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What’s Your Favourite Way To Ride Your Mountain Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 133

What’s Your Favourite Way To Ride Your Mountain Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 133

– Oh my goodness, we’ve got a great show coming up for you on the Dirt Shed. We’ve got competition winners. We’ve got Blake “Bing Bong” Sampson, Doddy is here with news. What else we got, Blake? – We’ve got Insta-bangers,
viewer edits, hacks and bodges. It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – Oh, that was a high energy start, mate. I don’t know if we can
sustain that, I don’t know. – Let’s try. – Let’s try our best,
and we’re gonna start this week by talking about our topic because this is coming from you. You’ve just come back from Nine Knights. – Yes, I have.
– You’ve had an amazing week. – Loved it.
– This is your favourite way to ride. – It is, yeah. Doing big jumps, doing tricks. Riding with my mates, having a blast. Capturing the whole thing
in video and photos, but behind the scenes,
there’s a whole mountain after this is all done. I get to shred down this mountain. – Yeah, I mean–
– So there’s a lot going on. – It’s your favourite way of riding in the sense that you like the terrain. You like the setup, but you also like that kind of time to be at a venue for a week. – Yep.
– With your mates. I actually renamed it Nine
Mates while you were away. – (laughs) That was good, that is good. – To me it just looked like–
– 20 of them. – Looked like you were
having a great time. And I got to be honest,
I was ever so jealous. It’s hard for me to say that out loud. – You should come watch it. – But it looked really,
Jack was jealous too. It’s one of those amazing events that just looks so much fun.
– It is. – Now I’ve got to say, I think
I’d like to do it that way, but my favourite, I’ve just come
back from Whistler recently, from my trip, and I’ve got to say, going away to a bike park, I think that is my favourite
way to ride right now. I don’t think I’ve had more
fun on a bike than that week. – Well, it’s solely dedicated
to riding bikes then. – Yeah, but we wanna know this week what is your favourite way to ride? So, are you a one-day man, woman, or do you go to comps,
is that what you are? Race days,
– Race days– – Bike-packin’?
– Yeah, bike-packin’. – You know, some people are
really into bike-packin’. – That’d be a good one. – What about a sort of
Euro tour, doing the Alps? – Oh, yes, or goin’ around America. – Get it, get where I’m going? I wanna know what is your
favourite way to ride, and you know what I think we
can do with this? (chuckles) I think we can do a poll.
– Yes we can. – Right above Blake’s
head there, watch out. So, do you ride a bike park? Are you just a local rider,
that’s your second option; bike-packin’, maybe that’s for you. – Actually, yeah. – Now, what about just a
visit to your bike shop? A lot of people just like
to go into a bike shop. – I do that, make them tea. – That’s a good option.
– White mountain. – And what about a trip?
(swooshing) There are your options. Good luck with the poll. If we haven’t covered your option, then maybe let us know in the
comments section down below. What is your favourite way to ride? – Could be racing. – It could be racing.
– That could be in the poll. – We’ll put it there, put it there. Let us know. Now, let’s get some serious stuff here. It is time for the Neil with News. Wait a minute.
– There’s no Neil. – With Doddy News-a-hue. – (laughs) That works. – No.
– No. (heavy rock music) – (chuckles) That’s right,
yeah: Neil is not here in the Dirt Shed this week with us. He’s actually sunnin’ himself. I’m not sure where he is, but I’m sure he’s toppin’
off on his tan very well. So, to the news: it’s
the Red Bull Hardline comin’ up this weekend. And Hardline, as the name suggests, is an incredibly hard downhill race, and the course has been
built by Dan Atherton to be an absolute showcase
of what can be done on a mountain bike. And who can we send along? We’re sending Blake,
so keep tuned for that, see what Blake gets up to at that incredibly gnarly event. And speaking of gnarly Red Bull events, Red Bull Rampage is also comin’ up on us. Of course, that’s not till next month, but we did find out the sad news that Aggy’s actually had
to pull out of the event long before it was even getting there. So back in the year, in
