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Wheel Gymnastics: How to … build a music exercise in 5 steps

Wheel Gymnastics: How to … build a music exercise in 5 steps

Hi My name is Matthias Reich and in this video. I will show you how I built my music exercise in five steps After having chosen a music I start by listing all the difficulty elements that I am already capable of doing and those that I’m considering learning for my new exercise in next stepI list all the creative elements that I have thought of and noted down in the past This provides an overview of what I have to work with to create my new exercise For the third step I create an additional sheet. Here, I include one column with a time scale and I mark down the most pronounced highlights from the music Those highlights I try to assign to the most suitable elements from the two previously created lists Having done that I start filling the gaps with the remaining elements or with placeholders where I don’t know yet what I’m gonna do in order to keep track of the whee’ls position and to make sure everything adds up in the end I came up with a numbering system indicating the position of the wheel on the competition area Number one two and three indicate Positions where the boards are on the floor One thing I personally find somewhat challenging is to estimate how long exactly certain elements will take once they are rehearsed enough. To make sure I won’t have to rearrange my whole exercise after rehearsing it enough and realizing certain elements will for example take much longer than thought, I tried a new approach for my most recent exercise. After roughly assembling my exercise as I have just explained, I started with making a video consisting of clips from my old exercises, from new recordings of me, and also from recordings from other gymnasts This gave me a fairly accurate idea not only of how long any element will actually take but also how they will look with the music I Have found this approach especially helpful since it allowed me to build my exercises primarily at home and use the time in training for actual practice

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