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Wheel Of Fortune – ICE

Wheel Of Fortune – ICE

Wheel of Fortune!
( applause )
( music )
Television’s long-running
“Americas Game”
is making its family
entertainment center debut
and the ratings are
off the charts!
ICE brings you the
officially licensed
worldwide hit interactive
redemption game
Wheel Of Fortune.After making a
debut at IAAPA,
this game has got
heads spinning for big
earnings around the globe!
Designed for all ages,
player contestants step up
to the giant six foot wheel
glowing in bright
LED surround lighting.
Its time to grab the full
player hand control and…
Use your skill to spin the
wheel, to win the Mega Bonus!( applause )NARRATOR:
Featuring authentic
sounds and music,
it’s just like being a
contestant on the show!
Completely solve the puzzle
to win the bonus!
Bring the excitement of
competitive progressive
jackpot play
by adding an
optional linking marquee
where two to three players
compete side by side
in a realistic live game
Wheel Of Fortune showdown!
A separate double unit
allows for back-to-back
two player interactive play
to accommodate your arcade’s
Wheel Of Fortune measures
55 inches long by
69.5 inches wide and
120 inches tall.
Get ready for years of
excitement at your location
with one of the highest-rated
iconic names
in television game show history,and watch those earnings
generate with each and
every spin!
Order your
Wheel of Fortune
( rumbling )
( ice cracking )
( crash )NARRATOR:
ICE, The Coolest Games on Earth!

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