April earlier this year, he actually really damaged his ankle, and it kind of goes to show how hard these guys are pushing themselves when you’ve still got a month to go where you could sort of ride. He’s actually gonna wave the
white flag and not do it. Smart choice by Aggy
there. Get well, dude. New out is a brand new app from Loic Bruni and his friends: it’s called RAW, and it stands for Race Against the World. Think of a Strava-type,
sort of social cycling app. It’s along those lines, really, so it’s got a bunch of
courses mapped out on it. Some of those are Whistler Bike Park, some of those are
will-cot Downhill Tracks; and you can test your abilities against the best of the best. Quite a cool concept there,
but is it too much like Strava? What do you guys think? Download it and have a look at this thing. (swooshing) Some exciting UCI World Cup
news coming for the 2018 season is XC has got a new race format in addition to the already popular XCO. XCC is this new format, and it’s a short course, 20-minute race, essentially a sprint designed
purely for spectators and TV to get the maximum out of these riders. But the coolest thing about
it is the top 16 finishers. Those guys will get the choice of the first two rows in the XCO race, so you can expect major carnage
and all sorts of battling. Can’t wait for that season next year. And last but not least,
of course, this Friday right now, the Dirt Shed Show day. What’s coming on Sunday? Martyn Ashton’s video, Riding in Whistler. Make sure you tune in. That thing is an emotional rollercoaster. Make sure you watch it.
(swooshing) – Thanks, Doddy, good job.
– Cheers, Doddy. He has some big shoes to fill– – Yeah, he did well, he did well. Right, we’re gonna take
a look at what you guys have been saying on the channel this week in the comments section. You ready for some of this, Bing Bong? – Chalk and a lock, yes. – All right then, here we go. – Just Listening says, “I
have a Canyon Sender CF “that I actually have in my house.” He appreciates some people
can’t keep their bikes in their house to keep them safe, but it’s probably the safest place. – It is.
– So, talking about safety last week, That’s a great suggestion. And do you know what that means, as well, is you can have your bike
just in the living room. You can be watching the telly, and when you get bored of the soap operas that your girlfriend’s making you watch, you can just look at your bike. – And let your mind run away with you. – Yeah, I’ve done that in the past. – I’ve done that.
– Yeah, yeah. Ryan Fitzpatrick says “I’ve
actually come back to my bike” whilst on his lunch break,
and someone was trying to hacksaw the chain.
– No way. Look at that for timing. – “Thank goodness,” he said, “that hiplock chains are so bulky, “he couldn’t get through it.” He caught the man red-handed. What would you do, Blake, if you caught someone
trying to steal your bike? – I’d rugby tackle them to the ground. – Ooh, and he’s got a hard
rugby tackle. I should know. – Oh yeah, you do, yeah. – Yeah, I should know. (laughs) Cameron Anderson says “What happened “to the games of B.I.K.E? “Please bring them back.” Don’t worry. – Oh, don’t worry, they’re coming. – Don’t worry: we’re just–
– We’ve been everywhere– – We should have a Game of B.I.K.E. soon. – Yes.
– Yes. We tried to have a Game
of B.I.K.E. in Whistler, but I wasn’t very good. (Blake laughs)
No, no, never mind. Colby Arndt says “I ride
a 1988 road bike to work” and no one has ever tried to steal it. – Hipster. That’s probably, that’s a good thing. – I don’t know if that’s
a good thing or not. – I’ve seen people paint
their bikes so it would make them look ratty, and
people won’t steal them. – I’m not sure what Colby’s saying there. Is he saying that people
don’t nick road bikes, they’re borin’?
(Blake cackles) – You gotta get that.
– Could be. He could be saying that.
– Probably. – He could be saying that. I’m just saying, that’s
what he could be saying. I’m not saying that. Right, let’s move on. Michael Sowalsky says “What is the point “of the World Champs?” Wait: “What is the point of World Champs? “It’s just another race. “The winner of the World
Cup is the world champ.” Can anyone explain what is
the point in the World Champs? Well, I know I can explain it.
– Please. – Well, the point in
the World Champs, right, is it is a one-hit wonder. It’s lay everything down. You know that you don’t
need to stay in one piece, because there’s no round
