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What’s Your Hardest Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros At La Vuelta a España 2018

What’s Your Hardest Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros At La Vuelta a España 2018

– We’re at Vuelta a España, stage one, And we’re asking, what’s
the hardest training session that the pros have to do? (huffing) – Probably long climbs,
and with high power, but every training is hard, actually, if you want to be better. – I live up in Andora, on the
border of Spain and France. If you can do five
hours training in Andora without leaving Andora,
then you had a hard day. – Yeah, I’ve been up there a couple times and it is bloody hard. – My hardest training session is, uh, I think we were in Argentina and, uh, I think it was almost 50 degrees, so, uh, it was quite warm, but I don’t think it’s
healthy anymore now. – No, I don’t think you
should train in that heat. – For sure the sprint sessions
we do with the team, like, – Like full gas? Yeah, like uh, like two times 30 seconds and then, uh threes times 20 seconds. – 30 seconds are actually really hard because you think, yeah,
like after ten seconds you’re already starting to feel it and then you gotta hold on
for the last 20 seconds. – For sure, that’s the hardest one. – My hardest training
sessions are definitely in the Alps on the long climbs, with some (mumbles) blocks
and a five minute blocks. Uh, and especially this
summer in the heat, it’s uh– – Ah, mate, that sounds horrendous. – I did, uh, an eight
hour training session. – Eight hours? That’s quite hard. – I think we did 240 kilometers in the, the Spanish mountains, so it was uh, it was a hard day. – You’re gonna burn some
calories doin’ that. – You have to earn your dessert after, uh, after your dinner. – What’s your hardest training session? – Climb–
– (chuckles) Any climb? – Long ride with a lot of climb, that is the hardest one for me. You need to start full gas and then, where is your limit? – I have a lap, 200k.
– Yeah. – 4,000 meters climb, that’s pretty hard. – Ouch. What’s your hardest training session? – Ah, for me, when I need to make a, uh, intermittent working, like uh, 30 second full gas, 30 second
off, it’s uh really hard. – 30 seconds full gas is
longer than you think. It does get really hard, doesn’t it? – Yeah, yeah, it’s uh–the first one maybe is okay, it’s okay, but then when you finish the five minute or eight minutes, last two
times is really, really hard. Yeah, yeah– – What’s your hardest training session? – Probably, mentally, anything
on my time trial bike. It’s always a struggle to get
out the door on that thing. Um, physically, probably, Like uh, like capacity type work. Anything short and
intense, you know, like– – 30 second max efforts? – Uh, more like one to five minute, because like you know you can do it, but, I mean, thing is now
everyone has power meters, so like, your coach knows
what you’re capable of doing, – You can’t, you can’t cheat it. – No, you can’t. – I think the hardest, uh,
training session is, uh, to do, uh, some, uh, (mumbles) workouts in the flat, it’s uh,
that hurts me the most. – Are they just like 20 minute efforts? – Yeah, it’s like, uh,
eight to twelve minutes, uh, 20 minutes efforts. And if you do this three,
four times in the training then this is really hard. – Yeah, that sounds really hard. – When I do a test,
uh, 20 minutes all out. It’s like a TT from 20 minutes. – Full gas?
– Full gas. (huffing) – Near to my home, last
year I was climbing the Vuelta in the stage at (Spanish) – Was it really steep? – Yeah, it like, to the person
is five minutes, 500 watts. – Ooh, ouch, that’s gotta hurt. – What’s your hardest training session? – Uh, I think definitely the TT sessions. Uh, they’re the, they’re
the most intense ones. Uh, you know, especially like, you know, some riders probably say
that the 20 minute, uh, climbs or whatever, but I
think (mumbles) has some high capacity, regardless of the (mumbles) so it’s brilliant. – Anything full gas basically. – Anything full gas, yeah, cause you know, when you do a one minute full gas you still end up the
same way as if you did a five minute full gas. – Yeah, that’s fair. – Anything that’s high intensity. Uh, some three minutes max efforts. Uh, or, uh power profile
tests are always a bit of a– – So anything max, really. From like 20 minutes to
three minutes to ten seconds. – Yeah, anything that’s
max, uh, where you have to go all in and it’s not
a controlled effort. – The hard was, uh, you know, the stage in Tour de France
when I had to finish. Something like that, that is hard. But otherwise, it’s pleasure. – So, I’ve had a really good
chat with a lot of the riders, asking them what their
hardest training session is. And we got an array of different answers. But I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you want more ask the pros action, then click down here. And if you do want to get your hands on more of these T-shirts,
then click up here for the GCN shop.

53 comments on “What’s Your Hardest Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros At La Vuelta a España 2018

  1. "You might think those climbs and intervals are tough, but just you try and describe the contents of a fridge – now that's tough"…

  2. 10x 10 sec with 10 seconds of rest-10x 20 seconds with 20 seconds of rest- 10x 30 seconds with 30 seconds of rest(everything full effort). Between the sets you have five minutes of rest 😮

  3. All of that is nothing compared to racing home to avoid the darkness because you don’t have any lights on your bike, and having eaten a bunch of fries beforehand. Proper vomit inducing stuff

  4. Hardest interview is trying to talk to James for more than 5 seconds without him interrupting or pulling the mike away 😜

  5. Only a few times a year this is in my training plan, but I always hate to do them: 40 seconds full sprint, 20 seconds easy X 8. The I have to do multiple blocks of that. Probably worst days on the bike for me…

  6. Sagan was the only one who told the truth. Everyone else are just sadistic masochist who are just pretending to have human feelings.

  7. My hardest session is when I ride in max for one hour. It hurt and in the end of the distance I have a small climb to do and do it in full gas. Great show again made by James!

  8. Jim great video. Well done. Tell Chris (aka JT) viewers think your hair makes you look like Peter O'toole. great job cheers…

  9. Did Peter Sagan just answer the question "What is your hardest training session?" with "the Tour de France"? Only Peter would use a Grand Tour as a training session.

  10. Hi mates, my question is: if I'm already doing a daily 4 week FTP booster training on zwift (and the aim is to improve performance), should I put on even more daily hours on my bike, or rest until this specific training is over?

  11. I have done a Madison focussed session on the turbo. 10 minutes warm up then 40 minutes of 30secs on/ 30 secs off. On is full gas at 115+rpm, off is easy at 80-90rpm. Tries to replicate the efforts of a Madison race. Horrid.

  12. My hardest rides always involve trying to make it back to the car after a decent ride, uphill, and with the wind in my face. When a headwind gets going here, it’s pretty much torture since it’s hilly. Like the end of today’s 100km ride… 😩😉

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