well the wonderful suitcase tours, how about clicking just down here when we search through Ian Boswell
of Team Sky’s suitcase at the Vuelta Espana and also Michael Boogerd’s suitcase. Click down here. Sorry, mate, I’ll just, – Do my pyjama first. – Pyjamas first, all right. – Okay.

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