coming up in the next thing. You’ve gotta give it
all in the World Champs. Now in the World Cup, you
win that in a certain way. There is no mistake, right, or surprise that someone like Greg Minnaar’s won the World Cup so many
times, because he’s calculated. – It’s points.
– Yes. He knows how to do it,
it’s consistency, right? I mean, Greg’s won World Champs, too. But maybe I’ve used the wrong guy there, ’cause he’s just bloomin’ brilliant. But World Champs is the race. World Cup, you know,
that’s the championship. So there you go, I’ve explained it. I’ve explained it.
– There you go. – Right, Chris Kokkalis, I thought he was gonna
say Chris Kovarik then. – Whoa, imagine that.
– Wouldn’t that be– – Amazing!
– Amazing? Wouldn’t that be amazing if Chris, Chris, if you’re out there, and you’re not being cool in Whistler, send us a text. (chuckles) Chris Kokkalis says “It’s really funny “how Neil hates Hacks and
Bodges song and never sings it.” – Yeah.
– Would we say it’s funny? I don’t think it’s funny. – No.
– Should we have a little rendition now? Three, two, one. ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges – [Jack] Hacks and bodges. Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges. – Yes!
– Yes! Well done, Jack, well done. – All right, that’s enough
comments for this week, yeah. (heavy rock music) Blake, what’s your
favourite part of the show? Be honest. – First, you’re a phoney . Progression Session as well. – Well, you’re lucky, ’cause
that’s what’s coming up– – (giggles) Come on! – Let’s do it.
– Fire away. – First one is, this Progression Session, is from tore-bin backs pach-ler. I hope I said that right.
– I’m glad you said that, – Backs pach-ler.
– Because I wouldn’t be– – And here he goes, right? Little bit of jump action. Now, he does really well on this, because this first jump, I’m
gonna be honest, ain’t great. But second one, definitely got it sorted. Okay, victor, doesn’t really
go for it, doesn’t really go. Second jump? – [Blake] Oh, he went for it. – Yeah, it’s good, it’s good. – It’s progression. – Let’s watch it one more time. – Let’s see the first one.
– Look at his first one. I mean, what’s he got,
halfway across that? Not even halfway.
– No, not even. – But tore-bin’s second go comin’ in. It’s actually pretty good height. – Yeah.
– Pretty good height. – He just cleared it, doesn’t he. Look at that.
– Done well. – Well done.
– Done well, tore-bin. Right, okay: next one
is a First Try Friday. Now, get your… (Blake mimics farting)
Don’t throw it yet. Hold it there. Jack Green, short and
sweet, didn’t tell us much, but basically, he’s trying
to drop in Fullerton, Not in Cumbria.
– Okay, doin’ a drop. – Here he goes, doin’ a drop. Now, he comes into shot, so
you have to be really quick. – Okay.
– So here he comes. It’s quite a big drop here:
look at the size of the drop. – [Blake] Oh yeah, it
is pretty big, isn’t it? – [Martyn] And he’s tried
this quite a few times, but this time, look, boom. – [Blake] Oh, that was per– – We get the first try, but
it wasn’t the first try. See? See what he done there? – But we did specify that, didn’t we? – Well, it doesn’t have
to be the first try. We just wanna see those
originals: we got it there. Go on Blake, give ’em it. (Blake gasps and mimics farting) – [Blake] Love it, love it. – Now, we love seeing
your Progression Sessions. I particularly love Progression Sessions, – I love First Try Fridays.
– Because I feel like– we get a little bit more. Blake loves the First Try Fridays, send ’em in, as everything
you need to know’s just there, and we will have a look at your vids, and maybe you’ll make it into the show. You could do it, it could happen. – Could happen.
– Happened to him, and look where he is now. (heavy rock music) Oh, Blake, you’ve seen Doddy anywhere? – I have not, no. – That’s a trick question. I actually knew he wasn’t here. He’s only gone and seen
some new bike tech, – No way.
– At the Cycle Show in the UK. – Another Cycle Show.
– Checking out– lots of nice stuff. Let’s have a look at what he’s got. (swooshing) – What’s up, just at the NEC bike show, checking out some of the new stuff here, and some of the coolest things I’ve seen is the new Nukeproof bikes. This one is a new carbon model. They’ve got new allo models too, and they’ve got a brand
new junction, I know. As I explained before
on the Whistler video, with the carbon fibre 27.5, the 29 has got improved
reach and length on them, so in particular, if you
