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What’s Your Longest Ride? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

What’s Your Longest Ride? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

– In my seemingly
never-ending quest to find out more and more about professional cyclists, today I wanna find out what’s the longest bike
ride you’ve ever done? What was it for, why were you doing it, and what were you thinking? Come on, let’s go and find out. (cowboy music) What’s the longest ride you’ve ever done? – No less than Ramone. – Yeah, well for entertainment? – With neutral, went
about fringe ten one year, think when I won it, it
was like, and then we rode to the hotel– – Afterwards? – Yeah, well it’s only about five K away. – Still. – Probably that’s the
longest one I’ve done. – Yeah every bit counts. Right, Adam, what’s the longest
bike ride you’ve ever done? – 204, no, 349 K, Manchester to Surrey. – That was last year, wasn’t it? – It was last year. – Yeah I remember seeing you doing that and thinking bit crazy. Why did you do that? – Well I’ve got some,
we live in Manchester and got some family down in Surrey and I always said I wanted to
do it so one day I was like, right, here we go, lets do
it, and it was good actually, just on my own, cruising along, yeah. 32 average. – That’s alright, I mean
you must have a tail wind? – Nope. – No? Head wind all the way? – It’s like, a little bit of both. A little bit of both wind. – I’d say, I think it was
seven, seven and a half hours, nothing stupid, some guys
with eight, nine hours, I think Richie did 400
Ks, I know that’s silly. I’m a little bit more sane, I
think, than someone like him, but yeah I think seven, seven and a half. – Yeah, was that just a training ride or, wait it can’t be training– – Yeah, training. – Really? – Yeah, was all by myself, dark
period of my life (laughs). But yeah it was solid. – I think about 260, we’re talking about one day, I’m guessing. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah 260 or 270 kilometres, I think. – Was that a race or training? – Um, I think I’ve
since done it in a race, but that time it was
just a trip across France with my brother. – Oh nice. – Yeah, on holiday, going
between the two places we were staying. – Excellent, wow, he’s
good at playing, isn’t it, seen him around at airports. – Sure does. – What’s the longest bike
ride you’ve ever been on, other than the tour? – In non race conditions? – Yeah or in a race actually. – I don’t know, racing it would be, I would say is the 20 Sanjera. Training; I don’t really
do long training rides cause it’s just, I think
it’s I can, you know. – Quality not quantity? – Yeah, exactly yeah, and if I do go out, I do many kilometres at all,
I generally average about 23 K an hour, it’s like, the
kilometres go out the window, but yeah, six and a half
hours is my max in training, absolute max. – Ah mate it was last year
in, I reckon it was October, I went with a couple of mates
from Vienna to Budapest, so it was about 326
with a couple of points. – Just a couple I’m sure. (laughs) – I don’t actually, I think
probably was the stage of tour of Poland and it was like, with the neutral and everything 250, 260 something like that. That was kilometres I don’t
know, hours wise, probably like, when I was a junior I did
something like eight hours once. – Did you get lost? – No, it just took
longer than we expected. – I probably have to say Milan-San Remo, I’m not one to get out of home and try and break any records. – It’s funny you say that,
Kav was exactly the same, longest race he’s ever, well
longest ride he’s ever done so. – Uh, I did the Seattle
Portland ride with my dad couple years back and it’s
215 miles something like that, so, 300 and something K. – What were you thinking at the time, just you wanted to get to the end, have a beer with your dad or? – Yeah, it was mostly enjoyable
cause we weren’t racing just ridin’ along and my
cousin came as well so it was, it was actually, it was a
blast but by hour 15 or so, I think we were pretty ready for a beer. – 260 kilometres, oh well
training ride or race? – Training, well either or race. – Yeah I guess, 260 or
something kilometres, something around there. About seven and a half
hours, yeah it was yeah. – So it was brutal isn’t it? – Yeah. – I’m talking about longest bike ride but that’s the longest
walk I’ve ever done, I think I parked the car
around here somewhere. Right let me know what’s
your longest bike ride you’ve ever done down there
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