look at this one here, it’s got the new sort of
metric system shock on this. Actually, ’cause it got
bearing on the link in chains, so it means that it’s smooth and supple; and interestingly, the
jump chain is just really, really lengthened as well,
so on the large and XL bikes, the reach is quite longer. The XL is what I normally
ride, the Nukeproof Mega 290, and it’s normally a 480
reach, so it’s up to 515 now. Previously, I’ve been
riding a 50 mill stem and it’s just a tiny bit on
the short side for me, so I’m gonna have to
take that back, probably, to about a 40 mill stem, even a 35. Loads more control when
you’ve got a longer bike. I’m so into that, and so many
colour way choices on these. Absolutely fantastic. They’ve also got a really cool hard tail, which is called a Scout;
and the Scout comes in either 29-inch versions or 27.5-inch. Check these bad boys out. So this is the 29-inch
version of the Scout here, and that’s what a bike
ought to be, really. Look at the colour of
this thing. It’s unreal. As you can see in back here,
you got a black version, with 2.6, 27 five-inch wheels, Now it’s only 850 quid in the UK, so it’s a bit of a bargain. It’s this black bad boy here
that really takes my fancy. This one’s got a 27.5 inch wheel, so I reckon I have to hold out for 29, ’cause I’m definitely into
the waggon wheel thing. Check the colour of these out. What d’you reckon, would you
say that’s John Deere special? I reckon that’s got Blake’s
name written all over it. Just about as colourful as he is. Pretty sick selection coming in from Nukeproof at the NEC show. Back to you guys. (heavy rock music) ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges – And stop.
(record scratches) – Wow, we got the song–
– This week, we have got– – Neil’s not here.
– Some great hacks and bodges. What’s that? – Neil’s not here. We can sing it. – Yeah, we’re allowed
to do whatever we want when Neil’s not here: he can’t stop us. Okay, our first hack and bodge– – Omigod.
– You’re gonna like this. Daniel Hurst, Daniel Hurst, what has he done there with zip ties? You can just say. – [Blake] He’s made a necklace. – [Martyn] No, it’s not a necklace. Come on, you should know what this is. – That’s a chesty, isn’t it?
– It’s a chesty. He’s made himself a GoPro
chesty out of zip ties alone. How good is that? That is Daniel Hurst and
David Smalley, well done. – Is it stable? I wanna
see the footage from that. – I would like to see
some footage from it. It looks like you could’ve
done a back view as well, with the other photo. Very very good. – I see he’s improvised everything there. Good work.
– Right, next one– I think you’re really gonna enjoy, Blake. Look at this.
– Oh, look at that! We don’t even have a GMBN helmet. Rob de-born, you have gone out of your way to do a spray job on your helmet. He’s done his own GMBN. – Yeah!
– Look at that. I really like the other side though, where he’s used a chain ring as a stencil, and just sprayed over
it and left a kind of chain-rings chance
stencil on the other side. That’s very cool. I do love seeing, I do
love seeing spray jobs. Now, if you’ve got a spray job, make sure you send ’em
in to Hacks and Bodges, because this is one of
my favourite things. I think–
– This is not a bodge. – I think every helmet should
have a spray job on it. – I think so too, yeah. – I think that should be a
rule: should we make that rule? I don’t know if we can make–
– It’s quite a big– – Jack’s shakin’ his head.
– It’s a big ask. Jack didn’t like that one, did he? – No, good job though, Rob.
– That’s a good job. Well done, Rob, well done. – Good job.
– A-plus for that. – This one, Jerome mul-dorn– – He’s going diving. – No.
– He’s not going diving. – He’s not going diving: I can see why you’ve made that mistake. – [Blake] Looks like a breathing tube. – [Martyn] It’s a tubeless inflator. – No, no way! Wow.
– He’s made himself– It can go up to 140 PSI,
you can get out of that. – [Blake] You can get in
that little two-liter– – Pump it into there,
plug it into your tyre. (Martyn mimicking explosion)
– Whoa. – Amazing.
– That is a hack! – I always think these things
look a bit dangerous, though. Do you think?
– Dealing with precious quiet. – Yeah.
– But these things, these little pesticide
sprayer things can take up, ’cause you have to pump them
up to spray liquid everywhere. So they can take that kind of pressure. – It’s kinda designed for it. It’s a good hack, but it’s a hack. – It’s a hack for sure.
– It’s a hack. Well done, mate.
– There’s no hacks, no bodges this week. – No, there wasn’t one bodge.
– Wow. – Huh.
– I wanna see more bodges. – I wonder if that’s happened before. – Please keep sending them in. – Round of applause there. (canned audience applauding) Good job, edit. Um, yeah, right. We wanna see your Hacks
and Bodges in the future. Blake, where do they send them? – You send them to [email protected] – Yes.
– We love to see them. – Send them in.
– Please keep sending them. – We really do, actually,
we like them a bit too much. – We do. (chuckles)
– Yeah, so send ’em in. – I think you and I like them. A lot. – The best.
– Yeah. – The most. Mostest. (lips clicking into smiles) (heavy metal music) Okay, caption contest time. If you remember, last week’s photo was this amazing shot of Blake giving me a real slug in the jaw. – [Blake] You deserved it. – [Martyn] I don’t think I did. – No, you did.
– I don’t think I did. But anyway, you took a joke too far. (Blake laughs)
I’m over it. Right, okay: so let’s see
what captions we got for that. Now Migatron, and you’re gonna
choose the winner, Blake. And I think you’re gonna give the winner– – [Blake] This. – Yes, a water bottle. You’re getting a GMBN water bottle. – GMBN water bottle. – Okay, first one is from Migatron. “This is for making me
eat that damn onion.” ‘Member?
– Oh yes! – Made you eat that onion that time. – That was your idea. – I don’t think that one’s gonna win, no. – No.
– Good job, Migatron. Bike MTB says “What did
you say about my edit!” (men chuckle) (Blake stammers) – You did do a good edit. – I did.
– Nine Knights was great. – So that’s not it. – Tom Grundy did a good edit. You were just in it: he
was just in it, to be fair. He was just in it: Tom Grundy
did it, you know what I mean? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Ollie Cooke, he says
“When Martyn starts singing “Hacks and Bodges at 3 AM.” – I’ll be joining in. So that one didn’t win. – And do you know what,
that also makes us sound like some sort of Morecambe and Wise duo who sleep in the same bed. – [Jack] That’s true. – My word, I don’t sound
gluttonous, do you? – I think we’ve done it. – I don’t think we have. In a nice way.
– Yeah. – Let’s not go anywhere further. Luke Daniel says “That’s another way “to use the punch technique.” That’s a good one. Get it? ‘Cause the trail’s punched.
(mimics blow thudding) Like that.
– Yes. – And you were like, “I’ll
do a punch technique.” – Went whack!
– Smack! Yep. – In the face.
– Yep. That’s leadin’.
– It is leadin’. – Right, Don’s Vid Company says “When a Game of B.I.K.E. gets heated.” – Ho-ho. That’s a good one. – There is a lot of options this week. – But that’s not very
sportsmanlike, that last one. – No, it’s not very you. – I think the punch one.
– You’re a good sportsman. – I think the punch one wins.
– I’ve got one more. I’ve got one more, and I think
this could be the winner. And I think a lot of people
out there would be happy that I got a punch for this.
– Okay. (cackles) – I think you can probably guess it. It is Henrik Wist: “When
Martyn gets what he deserves “for wearing that damn
hat in the Bike Vault.” – Yes! He wins. Winner!
– Winner. – You win.
– Henrik Wist, you are a winner: you get a GMBN bottle a little bit like that one. – Bit like this one, but not this one. – Yeah, well, it looks like this one, but it won’t (horn honking) do that. – Won’t have the uh, new Bike Vault. (water bottle clatters)
– Congrats. Congrats to you, Henrik: good job. Right, it’s time to get
into Fails and Bails. But let’s see, before we start, can we find a Doddy anywhere? – Should we find him? – Let’s get him. Let’s get him. He’s gotta be back from that show by now. (heavy rock music) Fails and Bails, and Doddy’s made it! – Hey, you’re back!
– There he is. How was it?
– It was good. – Looked good.
– Popular show. – Busy?
– That’s good. – Yeah, fairly busy.
– Yeah, great. Yeah. – Yeah, love seeing those. – Plenty of nice new tech there. – Yeah, good stuff, good stuff. Right, let’s keep the energy
up with the show this week. Our Fails and Bails,
now this is your chance to send in your mistakes, the
bits that have gone wrong. We can take a look, have a bit of a laugh, and of course, you might
feature in the show; but you’ve got a chance of
featuring on our monthly show, where we pick some of the best
Fails and Bails of the month and you get a chance to win
some SixSixOne Protection. (Blake mimics explosion) So make sure you send
in your Fails and Bails. Let’s take a look at this week’s. First one is Jared Nolan and
his mates, Brett and Dave, in Dublin: you’re gonna
like this one, you guys. This is funny. Have a look at this. Go on, hit it, Doddy. – All he’s doin’ is–
– Here we go. Nice little start to a ride. It all looks plain sailing, don’t it? – Yeah.
– I like this. – [Martyn] Dropping into the trail– (men exclaim) Ooh, there’s a skinny. – That’s a skinny.
– Skinny. – Look at that.
– This is cool. (men exclaim) – [Man] Watch out, watch out! – Super–
(men exclaim and laugh) – That’s a slippery, slippery log. – Double trouble there: I quite like that. Right, this week, that was
a good one to start with. Now, I always like to see
someone getting bucked, because it’s a bit, one of my specialties. – Captain Buckaroo.
– Yeah, Buckaroo. So here is our, this week’s Totally Bucked from Ian Stopford: this is
scary, have a look at this. But it definitely is. – Oh, look at the– (giggles) Omigod, look at it!
– Totally Bucked. Boom. Ready! (men exclaim) – Omigod.
– Out the front door! – Hope you’re all right.
– Huge buck. – Ian, that was a fantastic video. Keep yours comin’. We love seeing ’em. What should we do now, lads? – Run VT!
(jaunty music) (bike clattering) (wheel whirring) (bike clattering) (bike crunching) (rocks clattering) (rider groaning) (rider exclaiming) (bike crunching)
(cameraman exclaiming) (rider crunching) (heavy metal music) Insta-bangers, shoutouts! Go on, who’s going first? – I wanna throw to… (men whispering) No, that’s all right: one that’s, this guy’s really cool. This guy’s Markus
Fischer, nicknamed Fishy. Works for a good company,
Action Sports Camera GoPro. And he helped me snap my
ride photo at Nine Knights. – Yeah, he deserves–
– Look at the fun in that. – He deserves some props from you, because you got a proper result, there. – Yeah, nice.
– That was a mint picture. – What about you, Doddy? – I wanna photo Darcy Hennessey Turenne. She’s an ex-sort-of free rider. She’s been making this really
cool film called The Moment. So when I put Kickstarter, there’s a trailer for it on Vimeo. – Yes.
– Check it out. It’s so cool, and it’s about how the Canadian movement sort of kicked off. – Ah. Yes.
– Yes. – That’s gonna be amazin’
when that comes out. – Definitely worth it. I’ve got another Insta-banger
to photo, actually, called ridecake: it’s a
bit cryptic at this moment, but they’ve got a great product coming out later in the year that I
think’s really exciting. (men exclaim)
Yeah, bit of fun. – I wanna throw to, shoutout,
to nine-oh’s contest video. So it’s the whole week,
it’s a lot of big bangers being thrown about on this video. So go and check that out as well. (heavy metal music) – Doddy, what is the best party ever? – It’s a Bike Vault party. – Ha-ha, you are correct. (men chattering excitedly) – Ain’t no party like a Bike Vault party. (horn honking) – There really isn’t. Right, let’s get straight
into the Bike Vault. – Wind-proofed horn.
– (scoffs) Yeah. – It’s not unlocking as quick
as it should, but here we go. – I think ’cause it knows that you’re wearing something on your head. – It makes it more–
– Oh. It was waiting for me to take my hat off. That’s what it was, thank you Blake. I could’ve been getting another punch. Right, Bike Vault, here we go, first one is from R-J ber-ber-is. (men exclaiming) – That’s nice.
– That is a tricked– – It’s nice, isn’t it?
– What is that bike? – I’m not sure: I don’t recognise it. – Ah, it’s a specialised, that. – Don’t know: it’s nice, though. I like the colour. – Hey, look, Doddy: he’s holding
his bike up with his pump. – Oh, that’s clever.
– That’s nice. – Clever. Yeah.
– That’s clever. – Give him the Super Nice, go ahead. (horn honking) No hats in the Bike Vault, Martyn. – Sorry, I put it back on by habit. – Look at that.
(men chattering) Is that her tail time? – Do you know those blokes
were named after an Austrian monkey who was addicted
to cigarettes and alcohol? – Oh, no.
– No way! – That’s a shame.
– Yeah. – Let’s give him a Super Nice. (horn honking) – ‘Cause of the–
– ‘Cause of the monkey. – Jack Cotterell. – Ooh, look at that cabin. (men gasp) – That cabin looks like
it’s from a horror film. Cabin in the Woods?
– Yeah. User buys and all that.
– I think it’s Nice. – I think we should move on with a Nice. – I’m scared of that cabin. (men gasp) – Jamis Defcon. – Oh, is that Jamis Defcon? – Dude, that’s a Super Nice to me. – Super Nice? I think–
(man giggles) – It’s a Jamis Defcon. (men laugh) – Is it?
– Yeah, Jamis. – What is it?
– A jay-miss? – Jam-iss.
– Jam-iss. – Nice one, Super Nice.
(horn honking) I like what he’s done in his bottle cage. Put his inner tube and his tyre levers. – Clever.
– That’s nice, clever. – Matt Walters.
(men exclaim) A GT, isn’t it?
– A JZ– (men chattering) – One, two, three triangles? (men chattering) Nice, Nice. – Nice?
– Nice. – [Men] Nice. – There’s a may in the shot. – There’s a story to this. This is really clever. This is from Sara bet-man. This is her boyfriend
trying to get a Super Nice. (men laugh politely) Now see what she’s done? The view is spectacular,
the bike’s definitely nice– – Why is he taking a
picture of the rear end– – He’s trying to get a good angle– – The view’s that way. – Give the dude a Super Nice. (men chattering)
(horn honking) Well done, Sara: you’ve done
well there for your man. Shawn McLean.
(men exclaim) He says this must be one of the first new aluminium Nomads on the channel so far. – Yeah.
– That is. (men chattering) – Super Nice. – Super Nice!
– Super Nice. (horn honking) (men chattering) – It’s a Cannondale from Seth ham-chet. (men chattering) Seth was on Pin the Trail way back. Way back, yes.
– Was he? – Was he?
– And I think, for putting in another bit of content, he should definitely get a Super Nice. – Oh, good man.
(horn honking) – There you go.
– The horn’s working well. (men chattering) – Got a dog.
– Trail dog. (men cooing) – Vince Elliot, we’re giving him a… (horn honking)
– [Men] Super Nice. – William Lundy. – Looks pretty rough, but nice. – Yes.
– Coarse volcanic area. – Looks hot.
– Looks like– – What is that, is that a
dam or breach or summat? – I don’t know.
– Dunno what it is. – What we givin’ that bike? – Nice.
– It’s a Nice. (men chattering) – Is that a GCM bottle?
– No. – Is that a GCM bottle?
– It could be. – It could well be a GCM bottle. (men chattering) – If it’s a GCM bottle, I mean, they are our sister
partner, our sister channel. See what I did there? – Would you give your sister a Super Nice? – That’s weird, dude. (men laugh) – That’s a Nice, that’s nice. (men laugh) – [Martyn] That’s nice,
and we’re out of time! (men groan theatrically) – Damn, look at that. – We ended on a weird one there. (men laugh) It was good, though. Right, it’s time to take a look at who won this week’s competition. Now you boys are gonna be jealous, because they were winning,
whoever won this was winning– – Don’t tell me. – Park Tools Toolkit. (men groan) – What, that big black box of goodies? – Yeah, we all want it.
(men chattering) Right now, if your name’s about to come up on the screen, start
to get excited because you have won, if your name comes up now, you’ve won the Park Tools Toolkit. Here it is… Greg, you’re a winner.
(canned audience applauding) – Well done.
– Congratulations. – We’re sort of clapping,
but we don’t mean it. – No, don’t mean it at all.
(Blake stammering) – No, I don’t mean it. – Congratulations, mate. – Well done, well done
for any and all you guys, but Greg got it: never mind, none of us. (heavy metal music) Thanks for watching. Coming up on the channel this week, we have got a bangin’ week for you. A really, really good one. I’m excited about it.
(swooshing) Sunday.
(men chattering) We went to Whistler on Sunday. I’ve got a treat for you:
got a story all about that. Me going to Whistler and
having an amazing time, and I can’t wait to show you it. I really hope you love it.
(swooshing) – And on Monday, it’s Top
Five Shifting Problems, And then Tuesday, it’s Ten Top Tools To Make Your Life Easier. – Yeah.
– Oh, and Wednesday, we got How To Ride Dusty Trails, and of course on Thursdays, Ask GMBN. – Yes, and then Friday, we
will be back in the Shed. We will see you then.
(swooshing) Thanks for watching. It’s been a banger of a show, loved it. – It’s been amazing.
– Yes. – If you wanna see more videos, click down here where I go to Nine Knights and do the whole thing and whole week. Check that out.
– It’s wicked. – And if you wanna see the biker that came sixth in the World Champs, and also was just at EWS: he’s right, like winning, at the moment, check out Sam Hill’s pro
bike right down here. – That’s a very special bike. And you can click on the globe just here to subscribe, of course, to GMBN. And please, don’t forget to
give us a thumbs-up/like.

100 comments on “What’s Your Favourite Way To Ride Your Mountain Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 133

  1. my favorite way to ride is shuttles with long teky , drops, jumps, and flowy trails. Not quite as extreme as down hill park, though.

  2. I don't know what you guys have done, but I am now singing the Hacks & Bodge jingle every time the segment begins…even when you guys don't sing it. Thanks a lot!

  3. About the poll, the one day Option is the only one relevant to me… I don't have enough endurance for bikepacking and I can't fly to the Alps every month so I have fun the way I can.

  4. What happened to the "how to det up a downhillbike" video you said whas coming up this wednesday? Would love to see since i've just got a downhillbike

  5. Race days are good, but i love my rest days when i get to ride my trails home. They are so brutal that its not quite a rest day,… but its hella fun

  6. Currently my favorite way to ride an mtb is at all, just crashed at my local bike park and broke my collarbone, elbow and wrist 😔

  7. wow! lunch 'brake' at 5:45 eh? Must've been the 'hardest' lunch to eat and….. break! yee haw! Anyways, awesome videos & keep em coming mates!

  8. Best way to ride is with a big group of mates full days away, or multi day trips. Just came back from two days at Bikepark Wales with a big group, awesome

  9. Super Nice #2. Thanks mates. LOL, you thought my name was "Jamis Defcon". You made my Friday night. Cheers from California!

  10. When im riding i tend to make strange noises like im tensing up and it ruins my Raw Footage when riding, is their anything i can do to stop it? Ive only been riding for 6 weeks so it could be confidence

  11. I agree with Michael's comment. My issue with the "one race to rule them all" concept is that flukes can knock top contenders out. Look at the top women, all being taken out by crashes. Or Greg and his bad mechanical luck. I think that the true champion of mountain biking is someone who has displayed consistent excellence across an entire season.

  12. Will we ever see any 20 inch videos? I've found that riding my bmx has helped me learn tricks and skills that I have been able to transfer over to the big bike. Maybe a GBMXN?

  13. Bike trips FTW! Just came back from a week long trip in the mountains with my girl – It was her first time on the singletracks and now I've a new riding partner 😀

  14. I just ride everyday possible. I'm very lucky to live where there's a lot of great trails. However I feel it's important to compete or have a big ride to look forward to. All riding is good.

  15. XC is the worst type of biking in the world no skill at all 😂just need to be fit go and race downhill that’s what you call skill

  16. We know Martyn likes his gravity bike, but has he ever tried an MTB handbike? There many different designs, are any better for the types of trails he might ride? #AskGMBN

  17. Thanks for all the info and the vids guys! Started one year ago as a rookie, now I feel like I know alot about the sport, bikes, techniques. Still a fuckload to learn and master, but a steady and solid base is already there, so thanks a lot!!

  18. I do love a day at a DH park. But all my best days on my bike are days when I'm clipping in as the sun rises, and washing my bike as it sets. I love epic, long distance trail rides where I get to climb and earn my descents. Not much better than being alone in the woods on your bike

  19. Hey gmbn, I recently had my specialized stumpjumper stolen at school, I am looking for a new bike and have come across two bikes and I want your opinion in consideration for my ultimate choice. The choices are 2009-2011 full suspension bike(specifically a 2009 cannondle rize 5 ) or a recent hardtail bike(2017 specialized rockhopper). I use the bikes for anything you could possibly use it for. Except extreme downhill of course. What do you guys think?

  20. Another one who keeps his bike(s) in my lounge and often catch myself day dreaming looking at it – much to the Mrs calling me sad lol. Gotta love ya bikes!!!

  21. #DirtShed comment of the week: #Blake saying: "Just Like my child is going out into wildness on his own and I'm nervous."
    (Martyn Ashton Rides Whistler at 12:55,

  22. Should I choose a 120mm 29er full suspension xc bike or a 150/160mm 27.5 all mountain. I ride about 65% enduro and 35% cross country and I'm 175cm and 77kg

  23. AMAZING IDEA: do a video where Martin teaches the other presenters wheelchair tricks and/or have a wheelchair game of B.I.K.E or W.H.E.E.L.C.H.A.I.R.

  24. Here in Idaho we love the Dirt Shed Show…as well as all of your videos. My son and I (he's 12) just joined a mountain back team back in July. We've never really done MTB until then. We found your channel, and can't stop watching. Thanks so much for your videos! Me and my family love them….we learn something every time!!

  25. Right now it is mostly just a morning ride 3 times a week. With a couple of short, 3 day weekend trips around the state during the year. But in 1 year, 10 months, and 5 days when I retire we are selling the house and traveling around the country riding all the places I have always read about. Now that's the kind of riding I want to do. Now, it is time for all the research on the best places to ride.

  26. Favorite way to ride has to be exploring a set of trails for the first time. Nothing like the threat of getting completely lost and having to figure a way back out to the trailhead.

  27. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Is it called 'Hacks and bodges' like you sing or 'Hack and bodge' like the title screen? I feel lied to!

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